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AirAsia converted our cash refund request to credit account without our consent

2020.10.25 18:16 topermcell AirAsia converted our cash refund request to credit account without our consent

Last February 11, 2020, our flight from Taipei to Manila was cancelled because of this. So we booked the last available fight of China Airlines to Manila just to get home.

When we got home, we immediately filed a request for cash refund (refund via the payment method used, which is cash) to AirAsia. I filled up the form which includes my bank and account number. So at this time, it is clear that we want a CASH REFUND.

Lumipas ang walong buwan (which I really understand as a lot of people are requesting for refunds for a lot of cancelled flights.).

We received an email telling us that our refund has been processed to a credit account. After receiving this, we immediately opened another case to protest this. We explained everything and made it clear that we want a cash refund and this is a mistake. We just received a canned response that says:

Dear Valued Guest,
Greetings from AirAsia!
With regard of your previous inquiry, we would like to clarify that the refund for booking number F7HJHR has been processed in form of a credit account on 29 Jun 2020, as there was no response to our credit account offer email. We grant you the credit account as the refund process would take a longer time than it should due to the current situation.
Please note that your Credit Account validity is 730 days for bookings. However, your actual travel date can be after the validity period.
Having said that, as the credit account that has been credited to your member account, we are unable to change the refund method or transfer the credited amount into another method of refund.
Hope this clarifies and do let us know should you need another assistance.
- Regards, Customer Happiness AirAsia📷

First, it is clear that we requested for a CASH REFUND (paulit-ulit na) since the beginning. I told them that I even filled up a form asking me for my bank and account number which is clear that we want, again, a cash refund.

Second, we did not receive any email or any messages via whatever channel from them asking us if we want our refund in a credit account or not since it would take a lot of time daw.

Third, if we did not respond to the said email, why didn't they do a follow up? Just in case we didn't receive it (which is what really happened). They made a decision regarding my money without my consent. And that "email" was not even necessary as, again, haaay, we requested for a cash refund in the first place.

So I replied to their canned response and I explained it again very clearly this time what really happened and what I want to happen next. I even said na sana maresolve natin to without requiring third parties like DTI to assist me as this is their mistake in the first place and can be fixed easily.

Thirty minutes ago, I received an email notification that says my case has been closed...

I mean, I would happily accept a credit account if a requested for it, but we are in the middle of a pandemic. Having money is critical right now and I need that money that I have been waiting for eight months. I don't need a credit account now as I'm not seeing myself travelling again in the near future.

Is there another way I can resolve this problem? As much as possible sana ayoko lumapit sa mga legal bodies to resolve this pero sobra na yung ganito. 16k din yun which can buy a lot of food for my family right now.

Thank you for everyone who can give me suggestions on how I can attack this problem and thank you for reading this long rant. Good day!
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2020.10.24 13:36 fourthxoxo 21 [F4M] LF MOB. Make out buddy.

I know na once you enter into a fwb/fubu set up, you have to conceal your feelings, which is a hard thing to do for me kasi marupok ako and yet I still want this kind of thing again. Pero I think as long as we're honest and we're on the exact same page (e.g. If I'm the only girl you're hooking up with, I should only see you and no one else or if you want to date around again, I should be doing the same as well), we won't get hurt.
Gusto ko sana exclusive tayo and momol lang. And I hope we have that connection first before we become MOB. I want us to be friends, not just us using each other for our carnal desires. Tropa dapat tayo, tropang naglalaplapan lang HAHAHAHA
About you: Please be 5'7 or taller, normal build, gwapo or cute, good conversationalist
About me: 5'4, pretty, masaya kausap
Edit: It may take a while, but I'll reply to all of u wait niyo lang lmao 😂
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2020.10.24 00:41 fatima_mdx BTS+Girls wouldn’t have been so controversial if they had female labelmates

I’m NOT talking about dating rumors here since those always end up absolutely horrible. I just mean friendly interactions that aren’t too subtle. Like Sana walking into Bang Chan’s live for example.
But I’ve been thinking about this lately. I don’t think army’s are particularly worse than any other fandoms, they’re just a bigger fandom so you’re bound to see more of their toxic side. {I’ll explain more in a minute}
That being said, you have Itzy/Skz, GOT7/Twice, RV/NCT interactions and BTS has never really had a girlgroup to interact with, without people making a big deal out of it. There was Gfriend but that kind of died down around 2016.
It’s interesting because BTS has always been kind of secluded in a way, and Army’s became very possessive over them. They’ve never been eased into the idea of them having female friends/labelmates and it’s kind of too late for that now unfortunately. (remember the food incident with Gfriend)
I can’t really put my thoughts into words correctly now and I might be wrong here. It’s just been on my mind lately and I thought I’d share.
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2020.10.23 12:04 meisalwayssad 22 [F4M] Potato is tired. Potato is stressed. Potato needs a hug. Potato is me.

I just need a hug lang. Later, if possible. Hug me and tell me everything’s gonna be alright. Be my escape kahit for tonight lang.
About me: Pretty daw sabi ng guys from dating apps, mukhang morena daw (umitim lang pero maputi talaga before). Let’s exchange photos, judge mo nalang.
You: Good looking if kaya haha, matangkad, mabango. And may panlasa at pang-amoy pa sana hahaha
Hmu if interested ka. Hug lang, seryoso.
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2020.10.23 03:37 Chrysanthemums108 19 [F4M] Paranaque Looking For Fwbs

So story time before anything else! I dont really know how all of this will go down since im new here. Originally, naghahanap ako sa Omegle (yeah bad idea haha) pero i have my reasons. Isa, ayoko sa dating apps kasi I dont want anyone finding out im there, lalo na mga friends ko. Second, i want to be discreet and safe as possible rin. For me and everyone else too. Pangatlo, sobrang libog ko na dahil sa pandemic HAHAAH. Di naman lagi pero may times na super. Anyways, while on omegle nalaman ko yung page na ito so ill try it out. kaso before anything else, baka deal breaker ito to some. Ano lang WELL... Im taken. Pero hear me out, it’s not that hindi ko siya mahal or anything, or toxic siya kaya ako nandito. Sa Totoo lang, compared to my previous exes, he’s been the best bf so far. As in he’s Loyal, Funny, Trustworthy, Handsome and Nice! I really do love super. Sorry sa flex, pero ayun. Its just that i may have a BIG KINK towards netorare or NTR. (If you can, pls search what it means hehe)
Sooo ayunnn.. naghahahanap ako ng Fwbs dito. Sana makahanap talaga ako HAHAHAH. Pero let get to know each other first okay! I want a solid friendship before the benifits begin. It doesnt mean we cant do anything explicit, pwede naman haha, get me in the mood and be friendly. Will we meet in person eventually? Oo naman HAHAH. Matagal lang bago yun huhu.
So please feel free to DM!! ill kwento more and share more about me doon nalang chz.
So when you DM me, please drop the following in your message: Age, Sex, Location, Interests, Hobbies, Height, Body Size, Dick Size, Body Count, Kinks or Fetishes and Sex history (I wanna know if your safe hehe)
Sorry if its so specific uwu, I’m not judgmental naman dont worry hahaha.
If you can also, please drop a message too that can cheer me up today, online classes are hard and the situation in the Philippines is getting worse huhuhuhu. Be respectful rin too!!! GUSTO KO NA MATAPOS COVID HUHUHU
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2020.10.23 03:20 glittergal93 OA & selfish ko ba?! Hahaha.

