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[House Party 5/1/17] - Part 1

2017.05.02 21:59 youto2 [House Party 5/1/17] - Part 1

We open our show, as we get a quick panning shot of the small arena, as we see a few men with signs, reading things like “BBC more like Pee-BC” a very possibly racist sign with a blackface-like drawing of Stephen Romero, and someone with a comically large sign reading “The Red Army will unite the workers of the world in violent revolution to overthrow the bourgeoisie and end the working class oppression under the capitalist system” the sign blocking the view of many annoyed fans, as we then finish our pan of the crowd, and cut our shot to Mark Woodbridge and Allen Paisner
Paisner: Hello WiR Galaxy! And welcome to House Party! I’m Allen Paisner!
Woodbridge: And i’m Mark Woodbridge
Paisner: And we are hot off the tails of one of our biggest shows ever! Yes, our last event was our third anniversary PPV! And man what a damn show it was!
Woodbridge: Indeed! Only the best wrestling in WiR! From a Klutch Triple Threat, Joey McCarty taking on our now former booker, to our Independent and World Title matches, it was amazing top to bottom! But at the end, do not let any of that distract you from the fact that Mark Dutch blew a 3-1 lead! But now, without further adieu, lets gets this show started!
Killing in the Name** hits the speakers to a HUGE ovation from the crowd! Maverick walks through the curtains of the entrance stage, with the WiR World Title around his waist and a can of Pibb in his right hand! Mav starts slapping fans hands as we walks down the aisle to the ring.
Paisner: And here comes the Champ! He survived more than 60 minutes of pure hell, and he also overcam-
Woodbridge: DUTCH BLEW A 3-1 LEAD! HAHA!
Maverick rolls into the ring, and stands up to look at the crowd who is showing him all the love and support in the world. Mav’s music fades away, and Mav, with bandages on his forehead, gazes out into the crowd. All the fans start to chant for him!
Crowd: THANK YOU MAVERICK! clap clap clapclapclap THANK YOU MAVERICK! clap clap clapclapclap THANK YOU MAVERICK! clap clap clapclapclap
Woodbridge: Why are they chanting “Thank you Maverick?” He hasn’t even done anything yet!
Paisner: Well, because of Maverick’s tenacity, Mark Dutch isn’t the WiR World Champion right now.
Woodbridge: Oh, of course! THANK YOU MAVERICK!
Mav raises his microphone to his face and the crowd begins to quiet down.
Maverick: At III, the Dutch Empire fell, but the MavNation is STILL riding high!!!
Maverick: I know I’ve said this before, but it remains as true as ever; I want to personally thank each and every one of you that flies the flag of the MavNation. Each of you that makes a sign, each of you that cheers, each of you that buys a T-Shirt, and so on. You all motivate me to do things I’ve only dreamed of doing, and I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you.
Maverick: After I beat Mark Dutch, I-
Mid-sentence, Maverick stops speaking as something catches his eye at the entranceway. The audience follows his focus and all turn to the stage. At the top of the entranceway stands a stereotypically dressed Mexican man, microphone in hand. Maverick stares at him quizzically, not sure exactly who he is or what he’s doing out there. The Mexican man looks out into the crowd and pulls out a piece of paper, loudly clearing his throat before reading off of it in his best announcer voice.
Paisner: Wait, we’re not replacing Javier, are we?
Woodbridge: I’m not too sure what this is about, Pais!
Mexican Man: ¡Atención! ¡Atención! Señoras y señores, niños de todas edades, por favor subir para el mayores “Wrestling is Reddit” luchador de todos los tiempos, el jugador franquicia, el primer y solamente el dos veces “Wrestling is Reddit” campeón del mundo…
Some of the crowd, whether spanish speaking or not, are able to pick out a few words and begin to buzz.
Mexican Man: “Suburban Royalty,” SONNY CARSON!
Paisner: What!?
Fratty horns blare through the speakers and Sonny Carson emerges from the curtains, and for the first time in almost two years, he looks like his old, douchey self. His shit-eating grin is smeared across his face and across his t-shirt, which just features a blown up picture of his head, and he is wearing is old pink and white zebra striped tights with black kickpads, kneepads, elbow pads, and hand tape. There is a faded scar on the side of his head that runs down behind his ear.
Woodbridge: Well, after watching what Ryan Sunshine did to Sonny Carson at III, I can’t say I expected him to show up tonight, especially at the start of the show!
