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Old Hollywood Mystery - The Mysterious Disappearance Of Jean Spangler.

2020.10.18 19:37 AnastasiaBeavrhausn Old Hollywood Mystery - The Mysterious Disappearance Of Jean Spangler.

This is the second of what may be a series on Hollywood mysteries.
Jean Spangler:
Jean Elizabeth Spangler was born on September 2, 1923, to Cecil Martin Spangler and Florence Morris Spangler in Seattle, Washington.
The Spangler family moved around quite a bit before they settled in Los Angeles, California in the 1930s. Jean graduated from Franklin High School in 1941.
Jean Spangler had big dreams and ambitions to be in show business. Jean wanted to be a star.
Jean usually worked two jobs at a time, one at a department store and the other at any temporary job she could get at the same time. She was well-liked at her jobs. She was described as having inexhaustible energy, always happy, friendly, smart, and beautiful.
When Jean was 18, she got a job at the famous Earl Carroll Theatre. Her friends at work said she never sat still. She was always working as many shifts as she could.
During her time as a dancer at Earl Carroll, Jean met Hollywood stars, members of the mob, important people in show business, politics, and law enforcement.
Jean met her husband, Dexter Benner when she was dancing at Earl Carroll. Dexter graduated USC and was in plastics manufacturing. Although Dexter had dreams of a life in the suburbs and Jean dreamed of being a star, they got married in 1942. Their marriage was not a happy one.
Jean gave birth to her daughter, Christine, on April 22, 1944.
Dexter was drafted into World War Two. While he was stationed in the South Seas, Jean began having affairs.
One of her affairs was with a serviceman known as “Lieutenant Scotty”. He was physically abusive and Jean would show up at work with bruises and black eyes. When Jean tried to leave him, he threatened to kill her.
When Dexter came back from the war in 1946, he found Scotty and Jean had drained their bank account and wrecked their car. Dexter filed for divorce.
This began a heated custody battle over Christine. Dexter claimed Jean abandoned their daughter. The court gave custody to Dexter but arranged for Jean to see Christine, but Dexter missed 23 visits.
In 1948, Jean regained custody of Christine, but Dexter immediately began a second custody battle. He would claim Jean was an unfit mother because of her affairs and she was a ”Hollywood Glamour Girl”. The judge sided with Jean.
Their custody battles played out in the press.
Jean lived with her daughter, her mother, Florence, her brother, Edward, her sister-in-law, Sophie in the La Brea Park Complex. Her brother was killed in action in 1945.
Jean made a few uncredited roles in movies and she joined the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Jean not only wanted stardom, she had to support her daughter.
It was during this time that Jean started telling friends that she was going to be getting a large sum of money. Her friends thought maybe she was going to extort money from one of the important men she dated. Jean also confided to a friend that she was 3 months pregnant.
Jean was dated a lot of men during the months before her death. Her former attorney said, ”she must have dated fifty men in three months”.
Whenever Jean went out, she called Christine at bedtime without fail.
On October 7, 1949, Jean told Sophie that she was meeting Dexter about increasing his child support payments and to ask why his payment was late. After that, she had a night shoot for the latest movie she had a walk-on role for.
She left the house wearing a wool sweater, green pants, and a white coat. With a wink and a “wish me luck”, she walked out the door at 5:00 pm.
A clerk at the farmer’s market down the street said that Jean wandered around the market for approximately 2 hours. She appeared to be waiting for someone.
At approximately 7:30 pm, she was sighted at The Cheesebox on Sunset Boulevard. She was said to be eating hotdogs with a tall man, he was clean-cut, with a neat appearance.
Jean called Christine at approximately 7:30 pm to say good night. This was the last time she would speak to her family.
There were 2 unconfirmed sightings:
At approximately 2:00 am, still at The Cheesebox, Sheik Lazar, a local DJ saw her arguing with 2 men. As he approached the table, he was waived away.
The final sighting was Art Rogers, a gas station attendant. He said an unknown man pulled up in a “blue-gray convertible.” The male driver had Art fill his tank and said they were headed to Fresno. He described the woman as silent and slumped over in the seat. Art said as the car pulled away, she suddenly sat up and yelled, “Get our license plate number and call the police!” Art called the police, but they weren’t able to find the car. He identified Jean from a photo the police showed him.
When Jean failed to come home the following day, Sophie went down to the Wilshire Division of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and filed a missing persons report. The police took down the details but thought that the young starlet was probably just out on a date and would probably show up in a day or two.
On October 8, 1949, a Griffith Park employee found Jean’s purse, close to the Fern Dell entrance to the park. The police were called immediately.
The inspection of the purse found that the handles had been ripped off as if someone tried to steal it. Inside her belongings were still intact. Along with her identification, they found her lucky silver dollar, her SAG card, her address book, and a curious note.. It read, ”Kirk: Can't wait any longer. Going to see Dr. Scott. It will work best while mother is away,”. It was not signed and ended with a comma, leading the police to believe she didn't have a chance to finish the note. Jean’s mother, Florence was away visiting family in Kansas at the time.
Speculation went from an angry ex to an illegal abortion. There were hopes if they acted quickly, they could find Jean still alive.
Since they found her purse in the park, they decided to search the 4,000 acres. Over the following days, the search for Jean would be one of the largest in LAPD history. There were 200 searchers on foot and horseback scouring the terrain. They didn't find any further clues in the park. The media made a connection to the Black Dahlia case.
Griffith Park was a popular destination and law enforcement didn't want to scare the citizens of Los Angeles, so they released a statement that suggested Jean had a slight illness and would be back when she was feeling better.
Lead detective Thad Brown had to find the identity of Kirk and Dr. Scott, interview Jean’s estranged husband, and her many lovers. In her address book he would say he found “a lot of prominent names.” At the time he offered no theories, but stated ”This girl really got around.”
LAPD found that there was no night shoots scheduled for the night Jean disappeared.
Actor Robert Stack contacted LAPD after her disappearance to say on the night of October 7, he passed by her apartment and he saw a shadowy figure outside appearing to try to get in a window. LAPD would find one of her earrings.
On October 8, actor Robert Cummings told police that he had seen Jean two weeks before. He said she was very happy with a new romance, nothing serious but she was having the time of her life. Further investigation showed the new man was likely writer Peter Brooks. Brooks was removed from suspicion.
Florence told LAPD that Jean had dated a man named Kirk briefly. She was unable to identify him because he never came into the apartment. The two times he picked her up, he waited for her in the car.
Kirk Douglas came forward and preemptively contacted LAPD Chief Brown twice by phone. At first, he said he didn't know Jean. Then he said he was reminded by a friend that she was an extra on his latest movie, Young Man with a Horn.). He said he kidded with her like he did every woman working on his films, but they weren't friends. He told them he was in Palm Springs, California recovering from the flu. He was never interviewed in person and was not considered a suspect by police. The media and the gossiping public, however, did view him as a suspect and the father of her baby.
Another lead was an actor Kirk Alyn who was the first actor to play Superman. No connection between the two could be found.
Dexter Benner
Dexter told LAPD that he was home with his new wife, Lynn Laskey, Lynn had been married before to Ely Lasky, an associate of Mickey Cohen. He told police that he hadn’t seen or spoken to Jean in some time.
Sophie revealed to the public for the first time in 1979, that Dexter came to the house when he learned that Jean was missing to take custody of Christine. Sophie had told the LAPD at the time, that Dexter had scratches all over his face. He told her he dropped a crate of glasses at work resulting in the scratches. She didn't believe him.
The LAPD found what they referred to as a dated ’boating document’. Dexter had taken his boat out on the night Jean disappeared. This boating trip was never mentioned to the LAPD by Dexter or Lynn.
Lieutenant Scotty
Although his identity was never released to the public, Florence was able to identify him to law enforcement.
Scotty’s lawyer claimed the affair ended in 1945 and they had not spoken since. Investigators dropped him as a suspect.
Dr. Scott
LAPD learned there was a young man on Sunset Boulevard who went by ”Doc” or ”Scotty”. He was suspected of performing illegal abortions. He was never found.
Based on the note found in her purse, police checked with local medical care providers, and never located a Dr. Scott or Dr. Kirk who had a patient named Spangler or Benner. The theorized his name may have been an alias.
David Ogul
In the weeks before her disappearance, Jean was seen several times with David Ogul. David ”Little Davy” Ogul worked for Mickey Cohen.
David Ogul disappeared 2 days before Jean. He had been indicted on conspiracy charges shortly before he disappeared.
Johnny Stompanato
Jean was known to have dated Johnny Stompanato shortly before she disappeared. ”Johnny Stomp” was a known enforcer and bodyguard for Mickey Cohen Johnny was known as one of Hollywood's most prolific womanizers. He was also known to be physically and verbally abusive to women.
The investigation into Johnny became difficult years later when he was stabbed to death by Cheryl Crane, Lana Turner’s daughter.
Serial killer
LAPD looked into a possible connection between the brutal murder of Elizabeth Short, the disappearance of Mimi Broomhower, the death of Jeanne French, and the death of a wealthy real estate agent Gladys Kern. Gladys was included because her purse was found in a phone booth with a note that read, ” Police Dept - We found this at the beach on Thursday night.” They were unable to make a connection between the victims.
George Hodel
George Hodel is a new suspect thanks to his son Steve Hodel. Like Elizabeth Short, Steve thinks his father killed Jean Spangler.
You can read more about Steve’s theory on the murders he believes his father committed.
Dexter would not allow Florence and Sophie to see Christine because they talked about Jean. Florence attempted to get custody of Christine, but Dexter fled to Florida with her. Florence didn't have the resources to fight an interstate custody battle.
Florence Spanger died in 1991. She never found her daughter and never saw her granddaughter again. Florence died convinced Dexter killed her daughter.
Dexter had two more children with Lynn. He died in 2007.
Some people questioned the LAPD’s desire to solve Jean’s disappearance. She knew a lot of prominent people and they had the clout to stop the investigation. They wondered if that is what happened and if Jean’s case will ever be solved.
As of today, Jean Spangler has never been located.
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2020.10.09 23:15 EmpireOfChairs Gravity's Rainbow Reading Group Sections 70-73 Week 21

