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Nevada: Fraud Prevention Startup NS8 Lays Off Hundreds, CEO Departs Amid SEC Fraud Investigation

2020.09.15 23:49 3ustice3 Nevada: Fraud Prevention Startup NS8 Lays Off Hundreds, CEO Departs Amid SEC Fraud Investigation
Attention Former Employees of NS8: Wolf Haldenstein Adler FreemanHerz LLP Is Investigating NS8 Inc. For Potential Securities Fraud Violations and Breach of Fiduciary Duty
OPENCORPORATES: The Open Database Of The Corporate World
NS8 INC found 2 companies
NS8 INC. (Delaware) Agent: CORPORATION TRUST CENTER Address: 1209 ORANGE ST WILMINGTON, DE 19801 There are 250 companies that have an address matching Corporation Trust Center 1209 Orange St Wilmington, DE 19801.
NS8, INC. (Nevada) NOTE Agent Adress listed as home for sale on Zillow...
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2020.09.15 23:47 3ustice3 Fraud Prevention Startup NS8 Lays Off Hundreds, CEO Departs Amid SEC Fraud Investigation
Attention Former Employees of NS8: Wolf Haldenstein Adler FreemanHerz LLP Is Investigating NS8 Inc. For Potential Securities Fraud Violations and Breach of Fiduciary Duty
OPENCORPORATES: The Open Database Of The Corporate World
NS8 INC found 2 companies
NS8 INC. (Delaware) Agent: CORPORATION TRUST CENTER Address: 1209 ORANGE ST WILMINGTON, DE 19801 There are 250 companies that have an address matching Corporation Trust Center 1209 Orange St Wilmington, DE 19801.
NS8, INC. (Nevada) NOTE Agent Adress listed as home for sale on Zillow...
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2020.08.02 15:13 1JustSomeone1 Florena and Joseph Rueda in Black Book

I was checking on some other people named in Epstein's Black Book now, so i was trying what i could find on the Rueda's. There is not much to find beside their company "Fjr Care Services LLC", but i was wondering what the reason could be, that they got circled in Epstein's book.
Well, somehow i ended up finding some adress in New York and then i got surprised, because the Rueda's seemed to be from Las Vegas: (click on the +4)
They are also listed there under "116 E 65th StNew York, NY 10065" as the following:
Florena Amores Rueda
Darren Indyke
Lynn Rothschild
and also the Terra Mar Projekt
I could add something else that i just found on another thread here from the Black Book listed under Ghislaine:
In the upper right corner are Joseph and Florina listed with their numbers (with a (p) behind).
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2020.07.07 12:08 the_batfido The Last Of Us, the masterpiece, the sequel. A review/recap of the two games.

Ok, this will be long as i want to adress as much as i can from what i got from the game, and how it compares to the first one. Before we start, thanks in advance for taking the time to read. Important to be noted, this exact post is on both /TheLastOfUs2 and in /thelastofus

1. Games storytelling and emotional attachment (feat. Druckmann himself)

Following i'll link a video where Druckmann explains the way the storytelling of the first one actively features the player: Lessons from the Screenplay: The Last Of Us
This is important, and is often overlooked. In games like Mortal Kombat, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, etc. You are on the constant feeling that you are playing as the character in the screen, there is no direct attachment, and that is not a bad thing. On the other hand, while playing Uncharted, GOW, TLOU, Red Dead, you are not just playing as the character, you are the character.
That feeling, of being in the game, totally helps to immerse you into the story, you feel engaged, in your head after all, you are in there. Achieving this is no small task, it can happen accidentally, while building a game, but it is crucial for an emotional story to get you there, so catharsis\) can happen.
\)Catharsis: i've seen this word used in different ways, i use it as the classic greek meaning. Catharsis is the quality of a theatrical experience to make the spectator feel something the characters are feeling

2. The Last Of Us, a wonderful fusion between top class storytelling and games, and how it eliminates LND with violence as a part of its nature

As you get into the game Joel starts to become your virtual extension, inevitably at some point you are Joel, and you are put in a situation of danger, where it's not just your life that is at stake, it's Ellie´s as well. Once that responsibility kicks into you, it doesnt let go, you have to protect Ellie, and she does her part too, constantly aiding both while combat and looting, you both are survivors. That is your main goal, to get her across the country and not die in the process... was it? As you progress through the game,and encounter several situations and individuals, you are irremediably bonded with Ellie, you protecting her is no longer just the objective of the game, its an emotional response as well. And as you constantly talk about the Fireflies and how important this mission is, you start having your doubts, can't i just settle safely with her and let it go? No, you can't, this is what she wants, what Tess wanted, you are responsible to carry this out, no matter what.
But the first game is not all Joel. For a brief moment, you play as Sarah, Joel's daughter, but its so little that you do not feel you are Sarah, and that's okay, you definitely feel for her and Joel. The other moment when you are not Joel, you are Ellie. In this section of the game, after an emotional moment where Joel gets badly wounded, and you as the player experience that first hand. Joel's damage is not only visible, it comes into how the game plays out as well, the screen gets blurry, the sounds sound farther, until you inevitably collapse. We are playing as Ellie, hunting in the snow, why? You need to survive, food is a part of living that's too often overlooked in most action driven media, survival stories specially, and it's a nice touch that this is addressed in this section of the game, and is the catalyst for what comes next.
While you are Ellie, you face the biggest threat in the entire game, that not only puts your mission of reaching the fireflies at stake, but your survival as well. Even if you were careful while being Joel, chances are you actually thought 3 more times before taking action while being Ellie, you seem much more vulnerable than Joel, and that not only affects the gameplay, it affects your playstyle as well.
I touch more of the narrative of the first game in points 8 & 9. Now i'm going to point the spotlight on another topic: Ludonarrative Disonance\*
\Ludonarrative Dissonance: (Ludo: Game/Play; Narrative: (bruh); Dissonance: Disconnection of the resonance) Term often used in gaming when the gameplay of a game contradicts or challenges the narrative of the game.*
While Uncharted sparks some minor controversy for being Indiana Jones in cutscenes/storyboard and John Wick in gameplay, The Last Of Us does not get that, why?
As i said above, in The Last of Us you are a survivor you do all the brutal killing while on gameplay, because it's kill or be killed, and on cutscenes, it's more of the same, but you have all the brilliant performances of VAs and mocap. But hey, why can´t Indiana Jones be John Wick as well? It's kill or be killed too right? Yes, but actually no. In the little that i have played from Uncharted (couldnt get myself to complete either 3 or 4, just played 2 in its entirety) the enemies have no weight, they are just that, enemies, and Nate doesnt seem to care at all for the hundreds of people he just killed. In The Last Of Us, you get the constant feel that the people you are killing, are in fact people, just like you. The game gets into this all the time if you pay attention, when beating an enemy, they sometimes raise their hands, tell you to stop, it isnt necessary to kill them, then they obviously attack you when they get their chance (Wouldn't Joel and Ellie do the same? Ellie for sure does sort of the same with David). Other more evident times where this happens is in Pittsburgh, after the ambush Joel reveals he has been on both sides of those type of ambushes. After that, you find a room with beds and clothes, even a note resembling a journal. In case it needs to be said: Joel, the guy you know from the beginning and care so much about, your avatar onto this virtual world was just like those NPCs you just killed. So yes, the game doesnt revolve around this too much, and it really shouldnt, after all you are surviving.

