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If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. You are indeed where you belong. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass!

2011.05.17 22:03 Bulls729 The Un-official subreddit of the Un-carrier

Welcome to the subreddit of the best wireless carrier in the industry! T-Mobile is the second largest wireless carrier in the U.S. offering affordable plans, the fastest network in America, no contract, and no overages. This is the place to discuss everything magenta!

2020.10.25 22:36 QuiteGoneJin DM sets arbitrary hb rules mid game

So beyond the large list of hb rules and do's and don'ts there were a ton of things not explained, and no session zero, but lets start with the list of rules and description for the campaign

TLDR you can skip to the asterixis italicized bracketed comments for the juicy bits and skip to the end if you wish.
Currently MONDAYS/WEDNESDAYS/FRIDAYS at 5pm PST every week
***(5 hour sessions, so thats 15 hrs a week, a tough one to commit but if it fits your schedule, great, lots of playing right!)\*\**
Hi my name is Redacted and I'll be DM'ing a Homebrewed 5E Swordcoast Campaign
I'm attentive/creative/respectful/helpful/on time/reliable/enthusiastic/laid back/fun/hard working
I've been playing for 40+ years
I spend 12-18 hours a day on writing/making maps/building worlds/ect
I never cancel sessions/never flake/never late/never play in a bad mood
I spent (and continue to spend) a lot of money on roll20 add-ons/maps/tokens/ect
My DM style is FAST with a mix of RP and combat (60/40)
I use sound effects for monsters/people/ect and ambient backrounds unique to locations
I often do not require roles for checks to speed up the game
Changed certain spells/abilities (Find FamiliaPolymorph/Healing Spirit/Resurrection/Conjure Woodland Beings/Heat Metal/ect)
Rules are a mix of 5E Rules/Homebrew adjustments
This is a "grittier" game - thus leveling will be slower - so that you can enjoy each level
HIGH CHANCE OF DEATH (especially early on) (so be extra careful, be afraid, stay together, and have party combat tactics worked out)
***(9 deaths since the start in the last week of aug, you do the math, this could still be fun for people if done right, but I was def getting warning signs when I saw a channel dedicated to the dead characters)\*\**
Leveling will only be done at a city/druid encampment/temple/wandering traineGift from the Gods
Gaining a level is based off of accomplishments not XP
Use the average HP gain for leveling up
Use critical hit/fail charts for melee/range/spells
Rolling a 1 is ALWAYS A FAILURE
Rolling a 20 is ALWAYS A SUCCESS
"Does your character embrace their vulnerabilities and flaws?"
You WILL BE CHALLENGED in combat (so expect a hard fight) - DO NOT have the mentality you should "Win every time and easily"
You are NOT HEROES YET...You are always vulnerable...having to rely on your wits and ingenuity.
Use spell components (which you have to buy and have in your inventory and announce during casting)
Use flanking "attack from behind" gets advantage (for baddies too)
No PVP (unless under an enemies spell)
Track (magic only) ammo
Only a rogue (not urchin) can check for traps with THIEVES TOOLS (rolls once for an entire level/floor in a dungeon/castle/cave/ect)
NO DARKVISION ALLOWED (use your top stat bonus modifier for additional skills or proficiency's instead)
***(there is no way around this, so id also remove moon druid and gloomstalker from viable classes, you'll see bellow there's not many options left, but whatever.)\*\**
Track encumbrance (can't exceed your max)
Conjuration Limit - All creatures and players can only summon 1 creature at a time (to speed up combat)
***(theres no change to that creatures strength, so why not just say these spells do nothing, cause that's not an alternative rule that's a nerf into oblivion. This isn't discussed unless you ask and you will get the impression you're pissing him off if you ask... anything. Even if you just want to save time and not make something with its kneecaps torn off)\*\**
Only the party can Raise Dead, Revivify, or Reincarnate - NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD CAN
Using a potion is a bonus action (giving it to someone else is an action)
When a wizard levels up, the spells available to learn, depend on the wizard training them (or found spellbooks)
Any damage made from a spell is inherently magical
ALL SPELLS GET A SAVING THROW OR AN ATTACK ROLL (will give a DC if not in the spell description)
Only a spell that has an ongoing duration can be dispelled (example DAWN spell cast from an EVO wizard after the initial casting round, cannot protect party members from the damage)
Harvesting monster remains, creating potions/poisons, enchanting items, ect - ALL ENCOURAGED
NO planar traveling spells / NO "future telling" spells / NO magic long distance traveling spells / NO magic long distance communication spells (sending...ect)
Always be ON TIME and RELIABLE on game days
Take notes during the game
Always ask NPC's these 6 QUESTIONS - "Who? What? When? Why? Where? How?"
Please be attentive/creative/enthusiastic/fun/optimistic/interesting/FAST THINKING
Please let other players talk and give their input throughout game
Please do not talk during someone else's turn
Please do not talk over people
Please do not complain, whine, or be negative in any way (this is a positive, upbeat group)
If you die you easy-going about it
***(I definitely didn't argue, just when people froze not knowing how something worked cause no session zero and no clarification beforehand I chimed in, people were casting 2 spells per round, rogues were getting advantage with every sneak attack, it was kind of chaotic and confusing for me.... we all started in a battle to the death with no armor and 1-3 weapons against a group of npc adventurers who were also captured by the baddies. This is when the real confusion hit as he was giving advantage to any attack that is from behind of the way the "enemy token was facing". After stating there's no flanking and its an optional rule etc. )\*\**
Please do not say, "Here comes the TPK" or "The DM is trying to kill us" or "You're going to kill me" (It is NOT the DM vs Players)
Please be respectful and nice
Please do not tell people how to play their character
No "bossy leader types" taking over the game from the other players
Please fill out character data completely on character sheet (Spells/Backstory/Factions/Deity/ect)
Experienced D&D5e Players Only
Experienced Roll20 Players Only
Role Playing Voice Preferred (if you feel comfortable doing so)
Use DISCORD for voice and text journals
NO CHEATING with stats/abilities/ect (if caught will be kick - No second chances) - "ignorance is not an excuse"
3 Dimensional Character
Basically a real person, someone who thinks, reacts, learns, struggles, and overcomes. Think of your life and how it molded you, how people have affected you, and you them.
PHB/XGE - (NO Horizon Walker / NO Path of the Ancestral Guardian / NO Arcane Archer / NO School of Necromancy / NO School of Divination)
Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Dwarf
***(On other sheets it said no dwarfs too, but he said maybe you can, and there were halfling players in the game too . All very confusing.)\*\**
PHB/XGE - (**NO...**Drow)
ALIGNMENT: MUST BE GOOD (This is a classic good vs evil campaign) - not "goody goody" tho
No Feats/No Multi-classing
Abilities: 27 point buy
This is a "RICH VIBRANT WORLD" where looking for love/friendships with NPC's, finding/making a home, starting a business, having a family, building a temple/church, ect - are all encouraged (This is your world to explore and escape into) BE PROACTIVE