Hello everyone!
We're nearly at the end, so well done to everyone who has made it this far, including those of you who are reading these threads years after they have taken place. This thread was, like my comments, typed up on the Notepad app on my phone, which has a questionable spell-check function. As such, I'll be returning to the thread over the weekend to fix any spelling mistakes I might have missed. Also, because this thread was too long to post, the final part of it will be put into a comment below the main body.
Section 70
The section begins with a return to teenage witch girl Geli Tripping, who is wandering the Zone in hopes of finding her lover, Tchitcherine. She plans on enacting some kind of elaborate spell, which involves the use of a few select items: "a few of Tchitcherine's toenail clippings, a graying hair, a piece of bedsheet with a trace of his sperm, and tied in a white silk kerchief, next to a bit of Adam and Eve root and loaf of bread baked from wheat she has rolled naked in and ground against the sun." The purpose of the spell will become clear in Section 72, but, for now, let's just talk briefly about one of the used items.
"Adam and Eve root," also known as Aplectrum, is a real plant - but it only grows in the United States. Obviously, the importance lies in the name - it calls to mind the imagery of the Tree of Knowledge, a mystic symbol which implies the forbidden enlightenment of experience, and how this evokes the wrath of authority (represented by God). By including this forbidden plant in her ritual, Geli demonstrates the anti-Christian freedom inherent to witchcraft, and therefore also points towards magic as an empowering alternative to the orthodox structures of belief, which is something you'd be wise to keep in mind throughout this thread. This is why there are hundreds of girls who are searching for Tchitcherine, but only she can find him - as a witch, she has escaped those orthodox structures, and is able to see the whole pattern from the outside.
She takes these items to a secluded farmhouse, where an older, wiser witch speaks to Geli over her morning Bauernfrühstück (which "is a warm German dish made from fried potatoes, eggs, onions, leeks or chives, and bacon or ham." From Wikipedia. It looks like an omelette.) Geli is unable to provide a picture of Tchitcherine for their spell, and suggests that she's sometimes able to find his face in tea leaves, but not often. The older witch responds: "But you're in love. Technique is just a substitute for when you get older." Geli wonders why, if that's the case, we don't simply stay in love forever. They make tea and nothing appears in the leaves.
There's a bunch of stuff going on in this short paragraph: First of all is the concept of tasseography, or tea-leaf reading. The basic concept behind this practise is that tea drunk without a tea bag will leave behind clumps of burnt leaves which will fall into a pattern, which can then be interpreted by fortune tellers. But this is exactly what Enzian has been talking about this whole time - that there are definite patterns in the universe which appear to us as random data clumps (represented by the "images" in the tea cup) but are really being drawn into their final position by unknown physical forces, beyond our capacity to understand (represented by the liquid that moves the leaves). It gets to the heart of a major theme of the novel - that true randomness, as a concept, does not exist. All we have are things that we understand, being influenced by things that we don't.
Furthermore, the idea that "technique is just a substitute" for the wisdom of experience draws to mind two further strains of magical thought. The first is that of the Tarot, specifically the image of The Hermit, embodied here by the older witch. She, like the figure in the tarot card, has rejected the life of the city, opting instead for farmland isolation, where she can focus on her inner-self, away from the restrictive rules and artifices that govern the way people act in the presence of other people. And, like the card, she represents the figure of a teacher, accepting an outsider into her house with hospitality so that they might leave her abode with some imparted wisdom. Though often portrayed in the Tarot as an old man, hermits have historically been shown as women, cast within a sort of three-way convergence between a Medieval hatred of women, the femininity of witchcraft, and the heresy implied by rejecting the values of contemporary society. The only way in which this older witch truly differs from The Hermit is that she is not an ascetic - remember, she is employed in the Hermit role whilst eating her Bauernfrühstück. Rather than follow the idea of Christian Europe that enlightenment can be achieved through suffering, this witch has achieved her wisdom through doing what she wants.
The second thought I have regarding this "technique" business is the idea that would come a decade after this novel was published: chaos magick. An important aspect of the chaos magician mindset is that magic is, essentially, a forcing into existence of your desires through sheer spiritual willpower, and that any and all "techniques" and rituals are founded in unnecessary, arbitrary symbol-systems, often directly descended from the Abrahamic faiths that they claim to be alternatives to. Geli's willpower is immediately identified by the wiser witch as her love for Tchitcherine. That Geli's ritual returns no results seems a disappointing conclusion (until you remember that her spell is eventually successful, as we find in Section 72).
Geli leaves and feels anxious about the Schwarzkommando leaving Nordhausen, which now "felt like a city of myth, under the threat of some special destruction." She knows for a fact that they are heading for Tchichterine. Behind her is the Hexes-Stadt, town of fellow witches, "full of too many spells, witch-rivalries, coven politics..." As Pynchon tells us, "you either come to the Brocken-complex with a bureaucratic career in mind, or you leave it, and choose the world. There are two distinct sorts of witch, and Geli is the World-choosing type."
But what is the World, and why is it suddenly capitalised? "Here is the World. She is wearing gray men's trousers rolled to the knee that flap around her thighs as she walks by the rye fields." Remember at the beginning of the section when Geli made that bread from the wheat she had been rolling around naked in? In the Tarot, The World is the final card of the Major Arcana. It represents a triumphant merging of the dualities of existence, expressed in the image of the male and female becoming one in the hermaphrodite. Here, we see Geli in men's clothing, with the rye fields reminding us of the bread embedded with her sexual essence, which Tchitcherine will consume in Section 72, making them One.
She travels farther, asking about Tchitcherine, finding out that he has built up a reputation as "The Red Doper" and that everyone is trying to kill him. They claim that he is "out at the edge" of something because of his connection to the Rocket. She sees a man creating a cross in the ground, which makes her feel something. She follows an eagle into the woods, where she feels the presence of Pan (a pagan forest god whom the modern image of Satan is based upon). What follows is a beautiful, psychedelic description of earliest Life, the Titans, who lived before the creation of Men. "Alive, it was a threat: it was Titans, was an overpeaking of life so clangorous and mad, such a green corona about Earth's body that some spoiler had to be brought in before it blew the Creation apart. So we, the crippled keepers, were sent out to multiply, to have dominion." In other words, God created Man to destroy Life. "It is our mission to promote death," Pynchon tells us. And, of course, we're actually doing a pretty good job.
In the valleys, "titans stir far below. They are all the presences we are not supposed to be seeing - wind gods, hilltop gods, sunset gods - that we train ourselves away from to keep from looking further even though enough of us do, leave Their electric voices behind in the twilight at the edge of town." Why would a person nowadays believe in pagan gods? Because worship of the old gods is an active rebellion, in which the mind can be literally reprogrammed with the forgotten values of a more colourful age, to escape the boundaries set upon us by Them and Their society. So there. Pan, in the form of the Rainbow Serpent, jumps into the sky.
The perspective then shifts to Gottfried, a small boy and sex slave to Captain Blicero. He describes how Thanatz and Margherita were Blicero's final links to reality, and that now that they have gone, "he is now always the same, awake or asleep - he never leaves the single dream, there are no differences between the worlds: they have become one for him." This introduces another form of magic: the Kabbalah. In Kabbalistic teachings, there is something called The Tree of Life, made up of a series of spheres, each representing a different aspect of existence. Between the spheres are 22 connecting lines, each of which corresponds to a card in the Tarot's Major Arcana. The bottom sphere, Malkuth, represents material reality. Above it is Yesod, representing the Imagination and dreams. The line connecting these two spheres, where reality and fiction blur and entwine corresponds to (yep, you guessed it) The World card. Blicero has run himself through the journey of the Major Arcana and this is the result - which, you might recall, is also exactly what happens to Slothrop. More on that in Monday's thread.
Gottfried goes into a surprisingly eloquent rant, for a child, about the relationship between sexual release, bodily abjection, and the journey into the afterlife, all the while, unbeknownst to him (or us, at this stage), that this is his final day on Earth. We are told that "his father uttered only commands, sentences, flat judgements. His mother was emotional, a great flow of love, frustration and secret terror," linking the boy himself to the World and the Tarot - he is the unified synthesis of the masculine Emperor card with the feminine Empress card.
Blicero makes a speech which presumably makes no sense at all to anyone present. "Sometimes I dream of discovering the edge of the World. Finding that there IS an end," he says. "America WAS the edge of the World [...] America was a gift from the invisible powers, a way of returning. But Europe refused it. It wasn't Europe's Original Sin - the latest name for that is Modern Analysis - but it happens that Subsequent Sin is harder to atone for." What Blicero is saying is that we almost, as a species, achieved the unity embodied in The World card, but that, as previously recounted in the William Slothrop episode, the settlers ruined their chance to create a unified society in America, instead focusing on building a world of Christian Death once more, but this time without any of the ancient paganism to fall back on to remind people that there are alternatives to this way of living. The comment on Modern Analysis is also interesting and brings up another magical concept - 'solve et coagula', or analysis and synthesis, whereby something must be continually deconstructed or 'analysed' (like The Fool in the Tarot being split into The Magician and The High Priestess) in order to be understood, and then reconstructed or 'synthesised' (as shown in The World) in order to be put to use once more. Blicero goes on, rather pathetically, about how the Moon is the next chance for synthesis, for a society founded on the ideas we have found through analysing current societies - the synthesis that we messed up with America, basically. Perhaps he is right, or perhaps, as subsequent real-life events have shown us, this is just more naïve rocket-apologism.
Blicero speaks of what might be death in Viking battle - "ascent, fire, failure, blood." He knows the Vikings weren't rocketeers, but thinks of how "their dreams were of rendezvous, of cosmic trapeze acts." He reiterates that he wants to escape the Death-cycle. He is scared, and jealous of the "stupid clarity" in Gottfried's eyes.
This section ends thusly: "If there is still hope for Gottfried here in this wind-beat moment, then there is hope elsewhere. The scene itself must be read as a card: what is to come. Whatever has happened to the figures in it [...] it is preserved, though it has no name, and, like The Fool, no agreed assignment in the deck." In case you don't know, The Fool, in the Tarot deck, is normally assigned as card Zero. It can be (and has been, many times) placed almost anywhere in the Major Arcana sequence and still make sense, but the orthodox approach, if that's the right word, is to place the card at the very beginning of the deck. It represents the universe moments before its journey began, in the same way that Gottfried, whose eyes have yet to be dulled or glazed over by the horrors of the world, represents the human being before they start to feel the effects of the parabola, AKA before they receive a fear of Death - before Gravity drags them down, basically. The rest of the Major Arcana is the analysis of The Fool, or the splitting up into dualities of all aspects of humanity, and The World, the final card, is the happy ending synthesis where it comes all comes together again. Though Gottfried dies, the moment of hope is preserved - his innocence is taken as direct evidence that The World can still be found.
Section 71
This section opens with the return of Enzian, who, with his Schwarzkommando buddies, have created their own doom: the 00001, the second S-Gerat. They entertain visions of the apocalypse, and find themselves asking "where will you go? What empires, what deserts?" and Enzian thinks back to a time without shame, to Test Stand VII, where the 00000 was fired, "the holy place."
Pynchon relates to us the tale of a photographer who died of mercury poisoning in 1856 from developing a photo of the Racketen-Stadt. Talk about suffering for your art. The photo shows the city's true shape: it is built in "mandalic form like a Herero village." There is construction all over the city - as we would expect, "for nothing here remains the same."
Enzian has a case of sudden onset stream of consciousness, in which he says this: "Of Course It Begins Infinitely Below The Earth And Goes On Infinitely Back Into The Earth it's only the peak that we are allowed to see, the break up through the surface, out of the other silent world." This is referring to the metaphysical force at work on the rocket: from our limited perspective, we can only see the rocket's parabolic arc, with a defined start, middle, and end. We do not have access to the "other silent world" beyond the material plane, in which we would see that the force controlling the rocket is not a parabola, but a sine wave, flowing up and down through infinity, forever.
We then learn a couple of things:
We learn about the Aether: "The assumption of a Vacuum in time tended to cut us off one from another. But an Aether sea to bear us world-to-world might bring us back a continuity." In other words, the Aether could have allowed us to show a kind of empathy to all peoples of all Times, (which were really the same Time, of course). Too bad it ended up being wrong.
We learn about the great Quarternion-Vector War of the 1880s, in which the quarternion mathematicians tried to use older, more formal forms of their art to come to some pretty mind-bending conclusions about the nature of space and time, whereas the newer, more radical vectorists promoted the much-different theory of understanding physics which we now utilise today. In the same paragraph, we see a three-way analytical dispute of the imagery of the Rocket from Gnostics, Kabbalists, and Manichaeans, who believe in rocket-twins: "a good Rocket to take us to the stars, an evil Rocket for the World's suicide." As Pynchon puts it, "Each will have his personal Rocket."
The text tells us the "objectives" of this adventure. How to learn the tracks of the railways, how to find alternatives to paths patrolled by the Allies, how to care for the fevered children "in the rains of early Virgo." Indeed, none of the objectives actually involve Death by Rocket - only the journey leading up to it. The rocket has literally given Enzian's life direction. We are told that the rocket is in pieces, and that each piece is to be delivered to the launch site separately.
Enzian and Christian have fallen into long arguments about the whole thing. "It comes as the Revealer," Enzian argues, "showing that no society can protect, never could - they are as foolish as shields of paper." His argument, basically, is that all human society is meant to defend against Death, and none of them can do it, so they have failed. "Before the Rocket we went on believing, because we wanted to. But the Rocket can penetrate, from the sky, at any given point. Nowhere is safe."
We are then told of Nazi plans to create a "sonic death-mirror" using a paraboloidal design to blow up their enemies. Enzian decides that he wants to build one, thinking that the desert would be a good place to try them out, as there are always optimal firing conditions. We then switch momentarily to Katje, who asks: "Who would fight for a desert?"
Anyway, we return to the Schwarzkommando to find that they are being followed by Ludwig, the insane German boy, who has found his lemming, Ursula, which is real. Lemmings that don't run off cliffs, children left homeless and wandering; "to expect any more, or less, of the Zone is to disagree with the terms of the Creation," implying a kind of Taoist ideal that the world should not be all 'good' but a perfect, constant and equal combination of good and bad, as it was in the beginning.
Sitting in the passenger side of his transport, Enzian, caught in a tired reverie, suddenly spots a black face in the road and demands that the driver make a U-turn. It is a very badly wounded comrade, Mieczislav Omuzire. We learn of the group's failures: "Orutyene dead. Okandio, Ekori, Omuzire wounded, Ekori critically." They decide to head for the railroad, "6 or 7 miles northwest." There, they come up with an insane plan to "ride the interface," to push their convoy through the edge of American and British zones on one side, and Russians on the other, hoping that the major players will be too cautious to start any trouble along a disputed border region. Before they go, Enzian and Andreas have an argument over who gets to take Christian with them.
On the road, Enzian considers the paradox of being a leader of the Preterite: "Who will believe that in his heart he wants to belong to them out there, the vast Humility sleepless, dying, in pain tonight throughout the Zone? the preterite he loves, knowing he's always to be a stranger... Chains rattle above him." He takes a tablet of desoxyephedrine and a stick of gum - gum chewing, we are told, was "developed during the late War by women, to keep from crying."
Enzian meets Ombindi of the Empty Ones, for the final time. The latter states his issue with Enzian's ideology: "Suicide is a freedom even the lowest enjoy. But you would deny that freedom to a people." When Enzian laughs this off as ideological nonsense, Ombindi makes it personal, revealing the selfishness of Enzian's entire plan: "You would deny YOUR people a freedom even YOU enjoy." Enzian gets Ombindi to back off by convincing him that Enzian jas gone insane, and believes Ombindi to be a death-wish hallucination. He stares Ombindi down until the issue is resolved.
The others around them realise that Enzian has never been willing to eradicate the Empty Ones, and that the Ombindi "issue" was never going to be resolved. The Schwarzkommando allow the Empty Ones to leave with their weapons and ammo - "No one has ever taken those away. There's no reason to. Enzian is no more vulnerable now than he ever was, which was plenty."
The section ends with Ludwig, "a fat glowworm in the mist," imagining a separate white army, but "he would never call them down. He would rather go on with the trek, invisible." He is the living dream of the freedom from the System that comes with total invisibility.
Section 72
In this short section preceding the grand finale, we finally find Tchitcherine again, who is now living under a bridge, like a troll or something. More importantly, he lives in the arch beneath the bridge - trapped inside the parabola. Sketched on the arch are a few lost messages, a drawing, and a game of hangman, bearing the unfinished word: "GE-RAT-" which is next to "the hanged body visible almost at the other end of the culvert, even this early in the day." This image immediately calls to mind another part of the Tarot: The Hanged Man, reversed, which you might recall is also a part of Slothrop's Tarot reading. In essence, when it is reversed, The Hanged Man symbolises a struggle to accept a basic part of yourself - it is the ego fighting against the world which it inhabits, though perhaps fruitlessly, because it cannot really escape those forces. This struggle is not just a metaphor for the idea of a "counterforce", but is also a symbol for every character in the novel who finds themselves fighting the descent of the parabola - which is basically everyone except for Blicero and Pudding.
And, as I said, there is also the drawing on the arch to consider: "a drawing, in Commando blackface-grease, of a man looking closely at a flower. In the distance, or smaller, appears to be a woman, approaching. Or some kind of elf, or something. The man isn't looking at her (or it). In the middle distance are haystacks. The flower is shaped like the cunt of a young girl. There is a luminary looking down from the sky, a face on it totally at peace, like the Buddha's." I'm sorry to say, but this, too, is a Tarot reference - this time, the card is The Lovers, but with certain key differences. Firstly, the mountain between The Lovers has been swapped out here for a haystack, a callback to Section 70's synthesis of the Male and Female in a wheat field. Similarly, in The Lovers, we see the man looking at the woman, while the woman is focused upwards on the face in the sky. This originally represented how the rational mind looks toward the sensual and unconscious for transcendence, but the unconscious itself is informed by spiritual knowledge. Here, the imagery is reversed: the woman looks at the man, who is looking downwards, at a cunt-flower. It's not an unusual image - I think it's a fair assumption that the rose has been symbolically tied to the vagina pretty much since the discovery of the vagina. Anyway, the reversal offers yet another synthesis of Male and Female - another step towards the edge of The World, and this is only reinforced in the reversed gaze as well - the duality of sky and earth collapses as the man in this drawing, instead of seeking spiritual enlightenment, seeks enlightenment through the material world.
The scene around the bridge reminds us of what the material world really is: "Trees creak in sorrow for the engineered wound through their terrain, their terrenity or earthood." Interestingly, The Secret Life of Plants, the book that introduced the scientific world to the idea of plant sentience, was released in 1973, a few months after Gravity's Rainbow. And there's also this: "High up the slope, someone is swinging an ax-blade into a living tree..." A rather brutal and unfortunately commonplace image of Man's destruction of the Earth's flora, intended here to illustrate our often completely unnecessary disruption and alteration of the natural world.
So, the actual story here is that Geli Tripping has blinded Tchitcherine through the use of a voodoo doll: the text describes "the eyes of the doll, his eyes, Eastern and liquid, though they'd been only sketched on clay with her only long fingernail", which is interesting for a few reasons. First of all, voodoo dolls were actually used historically to fight back AGAINST witches, which means that this Pynchon guy must be some sort of idiot. More importantly though is the idea raised by voodoo itself, the next form of magic in the text: the idea of controlling the life of a person through the use of forces beyond their comprehension is one of the major themes of the novel. The voodoo doll carriers of our reality are not witches, probably, but rather the faceless, bodiless Elite clubs and agencies that influence our lives without us ever becoming privy to their existence. That the voodoo doll in the text is crafted out of clay adds a secondary, spiritual layer to the concept; in the Book of Genesis, and other Jewish writings, we are told that God sculpted Man out of clay. The myth of Prometheus is sometimes told as a story of Prometheus not just bringing fire to Man, but actually using that fire to create Man from the primordial clay. So, perhaps, just as Geli has ruined Tchitcherine's life, a God or parabola is also working behind the scenes to ruin all of ours.
Also, Geli's spell on the doll calls upon "the Angels Melchidael, Yahoel, Anafiel, and the great Metatron," who are all apocalyptic angels. There is one apocryphal source (I think it's the Book of Enoch) that describes Anafiel as the tallest angel in Heaven, which would link the angels to the King Kong quote from Part II - has the whole novel been an attempt to bring forth the apocalypse, the epilogue to which, in the Tarot, is The World?
The section ends with the moment we've all been waiting for - Enzian and Tchitcherine, the two brothers fated to kill each other, meet. "Tchitcherine manages to hustle half a pack of American cigarettes and three raw potatoes." Oh. Neither one recognises the other. So, instead, what we get is a small act of human kindness shared between two utterly defeated men. And this, we are told, "this is magic. Sure - but not necessarily fantasy. Certainly not the first time a man has passed his brother by, at the edge of the evening, often forever, without knowing." Interesting phrasing there, by the way - does a man often pass his brothers by forever, or is a man forever at the edge of the evening?
Section 73
The final section of Gravity's Rainbow is mostly split into different mini-sections, with the exception of the very first part, which makes up one third of the total length of it. This opening section begins with a depiction of a fictional city which has "grown so tall that elevators are long-haul affairs, with lounges inside." It is difficult not to draw comparisons with the crystal city mentioned on the opening page of the novel. A tour guide on one of these elevator trips, Mindy Bloth of Carbon City, Illinois, "dreamy and practical as the Queen of Cups," lets passengers know how the world used to be before "the Vertical Solution" - "all transport was, in effect, two dimensional." As someone tries to call her out, she explains that airplane flight is different from this, because of a "common aerodynamic effect" whereby gateways are different in shape before and after one travels through them. Lord only knows what that's supposed to be referring to.
Nearby is the performance of the tightly leather-clad Lübeck Hitler Youth Glee Club (now known as 'The Lederhoseners'). In the audience are Thanatz and Ludwig, who initially discuss the mother's legs as a security symbol, followed up with an argument about S&M. "Why are we taught to feel reflexive shame whenever the subject comes up?" asks Ludwig. "Why will the Structure allow every other kind of submission but not THAT one? Because submission and dominance are resources it needs for its very survival. [...] If S and M could be established universally, at the family level, the State would wither away." Here, Pynchon tells us that S&M is a political statement - that it has been co-opted by the government as a form of maintaining its power, and that it is in its own interest to retain that power by keeping S&M a shameful act. Otherwise, people would begin to feel pleasure from the Structure's fucking of them, which would diminish its power, as this power primarily rests in causing fear and discomfort.
We then turn to the Lüneberg Heath, where construction of the 00001, or second S-Gerat is under way. Pynchon relates the parable of the boy who hated kreplach - The boy's mother took him to a therapist, who suggested that the fear of the kreplach is the fear of the unknown, and that making the kreplach in front of the boy would cure the hatred. So, the mother did just that, and the boy loved watching the process of its creation. Then, as it finally took shape, the boy recognised the kreplach, screamed, and ran away. The point of this is that, in a similar way, the S-Gerat and its creation are two completely separate events, whereby the Schwarzkommando feel obliged to create the rocket, because it represents their Life, but once it has been made, they will fear it, because it represents their Death.
Pynchon tells us about "some secrets" given to Gypsies, Kabbalists, the Templars, the Rosicrucians, and so on, "to preserve against centrifugal History." What does that mean? Well, have you asked yourself what the "force" is in the "counterforce"? Since we're near the end of the group reading, I'll tell you: it's magic. Magic is the force with which we must fight back against Them. Every act of transgression, from Mexico's impromptu vomit party, to Byron the Bulb causing the serviceman below him to get his throat cut, to Slothrop escaping Their eyes forever, every single act has been caused by a willing into existence of their deepest desires. In following the teachings of magic, we allow ourselves to abandon the teachings of Their traditions, and we find ourselves unbound.
We then get part of Slothrop's Tarot, "laid down, Celtic style, in the order suggested by Mr. A. E. Waite": The 3 of Pentacles, and The Hanged Man (Reversed). He is also associated with The Fool, which is apparently the name of an English rock group whose album cover he appeared on. On trying to identify which one is him, Pynchon says: "knowing his Tarot, we would expect to look among the Humility, among the gray and preterite souls, to look for him adrift in the hostile light of the sky, the darkness of the sea..." So, how do we interpret his Tarot? The 3 of Pentacles represents a path to enlightenment through regular work. The Hanged Man reversed, as stated previously, represents a struggle against allowing the self to surrender to outside forces. The Fool represents the emptiness before the Big Bang, the chaotic freedom prior to the creation of Structure in the universe. It all seems a little depressing, suggesting that he will work forever to escape Their sight. But then, what is Slothrop's final fate, really? Didn't he escape? Isn't it true that no one is looking for him anymore? That he has attained complete freedom from the System that no one else in the novel gets to experience? In my own, possibly controversial opinion, Slothrop does get a happy ending. His was a battle against Law and Order, and, for better or worse, he received the freedom of Chaos in the end. Twenty years later, a group of children in America would find a psychiatrist who would give them sympathetic advice on dealing with the racial hatred growing in their neighbourhood against their black friend. The psychiatrist was called Slothrop. This is recounted in "The Secret Integration," a short story that Pynchon wrote in 1964, around the time that he started Gravity's Rainbow.
There is a part also here in which it is claimed that Jamf, the mad scientist who dragged Slothrop into this mess by conditioning him, is actually a work of fiction, "to help him explain what he felt so terribly [...] that he might be in love, in sexual love, with his, and his race's, death." Following this, we immediately jump into an interview with "a spokesman for the Counterforce," who describes what Slothrop is meant to represent, and a whole school of thought known as the "Microcosmists." What's happening here is interesting: Slothrop is being analysed, literally deconstructed as a fictional character, and not one of his 'analysts' is willing to put him back together again, to reconstruct him into something useful. When the scene shifts to Bodine's last major memory of Slothrop, Bodine is called "one of the few who can still see Slothrop as any sort of integral creature any more. Most of the others have given up long ago trying to hold him together, even as a concept." Slothrop is literally being analysed to death.
Bodine gives Slothrop a piece of clothing to remember him by - a shirt soaked in John Dillinger's blood. We are briefly told that Bodine has begun to dress in Magda's clothing - Magda being, noticeably, a woman. "It is a transvestism of caring, and the first time in his life it's happened," implying that this event (the loss of Slothrop) has caused a major upheaval in Bodine's life. Here is how Bodine described Dillinger's influence on him: "What we need isn't right reasons, but just that GRACE. The physical grave to keep it working. Courage, brains, sure, O.K., but without that grace? forget it." Here is another Tarot fact for you - there is a card called The Tower, which features a solid Structure being torn down in a moment of violent upheaval. Located in the flames falling from the Tower, you find the first letter of God's name: yod. Yod, just so you know, represents Grace.
What is the moral of Slothrop's story? "The object of life is to make sure you die a weird death. To make sure that however it finds you, it will find you under very weird circumstances." You cannot escape Death, but you can escape its Systems - people die ordinary deaths, deaths approved as regular within the society They have set up, all the time. But people who die weird deaths must have done so by living outside of Their rules and boundaries. Those who die a weird death have not escaped Death, but they have escaped the fear of Death that prohibits and supresses so many of our most imaginative desires at the benefit of fitting into proper society. In other words, they have lived a Life which they can truly call their own. And in dying a weird death, they also live on as a memory, which is a form of escaping the cycle because it represents immortality.
This part ends with Dzabajev, Tchitcherine's ex-right hand man, living the good life throughout the Zone, and deciding that tonight he will shoot up. With wine. And why? "A wine rush is defying gravity, finding yourself on the elevator ceiling as it rockets upward, and no way to get down. You separate in two, the basic Two, and each self is aware of the other." So, he is trying to escape from Gravity through intoxication. He finds himself transported to the elevator city from the beginning of this section, separated into a duality from which, he hopes, he will never come down.
The Occupation of Mingeborough
We begin the final flash of scenes with a brief trip into the American Dream, in the middle-class suburbia of Mingeborough, where, sitting beneath a tree, "with anyone else but Slothrop, is a barelegged girl, blond and brown as honey." We are told that life here will go on as normal, "occupation of not, without or without Uncle Tyrone." We hear about yellow busses, automobiles, old black ladies with housecats, soliders returned home and selecting beef cuts from the freezer at Pizzini's general store. We are told that this is Slothrop's town, and the text provides directions on how to get to his house using these reference points, "but it is the occupation. They may already have interdicted the kids' short cuts along with the grown-up routes. It may be too late to get home." In other words, this is a final vision of Slothrop lost in the Zone, yearning, like many Americans today, to return to an idyllic pre-war past that never existed.
Back in der Platz
Gustav and André, wacky musicians from long ago in the novel, have made a hashpipe from a kazoo, which, as it turns out, is already the exact optimal shape for use in hash consumption. "Another odd thing about the kazoo: the kunckle-thread above the reed there is exactly the same as a thread in a light-bulb socket." Gustav points this out with his own light-bulb, which turns out to be "none other than our friend Byron," the sentient bulb who is currently thinking that the link was somehow intentionally crafted by the bulbs, "a declaration of brotherhood by the Kazoo for all the captive and oppressed light bulbs." Here, the connection between Byron and the kazoo seems to have been done to connect the idea of drug use as a form of psychic subversion of the regime.
The two men are watching a film by von Göll (der Springer) entitled New Dope. It is about a new form of dope, one that you cannot remember after taking, so that it is not you who finds the dope, but rather "it is the dope that finds you." Different titles flash on the screen at intervals, starting with:
Gerhardt von Göll Becomes Sodium Amytal Freak!
True to title, we now turn to von Göll himself, in the midst of a kind of glossolalia, inspired no doubt by the Sodium Amytal: "No not for roguery until the monitors are there in blashing sheets of earth to mate" and so on. Interestingly, Sodium Amytal is supposed to be a truth serum, so perhaps von Göll's speech is actually deeper than we initially think; perhaps he is, in fact, in touch with a primal aspect of pure language that is rising to the surface as the drug dissolves the boundaries set by regular speech.
We are told that because of things like this, the film is mostly only popular amongst old friends and "devotees of the I Ching." This introduces a new form of magic; the I Ching is a spiritual Chinese text, written as a series of short, seemingly unrelated, almost surrealist paragraphs. The idea is that any pattern can be applied to the book, any reading order assigned for the individual paragraphs, and it will still result in a series of statements that describe the present and future of the individual creating the pattern. In this sense, it's a very, very complicated version of Tarot magic. These same people are under constant threat from other, blacker types of magic: "visits from Qlippoth, Ouija-board jokesters, poltergeists, all kinds of astral-plane tankers and feebs," because, apparently, these things are swarming the Zone these days. An angel, who is supposed to be responsible for watching these things, looks down from his vantage point, laughing.
(Check out my comment below for the rest of the thread).
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2020.10.04 08:34 6abhi6jeet6 Top news for today