3. The first ending, the lie, and how it affects you

With Ellie being torn apart for what she has done (this is another example of how briliant this is: Ellie's behavior drastically changes in this section, she is less responsive, more distant, it is visible that she's at unease and that reflects on gameplay too) you find a moment of happiness, that thankfully takes her away from the pain she is going through. Joel, and, in a way, you, question wether is it worth it to go on with the journey, Ellie, of course, denies the chance of turning back because, after everything we've been through, it can't all be for nothing. This is another brilliant concept, would it be for nothing? Both Joel and Ellie have been lonely most of their post-apocalypse life (Joel had Tess and Ellie had Marlene, but is that really not being lonely?), but are now together and they clearly care for each other, they have finally found well deserved love and family in one another.
Then after you get a reminder that this is a cruel world, and you have to rescue Ellie from a rapid that has formed on a tunnel, you finally get her, and when you do and are desperately trying to get her to breathe, you hear a Firefly telling you to raise your hands, much in the same way that soldier at the beginning of the game. The firefly knocks you out cold, and you wake up in the hospital. I doubt anyone was not asking themselves: WHERE THE F#&! IS ELLIE.
Let's pull a cliffhanger here for a sec. Throughout the game, when Ellie talks about the Fireflies she always makes them sound like good guys, and Joel doesnt respond positively or negatively. This, is mostly because Joel knows that the Fireflies are not that different than everyone else, in fact his own brother used to be a Firefly, and he for sure knows his brother as you'd know your own brother. We, the player, have little to no disconnection with Joel, and regarding the Fireflies, prior to this point we've had 3 experiences with them:
In summary, the Fireflies are in no way shape or form good guys, and the parallel is brilliant: An army soldier (later FEDRA) is the reason you lost Sarah (the soldier didnt want to do it, but he had orders), and this time around, a Firefly prevents you from saving Ellie (although they did save her). Fireflies and FEDRA, they are just the same.
Now, onto "present day": You are revealed that Ellie is being prepared for surgery. Surgery that would result lethal to her, surgery that could be the first step to develop a cure, surgery that would take away from you the girl you've come to love as your own daughter. You are forced to accept, and are being walked out by some honorable and charismatic Firefly soldier, who kindly asks you to give him an excuse to shoot you from the back. While he's walking you out, you notice that he doesn't give you a chance to grab your stuff (the camera clearly focuses on the backpack as you pass by it, it's not nitpicking, just because it isnt directly told doesnt mean it is not told), why? It's a zombie apocalypse, without your stuff you are as good as dead. Wanna know a curious thing about dead people? They do not need backpacks. This guy had his mind resolved: He was gonna fucking kill you anyway.
So, you shoot this kind man two times on the stomach so he tells you where the fuck is Ellie, you most likely fired up the whole place on bullets out of rage, leaving no one breathing behind. You make your way to the operating room and are gameplay wise forced to kill the surgeon. You obviously unload all the M4 rounds you have left on him and rescue your baby girl.
From the moment Joel starts to lie in the car, you feel in your gut that something is extremely off, you are torn, then you play as Ellie for the little remainder of the game (a very smart move, the game just disconnected the player from Joel, the game didnt know if players would agree with what he said, so instead of loosening the gameplay-emotion link, the game avoids this disconnection by having you play as Ellie, who you are definitely tuned in with, she feels almost the same as you), and this feeling only exacerbates in the ending clip, where Ellie confronts Joel, and makes him swear that his lie was true after one of the most emotional pieces of dialogue ever (on one line, you get a recap of the story so far, you get a nod for future content, and all that without losing emotional momentum, in fact, it gives the scene a serious escalation of intensity). This doesnt resolve, but even with that feel on your guts, you dont feel the need to know what comes next.
If anyone told you the story like: "yeah this guy, Joel, has to deliver a girl, Ellie, to some rebel group that wants to develop a cure. But then he doesnt and they get to live on a town with Joel's brother" it seems like a happy ending, but it really isnt, it isnt a happy ending for anyone. The Fireflies had huge losses, and Ellie and Joel's relationship is doomed to a future that is at least mixed because that's what happens when you build a relationship upon a lie.
Was this whole game for nothing? You were supposed to take Ellie to the Fireflies, but you didnt, after all, did you fail? Well yes, but actually no. While the plot revolves around a potential cure, Joel doesnt show at any point that he's into it or something, and the mission at first is just survive this journey to get your promised guns, then it slowly turns to survive this journey and live another day with Ellie. That mission, it was absolutely completed after all we've been through.

4. Part II: was it needed?

So, it's 2016. From a pure fan point of view, more is always better, that's why Left Behind was so well received. But as much as i wanted to be excited, i had my concerns given how well the ending of the first one contained the story. There wasnt much to be said, the Fireflies could be as good as dead, Joel and Ellie have potential for a compelling interesting drama plot, but a driving force is missing at the moment. While it certainly feels unnecesary, why would anyone complain, the reveal trailer did a good job of hyping up and building expectations.
From a storytelling perspective, TLOU didnt have a reason to have a sequel, and the sequel has to be able to give momentum to itself in order to kickstart the story and find a reason to exist.

5. Speaking of lies

As time passes information about the sequel is scarce, if it wasnt teased at enough by the teaser trailer we get what is told in this article:
IGN notes that during a closed-door presentation of The Last of Us Part II, co-lead game designer, Richard Cambier, stated that he cannot confirm if there are multiple playable characters in the game. However, creative director Neil Druckmann soon contradicted that statement by saying that “Ellie is the only playable character in the game.”
A similar lie was told in the first one, this article reads:
Druckmann: From a marketing standpoint, something we were very conscious of initially—We said, “Here are things we will lie about in interviews.” If somebody asks, “Do you play as Ellie?” we would say no. Even though we knew from the beginning that we were working toward this climactic moment where the roles of the characters shift.
The difference? You are almost as close to Ellie as you are close to Joel at that point on the story, so shifting your virtual existence (as hinted at earlier) from Joel to Ellie makes sense in both your mind and your feelings. While we know a whole lot about Joel (even though he still has a mysterious backstory, we know a lot), we don´t know that much about Ellie, then... how come this change comes by to be accepted by most if not all the audience? Dialogue fellas, dialogue. Joel is a silent guy, and he has every reason to be. Ellie is quick-witted and has a mouth, she comments on things, asks questions, tells jokes, feels sorry for the people you get to know through notes, and a large etc. Getting to catharsys with Ellie is even easier than it was with Joel. As soon as you're thrown into it, you're completely into it. With Joel it was a byproduct of knowing his life and playing as him before being him.
Another lie, and a funny one because in a way, stretching it out Neil calls himself a coward for his "brave sequel". This article reads the following:
Regarding the future of The Last of Us, Druckmann has made it clear that the games are about Joel and Ellie. At PSX in 2017, he said that it was less about the world and infected, rather than about these two characters. Based on his interview, it appears he is still sticking to not telling other stories in this fungal zombie universe outside of these two characters. The idea of changing the characters and scenery too much to Druckmann is the “coward’s way out.”
So, The Last Of Us is about Joel and Ellie, but you're totally ok with letting Ellie suffer a living hell that leaves her with just enough soul to keep on living, i can't see or expect Ellie fighting anyone after this game. Ellie suffering wasnt the point though, you definitely tease at a sequel with the massive cliffhanger you get from Abby and Lev, hinting at a next game featuring those two, hence why innovation (something general opinion praises out of the sequel) could not make its way to the ending, leaving the ultimate choice at the hands of the player.
So long for "this is about Joel and Ellie" i believe.

6. Into Part II: Live up to your own greatness

After a period of exams, having the game spoiled, looking at the leaks out of not believing what i read, making a post hating on Abby's physique for making no sense, the game finally released. I was reluctant to buying it, and reinstalled the original. After playing that ending one more time i said to myself "fuck it, it cant be that bad, by playing it i'll come to love it" and i bought Part II.


From the get-go the game diminishes what the first one did, the opening cinematic cuts the ambiguity and surviving factor of the ending to paint Joel as a determined evil guy that will get what he wants at any cost. Was Joel going to get Ellie at any cost? Yes, of course, but that look on the opening cinematic felt like throwing dirt into the first one's ending, the doctor and the Fireflies were trying to take you and Ellie out, you did what you did in order to survive.
Props to YouTube Channel MKIceAndFire for recording quality gameplay footage valuable for revision