Hi, aga ko nagising. Hahaha. So, I'll make kuwento na lang. Also this is my first time to share. Hehe.
So, uhm. I have a boyfriend, he's 6 years older than me. He's 33 and I'm 27. I met him sa dating app and mag mag one year na kami this November.
Of course we had some issues and fights. Maybe dahil na din sa age gap namin. Pero ang pinaka nag bibigay sakin ng doubt or makes me disappointed is
  1. Kapag umaalis/may gagawin siya sometimes hindi siya nag sasabi. Hindi naman niya need akong i-message ang gusto ko lang malaman is nasaan siya and kung safe siya.
Sometimes I don't know kung nag papalusot na lang siya like nawalan ng internet/signal. I told him naman yung issue ko sa ganito and also tinanong ko siya kung may side chick siya, sabi niya wala. Edi, wala. Hahaha.
  1. Naka off yung "Last Seen" niya sa WhatsApp. Hindi ko na inopen up ito sakanya.
  2. I told him na sana makapunta siya sa house to meet my parents. Ang sabi niya lang "Soon" I get it naman na may pandemic pero napapa "Sana All" na lang ako kapag yung mga kakilala ko nakaka visit or alis with their lovers. Hehe.
Part of me wants to see him pero part of me okay lang kahit hindi muna kasi constant naman usap namin and since I do field work, gusto ko din siyang ma-protect from me. Kasi you'll never know baka machambahan ako ng veeerus.
Sometimes I feel na ang OA ko ba ang selfish ko ba? Hahaha. 😣😔
Hindi ko alam kung paano tatapusin eh, so.. Stay safe and healthy. Love lots! 💕
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2020.10.22 16:46 addendum123 i wrote this letter in 2018. i just wanna share. and to this girl who helped me back then to recover from this misery life thank you. kahit hindi ko kaya sabihin sayo. 😂

march 28, 2018 bakit ba hindi ko makuha yung pangarap ko sa buhay. isa dalawa tatlo. oo nakuha ko yung iba na alam kong kaya ko. tatlo apat lima sa mga yun yung mga pinag sinumikapan ko. marahil mali lang ako ng diskarte sa buhay. marahil wala lang akong masabihan kung ano talaga yung nararamdaman ko. namimiss ko yung tao na nasasabihan ko ng problema. kasalanan ko din naman siguro to. ang hirap mag paka tao. maging adult. gusto ko na sumuko sa buhay. pero wala akong magawa. wala akong masabihan. kahit yung mga bagay na ayoko gawin hanggang ngayon napipilitan pa din ako. lord sabihin nyo naman sakin kung pano. iparamdam nyo po. 4 years na ba? simula ng hindi ko kayo maramdaman. ang sakit sakit na kasi. hirap na hirap na po ako. kung pwede lang na mawala nalang ako ng walang iiyak. walang mag aalala. gusto ko na sumuko sa buhay. pagod na ako.
June 22, 2018. hindi ko pa din alam kung anong gusto kong gawin. alam kong walang madaling paraan para makuha yung mga gusto ko. alam ko hindi lang sa mga materyal na bagay ako sasaya. meron pang iba siguro. natatakot ako na sampalin ng katotohanan na dahan dahan kong nakikita ang mga pag kakamali ko. tulungan nyo ako hindi ko na kaya. hirap na hirap na ako. marahil sa kung sakaling uuwi ako sana mahanap ko ang sarili ko. sana maibalik ko yung dating ako na walang inaalala. gusto ko na mag mature maging independent. nahihirapan na ako ng sobra.
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2020.10.22 13:20 renscy [HELP] Making use of an old educational plan?

I apologize if incorrect yung flair.
I want to salvage my father's old educational plan for me. Complete nya yung payment needed, but the company (Pacific Plans, Inc.) went missing nung hinanap namin sya yung 2015. Ngayong 2020 before start ng pandemic we reached out and finally they responded thru email. They presented us options and we don't know how to proceed. Our goal ideally is to get back what we paid in full, preferably through cash. We do not have any immediate need for the money, though. But of course we still want to maximize this, if possible.
May educational plan yung tatay ko na ini-start nya nung 2000's. Malaki investment nya dun at the time and nakumpleto daw nya yung payments and supposedly yun sana college funds ko. Pero namatay yung agent na contact nya, among other things (nawala yung company daw), so di na nya nafollow-up yung benefits na sana makukuha namin. We tried to reach them by email back in 2015 pero ded daw email nila and di na-receive inquiries namin. Ngayong pandemic lang uli namin sya naalala and na-follow up matapos makita uli yung papeles lol. He essentially treated it as "yun nalang tapon nalang" pero I want to salvage whatever we can.
Makuha sana yung worth ng investments namin or something similar, bale, kung 100k ang total payment namin, around 100k man lang sana makuha namin uli. Or ideally, something higher. Preferably one-time transfer. Baka daw kasi mamatay yung company or something and gusto nalang nya ilipat sa ibang account.
Admittedly we don't have any idea of the jargon they used sa email nila lol. Anyway here are some excerpts sa email na baka relevant sa issue namin:
your pro-rata cash entitlement is your pro-rata share from the liquidated Trust Fund Assets mentioned above determined using the ratio of your plans’ pre-need reserve to the total pre-need reserves for all plans, value dated as of end year 2013
your benefit entitlement will also be computed using your plans’ pre-need reserve to the total pre-need reserves for all plans, value dated as of end year 2013, as weights. However, instead of getting your check for the amount, you will be asked to endorse your entitlement, accomplish and sign a Registration Form as a Participating Planholder. Each UNIT of participation will have a value of P1.00 at inception (par).
As a Participating Plan holder, you will:
  1. Receive annual interest payments;
  2. Be entitled to have the value of your participation redeemed, in whole or in part, beginning the 6th year from issuance of the Units and thereafter at interest payment anniversaries;
  3. Have the option to sell your Units in the event there is an offer to buy these at anytime;
  4. Be covered, at no additional expense on your part, by Yearly Renewable Term Insurance (GYRT) and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (ADD), the value of which is a multiple of the par value of your outstanding Units;
A Participating Planholder is not guaranteed any returns or yield as the performance of the IMA will depend on several factors, including market value of the securities.
We asked for an estimate of our entitlement and it's only worth <25% of what my father paid back then, along with shares in a company (GPH). If we took the first option, we'll receive a check and a voucher:
to RCBC Trust and/or its nominated stock brokerage company to execute the transfer and uplift your total shares entitlement and thereafter, provide you by mail at the mailing address you indicate in the GPH Voucher, the corresponding GPH share certificate for your disposition.
Now what?
Eto, I'm not sure kung ano gagawin. I'm banking on just taking the entitlements outright and take the sad amount of cash and shares but I don't know how to even utilize those shares, or whatever they mean. I can't see any reason to continue as a participating plan holder, as my father had no intention to maintain or manage it anymore. Maybe we can still utilize the shares?
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2020.10.21 17:00 kjmichaels FIF Book Club: November Voting Thread

This month's theme is: Graphic Novels!

We're going to ease out of the year with a some visual media. All entries will count for the graphic novel square in Bingo and we've tried to get a wide selection of choices including traditional comics, webcomics, and manga.

Basara Vol. 1 by Yumi Tamura

Basara is a post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure series and one of the most popular shôjo manga of the 90s in Japan. It is the story of how a young girl becomes "the child of destiny" and finds the strength to free her people and seek revenge for the death of her brother.
Counts for: translated (hard), climate fiction, feminist (hard), graphic novel

Bitch Planet Vol. 1 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro

Eisner Award-nominated writer Kelly Sue DeConnick (Pretty Deadly, Captain Marvel) and Valentine De Landro (X-Factor) team up to bring you the premiere volume of Bitch Planet, a deliciously vicious riff on women-in-prison sci-fi exploitation.
In a future just a few years down the road in the wrong direction, a woman's failure to comply with her patriarchal overlords will result in exile to the meanest penal planet in the galaxy. When the newest crop of fresh femmes arrive, can they work together to stay alive or will hidden agendas, crooked guards, and the deadliest sport on (or off!) Earth take them to their maker?
Counts for: feminist, graphic novel (hard), novel featuring politics (hard)

Monstress Vol. 1 by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda

Set in an alternate matriarchal 1900's Asia, in a richly imagined world of art deco-inflected steam punk, MONSTRESS tells the story of a teenage girl who is struggling to survive the trauma of war, and who shares a mysterious psychic link with a monster of tremendous power, a connection that will transform them both and make them the target of both human and otherworldly powers. Collects MONSTRESS #1-6
Counts for: feminist (hard), magical pet (maybe), graphic novel, novel featuring politics

Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 by G Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

Kamala Khan is an ordinary girl from Jersey City — until she's suddenly empowered with extraordinary gifts. But who truly is the new Ms. Marvel? Teenager? Muslim? Inhuman? Find out as she takes the Marvel Universe by storm! When Kamala discovers the dangers of her newfound powers, she unlocks a secret behind them, as well. Is Kamala ready to wield these immense new gifts? Or will the weight of the legacy before her be too much to bear? Kamala has no idea, either. But she's comin' for you, Jersey!
Counts for: feminist, graphic novel, novel featuring politics (hard)

Strong Female Protagonist by Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag

With superstrength and invulnerability, Alison Green used to be one of the most powerful superheroes around.
Fighting crime with other teenagers under the alter ego Mega Girl was fun - until an encounter with Menace, her mind-reading arch enemy, showed her evidence of a sinister conspiracy, and suddenly battling giant robots didn't seem so important.
Now Alison is going to college and trying to find ways to help the world while still getting to class on time. It's impossible to escape the past, however, and everyone has their own idea of what it means to be a hero....
Counts for: feminist, graphic novel (hard maybe)


Feminism in Fantasy (FIF) is an ongoing series of monthly book discussions dedicated to exploring gender, race, sexuality and other topics of feminism. The /Fantasy community selects a book each month to read together and discuss. Though the series name specifies fantasy, we will read books from all of speculative fiction. You can participate whether you are reading the book for the first time, rereading, or have already read it and just want to discuss it with others. Please be respectful and avoid spoilers outside the scope of each thread.


  1. A slate of 5 themed books will be announced. A live Google form will also be included for voting which lasts for a week.
  2. Book Announcement & Spoiler-Free Discussion goes live in the first few days of each month.
  3. Halfway Discussion goes live around the middle of each month.
  4. Final Discussion goes live a few days before the end of the month. Dates may vary slightly from month to month.


Voting will last through October 28 and the winner will be announced on October 29. We hope you join us and we look forward to having you!
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2020.10.20 21:16 auroraboryeahlis 19 [F4M] lf: jowa na may substance

Hi I really want to date even if e-dating lang for now bc ofc may pandemic pa, maybe we can talk and be each other’s inspiration for finishing d backlogs! :D
About me:
About you - age range ko sana im not comfortable with older men and children lol - not a frat man :) - may substance, like title says 🙄 - may pangarap sa buhay - gives a damn abt societal issues, hence, not apathetic nor a dds - if taller ka sakin that’s a nice bonus HAHAHA
p.s. this is not a hook up post pls ayoko ng ganon HAHAHA have to preserve my self-love na di ko ma-feel na yung worth ko ay nasa katawan ko lang (luh)
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2020.10.20 08:20 MurasakiZetsubou 27 [M4F] Beast from Cavite looking for his Beauty

You probably see my username often in this sub. One time, I was looking for a pretend gf to replace the date I had scheduled, another I was looking for an online gf, just yesterday I was begging for nudes on my birthday lol. Before you berate me on the title of my post, I'm just gonna be clear here, I've been pretty desperate recently and I realized that wasn't gonna work. I was looking for someone who would hopefully never get tired of my negativity, that was stupid of me. For once, I'm gonna be true to myself and post what I'm hoping for.
I'm hoping to connect with someone who's cute/pretty (yeah, I'm one of THOSE guys, but beauty is different for each person, for example, I find girls with oozing confidence pretty, so...).
About me:
About you:
Just DM me if you're interested. HAHAHAHA
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2020.10.20 02:34 aurowrasunrise 25 [F4A] Pag Kausap Lang Hanap Wag Mong Sendan ng Dick Pic

Edit: Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng nagbigay ng awards.
Pwede wag tayong magsasabi ng shits like kausap lang hanap natin, na we are after geniune connection tapos biglang magsesend ng titi dahil na horny daw siya. Buti sana kung aesthetically taken yung dick pic pero wtf puro buhok na tipong kailangan mo pang hanapin kung nasan yung titi.
Tigil tigilan din natin yang pag rate sa sarili ng 8/10 ah? Sobrang disappointing makakita ng ad na 8/10 tapos panget naman pala. For example: being chinito doesn't mean attractive ka na agad. Si Xander ford chinito pero gwapo ba siya? Sagot! Maputi or may abs doesn't mean gwapong gwapo agad ang babae sayo. You know what's nakaka gwapo? Decency and ability to carry a convo without any sexual innuendos. FOR WHAT IT MATTERS WALA TAYO SA JOBSTREET SO WALA KAMING PAKIALAM KUNG TIGA BIG 4 KAYO AT SA MGA BABAE JAN NA MAHILIG MAGPALIBRE LANG TAPOS BIGLANG MANG GHOGHOST, ANO WALA KAYONG PAMBILI NG PAGKAIN? Kaya dumadami yung lalaki dito na akala pera pera na lang eh.
And please lang, wag kayong mag set ng lakad or date or hangout kung wala naman kayong planong sumipot. Sayang sa oras buti sana kung babayaran mo yung wasted time nung nag antay sayo. Lakas mong makasalot kung ganyan ugali mo.
Naghahanap lang po talaga ako ng kausap. Babae o lalake ok lang. Open din for meetups. Straightforward ako kaya kung sensitive ka, I suggest wag ka ng mag reply dahil kung wala kang kwentang kausap sasabihin ko talaga sayo instead of ghosting you. Yun lang, magandang umaga pala. Kain ka na breakfast.
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2020.10.19 18:29 AmazingPaolo 28 [M4F] kausap/kalandian/talk buddy

Hello! Magandang araw mga ka-r4r!!
Naghahanap ng pwedeng kausap/kalandian/kalaro/kachat. Kung maging okay naman tayo, we can go out for a friendly date. PLUS, maghahanda akong 4-Cheese Lasagna for you. *Makakalimutan mo ang pangalan mo kapag natikman mo.*
About me:
About you:
If you're interested, message me :))
PS: sana makikinig ka sa kwento ko.
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2020.10.19 09:05 alpha_atlas_ After getting my certificate of 15hr TDC and 8hr PDC, I applied for my Non-Pro Driver's License at LTO East Ave today and I failed :(

Hi guys I just want to vent out 😭 sobrang lungkot ko kanina potek. Buti nalang naka-mask at face shield ako kaya di kita yung iyaq ko 😆
I already had my Student License last year pero nag expire na last May (wasn't able to process it for months and I was in the province during the lockdown). I occasionally drive our Revo-Tamarraw, which has manual transmission, and natuto ako ng basic driving with the help of my friend and my mom. I went to LTO 2 months ago and asked if I could apply for non-pro but they told me that it's already beyond the date of their extension period so I had to apply through the NEW LTO SYSTEM.
So ginawa ko lahat sa new process of getting a Student License which is to attend a 15 hr TDC (3 days Zoom call to then may quiz and exam) and I passed the theoretical exam. I got my TDC cert and my NEW Student License and then I enrolled in an 8 hr Practical Driving Course (sa driving school) and passed and got my certificate also. I already drove around Sampaloc, Cubao, Quezon Ave, Commonwealth, EDSA, and QC Circle with our Revo and Sedan from the driving school. No issues, all good. I went through the hassles of the process and siyempre nag-antay ng sobrang tagal sa mga office ng LTO and waited for 1 month para valid na yung SL ko na i-apply ng NPDL.
Today, I went to LTO East Ave hoping that finally I could get my NPDL. I paid all the fees and waited for more than 3 hours this morning until my name was called for the written exam. I passed the written exam because it was just like the TDC. Pero for the practical, I rented a LTO car for 250 pesos, and nung inistart ko yung manual na kotse, nanibago ako sa pedal ng sasakyan, gusto ko sana dahan dahan lang since masikip yung route dun sa LTO, kaso potek onting tapak lang sa gas sobrang bilis na agad 😳 tapos yung clutch ang hirap tapakan, so kumakadyot pa jusq, so triny ko mag-adjust sa timpla ko sa pedal and sa maneuver nung kind of car na prinovide, pero while still adjusting, biglang sabi nung instructor magright daw ako then pagka-right ko, ang bilis ng gas so na-mali tantya ko,potek tumama sa gutter :((( Sobrang lungkot ko dahil bagsak hayst :((( first time ko na tumama sa gutter tapos during LTO practical exam pa :((( tapos ang dami pang nanonood na mga nakapila so pagkalabas ko ng kotse potek hiyang hiya ako 😭😭😭
Balik daw ako bukas 2nd try :((( I need your advice guys, penge naman ng motivation at pampalubag loob :(( kamusta experience niyo sa bagong pag-apply ng NPDL? may naka-usap ako na fixer pero ewan ko kung i-go ko ba. Ano sa tingin niyo?
EDIT: I edited some info para mas detailed like yung type ng car, month, etc. Thank you so much for your suggestions!!
UPDATE: Hello guys good morning! I'm here a LTO again and I just finished retaking the 2nd exam. I used the same car from kahapon and someone advised last night na tapik tapik lang sa accelerator. I passed -80. And now I'm waiting for the release of my NPDL!!! Thank you so much for your advices last night!!! 💗💗💗💗
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2020.10.18 19:30 threaddo Post-Match Thread: AIK 2-0 IFK Göteborg [Allsvenskan, Round 24]