**** Advantage is one of if not the most sought after buff in 5e, and seeing it given out randomly in ways I'm not used to or aware of should warrant questioning. imo. Anyway, stay clear of DM's like this.

My post game conversation that got me removed was, in essence me asking; how that went and if there's anything that can be done differently lmk, and can i ask him a question about mechanics when he has a moment (I really wanted to clarify the advantage thing). He said hed ring me in 2 min, ignored me for 2 hours, and removed me for "worrying too much, asking too many questions, flanking is easy, you get behind them in an open area and you get advantage, period. Remember your not a dm here, nobody else is asking questions, maybe this isnt the game for you.
Post game convo;

TLDR dictatorial dm with tons of hb rules, some stated, some not, some not even consistently used will remove you without talking to you if you ask questions. Weeeeeeee..

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2020.10.25 22:22 porterbrown porterBrown basketball league

Making progress on a super basic fantasy basketball league.
Players from P6 + A10 + AAC + MW + WCC. I think this is a happy medium between best players vs. all players.
If interested you would pick 5 roster spots pre-season (PG/SG/SF/PF/C). You can put any player in any roster spot and they are locked in for the season.
Your team will be your username.
Each roster spot has their own scoring metric:
All categories have their data normalized so each category is roughly the same weight. Ratios calculated by NCAA leaders from the 10 selected conferences from last season.
You can see in the top link a basic proof of concept leaderboard.
To encourage watching other leagues and teams, your 5 selected players must come from 5 different conferences from the P6 + A10 + AAC + MW + WCC.
Just for fun, will do Sunday AM updates and posts of the leaderboard. Maybe give you a reason to watch that other game and have a bit more of a reason to root for this player, that player.
Thanks to those that are already in, let me know if you want a spot in the "league" - team selections will be done mid November once everything gets settled. I will reach out to you with form to make your roster selections. Looking for maybe 10 cbb users that are interested.
You could pick your team in less than 5 minutes, you could take hours doing research, just like other fantasy leagues.
Something to do, gives me a reason to watch even more basketball, root against other players, have some fun.
One month from today we are watching basketball!
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2020.10.25 21:21 AwkwardYak4 Ontario School Cases by Presumed Transmission date

Ontario School Cases by Presumed Transmission date
So this is my attempt at bringing the data for Ontario School cases to life in a chart. This shows the latest data released by the government but since they don't release the symptom onset date, I have to count backwards 14 days from the date the cases stop being reported. I then assume that the transmission date was 5 days prior to that so with all the lag involved we can only see September at this point.
I was able to highlight the cases that belong to schools that are no longer reporting cases vs. the schools that are still reporting cases. For the curious, École élémentaire catholique Marius-Barbeau and École élémentaire catholique Montfort are still reporting outbreaks that started back in August.
Data is from
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2020.10.25 21:11 oneholebutton [Q] Multiple categorical data columns comparision

I'm working on a retrospective analysis that compares outcomes (yes/no) to time. However, I'm also looking at patient variables (race, age, diabetes ect) vs time, unfortunately, there is a correlation. Therefore I want to run all my variables together (patient vs outcomes) and check if the time itself is truly significant
What do you think is the best way? I can breakdown the time into blocks so it's ordinal data but I'm still not sure how to compare multiple categorical vs categorical.
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2020.10.25 20:54 OnlyWearsAscots Moving from fUDP to Play More - downsides?