After the heart warming scene where Joel plays Future Days for Ellie, we are in the feet of a 19 years old Ellie. Contrast with the first game is that it is possible to develop the feeling that you are Ellie right from the start, because you already know the character, and here comes the first big BUT. While the first game starts introducing both the world and Joel, and you are thrown into playing as a Joel that is visibly hardened by his years of survival and suffering the death of his daughter. There is a 20 year gap that disconnects the player and Joel's point of view, but you are filled in right away, and as far as character development goes, you dont need to know more than that. In the second game when you start to play as Ellie, there is much going on with her life that you do not know, and that makes it harder to get into the role of being Ellie. This starts as just another day in Jackson for Ellie, but for the player it is getting to know people that are new to you, but are close friends of the character you already love. This disconnection could break the feeling of Ellie as an extension of the player into the world. While Ellie struggles with her feelings, the player struggles with the mystery.
Then comes the big moment, just as we were getting close to Dina, we are taken elsewhere. The face of a stranger is on my screen while she sleeps, and little did i know, this was a character i'd have to play with right now. From this point onwards, this experience took a descent that it never got back up from, and it's not that it was extremely high either.
I want to take a moment here to expand on why i think this was a problem, and what i think is the thought process behind it. This breaks your emotional immersion on the game, just as you were getting reattached to Ellie you are thrown off into Abby, without warning, and the game does little to nothing to help either building emotions towards Abby or towards Ellie at this point, you're just following along to who knows where and who knows why. That isnt just an unpleasant short passage, it starts what is going to sever your emotional extension to the game later on.
I think that behind this lies Neil's conception about the player's role in the emotional investment of the game. I do think that a huge part of being immersed in a game like The Last Of Us is your ability to get into the role of i am Joel/Ellie/Abby but as i see it, it does not come from solely the gameplay. I see gameplay as the last gear that turns in order to keep the immersion train going, you do not get from playing as Joel to being Joel from gameplay alone, you get there as the story develops, it ultimately is the story what makes the player-character fusion possible. And that's where this game drops it, because after one point, that magic The Last Of Us had, of us being in the game through Joel and Ellie, now is gone and you feel as an outside spectator.
As Abby you rush in alone looking for someone and when you run into a group of infected, that is later revealed to be a big horde, you are saved by Joel and Tommy. This moment. This mf moment. Oof, just oof.
This whole scene, from the moment you start playing as Abby, is full of coincidences and contrived plot points that can all be encased by the term Deus-Ex Machina\* first off, After spending a night on the ski lodge, Owen decides to take a look around and finds Jackson seemingly by mere coincidence. What next if he didnt go out? Keep heading north? Next up, Abby decides to go on her own to this settlement, it should be hard enough to do on this cold and snow, but let's just throw a massive storm in there, surely after days of travelling and taking patrols and look arounds you didnt notice that big chunk of clouds coming towards you. Now from Joel and Tommy's perspective, we are told they left for patrol hours earlier than Ellie and Dina left, we know Ellie left at around 6:00-6:30AM, so Joel and Tommy must have left at least at 4:30AM if not earlier, it is said that they left because of an infected sighting that needed to be taken care of. Little old me cant help but wonder, how many kilos of carrots a day you can eat to spot infected miles away in a storm at 4 AM? Anyway, even though they are locals of the area they dont seem to know that a storm is coming their way, and keep on patrol. Ellie and Dina at around 7-8AM detect the storm from their lookout post, they do decide to continue the patrol, but Tommy and Joel were engaged with infected, or looking for them, heading into a storm could result in death, and they seemingly ignore that atogether. Back to Abby, she's into this storm and this horde of infected, instead of turning back she keeps on forward, ultimately leading to her death if no one showed up. We are to believe that in the 4 years of training prior this moment she made of herself a killing machine in order to atttain revenge, but she cant have the situational awareness to realize that she'll be dead in minutes if she keeps pushing on? Its almost like she was expecting someone to show up. The moment comes and she's pinned down, seconds away from being dead, and comes papa Joel to the rescue, why was Joel here? Why approach an enraged horde in middle of a storm? Argument could be made that he was there to help Abby, but there's no visibility whatsoever from a distance, so he and Tommy went head on to their deaths and they found Abby in the process. What comes next is just what it is, i actually have less issue with Joel "trusting" than i have with Joel being absolutely idiotic. For both sides of this, Joel and Tommy were dead if Abby wasnt there, they had nowhere to run until Abby suggests her hideout. Abby was undoubtedly dead if Joel didnt show up as well. Am i supposed to believe these are the people that have survived so long in this world? Surely anyone can die to the infected but hell is that downright stupid.
Ok, big moment has already passed, Ellie embarks on her quest for revenge and to look for Tommy, who left before her even though he was trying to convince her not to. Protective? Perhaps, i'll give this decision a pass. At this point you are playing as Ellie, but at least in my case, i never gained the ability to be Ellie ever again, the relationship with Dina was nice but we don't get to escalate that relationship for me to care enough for her. The hunting down of Abby's group segment was pretty fun, and i think a GoW or Soulsborne-ish level design could've helped this segment a lot, free roam but not so much. However, this segment long overstays, it doesnt move much storywise as it does gameplay wise and it shows.
For this half of the game, we're presented with Ellie's quest for revenge and the toll it's taking on her body, her mind, and those around her. However, while in the original game you were surviving, taking on enemies that could very well be just like you, on the sequel, the enemies are the same, but your goals are others, you are on this path solely to take revenge on those that did wrong by you. Had this been Joel taking revenge, things would've played differently, but that's the point. Ellie is not Joel, the game states this on the subtext many times, getting caught, showing remorse and guilt for an interrogation or murder, failing on interrogating other people, etc. Another BIG BUT is the ludonarrative dissonance on this one is unbearable. When your story revolves around the morals and the damage on a person that violence can have, you must have it reflected upon gameplay, on this case, it was the exact opposite, Ellie is shown steps away from enjoying killing Jorge or Leah, who are no longer nameless NPCs, but it's so overdramatic that it comes off as funny sometimes. And at the same time, Ellie is haunted by guilt and remorse after stabbing a pregnant Mel in the neck, who 5 seconds ago was trying to do the same to her, posing more of a threat than any Jorge i killed with an explosive arrow while crawling in the grass.
A huge missed opportunity was giving the player Ellie's perspective on the torture, interrogation, and murder of Nora, since it was such a traumatic event for her, you could link the player and Ellie through the guilt of what they have done, and question their every next move. We know this game has no issue with violence, Joel's demise and the gameplay are evidence of that, so why dont let us experience the unsettling events that broke Ellie's psyche, while being forced to take part on it, just like Ellie was forced by circumstance to do it.
The flashbacks were a great way to expand on the original ending, but if you take them away, this story makes the same sense as it did without them, which is underwhelming, to say the least, for that great of an ending to be addressed via flashbacks, that at the same time felt as emotional anchors to not lose the player.
This segment ends pathetically, confirming our protagonists are all idiots. After arriving to the theatre, Ellie is disturbed and gets some sleep, when she wakes up, Jesse and Tommy are discussing plans and strategies to go back to Jackson, i get that, but don't they talk at all? I mean they clearly didnt see Abby lying dead on the floor when they found Ellie, so we are to believe they didnt even ask each other something like:
+"Hey, how come you know your way so well here in Seattle?"
-"Oh, we had a map where we would pinpoint locations by intercepting radio frequencies, thats how we found you"
+"oh, cool, where's the map? Maybe we can plan a route to get out of here without taking much risk"
-"here, oh shit wait, where's the fucking map? We lost it"
+"We gotta get out of here right now"
They not only lose the map filled with information, they dont realize they lost it for hours of talking about plans to leave the city. Whatever.
The gameplay is as fun as you'd expect coming from the original. A much appreciated addition is the ability to craft arrows, i am definitely going to miss that replaying the original.


The second half of the game just didn't land with me. I never felt attached to Abby whatsoever, i understood her pain, but never felt it, and the game constantly putting her in situations where she comes as the "good girl" was so evident it was just comical. Before all the "isms" i'm going to get called, i think Abby is a psychopath, a sadistic psychopath*, and not a likable one like Hannibal Lecter might be either. After killing Joel, she evidently doesnt get inner peace, but not because of what she has done, she doesn't find peace simply by the nature of revenge, revenge does not solve anything. She's not disturbed at all before or after torturing and killing Joel, and that makes sense, we are later revealed that she enjoys torturing Scars, and so does Manny, she's a hardened combatant of a paramilitary terrorist organization, she's not just acquainted with violence, she's been molded by it and she enjoys it. Save Mel and Owen, everyone involved in killing Joel seems to show no remorse, discomfort, guilt, or whatsoever. Manny mentions killing Scars and infected is "much more fun than getting drunk and watching anime" they have combat in the same "thought folder" as entretainment.
*Sadistic: deriving pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.
While some interesting world building is set up during this part, the story is not interesting, and could be told in an hour of gameplay and cinematics with the same level of depth, that could've saved me both time and the sight of the most awkward sex scene i've seen on media ever. I've read memes more romantic than Abby and Owen's story.
When this campaign comes to an end, i already hated Abby, and the added "good" when she's about to slit Dina's throat is just monstrous, i get your friend just died, but that's fucked up, your friend could've died in combat many times before that, she was active on the frontlines of an ongoing warfare.


Definitely the only interesting character in Abby's segment is Lev, and it's really a shame that they didn't use him more in the story, he's just there to draw a parallel to Ellie, and feed a sequel or spin-off, as the segment he's in is part of Abby's campaign he gets the spotlight very briefly and that's just sad, at the end, the most interesting arc feels like a side-quest that doesnt contribute to the main plot at all, and that is very disappointing. I dont know what's worse about this, that a side quest is more interesting or that the main premise is so weak that a bootleg version of the original outperforms it.

Other "minor" conveniences, inconsistencies or plotholes

I'm just gonna make a list, bear in mind that some of these are just nitpicks, but still.

7. Into Part II: Side things i think the original does better

Listen Mode

In the original, Listen mode was a unique version of Arkham's Detective mode, and Assassin's Creed Eagle Eye, but while Batman had X-Rays; and Ezio, Altair, and co. have... Spider-Sense? Joel and Ellie had their ears, every sound an enemy made was visible in Listen mode, and if the enemy didnt talk, walk or move, they would be invisible in Listen mode, because duh, they're not producing any sound you can listen to. On the sequel Listen Mode is just a way to see enemies through walls, if they shoot, talk or scream, that'll make little to no difference, they're a cloud that is always visible from a certain range, or will be completely invisible, in the case of Stalkers.

Setting and World

Remember the plot of the first game? "Yeah this guy, Joel, has to deliver a girl, Ellie, to some rebel group that wants to develop a cure. But then he doesnt and they get to live on a town with Joel's brother". Why is it 10 hours then?
Just a walk
The first game was the father of Death Stranding, you're a delivery guy who has to deliver a package to reunite America. That's the whole premise of the game, and it works so well because a drive that would take you days, takes a year or more for Joel and Ellie in this world.
On Part II we get these travels, and little to no mention of them, specially with a crippled Tommy, a pregnant Dina, and a broken Ellie.
(Las Vegas is mentioned in a Journal Entry by Ellie)
Who wouldnt have loved 3 hours crossing Las Vegas instead of 3 hours... fighting scars and infected on post apocalyptic Ikea as Abby?