FT: AIK 2-0 IFK Göteborg

AIK Score IFK Göteborg
F. Rogic 4' [1]-0
H. Goitom 61' [2]-0
Date: 18/10/2020 — 17:30 CEST, 11:30 EDT, 16:30 BST, 21:00 IST
Competition: Allsvenskan (Round 24)
Venue: Friends Arena (Solna)
Referee: M. Al Hakim


AIK Notes IFK Göteborg Notes
Manager: B. Grzelak Manager: R. Nilsson
23 B. Janošević 1 G. Anestis
3 P. Karlsson 30 M. Bjärsmyr YC 13'; SUB 76'
33 M. Lustig SUB 28' 4 K. Da Graca
4 S. Papagiannopoulos 5 A. Jallow
29 E. Kahl A 61' 27 Y. Kalley SUB 76'
7 S. Larsson A 4' 15 J. Johansson SUB 66'
8 E. Adu 86 P. Wernbloom SUB 76'
22 F. Rogic G 4'; YC 45' 89 T. Sana YC 87'
36 H. Goitom G 61' 19 A. Erlingmark YC 90'+5'
14 P. Abraham SUB 90' 22 G. Kharaishvili
34 E. Ring SUB 71' 10 P. Karlsson-Lagemyr


AIK: R. Lundström (SUB 28'), E. Ouma Otieno (SUB 71'; YC 87'), K. Sigþórsson (SUB 90'), J. Haugaard, B. Hussein, P. Dimitriadis, S. Silva
IFK Göteborg: A. Farnerud (SUB 66'), R. Söder (SUB 76'), E. Holm (SUB 76'), A. Calisir (SUB 76'), S. Abraham, T. Amos, A. Affane


4': Goal! F. Rogic scores [S. Larsson assist] — AIK [1]-0 IFK Göteborg .
13': Yellow card shown to M. Bjärsmyr ( IFK Göteborg).
28': Substitution for AIK: R. Lundström in, M. Lustig out.
45': Yellow card shown to F. Rogic ( AIK).
61': Goal! H. Goitom scores [E. Kahl assist] — AIK [2]-0 IFK Göteborg .
66': Substitution for IFK Göteborg: A. Farnerud in, J. Johansson out.
71': Substitution for AIK: E. Ouma Otieno in, E. Ring out.
76': Substitution for IFK Göteborg: R. Söder in, M. Bjärsmyr out.
76': Substitution for IFK Göteborg: E. Holm in, P. Wernbloom out.
76': Substitution for IFK Göteborg: A. Calisir in, Y. Kalley out.
87': Yellow card shown to T. Sana ( IFK Göteborg).
87': Yellow card shown to E. Ouma Otieno ( AIK).
90': Substitution for AIK: K. Sigþórsson in, P. Abraham out.
90'+5': Yellow card shown to A. Erlingmark ( IFK Göteborg).
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2020.10.18 07:10 KanameChidori023 24 [F4M] Date me I just upgraded my wardrobe

I just missed dressing up and going on dates. Take me out on weekends? Up to you if you wanna pay for everything, I can also split. I just missed the feeling of going on dates or having someone.
About me: Easy on the eyes naman, met few redditors before pandemic happened and they say na Im cute naman, someone they might actually date daw ganun, 7-8/10, petite. Knows various stuff so we can talk about anything naman. DM for more info nalang.
You: 24-31 y/o. 5'5-5'10 sana? Easy on the eyes narin? Professional, conversationalists, and has a car kasi i live far away lol.
DM me to shoot your shot, i believe attraction is a must, so let's start with exchanging photos? And what's your favorite song?
Edit: Thanks everyone! I really got so much traction it's overwhelming, but I really live far away, u will need to spend talaga for gas and toll 🥺, this is still open though, and it's strictly a SFW meeting only, max na siguro making out sa car mo hahaha
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2020.10.18 05:59 Project-Rich I really want to see a normal male and female idol friendship in kpop from this gen.

Older gen had these friendship a lot . A normal male idol and female idol friendships. But now if a male idol sees a female idol (or vise versa ) on an award show or for any other program for 0.1 sec they are shipped by these delusional kpop fans . The only friendship i know from this gen is Sana and Bang chan 's friendship . Why can't some fans realize that not all male or female idol will date male or female idol from another group? I am not saying that you can't ship, i am saying to not shove it down everyone's throat about your ship . If you ship two idols keep it for yourselves . We know that almost all idols have internet and they are prone to these stuffs. They might see this as well . An example is Jungkook X Lisa ship . Imagine both of them saw this , you know how awkward it will be for them?? They can't even make an eye contact cause of these delulu fans. And that is the reason why male and female idol friendship is not seen in kpop .
So i wanna say that if an male idol made an eye contact with another female idol or vise versa , that does not mean they are dating!! You can say they are dating unless its obvious or when they say it out to fans . But these fans will get angry when these idols they shipped actually date . And it becomes a scandal. Please stop shipping idols simply and post it , you can ship but don't take it seriously that you get toxic when someone does not like the ship or you get angry if the idols you shipped dates another person.
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2020.10.17 13:42 bleepblopbooper Internet speeds in Mombasa/Diani/Kilifi?

I was a US Peace Corps volunteer in Meru (mugeni!) and Gede/Watamu from 2002-2004 and have always wanted to find a way to head back to Kenya and spend more time in Mombasa.
Fortunately I have my own little company now and can work remotely from wherever, but need fast (> 10 mbps ideally) and reliable internet to do my work since I spend a lot of time on video conference calls.
I’m thinking about heading to the Mombasa/Kilifi/Diani area from Jan to April, but having trouble finding up to date info about internet (terrestrial/mobile) speed and reliability.
Can anyone let me know the latest about availability and speed in those areas? I’d really appreciate it. Asanteni sana.
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2020.10.17 09:55 red_stripeyyyy Need help / advice for my BPI CC - closure / requested payment plan

Hello everyone, I want to ask for advice sa mga bankers na nandito / agents / CC holders like me. Sorry medyo mahaba ito, please bear with me. Pls lang wag muna magcomment ng referral links. Advice po ang hinahanap ko