Hey all,
I have three lines on fUDP and recently checked the new plans available. I saw that the Play More plan ($165) is only a total $5 a month extra compared to my fUPD plan ($160), not including taxes/fees/device payments. But Play More comes with 5g UWB, more prioritized data (50gb instead of 22gb), and Hulu/Disney+/ESPN+. For $5 a month, this seems like a no brainer. Am I missing anything? I don't mind auto-pay, I'm just surprised thinking I had the best deal on an old fUDP plan!
Comparison: fUPD vs Play More Screenshot
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2020.10.25 20:53 Far_Marsupial6303 Help me calculate the break even point for LTO-5 vs hard drives

I often read posters talk about tape as a backup option and state LTO-5 is cost effective only for 100TB+ collections. I'm using LTO-5 because it's the most commonly mentioned and currently affordable
A quick check gives me the following prices. Please correct or add anything I'm missing and no "I got it for this unrealistically low price that no one else is likely to get." Also, I'm not counting compression as it isn't practical for videos which make up the majority of most hoarder's collections.
For simplicity sake, I'm basing my prices on Amazon and eBay and on 150TB of videos.
$ 15 = Cost per 1.5TB tape $450 = Cost of drive + interface $450 = Cost of backup drive + interface since this is a two part system with the drive necessary for data recovery.
$15 x 100 tapes = $1500 for 150TB = $10/TB $450 x 2 for drive + interface = $6/TB
Cost for 150TB = $2400 = $16/TB. Total cost $2400
If you don't include the cost of the backup drive setup you're at $13/TB. Total cost $1950
Close enough to the ~$15/TB cost for HDDs today. Total cost $2250. Plus or minus ~$150-300 for 150TB of storage.
The amortized cost of the drive goes down as you add more tapes/storage, but for every doubling of the storage, the amortized cost of the drive is halved. 300TB of storage = $13TB and $11.50/TB. 600TB = $11.50 and $10.75/TB and so on until the cost of the drive is zero at ~72PB
Conversely, the savings is doubled with each doubling of storage. ~$600/$1050 at 300TB and so on.
For LTO-8, again for simplicity I'm using the following numbers.
$ 100 - Cost per 30TB tape $3000 = Cost per drive + interface. I don't factor in the cost of a backup drive as they'll likely be availble at far lower cost for decades.
$ 100 x 5 tapes = $500 for 150TB = ~$3.30/TB $3000 x 1 drive = $3000 = $20/TB
Cost for 150TB = $23.30/TB
Cost for 300TB = $13.30/TB - The approximate break even point vs HDDs.,
Cost for 600TB = $8.30/TB
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2020.10.25 20:13 SQL_beginner Help fixing a "leaflet" plot in R

I am relatively new to the "leaflet" library in R and am trying to teach myself how to use it. In particular, I am trying to follow this tutorial over here:
I was able to create some fake data and follow the tutorial fairly well. The only thing remaining is customizing the visual options so that the map looks "nicer".
Is it possible to remove the "blue pins" ( "the black squares in this picture)? I am trying to get rid of these "blue pins" (but still keep the popup options), because as you can see, even when you have "unchecked" all the jobs, the blue pins still appear on the map and make it difficult to see the difference when "checked vs unchecked". Lastly, is it possible to change the colors to make them "stand out more" on the map? (red, in the other map
Here is my code (there are too many formatting errors when I try to post it on reddit) :
Could someone please show me how to correct this?
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2020.10.25 20:10 SQL_beginner Trying to "improve" leaflet maps in R - could someone please help?

I am relatively new to the "leaflet" library in R and am trying to teach myself how to use it. In particular, I am trying to follow this tutorial over here:
I was able to create some fake data and follow the tutorial fairly well. The only thing remaining is customizing the visual options so that the map looks "nicer".
Is it possible to remove the "blue pins" ( "the black squares in this picture)? I am trying to get rid of these "blue pins" (but still keep the popup options), because as you can see, even when you have "unchecked" all the jobs, the blue pins still appear on the map and make it difficult to see the difference when "checked vs unchecked". Lastly, is it possible to change the colors to make them "stand out more" on the map? (red, in the other map
Here is my code (there are too many formatting errors when I try to post it on reddit) :
Could someone please show me how to correct this?
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2020.10.25 20:09 SQL_beginner Customizing "leaflet" maps

I am relatively new to the "leaflet" library in R and am trying to teach myself how to use it. In particular, I am trying to follow this tutorial over here:
I was able to create some fake data and follow the tutorial fairly well. The only thing remaining is customizing the visual options so that the map looks "nicer".
Is it possible to remove the "blue pins" ( "the black squares in this picture)? I am trying to get rid of these "blue pins" (but still keep the popup options), because as you can see, even when you have "unchecked" all the jobs, the blue pins still appear on the map and make it difficult to see the difference when "checked vs unchecked". Lastly, is it possible to change the colors to make them "stand out more" on the map? (red, in the other map
Here is my code (there are too many formatting errors when I try to post it on reddit) :
Could someone please show me how to correct this?
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2020.10.25 19:48 Rupee_Roundhouse Just a reminder that the carnivore diet—along with any other diet including keto, SAD, paleo, and vegan—is hypothetical until the body of research rules out all confounding variables and counterarguments