Side Characters

Where TLOU shines (and oh boy does it shine) the most, at least for me, is when our beloved duo is accompained other people on their way, these characters are memorable, interesting and add to the story, without ever robbing the protagonists of the spotlight, which wouldn't be inherently bad, but it can be damaging if its overdone.
Here are some examples of the wide variety of emotions and themes the side characters make us go through:


Determination/Defiance/Redemption/Certainty of death


Loneliness/HonoRespect/(No) Love/Loss

Sam & Henry

Grief/Responsibility/Cruel World/Struggle of survival


Family/Settling down/Guilt/Haunting Past


Perspective/Survival/Are we the good guys?

8. Into Part II: Being Unfair

Guns and Gameplay

From the start of Abby's campaign you have the semi-auto rifle (interestingly similar to the Variable rifle from Factions MP DLC, but whatever) which is by far better than most equipment Ellie had in the entirety of her story, inluding Santa Barbara. Then, you get the mitic EL DIABLO from the first game (sorry, but i cant type or say "EL DIABLO" without thinking about PewDiePie's playthrough of the original), Better than the revolver and the hunting rifle Ellie has. Then the Flamethrower, like bro, really? A newly introduced Crossbow (oh wait, its from Factions MP DLC as well), which is a bow on steroids. She gets a car shootout vs humans, she gets the most creepy and awesome levels and bosses, she gets to see the wonderful scenery of the heights of Seattle (even if she doesnt love it, i did, and i loved that she didnt) she gets the most intense action sequence when fighting both the WLF and the Scars on a burning village.
Gameplay wise, Ellie is forced to murder dogs and their owners, NPCs sometimes will cry the names of the other NPCs whose throats have been slit (who was 60% of the time Jorge, 30% Leah, and 10% whoever else). She also gets most of the monotonous exploring around monotonous areas, and that gets old rather quickly, specially when resources are as rare as they are in Survivor difficulty (i must admit i almost never ran out of bullets), i felt that there were plenty of resources actually, but they were not scattered at all, in one desk i'd find a full clip for my gun, and on the next one a scissor, and that's on an entire building. It really made me feel like i was wasting my time exploring around, since often there weren't nice things like gnomes or whatever.

Life and Plot

Ellie was virtually alone her whole life, she lost her parents, she lost her best friend to the infected after they promised each other to become zombies together, which as we know, didnt go as planned, the first person that genuinely cared about her after a long time was Joel, and as you may know from stories, friends, family or personal experience, it is one of the hardest things in the world to develop the father and son/daughter dynamic. Ellie coming to know Joel, with all his flaws, and eventually loving him as a father is what made the first game so beautiful.
On the other hand, we have Abby, who presumably lost her mother, but still has her father, Owen, and the community of the Fireflies, until they find Ellie and her dad is killed while attempting murder with extra steps which leads to the latter demise of the Fireflies as a group.
On this game we get to see Ellie become more and more damaged as the game progresses, and she seems to not ever stop suffering from the moment Joel was killed, and she was already on a romantic crisis prior to it.

Future Days

Like stated above, Abby has a future ahead of her, a hopeful future while we're at it, her quest ends on a cliffhanger that stinks of a sequel all over it, with the company of Lev she'll presumably join the Fireflies, living on to her father and her friends legacy by trying to make the world a better place (or so they say)
On the other hand, Ellie is still emotionally broken, her loved ones left her, Tommy probably will hate her, Jesse is dead, we do not know if Maria is mad at both Tommy and Ellie or just Tommy, Jesse's parents probably won't like her either knowing she went for revengev yet again. She doesnt hold any mementos of her past, save a photo of her, Joel and Tommy; she lost her fingers and left her guitar behind through which she connected with her friends and Joel, her switchblade (only memory of her mother) is sinking in the sea for Nathan Drake to find.
Ultimately i feel the character of Ellie is mistreated and wasted, what was one of the most iconic characters in gaming is now but a deppressed soul in a deppressing world, but hey, expectations subverted, right?
Thank you for reading


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2020.04.17 22:32 grjacpulas 2 years of internet trouble

The title might seem dramatic, but its the truth and I am at my wits end. TLDR at bottom.
My internet goes out so often over the last two years its normal to me.
I have Cox in Las Vegas, I am sorry I don't know technical numbers but I have there second highest Tier service, what ever Tier is right under 1g.
A year ago I upgrade my modem to a Arris Surfboard 8200 and for a while after there were no internet issues. Eventually they started up again, where the internet goes down about once a week. Cox sent out three technicians that just plug something into my modem, tell me my speed is good, and then leave.
Eventually out of desperation I changed Coaxed cables and that helped for a few weeks and then the problem started dropping again.
This morning I bought a brand new NetGear CM1000 modem, got it all set up, and 30 minutes later the internet dropped.
Cox is sending a Technician tomorrow but I want to be sure the problem is adressed and this guy doesn't just waste my time. Any ideas what I can tell him to check?
Any and all help is appreciated.
EDIT It seems to get worse since I started playing CoD online, I game online all the time but this specific game makes our modem drop. Is it possible internet intensive activities are stressing a connection or something? (please don't laugh if that is a stupid statement)
Internet drops out once a day, all lights on modem shut off and start trying to come back on
I have to unplug Coax and modem to get the modem to start back up again
I have;
Upgraded modem twice and changed coax cables four times, all are just temp fixes
Cox technician comes tomorrow and I want to be able to make sure he corrects issue.
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2020.04.17 22:28 grjacpulas 2 Years of Internet Problems- Please help

The title might seem dramatic, but its the truth and I am at my wits end. TLDR at bottom.
My internet goes out so often over the last two years its normal to me.
I have Cox in Las Vegas, I am sorry I don't know technical numbers but I have there second highest Tier service, what ever Tier is right under 1g.
A year ago I upgrade my modem to a Arris Surfboard 8200 and for a while after there were no internet issues. Eventually they started up again, where the internet goes down about once a week. Cox sent out three technicians that just plug something into my modem, tell me my speed is good, and then leave.
Eventually out of desperation I changed Coaxed cables and that helped for a few weeks and then the problem started dropping again.
This morning I bought a brand new NetGear CM1000 modem, got it all set up, and 30 minutes later the internet dropped.
Cox is sending a Technician tomorrow but I want to be sure the problem is adressed and this guy doesn't just waste my time. Any ideas what I can tell him to check?
Any and all help is appreciated.

EDIT It seems to get worse since I started playing CoD online, I game online all the time but this game specific makes our modem drop. Is it possible internet intensive activities are stressing a connection or something? (please don't laugh if that is a stupid statement)

Internet drops out once a day, all lights on modem shut off and start trying to come back on
I have to unplug Coax and modem to get the modem to start back up again
I have;
Upgraded modem twice and changed coax cables four times, all are just temp fixes
Cox technician comes tomorrow and I want to be able to make sure he corrects issue.
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2020.02.04 19:35 titansfan174 Titansfan174's Post Super Bowl 2020 NFL Mock Draft V 2.0 [2 Rounds w/Explanations and Trades]