Shuboudhay🙏 Today's top news: 04 Oct
  1. PM Modi inaugurates world's longest highway tunnel in Himachal Pradesh Atal Tunnel at its south portal in Manali. The Prime Minister was accompanied by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Thakur, Minister of State Anurag Thakur, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat and Army Chief General MM Naravane.
  2. Hathras gang-rape case: UP CM Yogi Adityanath recommends CBI probe; Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi meet victim's kin.
  3. UPSC to conduct Civil Services examination on October 4; It is mandatory for all the candidates taking the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination to wear a mask or face cover. - No student will be allowed to take up the exam without a face mask. Candidates can carry sanitizers to the exam hall, the condition being that it should be in a transparent bottle.
  4. The examination will be conducted in two shifts, first will be held from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, while the second shift will take place between 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
  5. Salman Khan's 'Bigg Boss 14' grand premiere reality show: The Salman Khan-hosted 'Bigg Boss' on Saturday (October 3) evening. Stay tuned to get your daily dose of drama and fun, Mon-Fri, har raat 10:30 baje on #Colors!
  6. Bihar elections: Grand Alliance clinches seat-sharing deal; RJD gets 144, Congress 70
  7. RBI approves appointment of CoD (committee of directors) to run Dhanlaxmi Bank till appointment of CEO
  8. Actress Mishti Mukherjee dies due to kidney failure , who marked her brilliance in several films and music videos, passed away on Friday (October 2) night. According to the actress' family, she was on Kito diet for some time and due to which both her kidneys had failed, resulting in her death.
  9. Rafale fighter aircraft to make debut in Air Force Day parade on October 8 : The Rafale fighter aircraft that was formally inducted into the Indian Air Force's (IAF) famous 17 Squadron, the 'Golden Arrows', at the Ambala airbase in Haryana on September 10, is set to make its Air Force Day parade debut on October 8.
  10. ASCON (Army Static Switched Communication Network), secure communication network for the Army, to be implemented by PSU ITI Limited.
  11. India successfully test fired the new version of nuclear capable Shaurya missile in Balasore, Odisha. The missile was developed by DRDO. It is a hypersonic surface-to-surface missile with a range of 700-1000 km.
  12. Section 144 imposed in Kerala till October 31 as COVID-19 cases surge Now COVID-19 recovery of the country stands at 83.84%.
  1. Decision on Kartarpur Corridor opening in accordance with COVID-19 protocol: After Pakistan reopened Kartarpur Corridor on its side, India on Saturday (October 3) said it will take a decision on the recommencement of travelling through the 4.7-kilometre-long passage that connects Dera Baba Nanak Sahib in India's Gurdaspur and Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Pakistan's Kartarpur, in accordance with COVID-19 protocol and easing of restrictions.
  2. PM Modi inaugurates Vaishvik Bhartiya Vaigyanik (VAIBHAV) Summit , a global virtual summit of overseas and resident Indian Researchers and Academicians.
  3. Chief of Army Staff General MM Naravane, and Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla will be visiting Myanmar on October 4-5 . During their visit, the delegation will call on the State Counsellor of Myanmar
  4. Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani addresses high-level meeting on 25th anniversary of Fourth World Conference on Women.
  5. For the first time in Indian history, the United States long range maritime patrol aircraft refuelled at India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands . The P-8 Poseidon aircraft landed in Port Blair for refuelling support.
  6. The LEMOA (Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement) allows both the countries to access their bases. For instance, India now has access to US bases in Guam in the Pacific and Djibouti in Africa. The countries have been providing refuelling support to their naval vessels since the signing of the agreement. The agreement was signed in 2016.
  7. India and Bangladesh hold joint Naval exercise ‘Bongosagar’ : The second edition of the bilateral naval exercise Bongosagar between India and Bangladesh was held on Saturday in Northern Bay of Bengal. Ships from both navies participated in surface warfare drill.
  8. The Centre announced one-day state mourning on October 4 across India as a mark of respect to Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who passed away on September 29.
  9. India vs China: US Navy sends submarine hunting aircraft to Indian islands has landed at the Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair, amid growing tensions.
  1. 25th Amendment of US Constitution : The US President Donald Trump and the first lady have tested positive to COVID-19. He is currently treated at the Walter Reed Medical Centre. If his health deteriorates, the vice president will take over his role. The provisions to the scenario was provided by the 25th Constitutional Amendment of the US.
  2. NASA launched a commercial spacecraft named after Indian Origin deceased NASA Astronaut “Kalpana Chawla”. The spacecraft carried 4 tonnes of cargo including refined radishes for the International Space Station.
  3. Azerbaijan Army lost more than 3000 serviceman since conflict arise over Nagorno Karabakh.
  4. Yemeni officials say clashes kill 23 in Hodeida, Marib Yemeni officials and tribal leaders said Saturday fighting between government forces and Houthi rebels has killed at least two dozen people in the past three days in Marib provi
🚣🚴🏇🏁🏊Sports: IPL 2020
  1. Delhi Capitals Vs Kolkata Knight Riders At Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah, 03 October, 2020
Delhi Shreyas Iyer (C) DELHI 228/4 (20.0) RR 11.40
Kolkata Dinesh Karthik (C) (W) KOLKATA 210/8 (20.0) RR 10.50 Delhi Capital won by 18 runs.
  1. Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Rajasthan Royals Match 15,
RR 154/6 (20 overs) 158/2 (19.1 overs)
Royal Challengers Bangalore win by 8 wickets
  1. IPL, 2020 Today matches Mumbai vs Hyderabad, Match 17 • 04 October, 2020 • 15:30(IST) • Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Sharjah
  2. Punjab vs Chennai, Match 18 • 04 October, 2020 • 19:30(IST) • Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai
USD 73.32 💷GBP 94.83 In Shimla(HP) 🥇Gold ₹51,[email protected] gm 24 (Krt) 🥈 Silver ₹61,[email protected] Kg ⛽ Petrol ₹ 79.83 ⛽ Diesel ₹ 70.98 LPG : ₹ 640.00 /14.2 Kg
🇮🇳Facts about India🇮🇳
Lok Sabha : Total 545 seats which is made up by the election of up to 543 elected members and at a maximum, 2 nominated members of the Anglo-Indian Community by the President of India. A total of 131 seats (24.03%) are reserved for representatives of Scheduled Castes (84) and Scheduled Tribes (47). Seats: 545 (523 States + 20 Union Territories + 2 Nominated)
😀Thought of the day
_ Martin Luther King
Joke of the day
Pappu : Ghar mai Mera he Hukam chalta hai. Mai Kehta hon, Garam paani le aao, woh le aati hai,
Dost : Garam pani Q?
Pappu : Garam pani se Bartan Achay Dhultay hain.😷🤪
Why Mosquitoes bites to drink blood
The word "mosquito" (formed by mosca and diminutive -ito) is Spanish for "little fly". Mosquitoes are the world's deadliest animals, transmitting diseases like malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya etc that kill hundreds of thousands of people annually.
Only the Female Anopheles mosquitoes bite, to acquire protein to make their eggs. When a mosquito pierces the skin, Mosquito saliva makes our blood vessels dilate, blocks our immune response and flexible lip-like sheath called the labium scrolls up and stays outside as she pushes in six needle-like parts called stylets. Two of these needles, called maxillae, have tiny teeth. The mosquito uses them to saw through the skin. They’re so sharp you can barely feel the mosquito biting you.
LEARN Sanskrit🙏🏻
उपरांत : After
💁🏻‍♂️ GK TODAY
Telephone invention - Alexander Graham Bell
🤔 How ....⁉️
How a steam Engine works
A steam engine is a heat engine that performs mechanical work using steam as its working fluid. The steam engine uses the force produced by steam pressure to push a piston back and forth inside a cylinder. This pushing force is transformed, by a connecting rod and flywheel, into rotational force for work.
Until the early 20th century, coal was the world's favorite fuel and it powered everything from trains and ships to the ill-fated steam planes invented by American scientist Samuel P. Langley, an early rival of the Wright brothers.
A fire where the coal burns. There will be a boiler full of water that the fire heats up to make steam. A cylinder and piston, rather like a bicycle pump but much bigger. Steam from the boiler is piped into the cylinder, causing the piston to move first one way then the other. This in and out movement (which is also known as "reciprocating") is used to drive... A machine attached to the piston. That could be anything from a water pump to a factory machine... or even a giant steam locomotive running up and down a railroad.
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2020.09.30 10:40 finegrindberlin Need help finding a film with weird Dr Pepper product placement.

I saw this on SBS TV in Australia in the late '90s or maybe even the 2000s. This tv channel would play really arty films and foreign films etc. I remember only a couple of scenes and the film seemed to be American so was weird to see on this network.
Anyway, I remember scenes with a car full of teenagers driving around town just hanging out. Toby Mcguire may have been in this but well before Spiderman. It was a slower pace arty movie I believe. It looked like LA or someplace warm with swimming pools. They stop at a hotel with a swimming pool. It might be night time.
The pool area they are hanging out in has a Dr Pepper vending machine. It might have been RC Cola or some type of off-brand cola. Then in the film, I think the teenagers are scared off by staff or a guest or someone older. Once they run off this character then goes and buys a can of Dr.Pepper. We see him put some money in the machine, get a can of Dr Pepper, open it, and just before taking a sip he notices something odd on the tip of the can. We cant see what it is but the character proceeds to blow quickly into the lip of the can clearing whatever obstacles into the air. He proceeds to drink and all is fine.
Does anyone know what this could have been?

Side note/ Extra read about Dr Pepper product placement:
The only reason I remember this scene is because I loved Dr.Pepper as a kid and had been noticing all sorts of weird Dr Pepper advertising on Australian tv while watching the late-night movies. Firstly great job to whoever was in charge of advertising at Dr Pepper in the '90s in Australia. You had me hooked.
The first ad was when they launched in Australia in the '90s. The drink didn't exist in Australia before but I guess we knew of it from the movies and tv shows. We knew of it as an American favourite but nobody ever had a chance to try it. The '90s were ripe with Pepsi Max or Mountian Dues and I guess companies were eager to introduce more varieties to get people hooked. Dr Pepper was introduced to Australia. They created an ad where the Statue of Liberty comes to life, shaking off the statue dust, breaks free and slowly starts walking her statue legs off into the ocean. She takes off on a mission across the globe heading for Australia where she finds a new spot to stand right in the Syndey harbour. For a Tv ad, it was kind of epic and got me interested.
The drink bombed I believe and Australians didn't like the taste of Dr Pepper. "Tastes like medicine" was often used. The product was failing to find a market. I guess they decided to spice things up a bit and this is when the weird ads began.
One example was a campaign they ran on late-night TV when movies targetted at teens were playing. They ran an ad where they just photoshopped a Dr.Pepper into other companies adverts. Like there was a car insurance ad that played all the time on repeat and everybody remembered it as it plays over and over again. In the ad, this kid in his car is pulled up on the side of the road with a serious engine problem. He calls the road side assistance. The service guy comes out and pulls a busted engine part from the bonnet and goes "here's your problem here". The confused kids just looks at it in bewilderment. The ad ends and we all buy car insurance.
Then one night. Late at night. The Pepsi sugar high is just about to lose the battle to the Pizza Hut food coma. Laying out in front of the TV. I witness the same car insurance ad again. The ad plays but something is different this time. The serviceman appears from behind the bonnet as normal but this time the busted engine part he is normally holding is replaced by a really poorly photoshopped can of Dr.Pepper. They just stuck it into this other ad. A cut-out photo of a can of Dr Pepper, that they then stick into another company's car insurance ad. Not even hidden like casual product placement. Really obviously stuck in there to get your attention.
It was weird as hell and both me and my brother sat up and in confusion pointing at the TV as if we had just spotted aliens. It was so random and it tripped every teenage sensor in my body. It was great advertising by them and it made me notice Dr.Pepper in all sorts of movies from that point on.
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2020.09.13 19:57 Moguytoo Trippy movie about a house

I dont have much to go on but I'd love some help with this.
I found the movie from an article about "Best underappreciated obscure thriller films" or something of the like. This was about 8 years ago.
It was an older film, I believe it was foreign, possibly subbed but could have been dubbed. I say older film but it was in color. That's all I can say as far as the time frame.
The movie starts with a man arriving at a house, just an ordinary suburban home on an ordinary street. He might be a serviceman of some sort that has been called to make a repair. However when he gets inside (now trapped) there is a crazy man who has created a house of trippy, brightly colored contraptions the man has to avoid if he is to survive. There is a possibility that the serviceman can make it through and escape. At one point he enters a room and the floor has opened up and there are moving platforms and I seem to remember a car at some point.
Thanks so much. I will add more if I think of anything to add.
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2020.09.06 16:01 RN_GUY_83 36 [M4F] taking a break from work

Hi everyone, just taking a break from work, looking to have a chat with someone and pass the time. Well travelled, serviceman - adventurous film lover, please stop by an say hi.
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2020.06.28 07:26 OneSpookySneakySquid [EVENT] The Interview and Confession of Geom Ui-Jae

PLA liaison office

The arrival of Geom Ui-Jae into the PLA liason office was the stuff of miracles. Without even completing its first intelligence operations to uncover the Korean nuclear program, the Chinese government had just been handed a golden nugget, far more valuable than any intelligence. Geon Ui-Jae had somehow survived his North Korean incursion, and was now firmly in PLA hands. He was given a simple offer:
"You tell us everything. Everything you know, your mission, your role in a greater plan, and we repay the favor. We give you $50 million dollars, and you are free to live out your life in China, return to South Korea, or whatever you please. We do require however, written and recorded testimony of this. You will tell us everything you know on tape, we will release it, and you will sign a transcript of the interview verifying everything you have spoken the truth. If you refuse, or we think you are witholding information, or we simply aren't satisfied, we hand you over to the North Koreans, and you get beaten to death on live TV. We have extensive intelligence that leads us to believe your nation is developing nuclear weapons, and we believe your government is trying to start a war on the peninsula even though we have disarmed your northern neighbors. Do it for yourself, your family, and for every Korean, north and south. You have fuve hours to decide. In the meantime, we will be giving you a fresh change of clothes, shower, and of course a meal prepared by one of China's chefs.
Geom Ui-Jae was a proud man, a decorated serviceman, and he was not stupid. As the cameras rolled, Geom Ui-Jae confessed to everything. With a Chinese translator present, Ui-Jae spoke of his training mission in his little bird craft, the South Korean "virtual decapitation", the plan to doctor and broadcast fake war footage and news into North Korea. The beans were spilled. The cameras stopped, and Ui-Jae was handed a satellite phone, which he would then use to call his wife. He told her to book a flight. Interestingly enough, thd next person Geom Ui-Jae would speak to was a Chinese film executive with connections high in the PLA, who would ink a deal worth $30 million dollars for the rights to turn Geom Ui-Jae's movie into a blockbuster.
The next day, the Chinese government fed this transcript, and video confession to Chinese and international media, where Geom Ui-Jae spoke calmly for 45 minutes on the full extent of South Korean intentions, at least to his knowledge. Geom Ui-Jae also stated he plans to emigrate his family to Europe eventually, but out of fear of reprisal in South Korea, he would be temporarily relocating to China to make living arrangements.
"To the South Korean people, I am sorry for my failures. And to the South Korean government, I ask that you do what is best for our people. There can be peace in our time." With a handshake, and a brief thank you to the medical personnel and chef who attended to him, Geom Ui-Jae was taken to a luxury hotel in Shanghai, where he would be given a small personal security detail, and reunited with his wife and two adult children. He is free to go wherever the fuck he wants, with $80 million dollars from his movie deal in his pocket.
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2020.06.18 21:24 mckenny37 First Image of Oscar Isaac in Crime-Thriller 'The Card Counter' - Directed by Paul Schrader ('First Reformed') - A former serviceman who lives a lonesome existence playing cards moves into the world of high-stakes poker. - Filming resuming in 2 weeks after COVID-19 postponement.