Paisner: And if I were Maverick, I’d be a little worried!
Woodbridge: Don’t you remember Pais, Sunshine ripped that Ballsweat shit out of his head! He ain’t no monster anymore!
Paisner: I know that, but he’s still a colossal dick.
The crowd pops at first, but after the initial excitement of seeing a regular, not weird-ass sci-fi mutant Sonny, the enthusiasm turns into a wave of uncertainty, remembering that the old version of Sonny Carson was not a very pleasant figure. Maverick lowers the mic from his face and lets out a half-hearted smile as Carson enters the ring. Carson doesn’t seem to even notice Maverick. Carson goes to take a microphone from ringside, and Javier and Maurice each flinch backwards from Carson. Carson’s not too sure why they seem so scared of him, but he shrugs it off and grabs a mic himself, walking into the centre of the ring.
Carson: Well, well, well, looks like you just can’t keep Sonny down!
Paisner: Unfortunately.
Carson: That’s right, just a few weeks after being tossed off a cruise ship and left for dead in the middle of the ocean, the two-time WiR World Champion has returned to WiR!
Crowd: YAAAAA-what?
Carson: And let me tell you something, JACK ANCHOR, I’m not finished with you! You think you can just chuck a brand-name like me off a boat and get away with it? Oh, no no no no no. And don’t think I’ve forgotten about you either, JACK FLASH! The minute I take care of that sailor trash, I’m coming back for my WiR World Championship! And hell, I guess since RYAN SUNSHINE finally decided to come back, maybe I’ll take care of him too!
Woodbridge: This promo seems a little outdated...
The crowd all look at each other, not sure what to make of this. Maverick looks just as befuddled.
Carson: Because NO ONE messes with Sonny Carson and–
Maverick: Umm...excuse me?
Carson slowly turns his head towards Maverick and looks him up and down.
Carson: ...who are you?
Maverick: I feel like you should be asking yourself that question.
Carson: Asking myself who you are?
Maverick: No, asking yourself who YOU are!
Carson: But I’m Sonny Carson.
Maverick: Ya, I know that, I’m just saying that–nevermind, I was sort of in the middle of something out here.
Carson: Oh. Were you? I didn’t notice you standing there...Mmmmmmmaaaaannndddd...Mmmmmeeeeellll...Mmmmmmoooooo–
Maverick: Maverick.
Carson: Maverick! Yes, Maverick! How could I forget you!?
Carson looks coyly down at Maverick’s championship, buckled around his waist.
Carson: Hey, look at that, you won the title! Good on ya, kid. Wasn’t a fan of Appelbaum and his laptop thing, so I’m happy to see some other young upstart get a turn with that Indie Title. Anyways, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted…
Maverick looks down at his waist and points at his championship.
Maverick: This isn’t the Independent Championship...
Carson: Oh? Aw fuck, they didn’t bring that Hardcore Championship back, did they? I refuse to let a skateboard have more title reigns than–
Maverick: It’s the WORLD Championship, Sonny. I’m the WiR World Champion.
Carson’s eyes widen, not sure how to process that. He’s not sure if Maverick is bluffing, but once he leans in and squints his eyes at Maverick’s crotch, he can clearly read “WiR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” engraved on the title and he quickly steps back, eyes wide.
Carson: Whoa! When the hell did this happen? Did you win AMUDOV? Did you already cash-in your title match? Does that mean my championship rematch is nullified?
Maverick: Sonny, do you understand where we are right now, what time we’re in? It’s not 2015 anymore, it’s 2017.
Carson just stops and stares at Maverick, blank expression. He looks around at the audience, trying to gauge their faces to see if Maverick is bluffing or not.
Paisner: Well, this is awkward.
Carson looks back at Maverick and cautiously sticks his hand out. Maverick sighs and reaches into his pocket, pulling out his phone. He turns the screen on and puts it in Carson’s hand. Carson looks down at the phone screen and reads the date.
MAY 1st, 2017
Carson’s face remains blank. He hands the phone back to Maverick and without saying a word he exits the ring and reaches into the audience. One of the audience members is nice enough to show him their phone. Carson starts to panic a little as he reads the date on the audience member’s phone.
MAY 1st, 2017
He quickly hands the phone back and darts his hand to the next audience member, checking his phone as well. Soon, he’s in a full blown panic, grabbing every phone in sight, looking at the date, and then anxiously tossing it back.
MAY 1st 2017
Paisner: I feel like someone should’ve maybe given Carson some sort of run-down of the past two years before he came out here.