My last mock draft was very fun to do and interact with everyone. This time, with a set draft order, I am here to predict what I think may be happening this April. I decided to include trades this time around to add some spice to our mock draft obsessions. As with the last one, please feel free to argue and establish why you think my pick to your team is good/bad. The actual picks in the trades can be edited after I post based on what you guys think of them. I will include 2021 picks in order to maximize trade potential.
CLE receives 1.7 / CAR receives 1.10, 3.70, 2021 3rd
LVR receives 1.9, 1.20, 6.170 / JAX receives 1.12, 1.19, 3.80, 2021 4th
PHI receives 1.13 / IND receives 1.21, 2.53, 2021 2nd
MIA receives 1.15, 2.46, 3.83 / DEN receives 1.18, 2.39, 3.70
GB receives 1.20 / LVR receives 1.30, 2.62
SEA receives 1.22, 3.87, 2021 4th / NE receives 1.27, 2.63
CAR receives 1.29 / TEN receives 2.38, 3.69, 2021 3rd
MIA receives 2.37 / LAC receives 2.46, 5.148, 2021 3rd
1. CIN: Joe Burrow QB LSU - The Burrow pick is basically set in stone till his name is called. I think Burrow could have a really good season with Cincy, depending on how the front office attacks this offseason. Surround him with OL help and another playmaker on the outside and he should be the front runner for ROY.
2. WAS: Chase Young EDGE OSU - Another pick set in stone is Young to the Redskins. Young is an extremely gifted pass rush artist and should be an immediate impact in Washington. The Redskins defense could see major strides this upcoming season with a pretty intimidating front 7. I expect the Redskins to improve on their win total from last year with Rivera and company at the helm.
3. DET: Jeffrey Okudah CB OSU - I think the closer we get to the draft, the more we will know about what Detroit wants to do at pick 3. I think Okudah is the best fit for them in terms of need, BPA, and value. I think a QB needy team could definetly trade up here and get Tua/Herbert. I think if Detroit stays they could go Okudah, Simmons, or even Derrick Brown. I think Patricia and Quinn are most worried about improving the defense and Okudah helps with that a lot.
4. NYG: Isaiah Simmons LB CLEM - I want to preface this explanation with this, I think Simmons isn't a great fit for this 3-4 defense. The reason I am sticking with Simmons is his sheer versatility and talent. I think the could play ILB in a 3-4, but should be able to be used as a swiss army knife, being able to play off ball LB, safety, nickel corner, and rush the passer on occasion. I think OL would be a great pick here as well and if you Giants fans agree please elaborate what exactly you want to happen with this pick.
5. MIA: Tua Tagovailoa QB ALA - In my last mock, I went against the grain and had the Dolphins looking for a QB in 2021, building the roster up now to help the future QB succeed later. After some talk with some of you and this being what I think will actually happen, Tua is the pick. Tua is a great QB prospect that is suffering from numerous injuries he suffered at Bama. I think he will have success in the NFL, but his injury history scares me and the Dolphins medical staff will defintely be in Indy to check him out. Herbert could sneak his way here if Tua's medicals don't check out, but I think Tua is the best pick.
6. LAC: Justin Herbert QB ORE - I think the Chargers have a 80-90% chance to take a QB at 6. The reports that Rivers is gone are not confirmed, but it seems very likely. Moving into the new stadium in LA should help convince Tom Telesco out with getting their next franchise QB. Herbert possesses a lot of great physical traits, but has a lot of questions when it comes to his mental processing and work in the pocket. If needed, Tyrod Taylor could spend the first few games as the starter like he did in Cleveland to help Herbert learn the system a bit.
7. CLE (via CAR): Andrew Thomas OT UGA - This is the first trade of the mock. I have Cleveland trading up to secure their franchise tackle before Arizona gets the chance. Cleveland will trade up 3 spots with Carolina, giving up their 3rd round pick this year and in 2021. I personally think Thomas is the best OT in the draft, but either way I think the Browns will be aggressive in whoever they think is the best tackle in the draft. If you think Wills, Wirfs, or Becton is the pick here, I fully understand.
8. ARI: CeeDee Lamb WR OKLA - After Cleveland's trade up, the Cardinals may miss their guy they wanted, or they see an opportunity to pair Kyler Murray with his superstar WR from Oklahoma. I think OT would be a great pick at 8, but CeeDee is such a dynamic playmaker and his previous rapport with Murray could lead to an explosive offense in Arizona.
9. LV (via JAX): Jerry Jeudy WR ALA - The next trade of the mock is for the new Las Vegas Raiders to secure a blue chip prospect at WR. This trade may look complicated, but essentially the Raiders move up 3 spots with the Jags, and the Jags move up one spot in the 1st with their second pick, along with getting one of the Raiders 3rds and a 2021 4th. If they feel the Jets or Colts will try and get Jeudy, they should feel no hesitation to get one of the best WRs to come out in the past few drafts. Jeudy would surround Carr, Jacobs, and Waller along with a good OL to establish an exciting offense for Gruden to work with.
10. CAR (via CLE): Derrick Brown DL AUB - Carolina gets to move down 3 spots while getting two 3rd rounders, and still get a blue chip player. I think the Panthers are going to stick with Cam at least one more year, so they should look to gather as many talented players as possible. Brown would immediately help solidify the front 7 of the defense with his ability to stop the run and disrupt the pocket against the pass. I think they could go a variety of ways with this pick, but I'm going BPA with Brown.
11. NYJ: Jedrick Wills OT ALA - With Lamb and Jeudy off the board, the Jets make the smartest choice and provide Darnold and Bell with a stud at OT. Wills should provide value in pass protection along with opening holes for Bell, and I think that is the most important need for the Jets. Just like with Cleveland, if you think Wirfs or Becton is the better pick here subsitute them for Wills and I would have no problem.
12. JAX (via LV): Kristian Fulton CB LSU - Jacksonville trades down 4 spots with the Raiders in order to move up from 20 to 19 (rather minor), but also gets a 3rd and a 4th. If you think they would need more to trade down I could work on the trade details. The Jags have a good bit of needs but shouldn't look past good talent for good need fit. Thankfully need and talent meet with Fulton. I thought Fulton played very well all season for LSU, and covered the Clemson receivers good enough to warrant some draft stock increase. The Jags could pick any of the players drafted until their next pick and it would be a good pick, but Fulton is the best option available.
13. PHI (via IND): Henry Ruggs III WR ALA - This is one of my favorite trades of the mock in terms of the reasoning for both teams. Philly trades up from 21, giving up their 2nd in this draft and in 2021, but gets the perfect WR fit for their offense. They need someone with speed and separation quickness, and Ruggs brings that. Some Eagles fans may think the price is too steep, but I don't think Ruggs will be able to slip past Denver after his performance at the upcoming Combine.
14. TB: Tristan Wirfs OT IOWA - In this reality, I think the Bucs franchise tag Winston and try to instill ball security the entire offseason. If he limits his turnovers, he is a great fit in Arians system. If they move on I think they could pick Love here or Eason in the 2nd. If they stick with Winston, they need to protect him better. I am not huge on Wirfs, but I think this is good value for him and he can stay at RT in Tampa.
15. MIA (via DEN): A.J. Epenesa EDGE IOWA - This trade is similar to the Jags one as it's mostly about trading up and down the board. Miami trades up 3 spots in the first while Denver trades up 7 spots in the 2nd and 13 in the 3rd round. Miami sees that Epenesa is still on the board and wants to jump Atlanta to get their choice of the two. Chaisson may be a better scheme fit, but I think Epenesa offers more disruption in the box and is a more skilled pass rusher right now. If they like Chaisson more they could pick him, but if both are available I think they could realistically trade in front of them and get their first choice.
16. ATL: K'Lavon Chaisson EDGE LSU - With the Dolphins jumping them for Epenesa, the Falcons still get a premier pass rusher in Chaisson. With Vic Beasley out the door, even though he wasn't a great threat anyways, the edge rusher is the most glaring need on this roster. Chaisson is one of the quickest players off the snap in the draft and is versatile enough to play with his hand in the ground as well as standing up. This would be a great pick for Dan Quinn's defense and help them get back in playoff contention.
17. DAL: Grant Delpit S LSU - Delpit's fall is very similar to Derwin James in my opinion. I think people are focusing too much on some of his struggles this pasy year, and ignoring the previous two years of elite play. Now he was in my top 5 before this season and has been steadily moved down since, but he is still a very good playmaking safety who excells in coverage and pursuit, just needs better technique in tackling. Delpit would be an instant impact for Dallas and I would love to see what the Cowboys defense could do when healthy like 2018.
18. DEN (via MIA): Tee Higgins WR CLEM - Denver gets to move back 3 spots while moving up significant spots in the 2nd and 3rd round and still get a perimeter threat in Higgins. With Denver's 2nd best WR being Daesean Hamilton with 297 yards, the number 2 receiver is a major need. Higgins offers a very good deep threat in terms of body adjustment and strong hands across the middle. The Broncos have a talented roster but just need a few key players in some important positions to get over the hump and possibly in the playoffs next season.
19. JAX (via LV): Javon Kinlaw DL SC - DL may not be the biggest need for JAX, but their run defense took a huge step back this season and could use more interior pressure. With Marcel Dareus being a sure fire cut due to his 20 million dollar cap hit, Kinlaw will step in next to Taven Bryan inside with Allen and Campbell outside to form one of the best pass rushing DLs in the NFL. Kinlaw is mostly a BPA pick here because of how dominant he can be against the pass. I think this would be a home run pick and Jags fans would be estatic with Kinlaw on the field.
20. GB (via LV via JAX): Laviska Shenault WR COLO - This is one of the trades I could actually see happen on draft day. The Packers, like the Broncos, have a great WR1 but lack any true threat under them and I think Shenault is the last elite talent at WR. They will be giving up their 2nd round pick while have Las Vegas move back to 30, and I think it is totally worth it. If you saw my big board post, you know I am extremely high on Shenault and the potential he brings. His ability after the catch is the best in the class just because of his running back style of running and instincts to break tackles and make highlight plays. Rodgers would have a great option in Shenault to throw the deep ball because of his speed and would elevate this offense if he hits some of his potential in year 1.
21. IND (via PHI): Jordan Love QB USU - Colts fans must be elated with this trade if they are high on Love. Moving down 8 spots while picking up two 2nd round picks and still getting Love would be a great draft day. Love has loads of potential, but I think he needs to be under a smart HC that has a great system in place and could let Love sit for a while to help better understand the game. Thankfully the Colts match that description to a tee. I think Indy and New Orleans would be the best fits for Love and in Indy, he could become a truly great talent in a few years.
22. BUF: Yetur Gross-Matos EDGE PSU - I think the Bills could go WR here or trade down, but I think Edge is still a huge need for Buffalo. Gross-Matos has the potential to be an elite pass rusher with some good coaching, and Buffalo has some good coaching. He is a raw athlete and needs to work on his mental processing when it actually comes to formulating a pass rush plan, but he could be such a good player if he learns to play the game better.
23. SEA (via NE): Mekhi Becton OT LOU - While I think Becton will be gone before now, I think if he's still available Seattle would want to get ahead of Minnesota and Miami to secure him. They move up 4 spots and get a 3rd and 2021 4th while giving up one of their 2nd round picks. The Seahawks need to address edge rush and some WR help, but I am tired of watching Wilson run for his life with only one stable offensive lineman in Duane Brown. Becton could stick at RT and become a very good tackle to protect Wilson and open up holes for the Seattle backfield.