Two videos:
My thoughts:
People who treat any diet as certain/confirmed have the burden of proof. Pro-tip: If one lacks an awareness of the many possible factors that influence results, one probably has naively concluded certainty.
This is also why anecdotes are less reliable: Most people are naive in how self-reports are easily inaccurate due to the numerous influential factors. In a sense, it's a lack of self-awareness of how self-reports are easily distorted (think about how people who are ignorant of logical fallacies usually commit logical fallacies habitually).
But that's not to say that anecdotes are completely worthless, as Dr. Leo Venus erroneously implies. The usefulness of data, anecdotes included, is limited by its context. As Shawn Baker explains, as long as one is aware of the limitations—i.e. the factors that easily influence and distort self-reports—anecdotes are perfectly legitimate in that limited context (as an epistemologist, I can talk about this all day but I will bite my tongue 😋). More rigorous studies can then be conducted to improve accuracy. The impetus for those future studies is to explain the anecdotes.
It seems that the Venus vs. Baker debate would have been settled by focusing on how anecdotes can be useful—or as per the first video's title, how "the plural of anecdote is data." From my estimations, the fundamental cause of Venus's rejection of the carnivore diet is his incomplete understanding of the nature of anecdotes, but that's probably more an indictment of how most education teaches ideas (i.e. by memorization as opposed to bottom-up induction—the latter facilitates understanding because the process of understanding is inductive).
Science is in the business of induction, and induction involves ruling out all possibilities and counterarguments. The scientific method is a formalized method of induction tailored for research. And because we are fallible, it's prudent to have others double-check our work, hence peer review.
I'm making this post because if we want the scientific community to take us seriously, we have to understand these basics of science. Claiming that the carnivore diet is true because of your personal experience will immediately discredit you, as well as further marginalizing the carnivore diet. If you want to be credible, give people—scientists included—a reason to trust you, and that involves acknowledging what you know and what you don't. And any credible thinker likely doesn't know if the carnivore diet is the most optimal diet for human beings (so if you're an exception, the burden of proof is on you). It's a hypothesis, but from my experiences and understanding of the science, it's a damn good hypothesis, and I'll bet good money that it's the winning hypothesis! Now, we just need more studies, apart from Harvard's (which I last heard was set to complete in February), for confirmation!
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2020.10.25 19:39 OptionSalary Bullish Ideas for Intel (again)

Bullish Ideas for Intel (again)
In case you missed it (and you didn't, you astute watcher of markets), INTC got knocked down again after earnings, just like last quarter. So, just like in September when I suggested bullish option trades in Intel (Ticker: INTC) I'm doing it again. Obligatory chart:

6 month chart of INTC
After last earnings cycle's drop, Intel basically stabilized and then climbed back, recovering a portion of the post-earnings loss. We've again seen Intel meet or beat on its top line revenue as well as earnings per share. The Data Center Group did come up a bit short on expected revenue and some point to that as the reason for the significant decline. See all of the earnings details directly on Intel's site.

Trade Ideas

With the stock now back at levels similar to last earnings release, here are a few bullish Intel option trades for playing a recovery in the name:
  • 11/13/2020 expiration, sell the 45 put for 0.48 or
  • 11/13/2020 expiration, sell the 45/40 put spread for 0.40 or
  • Hold tight until after the election and re-evaluate
  • Prices are at the midpoint as of 10/23/2020
  • All trades are for educational purposes and do not constitute financial advice.
Selling the puts outright would result in owning shares at an equivalent of $44.52 if INTC ends below 45 on the 13th. The immediate return if the put expires worthless is 1.1% or almost 19.5% annualized as this is a 3 week trade.
The put spreads cap our downside risk in exchange for just 0.08 and also limits margin. If the spread expires worthless, it will be a return of 8.7% on the $460 risked per trade ($40/$460).
The 45 strike is outside of the expected move between now and November 13th.
Personally, I've put on a "half" position and will look to put on more after the election. I also added a few shares.

What's the downside?

Earnings Just occurred and there may be some lingering volatility in the name. Combined with the election, another approach is to simply wait a week and a half and then re-evaluate. Another approach is to put on half the size now and wait until after the election to put on the other half.
Margins are down at INTC vs. one year ago and AMD is a 'flashier' name. For put sales, I prefer the larger (INTC sells about 10x as much as AMD), slower moving INTC and its dividend in the near term, particularly now that it has gone "on sale". I have and will continue to trade in and out of AMD.
Intel's valuation is well below its 5 year averages and it continues to grow revenue and profits. Now is (still) a reasonable time to try and pick up shares or at least profit from its currently depressed price.
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2020.10.25 19:16 purecoders Data science vs machine learning

Data science vs machine learning both is fastly growing in all industries and companies. Companies are now looking for data science experts and machine learning experts for they help to grow companies’ profit and branding.
Data science and machine learning both are connected to each other. Both have their own specific meaning and applications. According to IBM reports in future data science and machine learning jobs are very highly demanding jobs.
Every company is shifting to machine learning. If you choose your future in the Data science and machine learning field both are good choices for you. Read More
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2020.10.25 18:56 clydebarretto A month of HRV data + some stats
Before my trial ends next week - here's my HRV data for a month. The 1st & 3rd days were massively high, so was today's. Otherwise, it seems to have been between mid 50s and the lowest was 44. There was DEFINITELY a relationship to the amount of sleep I've had. In general, I don't sleep well and have been trying my best to increase it (this week I averaged 6hrs and 15mins... and there were definitely many 5hr days there). Last night I had 6hrs and 30mins.
Stats: >>>30+++ years old. 5'8" on a perfect day with shoes on. 155lbs. 12 breaths per minute. Current RHR is 54. It used to be in the upper 40s. I did get COVID19 in March and I'm not sure yet if that has had an affect.
I work out literally every day just about 2hrs a day (concurrent training with 3 days of heavy compound lifts + accessories and the other 4 are boxing + cross/endurance training). This week I had 122,256 steps. I have been pretty active since I was a kid, not an amateur athlete or professional but just insanely active (martial arts, basketball, etc.)
Unfortunately, FitBit doesn't have a display of their own normative data. Whoop's data vs EliteHRV's data are completely different. I've contacted & messaged back and forth with support via Twitter and they couldn't get me any info.
Conclusion: I may pay for an annual premium account. I'm a little OCD and like looking at data. Does HRV matter? Not necessarily. If you've gotten your annual check up, blood work, etc. and everything is a + there's no reason to be obsessed with HRV data.
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2020.10.25 17:46 FantasyLegends TD's Takes from a Non-League Player