First Image of Oscar Isaac in Crime-Thriller 'The Card Counter' - Directed by Paul Schrader ('First Reformed') - A former serviceman who lives a lonesome existence playing cards moves into the world of high-stakes poker. - Filming resuming in 2 weeks after COVID-19 postponement. submitted by mckenny37 to poker [link] [comments]

2020.06.18 17:33 BunyipPouch First Image of Oscar Isaac in Crime-Thriller 'The Card Counter' - Directed by Paul Schrader ('First Reformed') - A former serviceman who lives a lonesome existence playing cards moves into the world of high-stakes poker. - Filming resuming in 2 weeks after COVID-19 postponement.

First Image of Oscar Isaac in Crime-Thriller 'The Card Counter' - Directed by Paul Schrader ('First Reformed') - A former serviceman who lives a lonesome existence playing cards moves into the world of high-stakes poker. - Filming resuming in 2 weeks after COVID-19 postponement. submitted by BunyipPouch to movies [link] [comments]

2020.05.09 17:59 ihavegum CMV: Surprise homecomings are selfish compared to letting your family/friends enjoy the anticipation of your arrival.

A few years ago, I drove across several states to surprise my dad for his birthday. My brother and I came up with a whole plan to make sure my dad wouldn't suspect it, and it worked - he was shocked when I walked in the door. It felt like a great moment and he was overjoyed to have me home, but when I gave it some more thought, I realized that I had made that homecoming more about me than him. He would have been happy for weeks ahead of time if he'd known that I was going to be home. Instead, I robbed of him of all that joy of anticipation just because I thought it would be fun to see the expression on his face when I walked in the door.
I'm reminded of this whenever I see one of those videos of a serviceman/servicewoman returning home after a long absence and surprising a parent/spouse/child. I saw one recently where a servicewoman surprised her son at school. Teachers, administrators, friends, and family were all in on it, so everyone worked together to maximize the shock value, and everybody had their phones out to film it. Of course, the kid screamed and burst into tears and collapsed into his mom's arms. This was supposed to be a big heartwarming moment. And yes, of course it's nice to see a mother reunited with her son after a long absence. But what's heartwarming about doing it like that? Wouldn't the son rather have known three months ahead of time that his mom was coming home? Wouldn't he have looked forward to it every morning and counted down the days and come up with his own nice gesture to welcome her home? Wouldn't he have rather run up to her the second she got off the plane? That's a video I'd much rather see - a kid running into his mom's arms as she gets off the plane, not a kid being blindsided because everyone else thinks it would be more fun to surprise him. But for some reason, these are the videos that seem to go viral.
I don't mean to say that people who do this are selfish. And of course, I'm not saying that it's not a nice gesture to surprise somebody with a visit. I'm just saying that if you decide to come home, you have two options - you can tell the person, or you can surprise them. I think most people who choose to surprise are underestimating how much joy that person would have received from the anticipation of the visit. You envision their surprise and that sounds like fun, and maybe you've seen some of these viral videos that are always so well-received. But my view is that if you were to really think it through and imagine yourself in your family's/friend's shoes, you'd realize that the surprise was more for your sake than for their sake. Given the option, I think a strong majority of people would prefer to be able to enjoy the anticipation of the visit.
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2020.04.08 15:37 CuteBananaMuffin Project RedBook D-L

DELAWARE, DELAWARE BAY - Richard S. Shaver created a stir in AMAZING STORIES Magazine from 1945-1950 after sending a ms. to editor Ray Palmer [who backed Kenneth Arnold's investigation of the 'Maurey Island/Tacoma' UFO incident which also involved military industrialist agent Fred L. Crisman -- who later happened to be a close associate of Clay Shaw who Attorney James Garrison accused of being the Mafia-CIA go-between in the JFK assassination], Palmer also having publicized Arnold's own sighting of disc-shaped craft over Mt. Rainier, which became the original source for the term "flying saucers". Shaver's ms. was originally titled A WARNING TO FUTURE MAN, until it was embellished and "occultized" by Palmer to accommodate his metaphysical and science-fiction oriented readership, and re-named I REMEMBER LEMURIA. Shaver told of his experiences where he would "hear peoples thoughts" while working on a certain arc welding machine at an auto plant in Detroit. The "machine" made him sensitive to the thought-waves of others in the factory, however he claimed that many of the "voices" or thought-waves what he intercepted did not come from the factory but emanated from caverns BELOW Detroit involved a warring subterranean factions known as the dero and the tero, of star-ships, machines capable of transmitting electronically-enhanced focused encephalographic or telepathic beams or rays, and other bizarre and horrific realities.
Shaver also told of how his first visit to "the caves" occurred when a "hologram" of a young woman led him to a cavern entrance; also of his second and last physical visit to a hidden cave entrance on the east coast of Delaware [Bay], via a boat by which he navigated the water-filled passage for a few miles until reaching a "Tero" city. While there the "Deros", he claimed, attacked and killed all of his Tero "friends", but for some reason they left Shaver alive. Shaver left the cave and never returned to the inner world physically, however he continued to recieve "thought beams" which claimed to originate from other "Teros" yet which became increasingly occultic and confusions, suggesting, according to some, that the "Deros" were manipulating Shaver in order to bring ridicule to the subject of an underground reality that was on the verge of becoming public knowledge on the surface. The "Shaver Mystery" DID however provoke much feedback from others who recounted similar experiences with the underground realm, however the highly occultic "messages" that Shaver continued to receive for years afterwards led many to become entangled in deeply occultic practices and belief systems and also paranoid schizophrenic behaviors. Who or whatever was manipulating Shaver's mind apparently succeeded in dragging many people under their occultic influence. According to Ray Palmer, who stayed overnight at Shaver's house on on occasion, he heard five separate and distinct voices one night coming out of Shaver, who was apparently linked to a collective mind via electro-telepathic waves. The "group" of voices which were being channeled through Shaver were matter-of-factly discussing the murder and dismemberment of a woman within "the caves", and one of the "voices" was stating -- according to Palmer -- that such things should not be taking place. source: AMAZING STORIES Magazine; THE HIDDEN WORLD; SHAVER MYSTERY Magazine; CAVEAT EMPTOR; SHAVERTRONmagazine; Richard Shaver, the founder of Ufology?
EGYPT, CAIRO - 500 feet below the base of the great pyramid, a secret team reportedly discovered a metallic door operated via sonic code, behind which was a room with over 30,000 recording discs and "alien" equipment. The discs were deciphered and reveal the rise and fall of alien civilizations. Over 2700 record discs were photographed with infrared film [the Egyptian government would not allow the discs to be taken from the chamber], as well as photographs of other strange equipment stored in three levels. According to an Air Force contact, the photo plates are sitting in a safe at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. source: ORION TECHNOLOGY, MIND CONTROL, AND OTHER SECRET PROJECTS, by Val Valerian
EGYPT, CAIRO - Report of an unexplored tunnel system near Zozer's Step Pyramid at Memphis-Saqqarah, within the tomb of the Bull, called "Serapium", which was reportedly sealed by the Egyptian government in order to keep explorers from being lost in its confusing labyrinth. source: "Odyssey Into Egypt", by Dr. Earlyne Chaney & Bill Cox, VOICE OF ASTARA, May 1982 issue. source: Tomb of Serapium; Archived Report
EGYPT, EL TRINA GABEL[?] - Bill Cox describes his visit to the ruins at Trina Gambel [or the ruins of El Tuna Gabel in the temple of Edfu between Luxor and Cairo, according to another source], where he observes a large horizontal shaft in the wall 8 feet above the floor. One of the guides told him that expeditionary forces several decades before had explored the passage and had followed the tunnel for several days without finding the end, having run out of candles, torches and markers, fearing that they would become lost if they proceeded any further. Some allege that below the Gizeh plateau is an immense cavern in which the "Black Monks" of the NSA, Aryan humanoids from Sirius-B, Reptiloids from Alpha Draco, and Greys from Rigel Orion collaborate as part of the ancient "Kamagol-II Empire" which was driven underground following their loss of an ancient war between Orion and Sirius-A over who would control the Egyptian ruling elite. This cult is not only the one that is supposed to have backed the Nazi's but has also infiltrated and controls behind the scenes much of the psionic electromagnetic "Ashtar" network which links the minds of an untold number of beings throughout the galaxy and beneath the earth into a single collective mind. The massive Gizeh facility reportedly has operative connections with the Dulce New Mexico and Pine Gap Australia bases. source: THE HOLLOW HASSLE Newsletter, Aug. 1, 1981 [Vol.2, No.4]; THE LEADING EDGE magazine; The Temple at Edfu
ENGLAND, LIVERPOOL - A complex maze of underground tunnels underneath the city. source: WILLIAMSON'S TUNNELS website.
ENGLAND, LONDON - A dark 7 foot tall creature was observed by workers in London's New Victoria tube line. source: Article in THE PEOPLE [British], Dec. 1, 1968; London tube-line map
ENGLAND, STAFFORDSHIRE - In 1770 a laborer moved a large flat stone he encountered in a field while digging a trench, beneath which he discovered a descending stone staircase which he followed deep into the earth, finding that the staircase switch-backed now and then until he emerged into a large underground chamber several hundred feel below that was filled with strange objects and large machines and illuminated by a strange ever-luminous sphere which revealed a man on a throne like chair, dressed in a hooded robe. The man in the chair saw the intruder and stood up with a baton like object in his hand as he went over to the luminous sphere and smashed it, plunging the cavern into darkness, as the laborer stumbled back up to the surface in surprise and terror. The story spread that one of the secret chambers where the Rosicrucians hoarded their scientific secrets had been discovered, i.e. the "Rosicrucius Sepulchre". source: THE ROSICRUCIANS - THEIR RITES AND MYSTERIES, by Hargrave Jennings
ENGLAND, WESTMINSTER - Betty Andreasson speaks of a grey alien which emerged from a "hole in a mountain" near Westminster, when she was 12 years old. Since that time she had experienced several abductions to an alien cavern realm beneath the earth, by grey aliens that used manipulation and deception to get their way. source: THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR - PHASE II, by Raymond A. Fowler; Betty Andreasson
FLORIDA, MIAMI - Underground genetics-breeding facility with several mature and young girls being held captive by grey aliens. Used to breed a "hybrid" slave labor race that is intended to infiltrate surface society and do the bidding of the New World Order, which is to be ultimately controlled by an alien agenda. source: Mr. X
FRANCE, PARIS - A young female physician tells of a terrifying experience of being abducted from the bottom of an elevator shaft and taken into caverns where she was, along with other human females, raped and tortured by cannibalistic beast-men. A few months later the beast-men were suddenly attacked and killed by pale skinned humans who wore grey metallic uniforms. They spoke French with a strange accent, and took the women survivors to a "medical vehicle" that was parked in a nearby tunnel. She was later taken back to Paris, being led up through a maze of tunnels that intersected the Parisian sewers. She learned that the pale skinned men were connected to a space alliance which is here to observe the coming war between the surface armies and the beast-men of the caverns who have acquired ancient technology, which they use against those on the surface in an effort to satisfy their twisted passions. source: THIS HOLLOW EARTH, by Warren Smith - "The Messerschmidt Manuscript"
GEORGIA - Engineer Rex Ball came upon a network of tunnels in Georgia in 1940, which led to an underground installation manned by Oriental-looking men in coveralls and a few American military officers. When caught in the tunnels, an officer issued the curt command: "Make him look like a nut!" The next thing he recalled was waking up in a field uncertain whether the experience was real or a dream. source: THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, by John A. Keel
GEORGIA, ATLANTA - A major underground Bavarian Illuminati facility constructed in collaboration with a similar base below the Denver International Airport. Like the D.I.A. facility, the Atlanta facility is occupied by the cult of the serpent [human & alien collaborators] and is "intended" to be used jointly with the Denver Airport facility as duel U.S. headquarters for New World Order regional control, and for continued "Montauk" or "Phoenix" Project operations. source: Mr. X
GEORGIA, DOUGLAS - In the 1950's, Earl Meeks was drilling a well on his property 6 miles from Douglas when he broke through to empty space. The shaft began to suck in a constant flow of air and sounds resembling "an underground railway" were so loud that they had to cover the "well" with planks at night so that they could sleep. A few decades later a subscriber to THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER, "Lucky", visited the Meeks homestead 6 miles WEST of Douglas, and learned that people from all over the state had come to investigate the well the entire 2 weeks that it sucked in air, before the Meeks finally had it capped off. "Lucky" told of his intention to seek permission from the Meeks to uncap the well. source: FATE Magazine, Jan. 1957; THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER, Vol.1, No.4 [Spring, 1993]
GEORGIA, MARIETTA - A planned underground Pentagon facility below Kennedaw mountain, a few miles from Dobbins Air Force Base, to be used as a "defense" installation for the surrounding 13 states region, was reported by Richard Sauder. source: UNDERGROUND BASES AND TUNNELS, by Richard Sauder
GEORGIA, THOMASVILLE - Underground FEMA facility. source: Richard Sauder
GERMANY, TRIER - Monks at the Brunia Monastery -- in the Trier region of ancient Prussia [now Germany] -- founded by Charlemagne's father Pepin the Short, reportedly captured a dark-skinned dwarf in the basement of the monastery in A.D. 1138, after they discovered several wine casks that had been emptied onto the cellar floor. They confined the little man, who refused to speak or eat, until he escaped back down through the cellar and into a sloping tunnel that was accessed via a displaced stone. source: THE UNDERPEOPLE, by Eric Norman
GUATEMALA, ALTA VERAPAZ - In or near the town of Languin in the departamento of Alta Verapaz, and 30 miles NE of Coban, a group of young men walked through a cave/tunnel entrance and 8 days later emerge into a large cavern illuminated by a volcanic cone far above [possibly SW corner of Izabal departamento - Sierra De Los Minas range?], where they see a fish laden subterranean river, beyond which the passage continued NW, some suspect to the Silpino Cave area near the town of Cayuga!? source: Penny Harper
GUATEMALA, CAYUGA - Cayuga-#1 or Silpini cave is reached by leaving Guatemala City going NE on Highway CA9 en route to Port Barrios on the Caribbean coast, passing on the way the town of Morales and continuing to Cayuga village before the Tenedores turn off is reached. A few yards NE on highway CA9 from Cayuga village, on the west side of the road, is the entrance to Silpino Cave, which was discovered by highway construction crews while carving out a hillside, although locals later built a stone doorway set with an iron gate which at last word usually remains unlocked. A narrow passage continues north from the main room which then turns west. One report stated that a man from nearby Morales followed the passage, which later widens, SW for 15 days, after which he turned around. After 30 days in the cave his body was swollen, he was sick and had to stay in a hospital for 2 years! Locals say that the tunnel was excavated by the Mayas [or at least parts of it extended by the Mayas!?], and that "stone idols" can be seen in some section. source: Penny Harper
GUATEMALA, CAYUGA - Cayuga-#2 cave is located one kilometer NE of Silpino [Cayuga-#1] cave, and is another cave/tunnel that is entered on a skirt of a hill far in from the highway, although the valley it is in CAN be seen from the highway. Several men entered the tunnel and walked for 6 hours. It is said to be part of the Silpino cave system [NE branch?] and has MANY branching tunnels, "stone statues of owls", a "river with fish and a light cold wind [that] blows... there was a place where their watches stopped dead and all of their flashlights went out... once a "Gringo" went into that tunnel and never came out again" [at least not out of THAT entrance]. source: Penny Harper
GUATEMALA, QUICHE - Near the town of Chajul, in the state or departamento of Quiche, locals tell of a nearby cave, in the second level of which is a seemingly bottomless shaft. In the lower room is a huge goblet carved [by Mayas?] out of solid stone. No comment as to whether the shaft is natural or artificial was offered. source: Penny Harper
IDAHO, BURLEY - Druggist George Haycock claimed that he had explored a shaft that could be entered via a boulder strewn depression or sink 6 miles west of Burley, and one mile off the main road [presumably in the opposite direction from the river?]. Native American legends told of a demonic race that would emerge from a cave and capture their women and children. Mr. Haycock reported psychic attacks and impressions of evil activities taking place underground. The shaft led to a long square-cut yet ancient horizontal crawlspace tunnel with branch tunnels and a cave-in which he attempted to dig through, although experiencing unusual "resistance" in doing to. He later wrote friends that someone was trying to blast the shaft closed with dynamite and also reported a death threat he had received in the mail telling him to cease and desist his explorations. Shortly after this, he was found strangled to death in his home. source: AMAZING STORIES magazine, Oct. 1947 & Jan. 1948
ILLINOIS, CHICAGO - Allegations that the Bahai Temple near Chicago, which has foundation "pillars" reaching hundreds of feet to the bedrock below, contains an entrance to an underground system deep below which connect to other underground systems. source: Kenneth Van Hoof
INDIA, BENARES - Sheshna's well, a stone stairwell leading down to a sealed "door" engraven with serpents. The site of many 'channeled' Yoga texts and the traditional portal to Patala aka Snakeworld aka Nagaloka, a 7-leveled reptilian cavern world with its capital Bhoga-Vita. source: VENOMOUS REPTILES, by Shirman A. Minton, Jr.
INDIA, KASMIRA - Traditional entrance to the underworld of Patalas, which is divided into 7 realms: Rasatala, Mahatala, Alala, Sutala, Vitala, Talatala, & Patala. Some legends say that it is the abode of reptilian humanoids, but human "appearing" beings have also traditionally been encountered within Patalas. King Bhunandana allegedly entered this domain of "forbidden pleasures" via a portal in the peak of Pradyumna [or Hill of Sarika]. The underground journey to Patalas took 5 days and nights. Upon arriving, the king and his knights encountered an underground plain with trees from which hung human corpses, and also large vats of liquid in which human flesh and blood was mixed. A "woman" appeared and offered the king a cup of the "vile" liquid, stating that unless he drank it he would not prosper. He took the cup and threw its substance in disgust at the feet of the so-called "goddess", who in anger told him to take his men and leave that realm, and King Bhunandana obliged. The capital city of Patalas [also known among Hindus as Nagaloka or Snakeworld] is Bhoga-Vita. source: SOMADEVA'S KATHA SARIT SAGARA [or OCEAN OF STREAMS OF STORY], Vol. 6 - "The Adventures of King Bhunandana"
IRELAND, MAYO COUNTY - There is a "feeder" to the Aille river, which gathers on the foothills of the Partry Mts., being blocked as it reaches the lower slopes by a transverse outcrop of limestone cliff, beneath which it burrows for about half a mile before emerging into a large pool which feeds the main stream, 12 miles east of Westport on the way to Lake Carra. In dry seasons some have entered the cavern once the sump/maelstrom has disappeared, and have reportedly seen large buildings with illuminated windows and other things "too dreadful to describe". source: FOLKLORE - A QUARTERLY REVIEW, issue #28, pp.92-93
IRELAND, STATION ISLAND - An old legend tells how the knight Owen visited a cave on Station island in County Donegal in the year 1153, leading to an underground plain and a "cloister" where he met monks who warned him of the temptations ahead. The knight travels to a black, icy realm and also sulfurous pits of molten metal in which the wicked suffer, finally arriving at the earthly paradise below the earth. source: FLORES HISTORIARUM, by Roger Wendover; LEGENDA AUREA; Vincent of Beauvais's SPECULUM HISTORIALE; SOUTH ENGLISH LEGENDARY
KASHMERE-KABAKORAM - An ex-Army Captain, A.C., tells how during WWII he was shot down near Cheduba island and, once rescued, requested leave at Kashmere. He and another man left Srinagar and went to Rudok and then through the Khesa pass to the northern foothills of Kabakorum. They found a cavern that they were looking for... "My companion and I fought our way out of a cave with submachine guns. I have two 9" scars on my left arm that came from wounds given me in the cave when I was 50 feet from a moving object of any kind and in perfect silence. The muscles were ripped out. How? I don't know. My friend had a hole the size of a dime in his right bicep. It was seared inside. How we don't know." source: Letter from A.C. in AMAZING STORIES magazine, June, 1946
KENTUCKY, PIKEVILLE - Strange disappearances in the Truck Coal Mine 3 miles east of town. Two boys seen entering the mine disappear even though their lamp is found abandoned at the entrance. A full scale search of the mine fails to turn up any evidence of the missing boys. source: FATE magazine, Nov. 1950
KENTUCKY, PINEVILLE - On Dec. 26, 1945, a mine explosion in the Belva Mine trapped several men. When they were rescued some of the men insisted that they saw a "door" in one of the walls open, and a man dressed as a "lumberjack" emerge from a well-lighted room. After assuring the men that they would be rescued, the strange visitor returned to the room and closed the door. Other similar accounts have been reported during similar mine disasters, such as the one at a Shipton, Pennsylvania mine, where similar "lumberjack" or "telephone linemen" type of men have been seen, suggesting that they exist in another time-dimension, possibly explaining why they "knew" the outcome of the disasters. In some cases the strange "workmen", as if taking the role of guardian angels, had offered trapped men unusual "lighting" to keep them out of the dark, and in other cases as with the Shipton disaster, "astral visions" accompanied the visits of these fourth dimensional [?] visitors. source: Pineville Kentucky newspapers, circa Dec. 26, 1981 - Jan. 1982
KENTUCKY, RIVERTON - Patsey Wingate, a victim of UFO encounters, missing time, MIB limo's, harassment, black helicopters, police-like cars in a temporal mist, death threats, the works... spoke of a mountain near Riverton where a certain UFO was seen on numerous occasions. While on the mountain she would hear humming sounds coming from underground, then at home later that night she experienced frightening vivid "dreams" of "children underground on the mountain [who] were begging for help. They were in glass cages. Some of the children looked human, but some looked like aliens." source: UFO UNIVERSE, Vol.3, No.2, [Summer 1993]
KENTUCKY, SALEM - SE of Salem is Hodges cave, which some believe is the cavern that is mentioned in John Uri Lloyd's book ETIDORHPA, which was illustrated by a veteran Mason. Witnesses have stated that they have seen Masons wandering about the area. One report tells of a nearby stone staircase leading deep into the gloomy darkness of the earth, which witnesses failed to fully investigate as they were hit with an overpowering sense of terror. source: THE SHAVER MYSTERY magazine
KENTUCKY, STOVEN'S CAVE [SITE UNSPECIFIED] - Unusual sounds emanating from the cavern. source: TECH TROGLODYTE [NSS affiliate newsletter], Vol.12, No.2
KENTUCKY, TAZEWELL COUNTY - Higgingbottom #1 or Devil's Slide cave is avoided by local residents because they are convinced that some loathsome creature lives at the bottom. source: CAVE LEGENDS OF THE APPALACHIANS, article by Janice Goad
KENYA, KIRIMUKUYA - The African village of Kirimukuya, according to Brad Steiger, sat at the base of the so-called "sacred" peak of Mt. Kenya, over which numerous UFO's have been sighted over the years. Laili Thindu and his shepherd companions listened for several nights to the pounding of the drums in the distant village announcing an upcoming wedding, but were startled when bright beams flashed from the soaring lights that were particularly evident in the sky that night, and concerned when the drums fell silent. The next morning Laili learned that "all the dancers, all the children, all the livestock - the entire population of the village had been seared to death by terrible streams of light from glowing objects." source: FLYING SAUCERS ARE HOSTILE, by Brad Steiger & Joan Whritenour
LOUISIANA, FORT POLK - Reports of over 19,000 war-ready United Nations Organization troops, French, Pakistani & Russian, along with massive underground facilities for storage of military and other supplies. source: a former anonymous serviceman who interacted with the base
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2020.03.29 16:19 chinesemyths 1001 brand story Fengri Electric Li Fugen