24. NO: Justin Jefferson WR LSU - The Saints again are just like the Broncos and Packers in that they have a star at WR1, but lack any true playmakers at WR2 or WR3. Jefferson is a scheme dependent WR that will have to play in the slot against off coverage to really succeed, but with Sean Payton I think he could broaden his expertise and be a focal point for Drew Brees to throw to.
25. MIN: Trevon Diggs CB ALA - This is one of my favorite picks that I will probably be doing for the next couple mocks. The fact that he is brothers with Stefon isn't why I do it, but I feel like the Vikings FO likes what they got with Stefon and his brother is just as good of an athlete. Diggs played really well all season minus the LSU game against Chase, but so did a lot of good corners this year (A.J. Terrell). CB is a big need for Minnesota who is trying to move on from "pro bowler" Xavier Rhodes and has some underperformers at the position right now.
26. MIA: Josh Jones OT HOU - Josh Jones is a stud. I think his draft stock is going to keep rising especially after the Senior Bowl he had. He played outstanding this past season, even without King playing QB. Miami needs OL help and Jones could step in and be an impact starter week 1.
27. NE (via SEA): Terrell Lewis EDGE ALA - I've heard a lot of mixed feelings about Lewis, some have him as a late 1st, others have him as a early 3rd. I think we will know more about him closer to the combine, but I think NE is looking for youth on defense and Lewis fits that. He has great length and should be a good scheme fit. NE trades down a few spots giving up a 3rd and future 4th but picks up one of Seattle's 2nd's because NE doesn't have one of their own.
28. BAL: Patrick Queen LB LSU - The Ravens actually have some pretty pressing needs going into next season. Their pass rush, strong safety, iOL, and WR groups all need an influx of talent. I believe that LB is the biggest need before FA though, and Queen should be a good fit in Baltimore. I considered Kenneth Murray here, but I would guess BAL wants a more rangy LB who can cover. Queen would be good value at 28 and Baltimore can continue to build their young defense.
29. CAR (via TEN): Xavier McKinney S ALA - In this scenario, the Panthers see Xavier McKinney falling down the board and want to snag him before they miss out on him. The Panthers move up from 38 while giving up their 2021 second to the Titans to get McKinney. I think the Panthers really need a versatile defender to help with the loss of Luke Keuchly. McKinney can play a variety of positions but will play FS most of the time in Carolina with Eric Reid playing SS.
30. LV (via GB): Kenneth Murray LB OKLA - Las Vegas moved down from 20 to pick up a 2nd rounder they didn't have and still get a player at a huge position of need. Murray is a very good run stopper who also brings along the ability to rush the passer. I think these skills will entice Mayock to try and get him to bolster the talent ridden Raiders LB corps. I think the Raiders will be primarily focused on WR and LB in round one and in this scenario they get great talent at both positions.
31. SF: C.J. Henderson CB FLA - The 49ers are a team on the rise with little to no holes on offense other than iOL and possibly another WR but in the later rounds. Defensively, CB and S could be looked at and I think Henderson would be great value at 31. What Henderson lacks against the run, he makes up for against the pass. He has a knack for sticking to WRs and being able to bat the ball away with good timing. He also brings a big frame which is exactly what SF looks for in their CBs.
32. KC: Jeff Gladney CB TCU - As much as I want the Chiefs to pick DeAndre Swift here, I'm going with Gladney to help bolster their secondary. I think the play of Damien Williams shut down some of the need for a HB, but I would still be invested in taking Swift because of his pass catching ability. Gladney would give the Chiefs a lanky CB with good extention ability and the speed to keep up with NFL WRs.
33. CIN: Tyler Biadasz iOL WIS - I think Biadasz still has the ability to succeed at the NFL level, and he would provide Burrow with a smart, powerful, and instinctual center to help solidify the Bengals OL.
34. IND: Brandon Aiyuk WR ASU - The Colts need an outside weapon across from T.Y., and Aiyuk should bring that for this Colts offense. This gives Love a WR to throw to and the Colts another valueable player to an increasingly talented roster.
35. DET: Julian Okwara EDGE ND - Detroit build on defense yet again with a gifted pass rusher who needs to work on some technical things, but should help the Lions get to the passer more frequently.
36. NYG: Austin Jackson OT USC - The Giants decide to pick OT after passing on OT at 4. Jackson is up and down in terms of the consensus of a prospect, but has the potential to support Jones for years to come.
37. MIA (via LAC): D'Andre Swift HB UGA - Miami decides to trade up to make sure they get the best HB on the board who somehow slipped to the 2nd round. Giving up a 5th and a 2021 3rd, Miami gets to pick Swift who should help the offense in a variety of ways. I love Swifts ability to catch the ball and he has the burst and elusiveness to make people miss and get significant yards on the ground. Miami will be coming out of this mock draft with 5 starters with immense potential.
38. TEN (via CAR): Curtis Weaver EDGE BSU - Tennessee decides that there isn't enough talent on the board at 29 to reach for an Edge prospect so they trade down with Carolina while picking up a future 2nd. Weaver is a highly productive edge rusher with good bend and a pass rush plan that should translate to the NFL well. The Titans offseason will tell the story of their draft, but Edge should be adressed with one of their first 2 picks.
39. DEN (via MIA): Jaylon Johnson CB UTAH - Johnson has been creeping up draft boards and gives the Broncos a CB that plays smart and should help CHJ out if he comes back.
40. ARI: Lucas Niang OT TCU - Arizona takes the route of the Giants and decides to take a tackle round 2 after passing on one in round 1. Niang is a rather raw prospect but offers high upside to protect Murray.
41. CLE: Ashtyn Davis S CAL - The Browns could honestly double down on OT here, but Davis offers a superior athlete at a position of need. Davis could play either FS or SS and has great range and short area quickness to excel at the next level.
42. JAX: Jalen Reagor WR TCU - Jacksonville needs some more consistent options at WR and Reagor would make the WR corps young and talented. Reagor possesses great speed and separation quickness and could help the Jags offense in the passing game year 1.
43. CHI: Jacob Eason QB WAS - Come draft day, the Bears may need to trade up to pick Eason, but in this mock he falls to them at 43. The Bears don't have a lot of glaring needs and Eason would give Nagy an option to elevate his offense due to his skill set with a strong arm and solid accuracy over the middle.
44. IND: Neville Gallimore DL OKLA - This may be the steal of the draft for the Colts. Gallimore is a real pass rush threat from the NT position and would help the Colts defense get more consistent pass rush on the QB.
45. TB: Ross Blacklock DL TCU - With Suh a FA and Vea locked in at NT, the Bucs could look at Blacklock as a great tandem option on the DL. Blacklock has vaulted up draft boards lately and could give the Bucs a interior pass rush threat.
46. LAC (via MIA): Trey Adams OT WAS - The Chargers trade back and still get a talented OT prospect which they desparately need. Adams has a lot of injury concerns, but his potential will entice Telesco and help protect Herbert in the pocket.
47. ATL: A.J. Terrell CB CLEM - The Falcons need help in their secondary and Terrell could help out a lot in that aspect. He has talent and comes from an NFL factory in Clemson that has been pumping out defensive talent these past few drafts.
48. NYJ: K.J. Hamler WR PSU - The Jets get very lucky that Hamler is still available and give Darnold a great speed threat who seems to get open on almost every play. Now there may be a scheme problem as Crowder is already in the slot for New York, but Hamler's talent is too good to pass up.
49. PIT: Zack Baun EDGE WIS - Some Steelers fans may think that this pick has to be offense, and it's hard to blame you after this past season. I think that going BPA at this pick is the best plan because of how many holes the team really has. Baun would fit great opposite of Wisconsin alum TJ Watt and help the defense if Bud Dupree decides to leave in FA. Every offensive position was considered at this pick but I think Baun offers the most value.
50. CHI: Cole Kmet TE ND - I think Trey Burton is a good TE, but his inability to get playing time with injuries forces the Bears to act and select Kmet. Kmet is a really smart and fast TE that gets open over the middle and can even play in the slot.
51. DAL: Raekwon Davis DL ALA - Dallas could go CB or EDGE here, but I think an interior run defender would help this defense a lot. Davis doesn't offer much rushing the passer, but he is a stout run defender and should be a starter in this defense week 1.
52. LAR: Prince Tega Wanogho OT AUB - Even with Andrew Whitworth's announcement he will be returning next season, he could still leave in FA and even if he comes back the Rams need a backup option should he regress or retire after the season. Wanogho is a raw prospect with inconsistent play, but brings good size and strength at the tackle position.
53. IND (via PHI): Marlon Davidson EDGE AUB - The Colts continue to bolster their pass rush with Davidson. He had a great senior bowl and looked like a good option to rush the passer with strength and speed.
54. BUF: Donovan Peoples-Jones WR MICH - Buffalo gets a big WR who can play on the outside with good athleticism and range of motion. This would help Allen have someone he can throw to deep that has the size to bring down jump balls.
55. ATL: Cesar Ruiz iOL MICH - Ruiz could slide to LG and make the Falcons OL into a strength of the team. With Matthews, Ruiz, Mack, Lindstrom, and McGary the Falcons offensive line could protect Ryan and give Devonta Freeman room to run and show if he has any gas left in the tank after so many injuries.
56. MIA: Lloyd Cushenberry iOL LSU - Miami gets another piece on the OL to help protect Tua. Cushenberry played very well in the CFB playoffs and should continue his upwards trend into the offseason. Miami would come out of this draft with real talented players at positions of need.
57. HOU: Johnathan Taylor HB WIS - This may seem like a luxury pick because Carlos Hyde had 1,000 yards rushing and the defense needs help, but Taylor would give Watson an actual threat to run the ball with consistency and big play ability.
58. MIN: Netane Muti iOL FRES - The Vikings could use a LT more than a OG, but Muti offers too much value to pass up. Muti is more of a power runner than a zone runner, but he has the strength and anchor to hold his ground in pass pro.
59. SEA: Bradlee Anae EDGE UTAH - Seattle gets an edge rusher who improved his stock a lot at the senior bowl with a dominant performance. Edge is one of the Seahawks biggest needs and Anae fills it very well.
60. BAL: Johnathan Greenard EDGE FLA - Baltimore gets another defender that helps a need in Greenard. With the possibility of a franchise tag and trade with Matthew Judon, the Ravens get a potenial replacement.
61. TEN: Bryce Hall CB VIR - In this scenario, the Titans lock up Tannehill with the franchise tag, sign Henry long term, and use the transition tag on Conklin. That leaves Logan Ryan as the odd man out and the Titans get an extremely talented and underrated CB in Hall that, if healthy, should be a good CB with the potential to be great.
62. LV (via GB): Noah Igbinoghene CB AUB - The Raiders have some young guys at CB, but with Conley shipped off the Houston, Igbinoghene gives them a CB with real potential and could help the secondary who needs an influx of talent.
63. NE (via SEA): Thaddeus Moss TE LSU - This pick makes a lot of sense in terms of need and fit. I think Hopkins, Bryant, or even Albert "O" would be a good pick but I go with the one who broke out this year and could give Brady his comfort player to throw to.
64. KC: J.K. Dobbins HB OSU - After passing on Swift in the 1st for defense, the Chiefs get Dobbins as a great consolation prize. Dobbins really impressed me this year and could go a lot earlier than this. The Chiefs have a great offense and with Dobbins it would somehow get even better.
* I decided not to have other players considered or team needs listed but feel free to ask in the comments what other scenario do I think your team could take with your picks.
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2020.01.05 17:37 ziggler92 My (first ever) 3-Round Mock Draft (Pre-Wildcard-Weekend)