Woodbridge: You know no one talks to each other off screen, Pais.
After checking as many phone as he can while Maverick just waits sheepishly in the ring, Carson rushes back into the ring, completely flustered.
Carson: Is this some sort of joke? Is this a prank? Who’s behind this!? It’s Sunshine isn’t it? When I get my hands on him…
Maverick: No Sonny, it’s not a joke.
Carson: Aw fuuuuuuuUUUUUCCCK! Why didn’t someone wake me up or something!? How did this all happen!? Aw man, I need to have a moment with myself for a moment, sorry guys, I’m sor–
Carson drops the mic and walks towards the corner, stuffing his face into the turnbuckle. He just stands there, face buried in the pad, and after a few seconds of not moving, Maverick just shrugs it off and continues with his speech.
Maverick:: Ummm...anyways, as I was saying….. I have nobody to thank but each and every single member of the MavNarion for motivating me to push through all of the pain.When I first beat Mark Dutch for this WiR World Championship, I promised that–
Suddenly, Carson shoots out of his existential stasis and snaps his head towards Maverick.
Carson: ...what did you just say?
Maverick: Oh...I-uh promised that–
Carson: No, no, no. Before that.
Carson is staring at Maverick with great worry.
Maverick: When I beat Mark Dutch for this WiR World Championship, I prom–
Carson: NO!
Maverick lowers the mic from his face and takes a step back from Carson, who looks infuriated.
Carson: NO! NO! NO!
Carson drops the mic and starts stomping around on the mat.
Carson turns towards the commentary table, yelling directly at Woodbridge and Paisner.
Paisner: I’m not the booker anymore Sonny, I had nothing to do with it!
Carson turns back to the ring.
Carson: GAH! WHY! NO! DUTCH? NO! Noooo...NO! WHY!
Carson’s expression quickly cycles through disbelief, anger, sadness, and a forced laughter. He takes a moment to compose himself and then grabs the mic off of the ground.
Carson: Like, out of everyone? EVERYONE!? DUTCH? EVERYONE! Wha-haha no no no, no, NOO. NOO! WHY! DUTCH?! MARK DUTCH!?
Carson: Okay, scratch everything I said about getting my revenge on Anchor and beating Flash and all that…
Carson looks up directly into the camera.
Carson: I am making it my mission to forever erase whatever trash, incoherent title reign that Dutch somehow managed to muster, and I don’t care if I have to destroy every single server at the WiR offices with every single show on them to–
Carson’s mindless, hopeless rant gets cut off by Domo 23. He slowly turns to the entranceway, not too sure who’s interrupting him but also not in the mood to be interrupted. Maverick immediately puts his guard up, familiar with the threat. The BBC walk out, tag titles slung over the shoulders of Sierra Briggs. The undersized KWF title is slung over Krieger’s shoulder.
Bravado: Yeah, yeah, shut the fuck up! No one cares! Your opinions don’t matter!
The crowd jeer even more heavily, as Buster waits with a smug grin.
Bravado: You know who it is, fuckers. It’s the BBC! We’re taking over this segment, consider us a blessing!
Maverick and Carson look at each other and back at the BBC, confused. Krieger grabs a mic from a stagehand.
Krieger: We were getting a little sick and tired of ol’ Carson having his Alzheimer’s act up again, so he has to start yelling at a Pibb spokesman. We were getting a little sick of the BBC not being on the card, despite being the god damn tag team champs! We are the MVPs of WiR, then, now, and forever!
Carson: Woah, woah, hold the phone! First off, I am not old! In fact, in the gay community I am still considered a twink! AND, I am perfectly sound of mind and honestly, I’m probably the sanest person in this whole company!
Paisner: Eh….Debatable.
Carson paces around the ring, chuckling to himself, as Maverick stands, waiting, staring at Carson intently.
Carson: Second off, who the hell are you guys?! Why do you have replica titles on your shoulders? Why?! What is 2017 doi-
Maverick taps Carson on the shoulder.
Maverick:* Uh, Sonny, they ARE the tag champs. For realsies.
Carson: Yeah, yeah, whatev-
Carson shoots a horrified and confused glare at Maverick. He looks back at the BBC.
Carson: What about that shitty plastic belt on the white kid’s shoulder? Is that the Indie title?!
Carson lifts up his hand and points to the KWF Title on Krieger’s shoulder.
Maverick: No no no, that’s not the Indie title, that’s…...that’s a long story.