1001 brand story Fengri Electric Li Fugen
Fengri Electric Li Fugen: Great! The father of China's sealed maintenance-free "battery"
He is just a farmer veteran with low culture, but produces a maintenance-free sealed battery that fills the gaps in the country; he is not adept at business management, his partners and his employees have been faithfully following for 30 years; he cannot Spoken words, but can make the whole village united to build bridges and roads together; he once owned 3,000 loans to start a business, but created a billion-dollar enterprise and became the father of China's battery; he used a flat load, two chemical fibers Bags, together with three veterans, blocked traffic, the poor and backward Liuyang Toyota Village became today's world-renowned Toyota Village. He is Li Fugen.
Li Fugen seems to be different from other children since he was a child. He does n’t talk much, but his mind is very transparent. He seems to have some power. No matter how hard or hard he is, he can break through the cracks of the stone like a grass. Grow. This is very similar to the product "battery" that he later made. Quiet but it contains great power.
At the age of eight, because of the feudal ideology of "clan succession" of the clan, he was forced to leave the house and adopt the life of a uncle as his "son". When she left home, her mother held his hand in tears and said, "Be sensible, obedient, and help others, and others will like you." On the day he left home, Li Fugen planted a small date tree at the back of the house and wrote a note buried in the soil next to the book. The note reads: "I will grow up to grow up and make you live a good life."
Under the fence, Li Fugen was very cautious. He never cried to go home, always waiting for his stepparents to eat, and occasionally went to the mountains to pick some wild fruits and put them in his schoolbag. Whenever he saw a child who was not full in the neighborhood, All were given to him, and when he saw the old man carrying a heavy burden, he would immediately put down his hands to help.
As an adult, he chose to join the army. Three years of military life, he has learned a lot of Chairman Mao's stories and sincerely admired Chairman Mao's life. Every sentence of Chairman Mao's quotes is familiar to the heart and he has practiced it carefully. Looking back, he feels that the most luxurious enjoyment in the military camp is that he can read a lot of books. He often rests with his comrades and still sits by the window of the dormitory and reads by moonlight. A word from Chairman Mao was deeply engraved in his mind: "The countryside is a vast world, where there is much to be done."
Prosperity, two words in Li Fugen's understanding, can make a difference and help many, many people. That year, when I went home to visit my relatives, I encountered floods in my hometown, Toyota Village. The ruthless flood has left this traffic-blocked, poor and backward Toyota Village a piece of wall debris, a desolate, full of despair. The 80-year-old grandfather stared blankly on the collapsed slate, with despair in his eyes. A seven or eight-year-old child stood next to him in ragged clothes and only scratched at the half of the blackened sweet potato. For this scene, Li Fugen was shocked and helpless, and felt helplessly frustrated. He squatted down and gently picked up a pile of dirt and vowed: I must change my destiny, I will change the fate of Toyota Village, otherwise we will live in this poor and closed village for generations to "see the sky" to eat ...
The spring breeze of reform and opening up in 1979 hit Toyota Village. After reading the newspaper's interpretation of reform and opening up, Li Fugen suddenly stood up, and he knew the opportunity was coming. He discussed with the three veterans to run a factory together. Although Li Fugen didn't talk much, he had a shocking ability that made him unable to reject him, and he has always been more willing to starve than starve at others, rather than suffer hardships At a loss, he often does his best to help others without asking for returns, so Li Fugen is a small and well-known person in the entire Toyota Village. When they heard Lei Fugen's proposal, they hit it off without hesitation. In this way, the "Toyota Waste Metal Smelter" with "one flat load, two chemical fiber bags, 3,000 loans, and four veterans" was opened in an abandoned pigpen.
Many people who passed also laughed and said, "This is the factory." In the early days of business, everything was lacking and there were no modern machinery and equipment. It was almost impossible to crush high-hardness materials such as titanium. Li Fugen kept in mind Chairman Mao said, "You can go to the moon for nine days, you can go to five oceans to catch a catastrophe. There is nothing difficult in the world. As long as you are willing to climb, the world is most afraid of the word." Finally, Li Fugen came up with the ancient method of "waterwheel and waterwheel" Using the earth method to achieve automation, titanium, an element three times harder than iron, was broken from titanium shavings into titanium powder. This was an event that shocked domestic experts and engineers. Even in the country where Toyota is present in the country as long as there is titanium, a small mountain village like Toyota has become a nationally famous titanium distribution center.
The first business came from Jiangxi. Li Fugen was wondering why such a distant company would know the small factory in Toyota Village. Later I learned that it was introduced by a villager next door. Li Fugen left a portion of the profit to refer the referrer from the neighboring village to his home. Just when the father of this family was seriously ill, the arrival of the money was a timely rain, which surprised this family. When Li Fugen saw this, he put all the money in his pocket next to his mother's pillow, hoping that the elderly could recover health as soon as possible.
黎福根做生意非常诚信务实,勤奋用心,在客户中有着极好的口碑,很快生意就红火起来。 工厂赚钱了,黎福根成了村民眼中的“百万富翁”。他却仍然过着节衣缩食的生活,穿的依旧是洗的发白的旧军装,口袋里装着两个红薯就去上班。邻居经常看到他的妻子帮他缝补衣服,妻子经常说要他去买两身新衣服,就那么两身衣服,补完再补,实在不能再补了。黎福根却笑说,还能穿,不用买。可是只要黎福根,听说村里那个特困户没饭吃,那个家孩子读书交不起学费,那个家老人生病无钱医治,他总是大方的送钱去。受过他太多帮助的村民都不愿意收他的钱,他总是笑着说:“没事,收着,我有钱,不用放在心上。”甚至还有人拿着一个本子记录着这么多年,黎福根对他每一次的帮助,他经常会去当地庙宇求一些“神茶”送到黎福根家,只希望好人一生平安……
Li Fugen is very honest and pragmatic in doing business, and works hard. He has an excellent reputation among customers, and his business is booming soon. The factory made money, and Li Fugen became a "millionaire" in the eyes of the villagers. However, he still lived a life of modest clothing and food, still wearing a washed white military uniform, and went to work with two sweet potatoes in his pocket. Neighbors often saw his wife help him mending clothes, and his wife often said that he wanted to buy two new clothes, and then they could not make up any more. Li Fugen said with a smile that he can still wear it without buying it. But as long as Li Fugen heard that the poor family in the village had no food, the child in the family could not afford the tuition, and the old man was sick and had no money to treat, he always gave money generously. The villagers who have received too much help from him are unwilling to collect his money. He always smiles and says, "It's okay, I keep it. I have money, so don't worry about it." There are even people holding a book that records all these years. Every time Li Fugen helped him, he often went to the local temple to ask for some "God Tea" and sent it to Li Fugen's house. He only hoped that good people would live a safe life ...
When Toyota Village became a well-known titanium distribution center in the country, Li Fugen was thinking of being able to find a new project. He knew that it would not be a long time to be a material processing broker. He hopes to be a "Made in Toyota" product. He started looking around, looking for opportunities. Being able to clearly analyze your own problems when you are successful, or to understand future problems, is a very valuable advantage of Li Fugen. Finally, he accidentally read the "China Electronics News" and saw that a unit in Wuxi that was researching a battery project with a wide range of uses was forced to lay off due to lack of funds. He hoped that people with lofty ideals could invest in human and material resources to jointly develop and share results. Li Fugen was very shocked, but this is a project included in the National Torch Plan, and it should not be left halfway. Li Fugen was suddenly open, he knew that this was what he was looking for, and immediately decided to do it!
No one knows that in an era of extremely scarce supplies, in a time when one million can make a peasant enough to live and eat without worry, a peasant who has lost his life will invest more than two million yuan into a high-tech research project. What kind of courage and courage it is. In the eyes of others, this choice almost has a kind of heroic tragic. For battery research, Li Fugen not only invested all the funds, but also made a lot of load. There is a very stubborn side in his character. As long as he is right, he will persist to the end without fear, and "difficulty" is already "normal" in his eyes. Maybe it is his kind of courageous personality, which makes him believe that he will do it, and he fully supports him, such as partners, family members. Fortunately, I also moved four authoritative old experts who are famous in the field of the country's battery, led by Zhang Bran, and came to the small mountain village of Toyota to support him.
1600 days and nights of struggle, Li Fugen's research and development of the maintenance-free sealed battery successfully developed by Fengri Electric, this patent also made up for the gap in this field in China. Li Fugen's tears kept flowing. He shouted in his heart, this is our "battery" in China! This is our Toyota's "battery"! From today, our "battery" will no longer need to be imported from Japan, Germany and other foreign countries! With tears, Li Fugen shouted to all employees of Fengri: "This is our China, we Toyota's own 'battery', we must make our Chinese Toyota 'battery' figure in the world's multi-purpose 'battery'! Be proud of us, China and Toyota! "
没有人知道,在那1600个日夜,各种困难不断告诉他“不可能”,各种长吁短叹告诉他“妄想”,这个领域在中国都是空白,多少高新科技企业尚无攻破之法……他每天头发都在一块一块的掉,每天晚上睡觉前他都会拿出以前的阅读笔记读一次:毛主席说,可上九天揽月,可下五洋捉鳖,世上无难事,只要肯攀登。凡事不冒险就不能成功,许多成功都是通过冒险才取得的,这取决于一个人有没有勇气,敢不敢排除万难……第二天他就如同打了鸡血,坚定自信的对研发团队说:“快了,我们一定行,加油。”现在回想起那段时间的那种感觉简直无法用语言表述…… 他忽然深深的感恩,感恩四位老专家,感恩他的合伙人对他义无反顾的信任,感恩他身边人都那样深信不疑对他的支持,感恩自己无畏无惧永不放弃……
No one knows that during those 1600 days and nights, all kinds of difficulties kept telling him "impossible", and all kinds of long and short sighs told him "delusional", this field is blank in China, and there is no way to break through how many high-tech companies ... he Every day, his hair is falling off piece by piece. Every night before going to bed, he will take out his previous reading notes and read it once: Chairman Mao said that he can go to the moon for nine days and go to the ocean to catch a catastrophe. There is nothing difficult in the world, as long as he is willing to climb. Everything cannot be successful without taking risks. Many successes are achieved through adventures. It depends on whether one has the courage to dare to rule out the difficulties ... The next day, he is like a chicken, and he is confident in the R & D team. Say, "Hurry up, we must do it, come on." Now remembering the feeling of that time can hardly be expressed in words ... He was suddenly deeply grateful, four old experts, and his partners for him I have no reckless trust, I am grateful to everyone around him who is so convinced of his support, and I am grateful that I will never give up ...
Thirty years have passed. Today, Hunan Fengri Electric Co., Ltd. has developed into a group company that integrates batteries, DC power equipment, high and low voltage electrical equipment and electric classic cars, electric sightseeing cars, and recyclable batteries. They are exported to more than 20 countries around the world, and the batteries produced by them account for more than 60% in national railways, subways, and urban rails, and some even reach 80%. In addition to the Hunan Fengri parent company located in the Changsha National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Fengri also has two independent legal branch offices, Hubei Fengri and Jiangxi Fengri, each occupying nearly 400 acres. The "Fengri" trademark was rated as "China Well-known Trademark" in 2009, and its products have won the title of "Quality Exempted Product", obtained more than 80 national patents, 5 invention patents, 3 international patents, and successively won China Certification of Electric Power Company, Ministry of Information Industry, China Telecom Corporation, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Electric Power Complete Company, Ministry of Railways Transport Bureau, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, General Staff Communications Department, Railway Communications Corporation, China Classification Society, etc. Go online.
历年均通过了ISO9001质量体系、ISO14001环境体系认证、OHS18000职业健康体系认证和金太阳认证、泰尔认证、中铁产品认证,以及中国国家质量监督检验检疫总局和中国质量认证中心(CCC)的检验认证等。 产品广泛应用于轨道交通、通信、电力、矿山、电动车辆、风光储能和各类储备及控制电源,以及各旅游景区和房产楼盘,经受了包括葛洲坝、刘家峡、李家峡、八盘峡、青铜峡、宝鸡峡、酒泉卫星发射中心、青藏铁路以及西北电网等等国家重点工程在内的数千家单位近30年的使用验证。
Throughout the years, it has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, OHS18000 occupational health system certification, Golden Sun certification, Tyre certification, China Railway product certification, and China National Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Administration and China Quality Certification Center (CCC) inspection certification. Wait. Products are widely used in rail transportation, communications, electricity, mining, electric vehicles, wind energy storage and various types of reserve and control power, as well as various tourist attractions and real estate real estate, withstands Gezhouba, Liujiaxia, Lijiaxia, Badanxia, Qingtongxia Thousands of units, including Baojixia, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, and Northwest Power Grid have been verified for use in the past 30 years.
With the help and guidance of Li Fugen's Fengri, today's Toyota Village has 255 cars in 355 households; more than 150 millionaires and 85 households have purchased commercial houses in towns, one in the city and one in the countryside. Villas and villas of various styles can be seen everywhere, and the world-renowned cars are often run on the sandy roads where the mountains and rivers are interlinked. The variety of economic forests, shaded by trees, seems to have entered the world of fairy tales ... The date tree that Li Fugen planted at the door of his biological parents had grown into a towering tree. Li Fugen, who is over sixty-years old, squatted gently and touched the soil under the tree, and said softly, I did it ...
We watched the old Li Fugen retreat and build scenic spots, rafting, and museums in Toyota Village. Like a child, he introduced the beautiful Toyota Village to his friends with enthusiasm and excitement, his beautiful home, and our eyes were moistened ... We are moved by his passion for his hometown infatuation; for his unrelenting struggle for life Shocked; be impressed by his courage to cope with difficulties and dangers; to be awed by his selfless love to help others; hope that if every village can have a "Li Fugen", China's rural areas will be "Toyota Village" This is as beautiful as mythology, flowers and brocades, tree-lined ...
Li Fugen said: "Serving the people and serving the people has always been the belief in the Chinese soldiers. We can strive to achieve something throughout our lives, only to live up to the title of" serviceman. "In 1979, an elderly man was on the South China Sea. Draw a circle, the mythical rise of the cities, the magical gathering of the Jinshan, this old man is his name Deng Xiaoping. A veteran built a circle in Liuyang Toyota Village with thirty years of life, so that the village was connected to electricity and connected to the road. The village's fabulous rise of villas and miraculously emerged batches of struggling entrepreneurs, legendary Attracted leaders from all walks of life in China. Authoritative experts from all walks of life came to Toyota Village ... This old man is called Li Fugen.
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2020.01.22 20:05 AScullionsDiary PETITION: Invite Harry and Meghan to reside in Dundurn Castle

Hear me out:
  1. Dundurn Castle is a "castle".
  2. It is a tax burden on the people of Hamilton. Let's let them take it's upkeep off our hands.
  3. The revenue we do make from the property is mostly from wedding photography permits, and that'll only increase if it becomes a Royal residence.
  4. The Royal Botanical Gardens and Cootes Paradise are lovely, and the eyes of the international press being nearby might stop our city from using them as a sewage dump.
  5. It is close enough that they can tell their rich friends they actually live in Burlington.
  6. Hamilton's emerging film industry might have opportunities for an out-of-work actress.
  7. And a retired serviceman might enjoy playing euchre at one of Hamilton's many Legions or veterans association.
  8. The Royal Family brings in £550 million a year to UK economy in tourism alone. Can we have some of that please?
Please add your support to my petition to Council by clicking the upvote arrow. Thank you.
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2020.01.20 21:00 DangerDylan [Monday, 20. January]

World News

Just 162 Billionaires Have The Same Wealth As Half Of Humanity
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Pentagon now says 11 US troops were hurt in Iran missile strike, despite previously saying that there had been no injuries
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Capitalism seen doing 'more harm than good' in global survey
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All news, US and international.