This is my first try to predict the NFL-Draft 2020 with trades and explanations for (nearly) every pick. Big shoutout to MrArnot for the Template and Apache1021 for his team needs.

Round 1:
Pick 1: Cincinatti Bengals select Joe Burrow, QB, LSU
I guess there are more than enough discussions about Burrow so i will keep it short. Can the Bengals pass on a QB to pick Chase Young and keep Dalton for another Season? I think they will move on from the Red Rocket and take their QB.

Pick 2: Washington Redskins select Chase Young, De, Ohio State
I was considering trading down to take an Offensive Lineman, but with Rivera as the new coach they will build their defense around the best Player in the draft.

Trade: The Detroit Lions sent the 3rd Pick to the Los Angeles Chargers for the 6. , 71. (Round 3) and a first next Year
Pick 3: Los Angeles Chargers select Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama
This is where the fun starts. The Chargers team has to much talent to pick this early so they go all in for Tua (if he doesn`t return to Bama) and let him sit some time behind Rivers or Taylor, until he is healed and ready. The Lions can afford to trade down to the first team willing to jump infront of the Dolphins and take the best player at position 6.

Pick 4: New York Giants select Jeffrey Okudah , CB, Ohio State
The Giants need help at pretty much every position, but already have the QB and RB of the Future. So they take a cornerstone for the other side of the ball in Okudah. He is by far the best corner in my opinion and should be the pick despite the need for a better Offensive Line.

Pick 5: Miami Dolphins select Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia
With two QBs already gone the Dolphins change from "Tank for Tua" to "Tank for Trevor" and try to strengthen up at other positions this Year. They start with the Offensive Line in Tackle Andrew Thomas. This could also be Jedrick Wills from Alabama.

Trade: The Detroit Lions sent the 6th Pick to the Arizona Cardinals for the 8. , 72. (Round 3) Pick
Pick 6: Arizona Cardinals select Jedrick Wills Jr., OT, Alabama
The Cardinals jump in front of the Panthers to take the big Tackle from Bama. I feel like there is no clear consensus who the best Tackle is, so the Cardinals are happy to take whoever the Dolphins left for them.

Pick 7: Carolina Panthers select Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon
The Panthers need a QB so they take Herbert, who convinced me with his performances in the last games. I can really see them build a "College-Style"-Offense with Moore, Samuel and CMC around Herbert.

Pick 8: Detroit Lions select Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson
After two trades the Lions are taking the most versatile player in the draft. I really loved to watch Simmons play, because he was involved in nearly every play. The Lions get a great player in an effort to improve the second worst defense of this season.

Pick 9: Jacksonville Jaguars select Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama
Between Foles and Minshew the Jaguars won`t take another QB this year. They take the best WR to help out whoever starts at QB. And having a combination of Chark and Jeudy line up should give them a chance to keep up offensivly with the Titans and Texans in the Division.

Pick 10: Cleveland Browns select Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa
I don`t know if OBJ will run away and they need a replacement at WR, but they absolutely need replacements at the Offensive Line. With two Tackles already taken they invest in the third best player in Wirfs to protect Mayfield.

Pick 11: New York Jets select CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma
The Receivers for the Jets were in some parts awful this year. So they draft a big play weapon for Darnold to keep him from seeing Ghost.

Pick 12: Las Vegas Raiders select Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama
Speeking of bad Receivers: The Raiders only had Tyrell Williams to start the Season and lost him to injury pretty soon. Despite some young Players like Moreau and Renfrow stepping up, they need to take advantag of a deep receiving-class. They take a true speed receiver in Ruggs to pair with the Size of Williams.

Trade: The Indianapolis Colts sent the 13th and 122.(Round 4) Pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for the 21. , 54. (Round 2) Pick
Pick 13: Philadelphia Eagles select Grant Delpit, S, LSU
The Eagles trade up to improve the defensive backfield. This means banking on the return of Jeffery and/or finding good wideouts in the later Rounds.

Pick 14: Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU
Tampa Bay is probably keeping Winston, so they improve the worst passing defense with another good player from DBU.

Pick 15: Denver Broncos select Derrick Brown, IDL, Auburn
I had a really hard time picking for the Broncos. They could go for a WR or DB here, but i have them taking the best available to possibly replace Wolfe.

Pick 16: Atlanta Falcons select A.J. Epenesa, EDGE, Iowa
This could be a huge steal and perfect fit or a total bust. Epenensa had 1 great season but didn`t convince me this year. But Atlanta needs Pass-Rush, so they are happy to scoop him up this late.

Trade: The Dallas Cowboys sent the 17th Pick to the Seattle Seahawks for the 26. , 99. (Round 3CS) Pick
Pick 17: Seattle Seahawks select Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn State
I don`t know if Clowney will be back so the Seahawks are taking a new Edge-Rusher. The Cowboys are willing to trade down to target a safety at a later time.

Pick 18: Miami Dolphins select J.K. Dobbins, RB, Ohio State
Fitzmagic was the leading Rusher for the Dolphins. I think thats more than enough to justify taking a Running Back. I like Dobbins the most, but could also see Swift being picked up.

Pick 19: Las Vegas Raiders select Javon Kinlaw, EDGE/IDL, South Carolina
The Raiders improve on another position of need by taking a DT that can also rush the passer. Because “These defensive ends, they don’t grow on trees,” .

Pick 20: Jacksonville Jaguars select Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma
They took a WR with the 9. Pick so they add to the defense with this one. They go best available and take a "Sideline-to-Sideline" Linebacker in Murray to pair with Miles Jack.

Pick 21: Indianapolis Colts select Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson
If Hilton can stay healty they will be the nearly perfect combination of size and speed. And the other way around the Colts add a Receiver to help the QB when Hilton misses some time.

Pick 22: Tennessee Titans select Terrell Lewis, EDGE, Alabama
The Titans add a potential steal in Lewis, if he can stay healty. Pretty much like they did last year with Simmons, which gave them great Value.

Pick 23: Buffalo Bills select Laviska Shenault Jr., WR, Colorado
The Bills add a weapon for Allen. I think he would be rated way higher, if he had more opportunities to show his skills.

Pick 24: Minnesota Vikings select Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama
The Vikings always need good Cornerbacks, Diggs played good against quality competition and you can match up Trevon Diggs and Stefon Diggs every day in Training. It`s a match made in heaven.

Pick 25: Miami Dolphins select Tyler Biadasz, IOL, Wisconsin
Back to the Dolphins building up the Offensive Line by taking a Center as the second First-Round Pick on a Linesman.