Krieger: It’s a damn good story!
Bravado: Anyway, as we were going to say, we have been tag champs for a while, much to Pussy Deflector’s chagrin. In fact, we’ve been the longest reigning tag team champs in WiR history, baby!
Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DROP THE TITLES! clapclapclapclapclap DROP THE TITLES! clapclapclapclapclap
Krieger: See, we are a lot like really high quality condoms. We keep the mistakes out, we are durable, tight as hell, and long lasting. Also, it’s all for your pleasure!
Krieger and Buster swerve their hips and gesture at the crowd.
Woodbridge: Comparing the BBC to condoms is something I’ve never thought about, but now that I hear it, I can see it clearly.
Bravado: So, with a list of accomplishments the size of Maverick’s shitty home-state, it’s easy to see that we are the biggest!
Krieger: The girthiest!
Krieger and Bravado: The best tag team ever!
Krieger and Bravado pull out party poppers and pull their strings, causing a bunch of cheap confetti to fly out.
Krieger: So, us, the kings of WiR, you people should bow down!
Krieger points to the hostile crowd.
Krieger: We have full rights to walk over this company. If we walk out, you fold. So, we are a necessary anarchy. The discord to the peace.
Bravado: That is why we assaulted the Warlords and Team Worstest Ship! America should have a new rule in the constitution, saying that the BBC have the rights to stomp a hole in anyone’ s ass!
Paisner: I don’t think that is true, that is just egotism in action!
Woodbridge: Right? Like a U.S. politician cares about two black people from Chicago and a white guy from Philly.
Carson and Maverick glare at the team, in frustration.
Krieger: Whether it’s Bravado, Briggs, or the Wildcard himself, kicking ass, everyone from A to Z knows that the BBC are the lords of the game, we rule WiR, and we will gladly interrupt any segment we please!
Bravado: So, Maverick, why don’t you and Carson just kiss and make-up? Y’know, before we come down there and knock the souls out of your bodies?
Maverick leans forwards against the ropes, disdain in his eyes. Carson, with equal disdain but more melodrama, angrily paces around the ring like a grounded child.
Krieger: Carson, stop pouting! Your time being the worker in a Ballsweat-shop has gotten your brain a little rotten. You can’t tell time, you can’t remember who is champion, and you are not going to remember ANYTHING after I come down there and beat the taste of Ryan Sunshine’s dick out of your mouth!
Carson starts angrily yelling at Krieger, goading him to get into the ring.
Krieger: Don’t think we forgot about you, Maverick! The good ol’ Texan boy who doesn’t deserve the strap that he’s holding right now. You may have bucked horns with us before, but we were always going easier than Vic Studd’s mother against you. You could always just drop that beautiful belt to me because hopefully, you have realized the one thing that you anyone that wants to step up to the BBC should know. We were always perfect.
Krieger and Bravado(singing): And you were only practice!
Maverick: Excuse me? You know, if you have a problem with me, I’ll have no problem at all showing you WHY I’m the WiR World Champion. If any of you wanna go toe to toe with me, when I’ll be delighted to give you all a Texas-sized ass kicking!
Carson, surprised by how thunderous the response is getting for Maverick, looks around at the crowd with a bit of amusement.
Carson: Whoa-ho-ho! Look at that! You’re more popular than I remember!
Maverick looks at Sonny with a “damn straight” look on his face.
Carson: Oh no, I’m sorry. You were doing good, keep going! You’ve got these people in the palm of your hand!
Maverick: I mean, I’m not out here begging for approval. I just do what is right, and a fight like the champion I am. These fine people just so happen to like that. If they didn’t approve of me or how I did things, I still wouldn’t change a thing.
Carson: Hmm….doing what is right seems to have worked for you...maybe I should give it a try.
Maverick sort of shrugs Carson off, as if his previous statement was a bit silly.
Maverick: What do you know about “what’s right?”
Carson: Well, considering I haven’t REALLY been myself in seemingly forever, I think I should have a clean slate. If I wanted to, I think I’d play a pretty damn good hero!!
Maverick: Maybe so, but you won’t reach the level of me and the MavNation.
Maverick unbuckles the championship from his waist, and raises it on the air, while Carson stares straight into the eyes of Maverick.
Carson: Wanna bet?
Buster: HEY! Have both of you forgotten who’s actually relevant around here?! Y’all should be more focused on us!
Carson: Shut up, Buster! You’re not even technically a Tag Champ!