Homeless man in hospital after council clean-up removes tent with him inside
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'This Is Not a Request': ICE Ups Ante in Standoff With New York City Over 'Sanctuary Policies'
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Harvey Weinstein: fourth accuser opts out of settlement to pursue own claim
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Reddit Science

Adults with food insecurity are 10% to 37% more likely to die prematurely from any cause other than cancer compared to food-secure people. Premature death by infectious-parasitic diseases, and suicides was more than twice as likely for those experiencing severe versus no food insecurity.
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Belief in astrology and the paranormal is linked to threats to certainty, lack of perceived certainty, refining self-concept, schizotypy, and a need for conflict-reducing explanations for negative events in life.
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Male sparrows are less intimidated by the songs of aging rivals. Wild male swamp sparrows respond more aggressively to songs from 2-year-old males as compared with songs from the same males when they are 10 years old.
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Joe Biden calls game developers "little creeps" who make titles that "teach you how to kill"
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City of San Diego Awarded GE Mass Surveillance Contract Without Oversight
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Reddit bans misleading deepfakes ahead of US presidential election
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Sadly, this is not the Onion.

People no longer believe working hard will lead to a better life, survey shows
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GOP Sen. Shelby on Trump soliciting foreign interference: "Things happen"
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Joe Biden calls game developers "little creeps" who make titles that "teach you how to kill"
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Ask Reddit...

Elon Musk says the issue in the future isn't overpopulation, but a declining and aging population. What is your opinion on this statement?
Train drivers of reddit, what is the strangest thing you’ve seen on the tracks?
Female gamers of Reddit, what is the weirdest or most disturbing thing said to you in a game chat? [Serious]


Four PowerShell commands to help you track down insecure LDAP Bindings before March 2020
Is Microsoft down?
C-Level talks

Microsoft SQL Server

How do I fetch the first row from my column containing unique different values?
Extended Events Misperceptions: Profiler is Easier
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Four commands to help you track down insecure LDAP Bindings before March 2020
Get-VM (powercli in general)into $textbox
Password in Powershell script

Functional 3D Printing

Custom PC Skeleton
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The cap for this intercom call button was missing. Due to age of system, parts aren't easy to find. I measured and created a replacement that is friction fit and replicates the original.
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Because playing Mario without a D-Pad just doesn’t feel right.
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Data Is Beautiful

[OC] Texts between me and my girlfriend in our first year of dating
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[OC] I work remotely and travel the world with my girlfriend. We track all our expenses and I created this infographic breakdown of our travel & spending in 2019.
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[OC] Top 15 Most and Least Profitable Commodities by Investment Return in 2019
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL that Isaac Asimov died from complications of HIV. In 1983 got HIV from a blood transfusion during heart surgery. His doctors told him to keep it quiet. 10 Ten years later, after most of Asimov's physicians had died, Asimov's family agreed that the HIV story should be made public.
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TIL that in order to arrest two Russian hackers, the FBI created a fake startup company called Invita, and invited them to the U.S. for a “job interview”. The two men accepted and were arrested. They had hacked into the networks of at least 40 U.S. companies and then tried to extort money.
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TIL after returning from WWII, over 1 million black americans were denied the benefits of the GI bill for free education and low rate home loans.
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So many books, so little time

Are the Chronicles of Narnia good reads for an adult?
If you live in or are in Hawaii this weekend, you have one more day to take advantage of the Friends of the Library Booksale!
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1984 - today

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

My uncle made me blades before I could walk [1994]
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A serviceman has some fun swapping clothes with his wife for photo, 1943.
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My parents got engaged 50 years ago today. Here is a picture from that day. 1970. Their 50th wedding anniversary is in April.
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Just what exactly is happening here?
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When you can’t decide which livery looks best...
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Sunken Douglass Dakota DC-3
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Reddit Pics

I was playing around with my photos trying to merge New York’s architecture with its people and this was the result
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🎉My dad celebrating his 100th birthday🎉
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Astronaut Bruce McCandless II as he floated away, untethered, from the space shuttle with only the manned maneuvering unit keeping him alive, 1984, and he was the first person to do so.
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

Guy moving his hand through an ice layer on the verge of freezing
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Minimalist calligraphy
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Wonder Woman cosplay
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

When you don't know what you're doing but ur happy to be involved
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I can’t stop looking at this guy’s smile.
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They do this every day.
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2019.10.04 04:28 ehadb Film camera repair/service

I have a great K1000 with a slightly sticky shutter. Was wondering if anybody here shoots film etc and has a serviceman/company they can recommend and like to use?
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2019.09.30 16:59 MFA_Nay A Brief Introduction to several Independent British Menswear Brands with a Shared Aesthetic Leaning

A Brief Introduction to several Independent British Menswear Brands with a Shared Aesthetic Leaning
A Brief Introduction to several Independent British Menswear Brands with a Shared Aesthetic Leaning
This is a fun introduction to four independent British brands. It is a revision of a previous post. This is slightly more in-depth, but covers less brands.
Please note viewing images will work best with the desktop redesign or official Reddit app.
Quoting the original guide:
As we all know, this forum (like many others) is U.S. based, so it's understandable that the information found here (and elsewhere) has a U.S. focus. It's a good job then that I'm here to shift the balance back toward old Blighty. Again, as we all know, menswear enthusiasts get a bloody geet raging hardon for anything made in a country that existed before 1900 or at the very least supports bona fide McCarthy Brand™ capitalism because it suppresses that guilt complex one develops after watching Huw report about cholera-soaked refugee camps on the 10 O'Clock News whilst wearing £400 Rick Owens fap-pants.
The following is a short list of relatively small (albeit some larger than others) independent British brands who--even if not everything they sell is made in this green and pleasant land--are deserving of our support; brands with a little bit more personality and pride in their work than the average high-street chain, all of whom take shelter under the large aesthetic umbrella I call "WWI infantryman with a penchant for fishing and joinery stumbles out of police box into 2012" aka capital-aitch Heritage brands.
I'm sure many of you have heard of some (or even all) of these, but hopefully I'll be introducing something novel to a few of you. Please feel free to make your own recommendations; I'm as keen to find out about new or under-the-radar brands as anyone!
Albam Clothing
Founded in 2006 by guys, James Shaw and Alastair Rae, Albam Clothing offers what they call "Modern Crafted Clothing."
The initial idea of the brand was to create a capsule wardrobe that every guy should have. A white a great white -tshirt, a great piece of knitwear, or a great raincoat. They couldn't find anything they liked at the time, so they made their own. For it wasn't about the logos or fashion. It was about being simple, and unbranded. It was all about the clothes themselves.
Since the mid 2010s they've been doing very well for themselves. They have two stores around London and are also stocked by international menswear retailers like END Clothing and Oi Polloi.
Presence on MFA
Albam gets talked about a infrequently on MFA, though the brand does not appear in our What Are You Wearing Today (WAYWT) outfit posts.
When discussed in here they've appeared in posts about casual blazers which fit into their pared back simple designers and recommended as buying options for Breton stripe tops. They also crop up in discussions about non-traditional suiting. Instead of deflating traditional lounge suits of their formality, these non-traditional suits are more like casual clothing "shoved suitwards". Often skimping out on the guts of traditional tailoring like canvassing, padding, worsted and flannel wool fabrics.
Stockists and secondhand market
Albam sell their own clothing online, and has two London store. In addition to that they're stocked by END Clothing and Oi Polloi. They're notable for having pretty good end of season sales on their own website, plus there's a decent resale market in the UK on eBay and apps like Depop.
You'd think, considering the scale of Folk's operations (five shops and stockists worldwide), that this slouchy, insouciant label would have a large design team. In fact, Folk consists only of head designer Elbe Lealman, two assistants, and founder Cathal McAteer. They offer clothes, shoes, accessories, and a womenswear line too.
Cathal McAteer says the brand represents "a kind of ‘everything means something’; every colour and pocket stitch is there for a reason. But we are, on the surface, a balance of design, fit & quality. Understated, subtle with fastidious detailing. Enough to drive one’s business partner mad."
Presence on MFA
User mention Folk as a brand which offers unique clothing with interesting details. Button up shirts, rugby shirts and pants are highlights.
Comments on stockists and secondhand
Folk sell online and have five stores around London. The brand is stocked by several independent stores like END Clothing, The Hip Store and Coggles.
S.E.H. Kelly
Dedicated to using the excellence of "makers" throughout the British Isles, every single aspect of an S.E.H. Kelly garment is made with the domestic clothing industry. Even the buttons are made in England! The brand was founded in 2009 by Sara Kelly and Paul Vincent, both of Savile Row training. As you would expect the quality is through the roof, and the designs are very pleasant.
S.E.H. Kelly does not advertise traditionally, instead they have grown slowly by word of mouth, all through their happy customers. Interestingly they tend to sell more in Japan then the domestic UK, and American market.
Presence on MFA
Paul (sehkelly-paul) has done four Ask Me Anything Q&As on MFA to date, with the most recent one from July this year. They're well worth a read for a unique perspective, from someone who isn't afraid to talk about the minutiae of their craft. In addition the brand's outerwear is spoken highly of, with a review of one of their ventile jackets from several years back.
Comments on stockists and secondhand
S.E.H Kelly have their own online store where most people can buy from. As mentioned above, they also have a number of Japanese stockists including the well regarded Beams store.
The brand does not do sales. Clothing very infrequently appears on Grailed and eBay.
Private White V.C.
Named after the Victoria Cross-winning serviceman who came to own the Manchester factory where these clothes are created. In 1997 the company was acquired by his great-grandchildren, who set about to create a range of military-inspired garments from local British fabrics. The A/W12 collection was designed by Nick Ashley, the former head of menswear at Dunhill.
Presence on MFA
When people ask and talk about independent brands which make their stuff domestically, Private White V.C..
Comments on stockists and secondhand
Private White V.C. has their own online store and two brick and mortar stores, one in London and one in Manchester. Third party stockists include Mr Porter, Harvey Nichols, and The Rake.
The secondhand resale market is decent with Private White V.C., with a presence on Grailed, eBay, Depop, and even our own buy/sell threads.
Oliver Spencer
Arguably the highest-profile of the labels listed here (Spencer has been showing in London since A/W11), the brand has a fanbase worldwide, for good reason too. Oliver Spencer is a self taught tailor who started out in the 1980s selling second-hand clothes on London's Portobello Road. After having a pattern created for him by a Turkish tailor in the East End, he started making waistcoats and in 1990 opened his first venture, Favourbrook, which by 1994 was creating costume design for the British film Four Weddings and a Funeral.
Spencer was put firmly on the map a few years later when he spearheaded costume design for Guy Ritchie's cult gangster film Snatch in 2001. The following year launching his eponymous label Oliver Spencer - Oli wanted to create something new: a range of clothing with all the quality and craft of premium tailoring, but with a relaxed modern style. The philosophy? Quality needn't mean formality; casual needn't mean careless.
Presence on MFA
As mentioned above, Oliver Spencer is very well known, with multiple runway/collections being posted on MFA with positive comments by users. Other highlights include discussions about their breton tops and outerwear in general.
Comments on stockists and secondhand
You can buy at their own online store or five London stores. Given their large presence they have a number of international stockists which can be found here.
And with that, I conclude. I hope this was as enjoyable to read as it was to research and write, and I hope a few of you consider buying from a brand closer to home, finances permitting.
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2019.07.16 20:39 TheGreatHuman The 'Retired James Bond' plot of Bond 25 is symptomatic of a bigger problem with how the creators see their character.

Obviously there has been a lot of press given to the news that Bond will not be 007 in the new Bond movie and that 007 will be a new black, female character. While I feel that it's a decision that is disrespectful to the source material and character without editorial justification, that is not what this post is about.
This post is about the inference of having yet another movie beginning with a dysfunctional Bond who's not functioning as an employee of HMSS; namely, the writers don't know how to write an functioning Bond in today's geopolitical, social, and technological environment.

The Bond character is a relic of a Cold-War, colonial, ethnocentric western perspective who existed in a world without mass surveillance, drones, satellites etc. When the character was created he naturally fitted at the cutting edge of a nation's home security; not the case in today's world.

If we look at the last number of Bond titles since the turn of the century we see that this is a recurring theme and problem with many of the original scripts.

Goldeneye (1995) Although there is mention from M about Bond being a relic from the Cold War and a dinosaur he is still used functionally though the villain eventually turns out to be a fellow secret serviceman and a former friend.

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Again Bond is allowed to function as a spy and weapon of HMSS and stop a global terrorist threat

The World Is Not Enough (1999) Bond is sent by M to investigate a known terrorist and prevents a global threat. He is a functioning member of HMSS and M reveals that he is the best that they have.


Die Another Day (2003)

And so it begins. Bond is captured at the beginning of the movie and traded in a prisoner swap. He is treated with suspicion on his return and eventually has to go rogue to escape his own employers and prove his innocence, thus preventing a global threat.

Casino Royal (2006) A faithful adaption of the Ian Fleming novel has Bond as a (barely) functioning, useful member of HMSS using all of his skills to prevent a global threat.

Quantum of Solace (2008) Bond goes rogue again and goes off on a personal vendetta mission to avenge Vesper's death, inadvertently stumbling upon an international global threat and preventing it.

Skyfall (2012) Bond gets shot by his own team at the beginning of the movie and ends up dropping of the grid and disappearing from active duty. Much of the rest of the movie is based on his physical failings and an attempt to stop a former secret agent with a personal grudge.

Spectre (2015) Bond carries out a rogue mission and is later suspended from active duty by HMSS. As a result, Bond ends up going rogue again and preventing a hostile takeover of the British secret service.

Bond 25 (2020) Bond is retired and is presumably set to be drawn back into the action for a personal reason or forced to go rogue to prevent Blofeld from committing some large scale act of terror.


And so I ask, why do they find it so hard to write Bond as an effective tool for the British government in their international fight against global enemies? Why can't Bond go up against a Muslim extremist ala Jack Ryan in Amazon's recent series? Why can't he combat a North Korean enemy like he did in Die Another Day? Why can't he search for Russian double agents poisoning defectors? Why has the focus of Bond's missions and adversaries become so insular?

I think the scripts have lacked courage in recent years, and with the details I have from Bond 25 already (the return of Blofeld, another rogue Bond mission) I'm afraid that looks set to continue.

One last thing; If the character doesn't make sense for them anymore in our hyper connected world, why not set him back in the early 60s where he belongs? People have eaten up period pieces in recent years from Mad Men to Boardwalk Empire to The Americans, so why not bring Bond 26 back to Connery era where the character was originally set and give him his mojo back? Sebastian Faulks and Anthony Horowitz have done the same thing with the novels in recent years so the material is already there (Devil May Care is better than any Bond story of the past 25 years bar Casino Royale).

This wasn't meant to be such a diatribe. I heard a quote that "no one hates Star Wars like Star Wars fans" and I guess I'm a little bit like that with Bond in so far as I'm a huge fan and have watched all of the movies several times, and owned the collection on VHS, DVD, and now Blu Ray but I could probably count on one hand the films I think are genuinely classics. I just haven't been satisfied with a Bond movie since Casino Royale (and to a lesser extent Quantum of Solace) and I don't understand why they seem determined to keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

TL;DR All the Bond movies are the same now because they're trying to appeal to a global audience. Go back in time to the 1960s and start the Bond story again where he's relevant.
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2019.07.04 16:44 stroke_bot nosairi verstes bunkered untipsy berrettas bathtub

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2019.03.19 03:10 PopeSpenglerTheFirst Theory regarding Marvel Cinematic Universe: Nick Fury is a Skrull.