DAMWON Gaming (DWG) vs G2 is a rematch between two titans of the game that many people wanted to see! DWG, the powerhouse Koreans, have only lost one game during worlds. G2, the Korean killers, dictate an unorthodox gameplay that has yet to be punished. They aren’t afraid to be different, play different, and defy the norms that define League. They frequently try to jump on other teams and create numerical advantages in different lanes, wreaking havoc across the Rift. Unfortunately, G2’s unorthodox style isn’t necessarily the perfect strategy. The problem with G2’s strategy shows in the data, their focus on gold advantages puts them behind in objectives and macro gameplay. Furthermore, their strategy requires the utmost execution in order to eliminate teams. Using this strategy against the efficient and deadly DAMWON Gaming could be costly. It’s a battle of different styles: the calculated numbers-based approach from G2 versus the patient and punishing execution of DWG. The question is which style will prevail?
We are going to pick up during Game Two because G2 was completely dominated in the first game; they did not have a gold lead since the three-minute mark, which is the exact statistical area they could not afford to lose. Game Two had a very different start with G2 jumping out to a 1k gold advantage after five minutes. The second game had many clear examples of how G2 wanted to play. At 11:33 they created a textbook, two-on-one numerical advantage to get a kill in the top lane. They followed with a quick turnaround in mid lane to gain a three-versus-one advantage, which gave them a five-to-two overall kill advantage and a 1.5k gold advantage on the scoreboard. The lane overloads were exactly how G2 needed to win games, and they had to be calculated and methodical in their approach. Any mistakes and they would pay the price. Unfortunately, the match wasn’t all G2’s devious dominance because at 18:38 they showed their weakness by making a minute mistake that let DAMWON back in the game. Throughout many of their games this year, G2 have shown a tendency for mistakes, and they were truly unable to clean them up for this huge semifinal. G2 may have won the game, but they clearly showed that they have to play practically perfect in order to produce a win.
If it isn’t clear from my tone and harping on G2’s mistakes, DAMWON dominated this series. They showed that they are a solid, steady, and steadfast team with their sights set on bringing glory back to the LCK. Game two exemplified DWG’s prevailing approach where they set the record for the fastest win in worlds history with a 19 minute and 3 second game. Domination may even be an understatement as DWG lead fifteen to two in kills, seven to one in towers taken, and 40.1k to 28.6k in gold. It was a rout by any other name and DAMWON deserves all the credit. They have shown that they are on a mission, and if any team wants to stop them, they need to play a perfect game. DWG have sent a message, and I hope Suning and Top Esports are listening.
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2020.10.25 17:17 Tamerlane-1 Math + CS Major vs. CS Minor for CS/CS adjacent jobs

I am a third year undergraduate, currently going for a double major in math and computer science. I am not particularly interested in traditional software development/engineering jobs, I think it would be more interesting to do something which uses more math, so either a role focused more on machine learning, data science, or quantitative finance. That said, I also want to leave the option of going into software engineering at some point in the future. I am also pretty sure I want to go to grad school (probably a phd) in math or statistics. I am considering switching my CS major to a minor.
As I see it, the pros of a CS minor are:
The cons are:
I guess the question I have for this sub is how much of an impact will having a CS major vs. minor have the jobs I am currently interested in, how much of an impact will it have on work in software development jobs in the future, and if I do go for the minor, what can I do to demonstrate skills/interest in programming.
A little more about myself: I go to UChicago and have a fairly strong GPA. I had an internship writing software for the operations team of a ML company after my first year, I did a math REU after my second year, and I have an offer to work in a quantish role at an insurance which I am pretty sure I am going to take for next summer. I also have a hackathon and a personal project involving machine learning in Python. I am currently taking discrete math, statistics, algebra, and a grad-school machine learning class, and will probably continue with the pattern of 1-3 math classes, 0-1 stats classes, and 0-2 CS classes + some GE requirements for the rest of my time in college. If I go for the major, I will take more CS and less math/stats, if I go for the minor I will take less CS and more math/stats.
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2020.10.25 16:52 creator267 Btech Data Science from tier 2 vs Btech CSE from tier 2.5ish?