I've had my BPI Blue Mastercard since 2016 and paid my dues on time. Ito lang yung kaisa-isang CC ko. Through the years tinaasan na nila yung credit limit ko and everything was fine. Towards the end of 2019, I had to help my parents with some financial difficulties, so may mga late payments ako. Pero bago mag end yung taon, pinilit kong bumawi at makabayad ng malalaki. Nitong start ng 2020, nakapag bayad pa ako until April. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I work two jobs. I still have a part-time online freelance projects aside from my dayjob, pero noong nagkaron ng quarantine, nawalan talaga ako ng sweldo sa dayjob ko saka walang projects online. Wala talagang trabaho, wala akong income. Meron din akong hika, at nung panahon ng COVID, kinailangan ko rin bumili ng sari saring gamot para sa akin gamit natirang savings ko. Lumaki nang lumaki yung balance ko sa card. Yung mga planadong installments ko hindi ko na nabayaran.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Nitong September na ako nakasimulang makabawi ulit, nung pinapasok na kami ulit sa trabaho at bumalik narin online projects ko. Nakapag settle ako ng 35k sa balance ko. Pero nasa 115k parin ang remaining balance ko na kailangan bayaran.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Pinasa na ako ng BPI sa collection agency nila - Admerex, tapos ito na sila yung tumatawag sa akin. Ang masaklap pa, nagpapadala ng sulat yung BPI sakin tapos mga isang buwan after ng date sa letter bago dumating sa bahay (ang saya diba di nalang sinend sa email??). Anyway, nag email ako sa kanila nung Sept 4 at sinabi kong hindi ko i-aabandon ang card ko at nagexplain ako na gaya ng marami, nawalan ako ng trabaho at source of income for a couple of months. Hanggang ngayon hindi sila sumagot lol.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Nakapagplano na ako at gusto ko sana kausapin ang BPI na magkakaron ako ng payment plan. Makakabayad na ako ng 20k kada buwan at matatapos ko lahat ng utang ko by 6months. Wala akong makausap na matino. Kinausap ko ang Admerex tungkol dito at hindi nila ineentertain ang request ko. Sa BPI hotline naman, nagrequest na ako ng callback pero wala paring tumatawag sa akin. Sobrang tagal rin bago ka may makausap na tao tapos magfifile lang sya ng request for callback tapos maghihintay ka nanaman ng tatawag sayo lol.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Ngayon itong Admerex, hindi nga nila ineentertain yung request ko (saka grabe ang sabaw nilang kausap jusko nung tumawag ako may literal na nagsisigawan na parang nag aaway sa loob ng room wtf?). Pinipilit nilang ipa avail ako nung promo ng BPI na 0% interest installment - babayaran ko yung bill ko for 24 months pero for card closure na. Pina calculate ko sa agent yung finance charges etc at pinilit ko talaga yung iniisip kong solusyon kasi alam kong attainable sya. Ayaw talaga nila makinig sa akin. Sa saobrang asar ko para matapos na to, pumayag na ako dun sa installment. Kahapon lang nangyari to. Hinihintay ko nalang yung isesend nilang contract daw sa email. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Medyo malungkot parin ako dahil ang tagal ko nang gamit yung card na to tapos dahil lang sa COVID nasira yung finances ko.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Now here are my questions:
  1. Meron bang ibang way na ma push yung nirerequest ko na payment plan na 20k per month for 6 months? May makakatulong ba sa akin na makipag usap sa tamang team ng BPI? Kahit pumayag na ako dun sa promo nila via Admerex?
  2. At this point na ipapa close ko yung card ko sa BPI, bad idea ba na kumuha ng ibang card sa ibang bank? Sobrang lala na ba ng case na to at hindi ako maaaprove sa ibang banks?
  3. I know this may sound like a bad idea, pero may gumagawa ba na hindi dinedeclare na carded na sila when applying for cards sa ibang bank?
  4. Gaano katagal ang advisable na hintayin bago makapag apply ng bagong CC sa ganitong case?
Any other advice will be appreciated. Hindi rin ako nagmamadali magkaroon ng CC ulit. Salamat sa time at sa pagbasa hanggang dulo. :)
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2020.10.16 11:10 throwaway392392392 Sa mga yumaman at an early age, anong ginagawa niyo ngayon?

Kung wala kang oras magbasa ng mahabang kwento, summary, nakajackpot ako ngayong pandemic to the point na kaya na ng interest ng digital banks yung gastusin ng family ko sa araw-araw. Hindi ko na alam kung anong gagawin ngayon, at nawawalan na rin ako ng gana magtrabaho dahil dito. Gusto ko sana malaman sa mga naka-experience ng ganito kung anong ginawa niyo nung marating niyo 'yung point na stable na kayo financially?
Backstory muna.
2015, nirefer ako ng dating boss ko sa kaibigan niya para magdevelop ng system para sa kumpanyang itatayo niya. Dahil first time ko naman na side job 'yun at startup 'yung kumpanya at walang pambayad na malaki, napagkasunduan na 'yung magiging bayad sakin ay small percentage ng monthly gross receipts nung kumpanya. Binigyan rin ako ng papel as owner ng konting shares nung company. Isang taon kong ginawa 'yung system na 'yun, buti nga at naghire sila ng isa pang IT na nakatulong ko, at naturuan na rin ng mga simpleng troubleshooting pag nagkaproblema.
2016, nagsimula na makapag-operate at magbenta etong kumpanya, at sa unang buwan, tumataginting na 500.00 lang ang nakuha ko, dahil nga wala naman silang nabebenta. Sa account pa ng dati kong boss dineposit. Nilibre na lang ako ng dati kong boss ng dinner sa labas, sabay abot ng 500. 400 lang talaga dapat sakin dito kasi may 20% na cut siya since siya nagrefer nung trabaho, pero binigay na niya sakin yung 500. Hindi ko nga alam kung 500 ba talaga yung share namin o pakonswelo lang. Naisip namin na ganyan talaga pag simula, hindi pa talaga makakabenta.
2017, medyo naging steady na 2,000.00 to 3,000.00 kada buwan yung nakukuha namin, pero malayong-malayo pa sa ideal sana. Kahit man lang 10,000.00 kada buwan, okay na, dahil imagine, system yun na gagamitin ng kumpany most likely sa buong buhay nung kumpanya, at wala pa atang 50,000.00 yung nagagastos niya para sa system na 'yun. Mas malaki pa kinita ng security guard nila kesa sa'min ng dati kong boss sa loob ng dalawang taon. Napipilitan pa ako na i-allot 'yung ibang weekends ko para sa kumpanya na 'to para lang sa ibang maintenance at troubleshooting.
Umangat ng 10,000 kada buwan 'yung nakukuha namin last year, pero lugi pa rin, at lugi rin 'yung kumpanya. Wala pa silang kita simula 2015, at ako, medyo tanggap ko na rin na wala na ring mangyayari. Kung limang taon na lugi 'yung kumpanya, malamang sa malamang ay magsasara na siya. Learning experience na lang ba, at ganon rin 'yung tingin ng dati kong boss.
Then dumating etong pandemic, at sumipa bigla 'yung business. Sabi nung kaibigan ng dati kong boss, nakakuha daw siya ng deal sa isang coop, at dahil sa magandang feedback, pati 'yung ibang coop at pati na rin local government ay nakipagdeal sa kanya. Sobrang laki ng binayad sa kanya, ilang ulit na mas malaki sa capital niya. At dahil nga may porsiyento kami, damay rin ako sa kumita ng malaki.
Para akong nanalo sa lotto, at dahil sa galing ako sa low-middle class na pamilya, wala akong idea kung anong gagawin ko sa ngayon. Magdadalawang buwan na ako kung tutuusin, na nagbabasa kung anong pwedeng gawin, pero sa totoo lang, wala akong alam sa business. Marunong naman ako mag-invest sa stock market kahit papaano, pero base sa mga nabasa ko, wala namang nakakatalo sa market kaya long term investing ang ginagawa ko. May tindahan 'yung tatay ko, kumikita naman sapat para sa gastusin sa bahay. Nag-iisa akong anak, at nasa 30,000 lang naman ang gastusin namin kada buwan. Kung tutuusin, kaya na sana i-cover ng interest ng digital bank 'yung gastusin namin kada buwan, kaso parang nakakatakot na maglagay ng ganong kalaking pera sa iisang bangko lamang. Mukha rin namang walang balak 'yung mga magulang ko na mag-upgrade ng lifestyle, basta daw mapalitadahan 'yung buong bahay at mapa-tiles yung sahig ayos na daw sa kanila. Ayaw daw nila ng mas malaking bahay kasi daw kapag humiwalay na daw ako, mahirap daw maglinis.
Netong mga nakaraang buwan rin, medyo napapatigil ako magtrabaho, dahil napapaisip ako na parang ang sarap na lang magpahinga, manood ng mga movies o maglaro na lang ng games, dahil nga okay naman na. Nag-iisip ako ng kung anong gusto kong gawin pa sa buhay, pero dahil pandemic parang ang hirap naman mag-isip. Sa ngayon, sinusubukan ko magdonate na lang sa mga estudyante kasi ito lang 'yung naiisip ko na worthwhile gawin.
Nag-consult rin naman ako sa dati kong boss, pero siya kasi, stock market lang rin ang investments kaya puro ganon lang rin narerecommend niya. Baka daw gusto kong bumili ng condo ganyan, pero ayoko muna humiwalay sa parents ko. Tsaka na siguro kung makahanap ako ng jowa. Pero sa totoo lang, parang ang hassle bumili ng property kasi need mo pa i-maintain, eh ang hirap kumilos ngayong pandemic. 'yung tindahan naman ng tatay ko, hindi naman na mapapalago. Nasubukan magbukas ng isa pang tindahan pero nagsara rin wala pang anim na buwan ata.
Ayun medyo mahaba na, pero ayun. Kung hindi po pwede itong post ko sa phinvest pasensya na. Hindi ko na rin kasi alam kung saan ako magtatanong eh.
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2020.10.16 09:23 fuckthisshitimout31 Miserable and Unhappy