Buster: Yeah I am, Freebird rules, Bitch!
Suddenly, as the 4 men continue to argue, Fantastic Voyage plays over the speakers and Russell Sharp comes out through the curtains, with a microphone in hand.
Carson: ...really? Another new GM?
Russell: Now hold on just a minute there, boys. I noticed that you all seem to have some problems, and here in the WiR, we settle our differences in the ring, son.
Krieger: What are you on about, Sharp?
Russell: What am I on about? As my first order of business as the House Party GM, I’m thinking we should make an impromptu match for tonight, a TAG TEAM MATCH! Maverick and Sonny Carson, vs. The BBC!
Paisner: I like that Idea!
Krieger: That’s a terrible idea!
Maverick: What? Are you scared, Krieger?
Krieger: NO! I can beat your ass any day of the week!
Carson: Well, if you’re so confident, how about we make this a TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!
Bravado: What? No!
Carson: Come on, do you (looking at the crowd) guys want to see a TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!
Krieger: No! You can’t just ask for a title match and get one just ‘cause!
Russell: Actually, I don’t think that’s a bad idea! You BBC boys got off easy at III when you faced the Coffee Boyz. I think we should see if y’all can retain your titles against Mav and Carson!
Buster, Briggs and Krieger look frustrated and furious while Mav and Sonny look quite pleased.
Buster: WHAT?! NO!
Russell: It's gonna be Maverick and Carson vs. Any 2 members of the BBC, for the WiR Tag Team Titles!!!
Russell: And that match is coming up….NEXT!
Paisner: Hell Yeah! We’ve got a Tag Title Match! BBC vs. Maverick and Carson, right after this short commercial break!
Woodbridge: Hello WiR fans, and if you’re just tuning in, new GM Russell Sharp has just made a WiR Tag Title match! It’s gonna be Maverick and Sonny Carson vs. Buster Bravado and Charlie Krieger from the BBC, and it starts right now!
Maverick and Buster both stand in the ring, and Sonny and Krieger stand on the apron, as Tai Ni Wong runs out from backstage area to officiate this contest. Wong slides in the ring, checks both men to see if they are ready, and calls for the bell!
Paisner: Here we go! Tag Titles on the line!
Mav and Buster both circle each other for a bit, and they both meet in the center of the ring for a lock up. Each man tries to jockey for control of the opening lock-up, but Buster simply knees Mav right in the gut, making him hunch over and clutch his stomach.
Woodbridge: And of course, Buster goes for the early cheap-shot.
Buster grabs Mav by the arm and irish whips him into the turnbuckles. Mav slams into the buckles with his back, and stands with his back against the turnbuckles. Buster walks over and immediately starts to kick Maverick repeatedly in the gut, over and over and over again. Maverick slides down and sits on the mat, but Krieger continues to stomp the hell out of him as long as Mav is sitting up against the turnbuckles.
Paisner: This is a smart strategy from Bravado. You’ve gotta keep Maverick grounded, and don’t give him a chance to get the ball rolling in his favor.
Buster throws the middle finger up and points it to a member of the crowd who is holding a sign that reads, “Bravado is a Buster.” Bravado takes a few step back, and away from Maverick, and starts charging towards Mav, possibly looking for a big running move, but Mav hops to his feet and knocks Buster down with a Lariat!
Woodbridge: And that’s what you wanna avoid when you get into the ring with Maverick!
Maverick grabs Buster by the head, and Irish Whips him into the exact same corner he was just in a moment ago. Buster’s back hits the buckles hard, and Mav immediately follows it up with a swift knife-edge chop!
Crowd: WOOO!!
Mav hits another chop!
Crowd: WOOO!!
And another!
Crowd: WOOO!!
Mav grabs Bravado by the arm and irish whips him into the opposite set of turnbuckles. Buster’s back hits the buckles even harder this time, and almost as soon as he hits them, Maverick comes charging at Buster and leaps up into the air to hit Bravado with a Stinger Splash! Before Buster can fall to the floor, Maverick lifts him up and plants him with a body slam. Immediately, Maverick runs the ropes and when he rebounds, he hits a standing elbow drop into Bravado’s chest! Maverick with a quick cover!
Only a 1 count, Buster gets the shoulder up.
Paisner: Man, maybe we should rename Maverick “Note 7,” because he is on fire!
Maverick grabs Buster by the head, lifting him back up to his feet, and starts to lift Bravado into the electric chair position!