Fury is a Skrull, and Phase One and Two of Marvel's movie universe correspond with Phase One and Two of the impostor Fury's plan to weaken the Earth's defenses and undermine it's leadership. I believe the film "Captain Marvel" revealed this, but I will get to that at the end and will avoid Cap Marvel spoilers. I do not believe it is a spoiler to presume the Skrull might hedge their bets and look to live on many different planets to ensure their own survival.
In Winter Solider, I posit that the impostor Fury engineered Hydra's takeover of S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to remove it and the weapons they were creating with the tesseract. No advanced weapons, less resistance. Fury, the king of all spies, likely knew all along about the Hydra takeover and allowed it to proceed to a crisis point. He even made it look like he died, an easy giveaway that he is a Skrull. A Skrull can morph into a person with their guts laying out, just for fun even. This ballsy Nick Fury replacement was playing a dangerous game when he let Hydra agents attack him in his car, but it was a calculated risk and it paid off. He ran his con and in the end both Hydra and Shield were removed from the board. Not only that, but it looked like he simply "listened to Captain America" to get that job done. Here the Skrull get a big win. Two threats wiped out and their agents' cover remains intact. If you recall, Fury gave in pretty darn easy to Captain America when Cap said shield ought to disband. The real Nick Fury would have insisted to Captain America that S.H.I.E.L.D. was necessary in an era of space based threats. He wouldn't let his life's work collapse after a single thwarted infiltration.
You want to know why Captain Marvel wasn't in New York helping to fight Loki? Fury intentionally did not page her because he wanted the Avengers and Thanos both dead and the Earth further weakened. Thanos is a threat to all life including Skrull and the Avengers would be their main obstacle in conquering Earth. Once again, it is risky business to play that kind of game because Earth could get destroyed, but the Skrull's resources are short. One must gamble big to win big.
Look at civil war. You mean to tell me Nick Fury never investigated Tony Stark’s parents murders? I can't imagine that. I imagine it even less when it comes to impostor Fury. He did, and he covered up the truth to use when he felt necessary. If the real Fury had been there, he would have noticed that a former serviceman who fought beside Captain America named Bucky Barnes looked a lot like the guy who killed Tony starks parents. He would then diffuse the fight between Cap and Iron Man by bringing it up before it had a chance to boil over. This proves the real Fury wasn't there. I suspect that impostor Fury might have even been Zemo himself in the civil war movie. Could be the same guy.
In Iron Man 2, he engineered a situation that saw the U.S. government pushing hard against Tony, demanding his armor. Not asking, demanding. Fury knew that if the government took that approach, Tony would balk. That left Tony Stark alone, isolated from any U.S. government guidance or insight. Fury did not step in when Tony was drinking alcohol to talk to him. He wanted until Tony's reputation was in ruins and had no choice but to listen. He came and spoke to Tony for a few seconds, assessed that he was hungover and unstable, then handed him a weapon of immense power; the tesseract.
To "help him".
He couldn't possibly be more Skrull like. He was basically saying "Here you go human. Play with this bomb."
He didn’t even try to prevent the proliferation of Iron Man armor when he could probably have had black widow stop War Machine from stealing it - likely because he is a Skrull trying to arm lots of factions on earth with Iron Man suits that the Skrull know backdoor hacks to get into. Iron Man 2 is the story of Nick Fury trying to remove the possibility of a coordinated Iron-Man-Suit-Based defense against Skrulls.
And you think Nick bloody Fury didn’t know about Wakanda? Come on. What the impostor Fury needed was to hide Wakanda until he was ready. Ready to find a way to get this tech giant’s shields down. What’s better than getting them involved in high stakes, emotion heavy violence over the death of their king? Bring them out into the world and see what happens. Learning more about Wakanda is a key for a takeover of Earth because they are so advanced.
How do you think the Hulk went from flying in that S.H.I.E.L.D. airplane to just moving off the planet and into an arena tournament on a junkyard world? The Skrull probably had people living in the junkyard. The Skrull who Impostor Fury contacted to bring hulk there might have made good money betting on Hulk to win fights and worked his way out of the junkyard planet's ghettos. Plus dropping Hulk there is the closest thing to killing him, without anyone knowing what happened. On that arena world Jeff Goldbulm loved Hulk, gave him a throne and a place to sleep> Hulk should theoretically have been both gone forever and right where the Skrull want him to be: where nobody else can find him and training. Alive in case they ever feel they need to shapeshift into one of his friends to convince him to do something. Fury couldn’t predict Thor would make his way there, though.
My speculation based on the ending of Cap Marvel is as follows:
Fury is probably operating as a single agent among a network of Skrull with the responsibility of weakening planets like Earth in any way possible and preparing it for Skrull invasion/replacement.
Might even work for a more militant branch of Skrull, who would have killed the British Skrull without hesitation. Or perhaps the British Skrull was a red herring and many Skrull still remain.
The duplicitousness of the Skrull must never be underestimated. They can fake being human which means they can sure fake being in a tough spot.
Of course when Thanos wiped out half the life in the universe, that was too far for Nicholas “Skrull” Fury because he wiped half the Skrull too. He therefore had to call in Cap Marvel.
Skrull Fury will return
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2018.11.09 17:38 HunterRighteous WW2 Stories 2.& 3.

  1. My name is William Jennings Arnett and I live in West Virginia. I am 84 years old, having been born on July 19th, 1917. I was in the Tank Destroyer Unit, I guess you could call it an Armored Unit, and we were attached to the Fifth Infantry Division, and later on to the 26th Infantry Division during World War II. I would eventually be discharged as a Private First Class, but I had other ranks during my several years of service. However that is the way I was discharged when it came to my service. Most of the training I underwent was in the United States, and then we went to Ireland, from Ireland to England, and from England to France. I was in Normandy, northern France, The Bulge, and Germany, and then on to Czechoslovakia, which was where we were when the war ended. When I went into the Army it was a draft for one year, and I enlisted to get my one year over with… That never happened, for I got it over in five years. I was living in Clarksburg, West Virginia at the time of my service, and I wanted to get that year out of the way so it wouldn't be hanging over my head that I had to leave my job. If you’re asking as to why I picked the Army I had no particular reason. I just did. I had and still don’t have anything against the Navy or Marine Corps, but the Army is just where I went. Anyways, my first three days we were sent to, well, we ended up going to Fort Russell, Texas. It is roughly in the El Paso area. And the first haircut I got was, well, the barber laid a comb, thin comb flat on my head, and then cut everything that was sticking up. He did that with almost everyone that was drafted or joined the service. I knew some people that entered service with me, but they never ended up in the same company I was in, and we were soon separated. At the training camp we were at, it was hot, even in January it was hot, for that Hell was desert country. And the buildings, or barracks were all built of adobe, so they were very cool and nice that way, but the parade ground where all the recruit work was being done was hot and sandy and dusty. I had my fair share of the mess ups which put me on KP duty. Now you might be thinking, “Wasn’t KP duty illegal”, and the answer is yes, by Hell it was, but they did use KP as a punishment duty. It was only issued to you usually if you messed up some way or the other. The only thing I guess I really learned at camp was to load a mobile gun at the orders of a tank commander. That's what they put on my recommendations to take to civilian life, anyway, of what I learned. But I learned generally everything, take all the rifles and machine guns and everything, take them clear apart and put them together again, time and time again. The instructors were very good at their duty. I had one sergeant at our group, he was a bit of a chow hound himself, and when we were on parade and it came time for the noon meal, he would march us down on the field and then leave us at detention, and he would walk over to the door of the mess hall. And he would holler over to us, "fall out." That left him first in line. After camp, we were trained in 155 millimeter Howitzers, and we went with them to fire at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. When we got there, they had a ton of guns. We mainly had a lot of 37 millimeter cannons, and they even handed a handful of rocks to some of us which caused a ton of laughter in our unit. Eventually, when we came back, they decided to turn all the anti-tank companies around and make them into a tank destroyer unit, at which time we were issued half tracks with 75 millimeter guns on them, which we learned to use. After we learned about our new halftracks, we went to Camp Bowie, Texas, in Brownwood, a town of about 5,000, and 15,000 soldiers there, so you figure out how much fun the town was. And we went from there to Camp Pickett, Virginia, where we were trained for landings for when we were going to go to Africa. For some reason or other they called us back and we weren't sent. I never did understand what went on there. And from Picket we went to New York later on, and Fort Dixon, Camp Shanks. And we left there from the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and from there we went to Ireland. When we embarked for Ireland, we were apart of an enormous convoy. There were small aircraft carriers, real small ones, but they were loaded with airplanes all over the deck so they couldn't fly off them. There was a battle ship with them, and I think two cruisers, or three. Also there was a bunch of destroyers. Then all the other ships were oilers, freights, and troop ships. Our ship had about 25,000 soldiers on it and, unfortunately, the motor went out, and, of course, the convoy went on. They can't wait for you. And then we were there overnight worried sick, for we were in the submarine area. However, the next morning they got the motor fixed and we caught up with the convoy, but the motors broke down again and we had another night of the same thing. I began to think then that maybe this wasn't all fun. Just before we reached Ireland, I began looking off the balcony of our vessel at night, and at times I could see torpedoes coming along the side of our ship. Now we knew Northern Ireland was under the control of the British, and we landed at Belfast. Most of us were relieved that we were finally in Ireland. We got there in October, and after a real rough North Atlantic crossing, for the North Atlantic in the fall is not the best place to be. And we were there to about April, and from April of '44 we went to England, and we were in England until we went to France for the big invasion of France that we now call D-Day. We landed at Utah Beach, but it was after most of the division was all inland by I'd say maybe ten miles. But from the time we got there, it was about a month before they were able to break out of the bridge-heads, and that was when the Normandy campaign ended, after the breakout. Anyways, when we landed at Utah Beach, we came in pretty close because there wasn't any fighting right on the beach then, it was inland about, oh, maybe five or six miles. Then when we got there, we stayed where we first got off, and we could see there the night like heat lightning, but what it was, was the artillery. And it was continuous, and it was all night long. It didn't worry me any because I knew I would never get hurt. The next day we moved up and into a field. One of those Normandy fields, and there were some cows there. We met the man who owned the farm, he came in and got his two cows out. I said we were not going to steal his milk or anything, so we left them alone. He knew what he was doing, but I didn't know why he was moving them. I found out a little while later when they started showing us. Now the next day was a nice, warm, sunny day. It was fairly quiet in our area, and I was sitting under a tree, didn't have any duty right then. And I heard this shell coming in. And I knew, although I had never heard one before, what it was. And I rolled over on my side and it exploded, and I jumped up to run for a fox hole. Now I didn't know that Germans shot more than one shell at a time, and there was another one right behind it that was covered up from the sound of the first one going off. And when that one exploded, it jarred me real, real bad, and I was completely numb all over. I could not feel anything. And I jumped into the fox hole and I looked down, and the back of my hand was all covered with blood. Since I couldn't feel anything, I had to feel my hand to see where I had been hit, but I couldn't feel any place where it was torn or anything. And I tried to realize that maybe I brushed my hand against my leg, and I felt that leg and I was all right. And then I saw that blood was running off my nose, and that really scared me because I didn't know how much of my face was gone. But I got out of it pretty good. I must say I have never felt more lucky in my life. Now we were usually with the infantry wherever we were assigned a mission, we weren’t at the very front of the infantry, but we were real close to them, and at night there is a tank battalion, as well as a tank destroyer that was assigned to each regiment. The tanks would pull out and go back maybe about three or four miles a night, but whenever they would start their motors up, the Germans would start shelling us, and we had to stay there all night. I thought maybe I would have to get in a tank corps to get out of this stuff, but during that time my request was turned down, so I was still in the tank destroyer unit. Now in combat theory, the tank destroyers were supposed to be largely a defense element against German tanks, but they ended up being exactly what General Patton said, "The only way to fight a tank is with a tank," so we ended up with a regular tank with a 90-millimeter gun on it which is an excellent tank, and much better than the regular tanks that the main armored units were using. After we receive our tanks, we received a symbol for them. It is a tiger or panther biting or eating a tank up. It was a mock go, seek, strike and destroy kind of thing. Now when we went inside those beasts, there were lots of very flammable lines of oil and gasoline, as well as ammunition that's ready to either be fired or blow up. We had both inflammable and armor piercing rounds. It is not a very comfortable place to be. Very warm. It is not very cold in the winter. One of my biggest fears was that the turret hatch was almost always open, and that sometimes caused a little trouble because it was just big enough for a bomb to fall into. Now you might be thinking the bombings of World War II were mostly inaccurate at this time, but we didn’t know what the German bombers were like. Anyways when we crossed the Rhine River, we were out in the middle of the river on one of those pontoon bridges, which was just wide enough for the tracks on your tank, and a German 262 jet bomber came and tried to bomb the bridge out. And I thought, this is a nice place to be in the middle of the Rhine River. But, fortunately, they didn't get us. Once we crossed the Rhine River, the casualties really began to mount. There were several actually, I can't tell you how many. The first soldier was killed by a shell while he was on sentry duty, and he was trying to relieve us for shut eye, but then the shells came down. Everybody was then scared to death, and they didn't know what they are doing. And if you are moving around at night, it is very, very dangerous ‘cause you never know what you are going to run into, and it almost happened to me later on. More casualties occured when we simply went to line up to get our meals. We had our kitchen trucks with us, and that caused us to get pinned in there because we got all in a line to get our mess kits filled, and the shells started coming in. And of course, that was the end of the meal. And the next day we did it again and the same thing happened again. We then decided we would fool the Germans by switching our meal time from 12:00 o'clock, to 11:00, so we got in line and the shells came in again. Now we didn't realize it, but the Germans were watching us, they could see what we were up to. When we got a bunch of guys together, that made the shelling worthwhile, they would let us have it. Now I don't remember too much about meals, but those first couple of nights were one of the few warm meals. They were much better than K rations or C rations. That’s the only thing I remember now about the cooking because we weren't around the kitchen trucks very often, but when they came later on, we went down to the truck to eat, and the cooks and one time the mess sergeant had found a small keg of calvadoes and when we went down, it looked like they had all been shot, they were all down in the back of the truck. And the calvadoes is what they kicked in alcohol to get the drinker easily drunk, so it was dangerous. We had late in the spring of '44 or anyhow, the Fifth Division, of the 15,000 officers and men, there was about a dozen that would be allowed a week's furlough in Paris, and anybody would give his right arm for it. And my platoon lieutenant got one of them, but he found out later on that day that we were going on attack the next morning, and he wouldn't go because he wanted to stay with us, his men, and I’ve admired the man ever since. The lieutenant was a man named Muggy, a young Iowa boy from German parentage. He survived the war, but did have a little nervous spell once. He would have the habit of, if we were going into a small town or something, getting on a hill and look it over, to see what it was before we got in it. One time, he was out looking at one of these towns, and somebody tapped him on the shoulder. It was a German, but instead of killing him, he handed him his rifle and surrendered to him, so Muggy took his gun and went back and put a call in for the MP's to come and get him. He sometimes thought, what if that guy hadn't wanted to surrender? What if he had just stabbed me with a bayonet or a knife? That got him kind of nervous, but overall he was really nice. Anyways most have asked me if I saw many French citizens, and to be honest I hardly ever saw them. If they could, they would leave the area of battle, but we occasionally ran into some a few times. However, the only time I was in real contact with any of them was when I ran into a French man that had escaped from a prisoner of war camp in Reims, France. He asked me, and the crew of our tank where he was in France. He was scared because he needed help to get back home, so we told him where he was and with the information, he managed to go back to his home that day. He invited our tank crew over, for he, and his family, consisting of his friend, his wife, and his brothers who were French soldiers, were having a big party. Now we were sitting there and they were giving us wine and everything, and we were having a ball. We would offer him a cigarette, in which they were very valuable, but he wouldn't take it, but boy, his wife, who wasn't drinking that much, did take it. When we went to leave, two guys from our team got behind me, and I looked at them and said, “Boy, you kiss me on the mouth and you are on the floor.” Of course, they touched cheeks, it was all right. But the rest of the gang wanted to see what happened to me before they tried it. Another time I saw a group, the only time I saw a group of Frenchmen, that had too much to drink. They had one of these wheelbarrows with a long wooden box on it, and they were giving me a sign by drawing their hands across their throats, and saying, "Le boche, le boche." They were going out to bury whatever, or whoever was in the box. Now the only family I had was a sister that I kept in touch with, and a mother. Fortunately, I wasn't married at that time. My mother would get a letter from me, and then they would get one, the next one would be one that I had written before the first one, or she might go two or three weeks and get none at all, and I wrote her every week, but then she might get three or four of them at one time, but she was not very worried about it. As for me, I did feel stressed, but not all the time. An example of why I was stressed is because after a while, one realizes that his chances of survival in this war were getting dimmer all the time, and you do know that you can only be missed so many times. That was probably the main reason why I was stressed. Now when it comes to other letters like newsletters, I didn't see any newspaper people ever. However, we would get a paper occasionally at Stars and Stripes which had three-day old news because they figured after three days you could publish it because the Germans would have known anything by then. Anyways, after we saw the two groups of Frenchmen, we went through Luxembourg, and one of our crew members, a boy from Tennessee to be exact, observed people leaning along the edge of a shop of some kind, but what caught his eye was a sign on the window that read, B-I-E-R, so we knew we were pretty close to Germany. He asked, "Parlez vous Francais? Oui. Have you got any cognac?" So we were close to Germany, and you can picture the excitement we felt as we moved towards the border, but what none of us knew that this was all in the German plan for a “Bulge” counter-attack in which we now know today as the Battle of the Bulge. Now we entered Germany a few days before the opening assault, and were at Sanalater, attached to the Fifth Infantry Division, when the battle broke out. As I read through the Stars and Stripes paper, I found out that soldiers up north of us were really getting pounded. That's when I first realized that The Bulge was a serious attack, and I was feeling sorry for them. At one point, somebody found a deck of cards. We got three other guys to play bridge, so we played in the basement of a wrecked house. There wasn't a whole house in the whole town that was all in one piece. We were down in the basement and the ventilation was very good with lots of light, and we were having a good time playing bridge, until a shell hit just south of us, and then about a half a minute later a shell hit just north of us. It made the observers get the artillery ready, and then target right on, and it is amazing how they were able to retaliate so quickly, for they were bracketed by the shelling. Anyways we kept on playing because there was just no place to go. And I don't think anybody knew what their cards were, but, fortunately, no more shells landed close to the basement we were playing in. We were real lucky, for the rest of the shells that landed were about 100 yards back. The next day we were attached to the 26th Division and headed for the same place there in Luxembourg, and by the time we got to Luxembourg is when all the snow started. We were also linked up with the Fourth Armored Division when we got to Luxembourg, so we were now with two divisions which made our numbers grow extremely high. We did have to sleep in the snow, because we usually like to sleep inside the tank. But when steel gets real cold, it is colder on the outside, and it is warmer laying in snow that it was inside that tank, but we slept under the tanks in the snow. On Christmas day, the officers sent an even amount of turkey up. At the time we were staying inside a house in Luxembourg at the time, and the lady there cooked our turkey from her kitchen, and her family was glad to get rid of it. There were three of us staying in that house because the family had invited us to sleep in there on their floor because it was so cold outside, and we sure did appreciate it. After that the lady cooked the turkey inside of the stone-type ovens where you fill them up with wood and feed them that way. And we really had a good Christmas dinner in the middle of a real bad situation. It was very unusual but nice experience. Well, Christmas was short lived, so we kept going forward and, well, you really don't know how a battle is going. All you know is what is going on around you and what little area you are in. You don't know whether you are winning or losing, but I guess if you are retreating or going backwards then you are losing. However, that is only a little part of it, but you keep doing what you have to do. Now I had no leave, so I was in The Bulge the entire way through, and all I can say is that it was just a matter of going back and attacking in a different place, so we went to a place called Bastone, and kept going. We eventually broke through the Bastone, and then we entered Germany, and from then on it was mostly a matter of time before we would reach Berlin. Now, I don't know the casualties of The Battle of The Bulge. It is not something you counted anyhow because the only thing you did count was your friends that were left. Now we weren’t part of the drive to Berlin, instead we were set to attack Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, and they called the attack off. That was when we realized something big was coming up when they did that. And the next day they announced that Hitler was dead, and the German Generals were preparing to surrender to the allied forces. Now that date is one I’ll never forget. It was May the 8th, 1945, the end of the European war. There wasn't any of the usual celebration you see in film strips of the states at all. In Europe it was just kind of a sigh of relief more than anything else, and an unbelief, too, that the war was actually over. About the only reaction I had is when we went into the house before we were relieved somebody said, well, we don't have to keep the curtains drawn now for a blackout, and he opened them up. And I couldn't stand for that, people outside being able to see in. Still, that had been two years since I had ever seen outside lights. Murphy was the most decorated man. He slept with a .45 under his pillow until he got killed. It gets to you. Just like it gets to me. We came back on a ship that was made to handle, I think, 4,500 men, and they were putting 6,500 on them. The ones that were being loaded with that shit ton, had to sleep on the deck. Now they didn't have any of the duties to clean up around on the ship. I was really lucky because I got a bunk, more specifically, I was on the top bunk. Anyways, we left Marseille and went to Norfolk, so we were in warm and beautiful fall weather. We eventually rode in a truck to a fort outside of Baltimore, at Fort George Meade. I was discharged from there. They had sent me home on a furlough, and I was home for about a month before I was discharged, because they couldn't discharge everybody at the same time because they would call you back and say the numbers were too great, but eventually they would call you back when they could handle you. A few months after the war, I got myself a job, and began going to work. I was working outside the factory where I used to work. Now there was this noise that sounded very much like a shell coming in. Although the war had been over for a few months, I still hit the dirt. Just an automatic thing, and I had recurring bad dreams in which my wife kicked me to wake me up because I was moaning and groaning and everything. Now that went on very heavy for about, oh, 15, 20 years, and once a year I usually have one of those dreams. Anyways that is my experience in World War II, and I want to thank all of you for taking your time off to listen to this, for you have shown me how much a serviceman means to our country of the United States of America. 
  2. My name is Kenneth Delaney. I was born and raised in Historia, Long Island City, New York. Got married May 16th, 1953, and have five children, two girls, three boys, and 15 grandchildren, eight girls and seven boys and they all know Grandpa's war stories especially about D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge. The Battle of the Bulge started December 16th, 1944. I was still in the hospital from the wounds that I received in the Hurtgen Forest Battle back in November. That was my second wound. Anyway, the German army, about twenty-five divisions, open up an artillery barrage on the American front in Belgium. It was held by two crack divisions, American divisions, and one armored division and reserve. The two American divisions had been badly beaten from the Hurtgen Forest, the Hurtgen Forest Battle around the end of November. I was recuperating from the wounds received in that battle at a hospital, like I said, in Liege. Then on December 17th the hospital staff informed us that if you can walk or crawl, you know, you will have to go back to your division headquarters as soon as possible. I fought with the 1st Infantry Division, 18th Regimental Combat Team on D-Day Omaha Beach and the Hurtgen Forest Battle. I got back to my outfit on December 18th and I left the hospital. On December 19th, the next day, I again joined my regiment. I traded my walking cane in for a M-1 rifle and some hand grenades. The company commander told me I had to take over the 3rd Squad when, you know, when I got to the outfit up in the front. When I reached the foxholes where the company was I found the 1st Platoon. They were already in position on the front lines, so the platoon sergeant showed me where the 3rd Squad was. Now, usually the squad has twelve men. My squad, the 3rd Squad, had about eight riflemen and they were all new replacements and no combat experience. Finally, got orders to move toward enemy position. We advanced about eight or ten miles through the woods and couple of small villages which we had to search every house for German soldiers but both villages were empty. Then about an hour later we were back in a wooded area again and that's when all hell broke loose. The 1st Platoon ran into a machine gun nest. Besides carrying a rifle and hand grenades, I also carried a radio set called a walkie-talkie and my lieutenant told me to radio for tank support because the platoon was pinned down. We were pinned down for about at least an hour still without tank support. I wasn't too worried because we had pretty good back-up with the 2nd and 3rd platoons on our left and right flanks. I had been carrying six hand grenades, hand grenades which came in pretty handy. Before we silenced the machine-gun fire four men in my squad were wounded and three were killed. Later that day they gave me four replacements. On December 20th, 21st, the company moved out and advanced about twelve miles further into Belgium. My squad, the 3rd Squad, and the 1st Squad ran into two German squads. They saw us running towards them and decided to surrender, all 19 of them. Then on December 22nd we started out with another mission. I noticed a farm house in the distance and as we got closer I noticed some activity around the house. Then I signalled the platoon to lay low and take cover. I signalled with my left hand above my head when I felt a sting in my left arm, very hot sting. We took the farm house about half hour later taking three more prisoners. I felt my hand, my left hand wet and sweaty and when I pulled my jacket sleeve up, took off my glove, I saw blood on my arm starting, you know, on my arm all over my watch and then my arm started to hurt. The field medic took me back to the field hospital which was about anywhere 7 to 10 miles. We went by, you know, by Army jeep. And then back at the hospital doctor said it was a small bullet went straight through my arm, so I stayed there three weeks in the field hospital and then went back to my company to combat duty again and was wounded again but slightly. One thing we were told was never to take a path that is already made in the woods or the forest for fear of landmines being planted there. But on January 28th we started to move out for the next village at about 8 a.m. The village was about three or four miles down the road so we decided to cross an open field and guess what? It was mined. Our platoon leader lieutenant, I forgot his name, decided to call for a Sherman tank but the radio I had, walkie-talkie, was not working to tell them what the situation is and he called, "Hey, Delaney, you got to go back to company headquarters and tell them what happened to get a tank up here." To make a long story longer, we got the tanks to spray the minefield to blow up what mines were in there and there were some. Then about an hour later we moved out toward the woods again. So being the first scout, naturally I was the first man in the woods. It was pretty thick wooded area, almost a forest but not quite. So I decided to take the first path that I saw. Didn't take too long to find one. The path was an incline that led up the -- led up to the main road that we found out later we were going to take anyway which was held by German troops, so we, that were holding the road so we were told. The road had to be taken so our convoy could get through with some supplies to our troops in the different area. I was nearing the top of the incline near the road when I noticed a pile of logs on the crest of the hill. So I turned to my second scout and said "You know, that looks like a machine gun nest." So he looked at me and said, "You know, if it is, then we should be dead." I hand signaled back to the 1st and 2nd squad to lay low until we found out it was and thank God it wasn't when three German machine gunners jumped up from behind the log with their hands up and said, "Please, don't shoot. We surrender," and I guess we lucked out again. On May 8th, 1945, the war ended. We all got drunk. But I was in combat from the end of January to the, February, March, April until the end of the war and we had a big party that day. But one more story on a patrol we had in Czechoslovakia on May 11th, 1945. We went into, I believe it was before we got into Pilsen with the trucks with loud speakers to tell German soldiers the war has ended, you know, that it's over and we had one soldier with us that went through seven campaigns without a scratch. I don't know how he done it. But we ran into a machine gun nest. They fired on us and he caught a bullet and it was his first and last wound. He died that day and here is a guy that went through the whole thing and when the war ended it was how he ended. We got the four German soldiers with a 50 caliber mounted machine gun on top of our truck and that was our last combat with the enemy. Anyway, the war was over for most of us but it was also over for him. Just want to say one more thing, thank you for listening to my experience. 
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2018.10.26 08:01 Nazer_the_Lazer [WP]Humanity has developed technology capable of erasing memories. 30 years ago, everyone had all their memories erased. You are the first to discover why.