I'm 23F, medical technologist at a multispecialty clinic. I've been working since 2018. Alam kong hindi pa ako ganoon katagal nagtatrabaho kaya parang feeling ko hindi valid yung sitwasyon ko lol pero lately, I feel miserable and unhappy sa work ko. Hindi na big deal sa akin kung ma-late ako. Wala akong gana bumangon at maghanda tuwing umaga para pumasok. I dread every nights kasi papasok na naman kinabukasan. Nawawalan na ako ng amor.
Okay naman ang sahod. I think mas mataas kumpara sa ibang clinics. Yung workload naman manageable ngayon kasi may limit and konti lang din yung mga tao na pumupunta sa clinic. Pero nung wala pang pandemic, may mga OT ako na umaabot ng 11 PM. Saklap. Paid naman ang OT pero beh hindi ko gusto na ipalit ang oras, pahinga, at sanity ko over pera.
Sa loob din ng panahon na nagtrabaho ako dito, ang dami kong kung anu-anong sakit ng katawan na nararanasan. Nagkaroon ako ng lumbar strain na kailangan i-therapy (due to prolonged standing at pagyuko during blood extraction and commute) at naging anemic. Madalas din akong nakakaranas ng anxiety at naaapektuhan din yung mood ko which affects my relationship with my family and SO kasi nagiging bugnutin ako dahil sa stress and anxiety.
Bukod sa mga yan, hindi ko rin ka-align ng values, personality, and priorities yung workmates ko. Alam niyo yung parang boomer mentality?
1) Insensitive rape jokes 2) Complacency in terms of socio-economic issues 3) Conservative approach re: dating, meeting new people 4) Hugot queens to the point na cringey at annoying na 5) Chismosa (pinakaayaw kong ugali) 6) Magastos (dito ko napatunayan na peer pressure is real pero buti na lang di ako naaapektuhan) 7) Considering they're healthcare workers pero lack of knowledge and information about mental health; they don't treat mental health seriously 8) Smart-shaming (isa pang ayaw ko urggghhh)
Madalas kapag nakatalikod ako or mag-isa, napapairap na lang ang mga mata ko sa sobrang cringe ng mga topics nila at way of thinking. As in my ghad! The ignorance is so loud. Tipong pwede mong i-Google or i-educate yung sarili mo sa certain topics pero wapakels na lang kasi "hindi mo vibe". Maayos naman silang ka-trabaho and may boundary din ako between workmates/friendships pero wala akong trip maging friend sa kanila so it makes my situation...sad? Lol
Ngayon, pinag-iisipan kong mag-resign na kaso nga lang sayang kasi yung bonus and wala pa akong sure na lilipatan. Ayoko na sana magwork sa clinical setting. Gusto ko sana sa creative industry or yung pwede mag-work from home. Madami-dami na rin akong napagpasahan online pero unfortunately wala pa rin akong nakukuha. Hindi ko rin kasi maipangako na mag-full time sa employers dahil nga may medtech work ako. Meron akong isang hospital of choice na pwedeng lipatan pero katulad nga ng sabi ko ayoko ng sa clinical setting so I'm not sure if ipupursue ko pa rin ba.
I have:
Emergency Fund = P40,000
Savings = P23,000
Sideline: art commissions
Hindi ko alam kung bakit ko ito pinost. Siguro looking for reassurance that I'm not alone and if may magbibigay din ng advice open naman ako for that.
Sorry sa mahabang post pero sobrang nasstress na talaga ako hahahaha
Additional info:
*Hindi pa ako tapos sa emergency fund ko. Goal ko ay at least P60,000.
*May basbas na ako ng nanay ko na mag-resign hahahaha. Siya ang nagsabi sa akin na kung hindi na raw ako masaya sa ginagawa ko, umalis na raw ako (pero hindi pa pwede, Ma). Hindi naman daw niya ako inoobliga na magbigay sa kanya (pero syempre nagbibigay ako). I'm thankful for that! :)
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2020.10.15 14:11 StevenStevens43 King Art Oenfer & the boys