Woodbridge: Oh snap, he’s going for the Assault Driver! Mav wants to end this early!
But, before Maverick can fully lift Buster off the ground, Bravado wiggles himself out of Maverick’s grip and scurries away to his corner. Buster looks as if his title reign flashed before his eyes, and Maverick stares into the eyes of Bravado with a smile on his face, looking extra confident tonight.
Paisner: I think Buster knows that if Mav connected with that Assault Driver, his title reign would’ve went up in smoke.
Buster immediately rolls out of the ring, which, under Lucha Tag Rules, constitutes Krieger to be the legal man. Krieger steps through the ropes, and both men stare each other down for a moment or two, and they begin throwing punches at each other! Maverick throws a punch!
Crowd: YYYAAYY!!!
But Krieger retaliates with a punch of his own!
Crowd: BOOOOO!!!
Now Mav throws a punch!
Crowd: YYYAAYY!!!
Now Krieger!
Crowd: BOOOOO!!!
Now Mav!
Crowd: YYYAAYY!!!
Now Krieger!
Crowd: BOOOOO!!!
Now Mav, with 3 punches!
Mav immediately runs the ropes, seemingly looking for a big running move. When Mav rebounds, Krieger jumps up and catches him with a hurricanrana! Mav is sent into the ropes!
Woodbridge:What a beautiful Hurricanrana!
As Mav is near the ropes, Krieger comes charging at him and lariats Mav, sending him over the top rope and onto the outside of the ring! Maverick tries to scramble back to his feet, and back inside the ring, Krieger runs the ropes..
Paisner: He’s going for a Suicide Dive!
As Krieger rebounds and is about to jump through the ropes, suddenly Sonny puts himself in his path on the ring apron, and Krieger stops himself before he goes crashing into Carson.
Krieger: HEY! Get outta the way, Ballsweat-bitch!
Carson: How about you make me!
Carson steps through the rops to become the legal man, and meets Charlie head on.
Krieger: With pleasure!
Charlie hits Sonny with a knife edge chop, but Sonny follows it up with one as well!
Carson: C’mon! You can hit harder than that!
Krieger immediately runs the ropes, looking for a running chop, but Sonny quickly catches Krieger with an O’Connor Roll!!!
2 COUNT! Krieger stands up, looking a bit weary, being 1 second away from losing the Tag Titles. Krieger looks at Sonny with a look of disgust.
Krieger: HEY! You tried to trick me! You dirty shrew!
Sonny: You know, you’re right. My apologies.
Sonny extends his hand, looking for a handshake from Charlie.
Paisner: Sonny is actually extending his hand to Krieger!
Woodbridge: I’ll take “Thing’s I Never Thought I’d See” for 600.
Krieger leans in to shake Carson’s hand, but goes for a kick on Carson’s side. Carson grabs Charlie’s leg at the perfect moment, and quickly takes Krieger down with a Dragon Screw! Krieger quickly tries to make it to his feet, and hops on one leg over to his corner to tag in Buster. Buster comes charging in at Carson, but Carson sends Buster into the ropes. When Buster rebounds, Carson drops down, and Buster jumps over Sonny to avoid getting tripped up. Buster hits the ropes again, and this time Carson leapfrogs over Buster. Buster hits the ropes again, and Carson jumps up into the air for a dropkick, but there’s nobody home! Buster holds onto the ropes and Sonny dropkicks the empty air and falls onto the mat. Buster quickly goes for a jackknife cover!
NO! 2 COUNT! Carson lifts up and reverses it into a backslide!
Woodbridge: This is the move he won his first World Title with, will it win him the Tag Titles too?!
Buster gets the shoulder up and both men start to rise to their feet. Sonny lunges at Buster looking for a clothesline, but Bravado ducks, and lifts Sonny into the air, dropping him back down on his face with a flapjack! Buster lifts Sonny back up and shoves him into the BBC’s corner. Bravado tags in Krieger, and Buster irish whips Krieger into Sonny and Krieger quickly hits the ropes and catches Sonny with a Run N Gun! Sonny falls to the mat and Charlie goes for the pin!
Sonny kicks out. Krieger immediately applies a headlock, trying to squeeze the life out of Carson.
Crowd: LETS GO CARSON! clap clap clapclapclap LETS GO CARSON! clap clap clapclapclap LETS GO CARSON! clap clap clapclapclap
Woodbridge: I’ll take “Things I Never Thought I’d Hear WiR Fans Chant” for 800.