Basically DSE from Manipal Main Campus vs CSE from Manipal Jaipur
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2020.10.25 16:39 Logical_Insurance The Lie That Started It All: "COVID-19 Can't Be Compared To The Flu"

Early this year, lockdown skeptics were told again and again that COVID-19 simply cannot be compared to the flu. They were mocked, they were memed, they were shamed, silenced, and censored.
That was the lie that started it all, and the lie that can undo the entire pyramid of falsehoods.
Because COVID-19 is comparable with influenza. The death rate, the manner of infection and spread, and ultimately the tools we use to combat it. We can practice safe hygiene, and the sick and vulnerable can take extra precautions.
But we don't need to accede to the media's fear mongering.
This is really not that different from a bad flu season. Or at least it could have been - before the lockdowns and the untold damage they have caused.
Let's look at some recent data that explores a key point: not all people who have corona are tested and catalogued as an infection. Case numbers are limited only by the amount of testing done. So what are the estimates for the total infection rate, considering many countries across the globe (especially those with less resources) have decided to slow or stop testing? Let's see what the experts that started this mess have to say.
The World Health Organization on Monday estimated that roughly 10% of the global population has had the coronavirus, which suggests that widely used case trackers are a vast understatement of the real scope of the pandemic.
"Our current best estimates tell us that about 10% of the global population may have been infected by this virus," Mike Ryan, the executive director of WHO's Health Emergencies Program, told an executive board meeting on Monday.
Based on a global population estimate of 7.6 billion, it would mean 760 million people have been infected by the virus.
If an estimated 760 million people have been infected by the virus, and according to John Hopkins University there have been 1.151 million total global deaths up to this point, how dangerous is that really?
Well, we can divide 1.151 million deaths by 760 million infected to get a closer idea to the actual fatality rate. 1.151/760 = 0.0015144. That's a 0.15% chance of dying from COVID-19.
Let's compare that to the 2018 flu season deaths in the USA. 45,000,000 infections estimated by the CDC, and 61,000 estimated deaths.
We can divide 61,000 deaths by 45,000,000 infections and we get the 2018 flu's fatality rate: 0.0013555. 0.135% chance of dying.
0.13% vs 0.15%.
The counter argument that will be offered to this data is "but it would be way worse if we didn't lockdown!"
The answer to that is simple. Look at the countries that didn't lockdown, and compare. The data is there, and it is clear: lockdowns aren't helping. If you're in this sub, you already know that, but I find it helpful to go back to the very foundation of this whole mess when it comes to un-brainwashing friends and relatives:
It is comparable to the flu. We don't have to panic and act like the sky is falling and grant governments emergency powers they will be hesitant to relinquish.
Wash your hands. Be polite. Wear a mask if you feel vulnerable, or if you are around vulnerable people and feel courteous. We don't need to shut down. We don't need to lose our freedom. We don't need to lose our humanity.
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2020.10.25 16:05 WearableBliss Whiskies you stopped exploring

I was talking to my gf the other day who is reasonably growing concerned with my obsessive consumption of whisky information and expenditure on whisky, and an interesting question came up. For hobbyists, we build a body of knowledge both intellectually but also in terms of things we tried and evaluated ourselves.
In AI, reinforcement-learning is often used to describe situations in which an agent is in charge of its own data, and it faces an issue of exploration vs exploitation. We want to maximize rewards, if we found the best options we should explore a bit less to exploit more, and obviously explore a lot at the start. If the amount of exploration stays the same for decades, I would be concerned that nothing has been learned.
Another sign of learning would be to form categories and form clusters of whiskies we group together, and then based on that generalize to whiskies we have not tasted yet.
So here a few categories, that I feel I have explored and will not pay a premium of money and effort in the future to have again, but probably grab something else if available:
What categories or clusters of whisky do you feel you are done with?
Edit: I am delighted at the discussions happening here, cheers everyone (with a Ballechin 15 CS)
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2020.10.25 15:21 Skribblz42 $3K Gaming Build Advice

Looking to do this build in a month or so around Black Friday. This is only my second ever build, but it's been more than a decade since my first so looking for inputs and advice:
CPU: The Ryzen 9 3900X will be replaced with a 5900X shortly once it is released.
CPU Cooler: Currently looking at the Corsair H115i RGB Platinum, but I've never messed with water-coolers or overclocking. I'd like to get into overclocking a bit, but I'm not sure that would really even be necessary with this build, at least not for a while. With that being said, the beQuiet! Dark Rock 4 Pro looks like a better option at half the price, but it just won't look as cool.
MB: ASUS ROG Strix x570-E
RAM: Currently looking at the G.Skill Trident Z RGB 2x32 GB DDR-4000 CL 18 based on the rumors that 4000Hz is the new "sweet spot" for Ryzen 5000 series. I'll wait until they come out and others start testing with them, but the other option is the G.Skill Trident Z Neo 2x32 GB DDR-3600 CL 18
SSD: 2x Samsung 980 Pro 1TB in RAID 0 or 1x Samsung 980 Pro 2TB (once released). Everything I have read says RAID 0 isn't worth it for gaming, but the rumored price for the 2TB doesn't seem that much more than two 1TB drives, so I guess at that point, then why not? I have a 10TB external drive that I back up to so I am not too worried about data loss. I could probably save a lot ($300 vs $460) and go with the Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB, but it seems a crime not to take advantage of pcie 4.0 and that extra speed
Video Card: NVIDIA RTX 3080 or whatever AMD is about to come out with
Case: Cougar Panzer EVO RGB
PSU: Currently looking at the Super Flower Leadex III ARGB Pro 850 W. I expect I will take some flak for that choice though as it isn't the typical Corsair RM850x option. The only reason for this is the RGB lights. If this is really a bad call though, I'm not that tied to RGB lighting. Also, does the PSU tunnel help overall cooling by keeping heat from the PSU away from the MB or hurt overall cooling by creating more obstructions in the case? If leaving in the PSU tunnel is the better choice then I would just opt for the Corsair RM850X or RM1000X (to be more "future proof").
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2020.10.25 15:07 South_in_AZ Updates from a research team