King Art Oenfer & the boys
King Art Oenfer & the boys:
In this article, i will still be leading up to "thee" King Arthur.
I will attempting to sort out more legends and trying to identify how they fit in to known contemporary history, whilst dealing with the denials of historians and scholars that oppose, and do not trust, traditional British history.
However is very much connected to the legends of King Arthur, it would be a good idea to first read the previous articles, before reading this one, as opposed to reading the book backwards.
The links are below.
King Art Oenfer & Son - Part 1
Gallus the Mac - Part 2
King Art Oenfer III & the barbarcia conspiriato - Part 3
King Art Oenfer IV & V - Part 4
King Art Oenfer VI - Part 5
King Art Oenfer & the historia francorum - Part 6
Link for photo
King Arthur
Fergus Mor:
So, this article will be dealing with the closest associates of King Arthur.
Fergus Mor in early sources
.[2] While it was suggested some believe Fergus claimed lineage to Arthur, the historian John Morris has suggested, instead, that Fergus was allowed to settle in Scotland as a federate of Arthur, as a bulwark against the Picts.
First king of Scotland:
I will begin with the claim that Fergus Mor was the first king of Scotland.
Fergus Mor
Fergus Mór mac Eirc (Scottish Gaelic: Fearghas Mòr Mac Earca; English: Fergus the Great) was a legendary king of Dál Riata. He was the son of Erc of Dalriada. While his historicity may be debatable, his posthumous importance as the founder of Scotland in the national myth of Medieval and Renaissance Scotland is not in doubt. Rulers of Scotland from Cináed mac Ailpín until the present time claim descent from Fergus Mór.
However, modern day historians and scholars have made the first error in only the second paragraph.
Fergus Mor being the first king of Scotland, would indeed be a myth.
But, Fergus Mor being the first Scot to rule in Alba, is not the same thing as Fergus Mor being the first king of Scotland.
And Scots and Irish people are only using the term Scotland, so that they are understood by the modern English readers, that are not fluent in the traditional British language.
But, they do infact mean Alba, not, Scotland.
And at that, only certain parts of Alba.
Fergus Mor in later accounts
Andrew of Wyntoun's early 15th century Orygynale Cronykil of Scotland says that Fergus was the first Scot to rule in Scotland
Sally Foster:
Now, the first expert opinion on the subject, comes from Sally Foster.
Apparently the Annals of Tigernach can easily be debunked by quite simply pointing out the fact that the writers of the annals were obviously not even aware of the real name of Dal Riata, when referring to Dal Dalom as Dal riada.
Fergus Mor in early sources
The historical record, such as it is, consists of an entry in the Annals of Tigernach, for the year 501, which states: Feargus Mor mac Earca cum gente Dal Riada partem Britaniae tenuit, et ibi mortuus est. (Fergus Mór mac Eirc, with the people of Dál Riata, held part of Britain, and he died there.) However, the forms of Fergus, Erc and Dál Riata are later ones, written down long after the 6th century.
Link for photo
Dal Dalom 580 AD
Dal Dalom:
But i wonder if Sally Foster has the hindsight to understand why she referred to Dal riada as Dal riata?
It is because the audience she is narrating to, now know Dal riada as Dal riata.
And that is the exact same reason that the Annals of Tigernach would have referred to Dal Dalom as Dal Riada.
The name Dál Riata is derived from Old Irish. Dál, from Proto-Celtic \dālom*, means 'portion' or 'share' (as in 'a portion of land')
Link for photo
Ulster & the hebrides (apologies i said it in English)
Now, Sally Foster makes one heck of a "statement" without farther elaborating.
She "declares" that the theory that the Scots invaded Alba from Ulster, is "unauthentic".
Fergus Mor in early sources
The record in the Annals has given rise to theories of invasions of Argyll from Ireland, but these are not considered authentic.[1]
Cambridge press:
Yet, according to Cambridge university, at least some Scots originally lived in Ireland, and came over to Argyll and established the kingdom of Dal Riata.
Notes (3)
The inhabitants of what is now Co. Antrim, Ireland, were known as the Scots, a name they transported to what is now Argyll and the adjacent islands where they established the kingdom of Dál Riata.
Link for photo
Satellite image of Dal Riata
Mac Nisse Mor:
Next, Sally Foster wishes to question Fergus Mor being known as Mac Nisse Mor in a different dialect.
Apparently because it was something written in only the 10th or 11th century it cannot be trusted.
Fergus Mor in early sources
The Senchus states that Fergus Mór was also known as Mac Nisse Mór. These sources probably date from the 10th and 11th centuries respectively, between 20 and 30 generations after Fergus may have lived.
Buchanan's king!!:
Now, straight away, we can see that Sally Foster is taking quotes directly from a book that was written at a time when politics in Britain were such that a kings ancestral claim could be dismissed upon nothing more than national identity.
Though, Sally Foster does unintentionally throw up a conundrum.
Her version of history is opposed by King James VI who claims descent from Fergus Mor.
Fergus Mor in later accounts
Buchanan's king, James VI, shared the scholar's view of the origins of his line, describing himself in one of many verses written to his wife Anne of Denmark, as the "happie Monarch sprung of Ferguse race".
Link for photo
King James VI
King James VI:
So, who was king James VI?
Well, he was King of Scotland, that later became king of England and Ireland.
During his reign we saw the union of the Crowns, which was the first step towards the formation of Great Britain as a political entity.
King James VI & I
James VI and I (James Charles Stuart; 19 June 1566 – 27 March 1625) was King of Scotland as James VI from 24 July 1567 and King of England and Ireland as James I from the union of the Scottish and English crowns on 24 March 1603 until his death in 1625. The kingdoms of Scotland and England were individual sovereign states, with their own parliaments, judiciaries, and laws, though both were ruled by James in personal union. James was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and a great-great-grandson of Henry VII, King of England and Lord of Ireland, and thus a potential successor to all three thrones. James succeeded to the Scottish throne at the age of thirteen months, after his mother was compelled to abdicate in his favour. Four different regents governed during his minority, which ended officially in 1578, though he did not gain full control of his government until 1583. In 1603, he succeeded the last Tudor monarch of England and Ireland,
Link for photo
Union of the crowns
Colonisation of the Americas:
British and Irish expats in USA today, actually have King James VI to thank.
No sooner did King James VI take over the three crowns and begin campaigning for a united Britain and Ireland, he also began sending Ulster Scots over to USA and was setting himself up to add America to his titles.
King James VI
from 1603, returning to Scotland only once, in 1617, and styled) himself "King of Great Britain and Ireland". He was a major advocate of a single parliament for England and Scotland. In his reign, the Plantation of Ulster and British colonisation of the Americas began.
Link for photo
King James VI on Scottish gold coin
Guy Fawkes:
Unfortunately, it appears certain secterianists, nationalists, and loyalists, did not want "Buchanan's" protestant king of Scotland, Ireland, England and USA that swore Dal Riatan ancestral roots.
So bring on 5th of November, an assassination attempt was launched.
Guy Fawkes
A dissident Catholic, Guy Fawkes, was discovered in the cellars of the parliament buildings on the night of 4–5 November 1605, the eve of the state opening of the second session of James's first English Parliament.
Link for photo
Guy Fawkes autograph
Holyrood Palace:
Now, whilst i appreciate the professionalism of Sally Foster (was that her name?.. Scrolls back up to make sure i got her first name correct) in being discerning and not simply believing what she is told, i must however counter her doubts by trying to be equally as discerning.
In holyrood palace there was portraits of Scottish monarch's dating all the way back to Fergus I.
Now whilst i cannot find the Portrait of Fergus I, i can find the portrait for, Fergus II (Mor).
Fergus Mor
Nor was James VI the last ruler to share this belief. The Great Gallery of the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh was decorated with eighty-nine of Jacob de Wet's portraits of Scottish monarchs, from Fergus to Charles II, produced to the order of James's grandson.
Fergus II