Paisner: The crowd here seems to have forgiven Sonny’s previous actions. Maybe Sonny HAS turned a new leaf...but I’m still a bit skeptical.
Carson tries to fight out of the headlock, and he fights to his feet, and pushes Krieger into the ropes. When Krieger rebounds, Sonny leaps up and catches him with a big dropkick, sending Charlie right on his back!!
Woodbridge: Carson needs to make a tag!
Carson tries to roll his way out of the ring, but Krieger grabs a hold of Carson’s leg before he can. Carson kicks Krieger off, sending Krieger back into the ropes once again. Carson springs up and sprints at Krieger. Krieger tries to drop down, but Carson hits a front dropkick to Krieger’s side, sending him rolling into the bottom rope.
Paisner: Another fast-paced dropkick, buying Carson even more time!
Carson rolls over onto his feet, as Krieger staggers up, dazed. Krieger stumbles for a bit, as Carson tries to catch his breath. Krieger starts slowly shambling to Carson, before charging forward at Carson. He swings for a lariat, but Carson intercepts his arm and twists it forward. Krieger cries out in pain, before Carson spins and hits Krieger with a brutal backhand!
Woodbridge: Christ! Krieger’s brain popped out of his ear with that brutal backhand!
Krieger falls forward into Carson, in a daze. Carson places Krieger’s arm over his head and hooks his leg. He lifts Krieger and plants him onto his neck with a Regal-Plex!
Paisner: Regal-Plex! Regal-Plex! Krieger’s neck was flattened!
Carson kips-up, as Krieger does a slow and painful roll out of the ring. Carson turns around to see Krieger collapse awkwardly off the apron.
Woodbridge: Krieger being a smart coward, escaping the ring before Sonny can finish the job.
Carson starts to run the ropes to gain momentum for a suicide dive.
Crowd: CAAARRRSOOON! clapclapclap CAAARRRSOOON! clapclapclap CAAARRRSOOON! clapclapclap
As Carson sprints towards Krieger’s side of the ring, Buster leaps over the ropes and dashes in front of Carson. Bravado then hits Carson with a thunderous spinebuster.
Woodbridge: Buster, taking the bullet, catching it, and tossing it back at the shooter, for Krieger!
Buster lifts Carson up and tosses him carelessly into his corner.
Paisner: Buster took out Carson, and now, he is turning the tides completely!
Bravado starts to stomp on Carson repeatedly, laughing maniacally as he happily stomps on Carson’s midsection.
Buster stops stomping, but starts pushing his boot into Carson’s midsection. Buster looks at a groggy Krieger and whistles.
Bravado: ‘EY, CHARLIE!
Krieger: What?
Krieger: Eh, okay.
Krieger slides into the ring, and the duo starts stomping Carson, as he writhes in the corner. Wong yells at Krieger to leave the ring.
Woodbridge: Now, the BBC is tag-teaming Carson!
Paisner: Never mention BBC and tag-teaming in the same sentence.
Krieger initially resists Wong’s requests, but finally gives in and stops stomping on Carson. He exits onto the apron, only for Buster to tag him in.
Paisner: Pure exploitation of the rules! Absolutely sickening!
Woodbridge: Where is Jack Tunney when you need him?!
Bravado pulls Carson up and onto his shoulders. Buster carries Carson around, before scoop slamming him onto the middle of the ring. Krieger then runs at Bravado, before Bravado hip tosses Krieger onto Carson for an assisted leg drop!
Woodbridge: Teamwork from the BBC!
Krieger hooks Carson’s legs with a lateral press pin. Wong goes for the count.
Carson kicks out, slinging Krieger off, causing him to roll back to his corner. During his roll, he holds his hand out and tags in Bravado. Bravado instantly pounces on the downed Carson and starts strangling him with a headlock. Maverick starts slapping the turnbuckle, prompting the crowd to clap in unison, rallying for Carson. Carson starts kicking at the ground, as Buster continues to wrench Sonny’s neck. Buster twists and turns, as Carson slowly rises to his feet, swinging his arms at the air in desperation to stay awake.
Paisner: Carson showing fighting spirit, trying to fight Bravado’s headlock.
Buster starts to knee at Carson’s side, trying to wear him back down, but Carson elbows Buster in the side, repeatedly, forcing Buster to release before his ribs are damaged any more.
Woodbridge: Carson fights out! He has bought himself some time!