"Mr. President. Your office, and confidential information along with it."
"And the button?" I inquired.
"The nuclear button is in another room, sir."
"No, the one to wipe memories."
"I'm sorry sir, I can't remember what you're talking about." He smirked a little bit.
"Cut it, Johnson."
"It's under the third drawer."
I walked in and surveyed the room. I would take the time to bask in my position after I had my questions answered. All of our questions. I sped over to the confidential cabinet, filled with the secret as to why The Wipe took place. I'd be the first to know. Then, if safe enough, I'd share it with the world.
"That'll be all, Johnson," I directed behind me. I felt him watching me. I fumbled between files and pulled one out.
"With all due respect, sir, I'd like to be present for this."
"Johnson, you know this is--" I stopped when I looked into his eyes. His curiosity almost burned a hole into the file I held. I was already shaking with anticipation. I might be mentally torturing him by asking him to leave. I had the power to make him leave, and that's all that mattered. I smiled broadly, unable to withhold my giddy.
"Come on, let's do it!" I scurried to the desk and he came to gaze over my shoulder.
"This'll tell me why I don't know who my parents are," he said.
"Who my child was," I continued.
"The reason I was homeless."
"The war that came as a result of the paranoia that followed."
"The loss of all oral history."
We both took a moment to savor the moment. Only a moment. I tore the file open and out dropped a USB Drive.
"Get me my--"
Johnson was already running across the room to grab the laptop.
I plugged it in; both my legs running restless below the desk.
A small video popped up on screen. I was confused it was a live broadcast. Or, it was filmed live, I'm assuming. It had the "LIVE" sign at the bottom left of the screen.
"It's President Howard," Johnson mused. The president of 30 years ago.
"Beautiful men and women of this beautiful country, I have important news to tell you all."
He breathed for a moment, really letting the moment sink in.
Then he just kept staring at the screen.
"Did it freeze?" I asked Johnson.
President Howard then stood abruptly.
"Mr. President?" someone asked off screen.
Taking a huge breath, Howard projectile vomited all over the camera.
"Oh my God." someone screamed.
"Oh my God," Johnson whispered next to me.
"OH NO!" Howard yelled. "Ahh, it--" his voice stopped as noises were clearly coming from the back of his pants. He began grimacing as tears formed at the edges of his eyes. "It won't stop!" he began crying, fluids flowing freely from most holes of his body. "Ah, I can't," a Secret Service agent that came to help him slipped on something below and there was a sharp crack from his landing.
"Oh, Thomson, I'm so," Howard began, then he heaved on the poor man below him.
"Oh, God," I said, "how long is..." I saw that the video ran for another 10 minutes.
It was a surreal account of his cabinet screaming that he was still live, him crying endlessly about some pain from something he ate earlier, and the cameraman diligently keeping everything in frame. There was a crowd forming in the windows behind him, peeking in to see if the hysteria was all true. He began tearing off his clothes and screaming at the onlookers, throwing most of his clothing at them, despite them being on the other side of windows. The Secret Serviceman got back up with a make-shift sling and left the screen.
By the end of it, Howard was nearly naked and crying into his arms at the very desk Johnson and I were at.
"I can't... I can't continue with the world knowing..." he crawled under the desk. The crowd outside looked like they were all punched in the face simultaneously and then looked around at each other and to the mostly nude man below the desk. Some started crying while others began screaming at one another.
"OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!?" Howard exploded from the floor. "This is disgusting, I feel..." he climbed above the table and made eye contact with the camera. "What's going on? What is this?" After a lot of the same questions ran around the tape, someone finally decided to shut it off.
I looked up to Johnson, who had gone pale. My entire body was stiff. He was staring at the desk intently, probably thinking of the sick stuff that went down. No, he was looking at something more particular.
"Oh.." I looked to the third drawer.
"Mr. President, I won't be able to sleep another day in my life after what we just saw. The whole country can't see that. WE would be in shambles immediately. We were able to come back, we can do it again."
"Now, Johnson, that's definitely not your decision to," I began, but he already darted at the drawer. I tried to stop him, but he easily threw me aside. I watched in horror as he groped around the drawer until he eventually felt what he was looking for.
"I'm sorry."
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2018.10.06 15:07 Anonymous_1-2-3-4-5 MCU Netflix Behind the Scenes Facts *Wanted to do this for fun* Day 25: Luke Cage

So i'm going to go on IMDB and look at each MCU movies behind the scenes facts and POST THE MOST INTERESTING ONES here, I will post each movie a day instead of what I did before where I did 10 posts, I will start with the first Iron Man and each day will be the next MCU movie after it, ending with Guardians 3, I will also do the Netflix Shows, Agents of Shield and Agent Carter


1. On October 19th, Netflix cancelled the series after 2 seasons.

2. In the 90's, Quentin Tarantino wanted to make "Luke Cage: Hero for Hire" into a film, with Laurence Fishburne in the title role, but opted to make Pulp Fiction (1994) instead.

3. For the finale of season one, writer and executive producer Cheo Hodari Coker had hoped to have Prince perform at Harlem's Paradise nightclub, but his untimely death quickly dashed those hopes.

4. This is the first Marvel feature to use the n word, for which Cheo Hodari Coker had complete trust from Marvel regarding the use of the word in the show. The word is used casually in the series, while some characters, including Cage, prefer not to use it. Coker said the intent was never to use it "in a way where it's flippant. I used it from the standpoint of, if we were going to eavesdrop on a conversation with African-American people with nobody else around, when would this word be used and how would it get used."

5. In Season 1, Episode 2 the woman singing in Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes' club is Faith Evans, the widow of The Notorious B.I.G. who Cornell has a photo of prominently displayed on the wall of his office.

6. Luke Cage was never a policeman or military serviceman in the comic book versions. In the Netflix series it is mentioned that he was a former cop and that he served in Marine Force Recon, which is presumably created only for this live-action version of his character.

7. Luke Cage was originally introduced in 1972 and was originally intended as a stereotype representing the rise of black blaxploitation at the time with the releases of Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song (1971) and Shaft (1971).

8. Mahershala Ali creates mixtapes for each of the characters he portrays. Ali stated that his mixtape for Cottonmouth took into account his Harlem heritage, and included songs from Big L, Diamond D, Brand Nubian, D'Angelo, Mobb Deep, Kanye West, and Erykah Badu.

9. Pop calls Luke Cage by his alias, Power Man.

10. Writer Cheo Hodari Coker described the show as "a powerful fusion of dark drama, hip-hop, and classic superhero action."

11. For the basketball sequence the crew thought that a double would be needed for Misty (Simone Missick) until it came time to actually shoot the scenes. What they didn't know was that Simone was a capable player and easily accomplished the shots that were required for the game of H-O-R-S-E with the local basketball youths.

12. In season 1 episode 3 about 40 minutes in, Misty tells Scarfe "damn it, you just broke my concentration". Frank Whaley, who plays Scarfe, also played Brett in Pulp Fiction; in that film he was asked by Samuel L. Jackson, "I'm sorry, did I break your concentration?". Jackson plays Nick Fury in the MCU.

13. The producers chose a hoodie for Luke Cage to show "A black man in a hoodie isn't necessarily a threat. He might just be a hero." The decision was partly inspired by the Trayvon Martin case where a black teenager in a hoodie was killed by George Zimmerman (Feb. 2012).

14. At one point in the series, a dumpster can be seen with the brand name "Timely" on the side. This is a reference to Timely Comics, which was the original name of Marvel Comics.

15. Throughout the series, there are many references made to Justin Hammer as the manufacturer of guns and weapons. Justin Hammer, in Marvel Comics, is the main weapons competitor of Tony Stark (Iron Man) and was portrayed in the movie Iron Man 2 by actor Sam Rockwell.

16. Luke Cage in the Marvel comic books is listed at a height of 6 feet and 6 inches (6'6"). In the Netflix series his driver's license says he is 6 foot 3. Actor Mike Colter who portrays Cage in the series is also 6 '3".

17. The character's "steel hard" skin has been retconned as "titanium hard" skin.

18. Stunt coordinator James Lew coined the term "smack-fu" to described the non-lethal backhanded blows delivered by Luke during his fight scenes.

19. Due to Netflix's expanded global reach at the time of its release, this series was the first of its kind to be streamed into 190 countries worldwide.

20. Each episode title of the first season of the Netflix series Luke Cage was named after a song by the classic East Coast hip-hop duo Gang Starr. Gang Starr was very influential in the East coast rap scene from 1986 - 2003. The second season episodes are name after a song from Pete Rock & CL Smooth.

21. In 2016, Alfre Woodard played Miriiam Sharpe, the mother of an American citizen killed in the battle of Sokovia, in Captain America: Civil War (2016). Later that year, she began playing season one recurring character Mariah Dillard in this series. She is one of the very few actors to play more than one character in the MCU.

22. Luke Cage made his first appearance in Jessica Jones (2015).

23. Lance Gross and Cleo Anthony had screen tested for Luke Cage before Mike Colter was cast.

24. This was Mahershala Ali's second Netflix series. His first was House of Cards (2013).

25. The teaser trailer was shown at the end of the second season of Daredevil (2015).

26. One of the first interracial kisses in mainstream comics was between the characters of Misty Night and Iron Fist (2017).

27. The two main villains in season one are known by their nicknames, "Diamondback" and "Cottonmouth". Diamondback (rattlesnakes) and cottonmouths (water moccasins) are both kinds of deadly venomous pit vipers native to North America.

28. All episode titles in Season 2 are also titles of songs from Pete Rock and CL Smooth's 1992 album "Mecca and the Soul Brother".

29. In 2003, John Singleton was attached to direct a Luke Cage film for Columbia. Jamie Foxx, Tyrese Gibson, Dwayne Johnson, Isaiah Mustafa, and Idris Elba were all considered for the title role.

30. Dulé Hill was rumored for the role of Luke Cage, he denied knowledge of the role.

31. After being shot in the arm, Misty Knight says that at least she didn't lose it. In the comics, Misty loses her arm and gets a robotic prosthesis built by Tony Stark. Actress Simone Missick reprised her role as Misty Knight in The Defenders (2017) where she does get her arm cut off in the season one finale.

32. In Season 1, Episode 4 "Step in the Arena" when Luke Cage emerges from the tank that gave him his superpowers, the metal brackets on his arms and metal headband around his head serve as a homage to Luke Cage's original 1972 outfit as it appears in the comics.

33. In the Netflix series, Luke Cage and Diamondback, aka Willis Stryker, are paternal half-brothers. In the comic books, they are not related, but are childhood best friends, future crime partners, and later archenemies.

34. Method Man makes a cameo appearance as himself in the series. This is the second time a member of the Hip-Hop super group Wu-Tang Clan as appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first was Ghostface Killah, who had a brief cameo in a deleted scene in Iron Man (2008).

35. In Season 1, Episode 4, Luke Cage grabs a yellow shirt and jeans from a clothesline at night. After getting dressed (with the metal bracelet s and metal tiara from the tank he was in), He looks at his reflection on the car window and mutters " You look like a damn fool!". This paid homage to the original outfit Luke Cage as Power Man.

36. In Season 1 eEpisode 2 (Luke Cage: Suckas Need Bodyguards (2016)), Django Unchained (2012) and Quentin Tarantino are mentioned. Tarantino was in talks of making a Luke Cage movie in the 90's, but decided that if he ever makes a comic book movie, it will be about an original character.

37. Throughout each of the Netflix Marvel series, the events of the first "Avengers" film are simply referred to as "The Incident." When Diamondback explains how his new weapons are able to damage Luke, he says they are a product of "The incident", indicating that the weapon was forged from the remains of the Chitauri weaponry that were left behind. In the film "Spider-Man:Homecoming", it's revealed that Adrian Toomes (aka Vulture) was the mastermind behind a scavenger operation that collected and repurposed the Alien weapons before selling them on the Black Market. Though it's not alluded to in either the series or the film, it is possible that Diamondback purchased the weapons that he used on Luke from Toomes.

38. Luke Cage is the first Marvel Netflix series to have two major villains in its first season. Daredevil season one had just Kingpin and Jessica Jones had just Kilgrave. Luke Cage has Diamondback and Cottonmouth.
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