Fergus II
Now, the problem this presents me, is i actually have holyrood palace assuring me that this is a genuine portrait of Fergus Mor, and on the other hand i have Sally Foster and a secterian loyalist, assuring me that Guy Fawkes knows more about British history than George Buchanan.
There is also the fact that Sally Foster is accusing Holyrood Palace of forgery.
But, Sally Foster should have still declared that there is infact supposed to be original evidence of Fergus Mor, and then explained why she believes it to be fraudulent.
Now, i will move on to the next claim.
The next claim is that Fergus Mor's ancestry can be traced waaaay back, and forty six generation farther.
Fergus Mor in early sources
The Senchus and the Duan name Fergus's father as Erc son of Eochaid Muinremuir. A Middle Irish genealogy of the kings of Alba gives an extensive genealogy for Fergus: [Fergus] m. h-Eircc m. Echdach Muinremuir m. Óengusa Fir m. Feideilmid m. Óengusa m. Feideilmid m. Cormaicc, and a further forty-six generations here omitted.[2]
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Holyrood palace
Crimthann Mor:
Now, historians and scholars need to get working on what system they are using to determine whether or not someone is historical or not.
Take for example the 4th Century Crimthann Mor.
Which part of him is considered mythological, and which part is not?
(And i wish they would stop using the term Scotland.. In the 4th Century it was Caledonia).
Crimthann mac Fidaig
Crimthann Mór, son of Fidach /ˈkriːvən ˈmɔːr mæk ˈfiːaɪ/, also written Crimthand Mór, was a semi-mythological king of Munster and High King of Ireland of the 4th century. He gained territory in Britain and Gaul, but died poisoned by his sister Mongfind. It is possible that he was also recognised as king of Scotland.
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Cornish harbour thought to have been used as an Irish port
Tintagel castle:
And i would think it is very likely, that the fortress that archaeologists believe Crimthann Mor built, translated from Dinn Tradui, to tintagel.
Dind Tradui
According to the Sanas Cormaic,[3] Crimthand Mór mac Fidaig built a great fortress in Cornwall known as Dind Traduí or Dinn Tradui (Dun Tredui/e, fortress of the three ramparts).[4] There appears to be little doubt that it existed,[5]
Like for photo
Archaeological remains of Tintagel castle
Conaire Mor:
Of course, by the time we get to 63 BC, the time of Conaire Mor, we are definitely back to mythology again.
The chronology of Geoffrey Keating's Foras Feasa ar Éirinn dates his reign to 63–33 BC,[3] that of the Annals of the Four Masters to 110–40 BC.[4] A descendant of Íar mac Dedad, Conaire belonged to the legendary Clanna Dedad, the legendary royal family of the Érainn. His descendants in Ireland and Scotland were known as the Síl Conairi. The last Gaelic king of Scotland from the line from Conaire Mór was Alexander III of Scotland.
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Connor Macleod
Constantine I of Picts:
Now, whilst Fergus I appears to have control of the West portion of Scotland, i am very interested in whoever it is, said to have control of the east portion.
Fergus Mor in early sources
[2] While it was suggested some believe Fergus claimed lineage to Arthur, the historian John Morris has suggested, instead, that Fergus was allowed to settle in Scotland as a federate of Arthur, as a bulwark against the Picts.
Polydore Vergil:
According to George Buchanan, and Polydore Vergil, it was Constantine I, reigning from 457 AD until 479 AD.
And as you will have read the previous articles, i will not have to explain who Uther Pendragon was.
Nor will i have to explain the connection with the Constantine dynasty.
Fergus II to Kenneth II
Constantine I 457 Polydore Vergil (Anglica Historia, 1555) gives from here a succession close to Buchanan.[38]
An i will just say this.
The Pendragons were not the real names of the sons of Constantine III of the Western Roman empire.
Obviously, their surnames would have been consistant with their fathers, in any number of abbreviated forms.
But the Pendragons was a nickname they invented themselves.
So, could Uther have been Constantine I?
[5] and the cycles based on his work, it was Uther's older brother (elsewhere called Aurelius Ambrosius) who saw the comet and received the name "Pendragon", Uther taking his epithet after his death.
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Uther Pendragon
6th Century:
But, whether Constantine I of Picts was Uther Pendragon, or whether he was not, is not something i am going into farther in this article.
That will be for "thee" king Arthur article.
Instead i will move forward to the "horrific" journalism presented by modern day historians and scholars, that appear to be merely pretending to have an actual grasp on the subject.
They say that there is no evidence of anyother king in Scotland (Alba Girrrr) apart from Ceretic of Alt Clut, who apparently met Saint Patrick.
Fergus Mor in early sources
These sources, while they offer evidence for the importance of Fergus Mór in Medieval times, are not evidence for his historical career. Indeed, only one king in the 6th century in Scotland is known from contemporary evidence, Ceretic of Alt Clut, and even this identification rests upon a later gloss to Saint Patrick's Letter to Coroticus.
Link for photo-_stained_glass,_Saint_Patrick-_detail.jpg)
Saint Patrick
Pope Celestine I:
But what i want to know, is how on earth could Saint Patrick have met Ceretic in the 6th century?
(A) there is no evidence for the existence of Saint Patrick.
(B) It was Saint Palladius that was sent to Ireland in 431 AD by Pope Celestine I in 431 AD, allegedly helped by Saint Patrick who acted as a missionary.
And in Scotland, Saint Patrick is known by his official name, as recorded by the Bishops of Rome and the Vatican, Saint Palladius.
He sent Palladius) to Ireland to serve as a bishop in 431. Bishop Patrick continued this missionary work.
Link for photo#/media/File:St_Palladius_Fordoun.jpg)
Saint Palladius church, Aberdeen, Scotland
Patrick the Elder:
Though i am not going deep into this either.
Even in Ireland, Saint Palladius was regarded as Patrick the Elder.
However Patrick the junior was not "Saint Patrick".
It was a pagan Patrick from 370 AD.
[17] A variety of dates are given for his death. In 457 "the elder Patrick" (Irish: Patraic Sen) is said to have died: this may refer to the death of Palladius, who according to the Book of Armagh was also called Patrick.[17]
But the point is, they know nothing about Patrick.
They cannot even get the century correct.
And Ceretic Guletic was a king in Stratchclyde, western Scotland.
He must have reigned prior to 457 AD, as Saint Palladius died in that year.
Ceretic Guletic
Ceretic Guletic of Alt Clut was a king of Alt Clut (modern Dumbarton) in the 5th century.
And it continues:
And now, all of a sudden, King Clut is actually not the only king they can be sure of.
They can now be sure of a whole host of Fergus Mor's descendants, even though earlier in the article Sally Foster appeared to think even the mere existence of Dal Riata was debatable.
But, even though they appear to have evidence for his grandsons and and great grand children, they can still apparently see no connection with Fergus Mor.
Is this denialism?
Fergus Mor in early sources
The first kings of Dál Riata whose existences are reasonably sure are Fergus's grandsons Gabrán mac Domangairt and Comgall, or perhaps his great-grandson Áedán mac Gabráin.
Stones of stonehenge:
Now, in my previous article, i "deliberately" left out Merovech bringing the stones of Ireland to Stonehenge.
I was not being naughty, i simply did not want to bring it up in that article.
With Aurelius on the throne, Uther leads his brother in arms to Ireland to help Merlin) bring the stones of Stonehenge from there to Britain.
Geoffrey of Monmouth:
Now, whilst Geoffrey does mention Salisbury as the location of the giants ring, i would like to see documented proof from historians and scholars that Geoffrey was indeed talking about the stones of stonehenge when he wrote about the boys bringing the stones back to Britain.
Only there allegedly was a stone brought from Ireland to Britain during this period.
Origin and legends
One story concerns Fergus, son of Erc, the first King of the Scots in Scotland, whose transport of the Stone from Ireland to Argyll, where he was crowned on it, was recorded.[3]
Link for photo.jpg)
Replica of the stone of Scone
Stone of Destiny:
The stone was a coronation stone, used to coronate Scottish kings.
Stone of Scone
The Stone of Scone (/ˈskuːn/; Scottish Gaelic: An Lia Fáil, Scots: Stane o Scuin)—also known as the Stone of Destiny, and often referred to in England as The Coronation Stone—is an oblong block of red sandstone that has been used for centuries in the coronation of the monarchs of Scotland
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Scone palace
Now, apparently Fergus Mor was actually raised in Scandinavia.
Fergus Mor in later accounts
Fergusius II according to Buchanan's count, was raised in exile in Scandinavia. He later fought with the Franks, before eventually returning to Scotland and reconquering the Scottish lands.
So what i am looking for, from contemporary accounts, is a Danish family from this period, that are considered royals, and have something to do with fighting Franks.
This could only be one family, really.
Basina of Thuringia
Basina or Basine (c. 438 – 477) was remembered as a queen of Thuringia in the middle of the fifth century,
Link for photo
Basina & Childeric I
However, Basina left her husband Bisinus to marry king of the Franks, Childeric.
She left her husband, king Bisinus and went to Roman Gaul. She herself took the initiative to ask for the hand of Childeric I, king of the Franks, and married him. For as she herself said, "I want to have the most powerful man in the world, even if I have to cross the ocean for him".[1]
And it is likely that Ragnarach, who became a Frankish king, did so due to his close familial relationship to Basina.
Mother? Sister? Who knows.
However those that know the Arthurian legends well, should be by this point, penny dropping.
Ragnachar or Ragnarius (died 509) was a Frankish petty king (regulus) who ruled from Cambrai. According to Gregory of Tours, Ragnachar "was so unrestrained in his wantonness that he scarcely had mercy for his own near relatives".[1] According to the Gesta episcoporum Cameracensium, Clovis and Ragnachar were related through Clovis's mother, Basina, a Thuringian princess.[2]
But, who Ragnachar is, and what relation to King Arthur he is, if any, shall have to wait for now.
I would welcome Sally Foster to produce original source material to prove that historians and scholars doubting the legitimacy of Scottish, Irish or Welsh kings, pre-dates the King James IV campaign.
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