Carson runs and dives into his corner, sticking his hand out for Maverick. Maverick eagerly holds his hand out, but Buster grabs Carson’s leg mid-air, and locks in an Ankle Lock.
Woodbridge: Ankle lock! Ankle lock! Wrenching at Sonny’s leg!
Sonny pushes his body up with his hands, and starts kicking at Buster’s hands with his free leg. Buster doesn’t relent, however, and wrenches harder. Sonny then uses his free leg to push down on the back of his knee, bringing Buster down to his knees.
Paisner: Ooh! Impressive technical gamesense from Carson!
Carson then twists over and pushes Buster off with his legs.
Crowd: YAYYYY!
Buster hits the ropes, as Carson springs up. Buster runs at Carson and tries to hit a running knee.
Paisner: Buster Bravado going for the Bravado Buster!
Carson ducks down however, Buster missing the running knee. However, in mid-air, Buster is brought down and rolled up with a schoolboy pin by Carson.
Woodbridge: Stealth pin from Carson!
Buster kicks out and rolls backwards. The two pop up.
Crowd: YAYYYY!
Buster promptly sacks Carson in the head with a superkick.
Crowd: OOOOH!
Paisner: Superkick!
Carson stumbles backwards into the ropes, and rebounds off, hitting Buster with a brutal headbutt.
Paisner: UGH! No! Oh, my God! That headbutt was brutal!
Carson and Buster both collapse in a heap, as both of their partners look on in disbelief.
Wong starts the count for the KO.
The two slowly wake, and Wong stops his count. Krieger and Mav begin to rally for their partners. Both men are ITCHING to get back in the match.
Paisner: Both of these men DESPERATELY need to make a tag!
Carson and Buster start to crawl ever so slowly to their respective corners, but they both hop up and are able to make a tag!!!!
Paisner: Here comes Krieger!
Woodbridge: And here comes Maverick!!!
Both men rush into the ring, and Maverick quickly drops Charlie with a clothesline. Krieger scrambles back up to a vertical base, but Mav takes him down with ANOTHER clothesline! Krieger scrambles to his feet once again, and tries to hit Mav with a clothesline of his own, but Mav ducks out of the way and kicks Krieger in the gut, following it up with a Famouser! Charlie lays on the mat, and rolls over onto h8s back. Maverick walks over to the corner, and starts climbing the turnbuckles all the way to the top rope.
Woodbridge: Mav is thinking high-risk!
Mav stands on the Top Rope, and raises his fingers to the sky! He leaps, and hits Krieger with a TOP ROPE ELBOW DROP! Mav goes for the pin!
Krieger barely gets the shoulder up! Maverick stands up, and starts twirling the invisible lasso, signaling for the ASSAULT DRIVER!
Paisner: This could be it!!!
Maverick grabs Krieger and starts to lift him up, but Krieger wiggles off of Mav and pushes him away. Krieger backs himself near the ropes, where Sierra Briggs is there to check up on him. Briggs climbs up onto the apron, which grabs the referee’s attention.
Tai Ni Wong walks over to the scene, and starts arguing with Sierra, telling her to get off the apron. While he is distracted, Buster Bravado slides into the ring and quickly catches Maverick with the MARK OUT!!!
Woodbridge: DAMMIT! The ref couldn’t see anything!!
Krieger, still grounded near the ropes near Sierra and Wong, grabs Wong’s referee shirt, in an effort to try and keep the referee occupied.
Wong: Let go of my shirt!!!
Krieger: HEY! I just need help up, that’s all!
As the other two BBC members keep Tai Ni Wong occupied, Bravado takes his marker and draws an “x” on Mav’s forehead.
Buster begins to initiate the Bravado Buster, but before he can lunge with his knee, Sonny slides into the ring and turns Bravado around, spitting into Buster’s face with a mist!!!
Crowd: OOOOOOHHHH!!!!!
Woodbridge: Is that…..Ballsweat?!
Paisner: BALLSWEAT MIST! And the ref never saw a thing!
Carson grabs Buster by the head and waist and tosses him through the ropes and to the outside of the ring. Sonny quickly runs the ropes once, and jumps over the top rope and hits a CORKSCREW STEP UP TOPE CON HILO ONTO BUSTER!!!
Crowd: YYEEEAAAHHH!!!!!!
Woodbridge: What a move from Sonny!!!
As Mav is watching Sonny from inside the ring, Krieger catches him with a schoolboy pin!!!
Woodbridge: HE’S GOT THE TIGHTS!
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