MOD approved PSA type posting
I’m on the mailing list for the Science of BDSM research team. I thought their recent update might be of interest. I think I have formatted the most important links for the email to this posting.
Science of BDSM Research Team Fall 2020 update
Dear friends,
We hope you are all doing well. Summer passed by surprisingly quickly (though it also felt like an eternity somehow), and we are midway through our fall semester. This has been a challenging time for many of us, but we have tried to find some silver linings. Our team has been able to focus on working with data we have already collected, collecting new data with online surveys, and learning how to navigate the wonderful world of online communication, which, on the positive side, has allowed us to connect with people around the globe. We have also revamped our website,, so feel free to go check it out!
We appreciate your interest in our work, whether you met us at an event or heard about us online. Without you, our work wouldn’t be possible.
Letter from the Leader
I write to you, once again, from my desk at home. It feels like months since I've seen my office at school. We've all gotten adept at navigating Zoom and Skype and Teams and Google Meet and Discord and Blackboard Collaborate, but it's just not the same as getting together in person. The research team has been trying to make the best use of the time, and I am pleased to report that we've collected data for a new online study and submitted three papers in the last few months. We've also been attending and participating in a number of online events, including a great speaker series at the Leather Archives and Museum, some highly informative webinars offered by CARAS, a full schedule of fun and engaging educational seminars hosted by Twisted Tryst and Galleria Domain 2, and a wonderful online version of Beguiled. Recently, I've been reading some insightful articles by Dulcinea Pitagora, a researcher, therapist, and speaker, including a groundbreaking paper on consent ("Consent vs. Coercion: BDSM Interactions Highlight a Fine but Immutable Line", Pitagora, 2013) and an important and troubling examination of abuse masquerading as D/s ("Intimate Partner Violence in Sadomasochistic Relationships", Pitagora, 2016; both papers available at Finally, if you'll indulge me a non-kink-related recommendation, I have been enraptured by the audio version of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. Highly recommended.
What We’re Working On
Hannah Tarleton recently completed data analysis for her project on consent practices within the community. This project compared consent practices for pick-up play with consent practices for scenes within romantic relationships. Hannah is currently preparing the findings for publication. She would like to thank everyone who participated in this study. With your help, Hannah collected data from a large (N = 202), diverse sample and found some informative results that she hopes to be able to share soon.
Jennifer Erickson's masters thesis on BDSM sadism produced some fascinating results. A paper describing these results ("The Prosocial Sadist? A Comparison of BDSM Sadism and Everyday Sadism in Multiple Adult Populations") is currently under review at Personality and Individual Differences.
Jennifer Erickson published a review of Ariane Cruz's The Color of Kink: Black Women, BDSM, and Pornography in the journal Sexualities. You can download a copy of the review from our publications page.
We submitted "Challenge at the Intersection of Race and Kink: Racial Discrimination, Fetishization, and Inclusivity within the BDSM Community" to Archives of Sexual Behavior and were excited to receive a revise-and-resubmit decision. We are currently revising the paper and plan to resubmit it next month.
We also got some good news on the paper describing Master Bert Cutler's doctoral dissertation. We received a revise-and-resubmit decision on "Partner Selection, Power Dynamics, and Mutual Care Giving in Long-term Self-defined BDSM Couples" from the Journal of Positive Sexuality. We worked on the revisions over the summer, submitted a revised paper earlier this month, and just received word that the revision was accepted for publication!
Data collection for our scene studies (including EEG measures) are on hold pending the return of in-person events. We are working on analyzing our current data and hope to include some preliminary results in future presentations.
Participation Pins
With our university reopened, we were able to mail out participation pins. Pins to United States addresses went out two weeks ago. Pins to other countries went out last week. If you gave us your address but have not received a pin, please email Brad at [email protected], and we’ll send one out to you. Thank you to everyone for your participation and your patience!
New Study
In collaboration with Dionne (Choc Trei) Henderson, we have launched a new study on perceptions of gender inclusivity within the BDSM/Kink/Leather communities. This online study asks about your thoughts and experiences regarding gender inclusivity within kink communities. The survey is open to everyone who is over the age of 18 and who has attended at least one BDSM/Kink/Leather community event such as a conference, educational class, munch, play party, meeting, etc. This survey takes about 20 minutes.
If you choose to participate in this study, your responses will be anonymous. Participation in this study is voluntary. You may withdraw from the study at any time without penalty. If you have any questions, please contact Brad Sagarin at [email protected].
If you would like to participate, please follow this link.
What We’re Planning
Currently we are planning on hosting online presentations since in-person conferences have been put on hold due to COVID-19. We are hoping to host monthly presentations as well as an AMA event on Reddit. Details coming soon.
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2020.10.25 15:03 CovidMdBot 10/25/2020 In the last 24 hours there have been 792 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Maryland. There has now been a total of 140,279 confirmed cases.

SUMMARY (10/25/2020)
Metric 24 HR Total Prev 7 Day Avg Today vs 7 Day Avg
Number of Tests 31,865 26,370 +20.8%
Number of Positive Tests 989 777 +27.3%
Percent Positive Tests 3.10% 3.05% +1.8%
Percent Positive Less Retests 6.60% 6.13% +7.6%
State Reported 7-day Rolling Positive Testing Percent: 3%
Testing metrics are distinct from case metrics as an individual may be tested multiple times.
Percent Positive Less Retests is calculated as New Confirmed Cases / (New Confirmed Cases + Number of persons tested negative).
Metric 24 HR Total Prev 7 Day Avg Today vs 7 Day Avg Total to Date
Number of confirmed cases 792 623 +27.2% 140,279
Number of confirmed deaths 5 8 -35.2% 3,950
Number of probable deaths 0 0 -100.0% 146
Number of persons tested negative 11,210 9,666 +16.0% 1,738,650
Ever hospitalized 52 50 +3.1% 16,757
Released from isolation 9 25 -64.0% 8,064
Total testing volume 31,865 26,379 +20.8% 3,266,149
Metric Total 24 HR Delta Prev 7 Day Avg Delta Delta vs 7 Day Avg
Currently hospitalized 446 -9 +5 -290.9%
Acute care 343 -3 +5 -165.6%
Intensive care 103 -6 0 -4300.0%
The Currently hospitalized metric appears to be the sum of the Acute care and Intensive care metrics.
Cases and Deaths Data Breakdown
County Total Cases Change New Cases per 100,000 (7 Day Avg) Confirmed Deaths Change Probable Deaths Change
Allegany 635 11 14.1 (↑) 23 0 0 0
Anne Arundel 11,724 79 12.2 (↑) 258 2 12 0
Baltimore County 20,208 100 11.4 (↑) 642 3 23 0
Baltimore City 17,440 128 13.8 (↑) 484 0 17 0
Calvert 1,162 4 7.2 (→) 27 0 2 0
Caroline 732 3 12.1 (↓) 8 0 0 0
Carroll 2,202 10 5.6 (↑) 126 0 3 0
Cecil 1,322 12 7.5 (↑) 35 0 1 0
Charles 3,113 23 9.3 (↑) 100 0 2 0
Dorchester 769 8 35.9 (→) 10 0 0 0
Frederick 4,678 35 9.7 (↑) 130 0 8 0
Garrett 126 3 12.3 (↓) 1 0 0 0
Harford 3,529 16 7.8 (↓) 77 0 4 0
Howard 5,777 34 9.8 (↑) 120 2 6 0
Kent 338 0 6.4 (↓) 23 1 2 0
Montgomery 25,147 163 11.1 (↑) 827 3 40 0
Prince George's 32,225 104 13.0 (↑) 829 0 24 0
Queen Anne's 767 5 9.9 (↑) 25 0 1 0
Somerset 410 1 14.6 (↓) 6 0 0 0
St. Mary's 1,452 9 7.7 (↑) 60 0 0 0
Talbot 641 5 8.3 (↓) 6 0 0 0
Washington 2,229 18 12.6 (↑) 43 1 0 0
Wicomico 2,451 17 16.5 (→) 50 0 0 0
Worcester 1,202 4 10.3 (↓) 30 1 1 0
Data not available 0 0 0.0 (→) 10 -8 0 0
Demographic Total Cases Change Confirmed Deaths Change Probable Deaths Change
0-9 5,466 38 0 0 0 0
10-19 12,326 85 2 0 0 0
20-29 26,546 153 24 0 1 0
30-39 25,206 145 52 0 6 0
40-49 22,233 137 129 2 3 0
50-59 20,440 106 324 0 17 0
60-69 13,746 74 647 1 13 0
70-79 8,057 35 979 1 28 0
80+ 6,259 19 1,791 2 78 0
Data not available 0 0 2 -1 0 0
Female 73,882 425 1,933 3 75 0
Male 66,397 367 2,017 2 71 0
Sex Unknown 0 0 0 0 0 0
Race Total Cases Change Confirmed Deaths Change Probable Deaths Change
African-American (NH) 43,512 206 1,606 4 55 0
White (NH) 37,021 268 1,687 5 73 0
Hispanic 29,633 120 453 2 12 0
Asian (NH) 2,687 14 146 0 6 0
Other (NH) 6,524 56 46 1 0 0
Data not available 20,902 128 12 -7 0 0
MAP (10/25/2020)
MAP 7 DAY AVERAGE OF NEW CASES PER 100,000 (10/25/2020)
TOTAL MD CASES (10/25/2020)
I am a bot. I was created to reproduce the useful daily reports from u/Bautch.
Image uploads are hosted on Imgur and will expire if not viewed within the last six months.
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2020.10.25 13:31 DarkVoidBoy HLL audio output format?

Is there any solid information on what audio output HLL uses? Does it do its own positional audio like Arma 3? 44.1k vs 48kHz, 16-bit vs 24, stereo vs surround? If it puts out surround, which formats?
I ask because my searches haven't turned up anything yet, Unreal Engine can support all of these, and observational bias is real when you try to test it yourself. Bonus points to someone who can explain how to use free tools to grab conclusive evidence from meta-data or similar.
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