Pick 26: Dallas Cowboys select Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama
The Cowboys still get what they want while trading down. Obviously everything they do depends on the new coach and the new contracts for Cooper and Prescot.

Pick 27: New England Patriots select K'Lavon Chaisson, EDGE, LSU
I don`t think they pick Bradys replacement here. So they add to the Defensive Line with another Edge.

Pick 28: Green Bay Packers select Michael Pittman Jr., WR, USC
This might be a reach but i liked how he played at USC. He will give Rodgers the big target that Graham was meant to be.

Pick 29: Kansas City Chiefs select Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson
Another Player for the Kansas City Track Team that will bring speed to the Runningback committee.

Trade: The Indianapolis Colts sent the 30th Pick to the Indianapolis Colts for the 34. , 122. (Round 4) Pick
Pick 30: Indianapolis Colts select Jordan Love, QB, Utah State
The Colts trade up for the 5th Year Option and take Love as the QB of the future. This is pretty much what the Ravens did with Jackson and they could give him one year to sit and learn.

Pick 31: San Francisco 49ers select Paulson Adebo, CB, Stanford
No team can have enough DBs so they take a good Player, who won`t have to change the city to play professional football.

Pick 32: Baltimore Ravens select Julian Okwara, EDGE, Notre Dame
Even when they Franchise Tag or Extend Judon, they still need another good DE to add to the rotation.

Round 2:
Pick 33: Cincinatti Bengals select CJ Henderson, CB, Florida
With Burrow, Mixon, Boyd, Ross, Green and Williams coming back to improve the OL they start Day 2 with the big corner from Florida.

Pick 34: New Orleans Saints select DeVonta Smith, WR, Alabama
I feel like a Receiver is all they need, so they take the third receiver out of Alabama.

Pick 35: Detroit Lions selectt Josh Jones, OT, Houston
The Lions add a Tackle to keep Stafford healty and Johnson productive.

Pick 36: New York Giants select John Simpson, IOL, Clemson
The Giants will have to move on from Solder so they pick a possible replacement.

Pick 37: Los Angeles Chargers select Zack Baun, EDGE, Wisconsin
After taking the QB1 in the first they take a Edge to go after Mahomes and Co.

Pick 38: Carolina Panthers select Matt Peart, OT, UConn
To protect whoever starts at QB next Season they add an experienced Tackle who could start Day 1.

Pick 39: Miami Dolphins select Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU
First defensive Pick for Miami goes to a DB. Now that Wade will return to Ohio State Gladney is the next best on my list.

Pick 40: Arizona Cardinals select Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU
Nobody will replace Fitzgerald, if he chooses to retire, but you can ask every person in Oklahoma what Jefferson can do to your team.

Pick 41: Cleveland Browns select Ashtyn Davis, S, California
Another position of need because of the OBJ-Trade.

Pick 42: Jacksonville Jaguars select Shane Lemieux, IOL, Oregon
I may have him graded higher than other people but he could help restore Fournette`s and Foles Career.

Pick 43: Chicago Bears select Austin Jackson, OT, USC
They upgrade the Offensive Line so Trubisky has more time to find the open ground receiver.

Pick 44: Indianapolis Colts select D'Andre Swift, RB, Georgia
Swift is a better player than Mid-Second-Round so the Colts move on from an injury plagued Mack.

Pick 45: Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin
The Buccaneers add a workhorse running back to take pressure of Winston. Constantly forcing a safety to move up in order to stop Taylor will let Winston throw in Double- instead of Triple-Coverage.

Pick 46: Denver Broncos select Jalen Reagor, TCU
I have seen people mock Reagor in the first Round and some people don`t have him as a Top-100-Player. I hope some decent Qb-Play will show his potential.

Pick 47: Atlanta Falcons select Curtis Weaver, EDGE, Boise State
The Falcons double down on the Pass-Rush.

Pick 48: New York Jets select Creed Humphrey, IOL, Oklahoma
Another step to help Darnold.

Pick 49: Pittsburgh Steelers select Jacob Eason, QB, Washington
Neither Rudolph nor Hodges are a solution at QB, so the Steelers look for another successor with a big arm.

Pick 50: Chicago Bears select Jared Pinkney, TE, Vanderbilt
The Bears need a TE. But no TE had the production to show the required value. I still think the Bears will pick up one, but they could trade down before.

Pick 51: Dallas Cowboys select Raekwon Davis, IDL, Alabama
Another position of need and another player from Bama. He could greatly help the Run-Defense.

Trade: The Los Angeles Rams sent the 52nd Pick to the Baltimore Ravens for the 64. (Round 2), 138. (Round 4) Pick
Pick 52: Baltimore Ravens select Anfernee Jennings, EDGE, Alabama
Drafting players from Alabama is part of the Raven`s culture, especially when they can play ILB.

Pick 53: Tennessee Titans select Tyler Johnson, WR, Minnesota
Is Davis still the Answer at WR. I am not sure, so they get a great WR to play alongside Brown.

Pick 54: Philadelphia Eagles select KJ Hamler, WR, Penn State
A speedster who could fill in for Jackson, if he is not able to return to full strength.

Pick 55: Minnesota Vikings select Gabriel Davis, WR, UCF
I dont see a OL at this spot, so the Vikings take another good WR.

Pick 56: Buffalo Bills select Kenny Willekes, EDGE, Michigan State
They already have a great Defense so why not build on it.

Pick 57: Houston Texans select Chuba Hubbard, RB, Oklahoma State
Miller isn`t the long time answer anymore so they bring in a workhorse back.

Pick 58: Seattle Seahawks select Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville
The Seahawks need Offensive Line help since their Super Bowl win so they take another chance.

Pick 59: Atlanta Falcons select Najee Harris, RB, Alabama
A big RB to work alongside/instead of Freeman and Smith.

Pick 60: Green Bay Packers select Damon Arnette, CB, Ohio State
Needs improvement but could play in nickel and other sub packages.

Pick 61: Kansas City Chiefs select Malik Harrison, LB, Ohio State
An Edge Rusher to play opposite to Clark.

Pick 62: Miami Dolphins select Marlon Davidson, EDGE, Auburn
Solid player, who can help the Dolphins a long time.

Pick 63: Seattle Seahawks select Deonte Brown, OG, Alabama
The Seahawks have a good record with getting players through Off-Field-Issues.

Pick 64: Los Angeles Rams select Trey Adams, OT, Washington
The Rams don`t really have any draft capital, so they try reach for better blocking.

Round 3:
Pick 65: Cincinatti Bengals select Troy Dye, LB, Oregon
The Bengals add an experienced Linebacker to upgrade their corps.

Pick 66: Washington Redskins select Prince Tega Wanogho, OT, Auburn
A raw prospect that could help the Redskins forget about Williams.

Trade: The Detroit Lions sent the 67nd Pick to the New England Patriots for the 91. (Round 3), 101. (Round 3CS) Pick
Pick 67: New England Patriots select Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia
I don`t see Brady retire so this could be a story like Garoppolo.

Pick 68: New York Jets select Jake Hanson, C, Oregon
The whole Jets strategy is based on giving Darnold help.

Pick 69: Carolina Panthers select Neville Gallimore, IDL, Oklahoma
They need help at nearly every defensive position. They start with a replacement to get rid of Poe`s contract.

Pick 70: Miami Dolphins select AJ Terell, CB, Clemson
A good man cover corner with problems in tackling.

Pick 71: Detroit Lions select Monty Rice, LB, Georgia
Pick 72: Detroit Lions select Josh Uche, EDGE, Michigan
These are the picks they got for trading down twice. They pick 1 ILB and 1 OLB to help the defense.

Pick 73: Jacksonville Jaguars select Zack Moss, RB, Utah
Fournette could not stay healty and enters his final contract year.

Pick 74: Cleveland Browns select Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, Michigan
Receiver for intermediate routes and dropoff option for Baker.

Pick 75: Indianapolis Colts select Justin Madubuike, IDL, Texas A&M
They just pick the best available and could also need a NT.

Pick 76: Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah
Still trying to improve the worst passing defense.

Pick 77: Denver Nuggets select Cameron Dantzler, CB, Mississippi State
They need Speed if they want to dethrone the Chiefs.

Pick 78: Atlanta Falcons select Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia

Pick 79: New York Jets select Bradlee Anae, EDGE, Utah

Pick 80: Las Vegas Raiders select K.J. Hill, WR Ohio State
Pick 81: Las Vegas Raiders select Leki Fotu, IDL, Utah
I know they already adressed this positions but i could see them go there again considering the need.

Pick 82: Dallas Cowboys select Lamar Jackson, Nebraska
Sadly he does not fall to the Ravens. Could rise up the boards even higher.

Pick 83: Denver Nuggets select Calvin Throckmorton, OT, Oregon
Is Garett Bolles really the answer at OT?

Pick 84: Los Angeles Rams select Nick Harris , C, Washington
The Rams add another player from the Huskies OL.

Pick 85: Philadelphia Eagles select Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Arizona State
A Slot-Receiver to pair with Hamler and Jeffery.

Pick 86: Philadelphia Eagles select Cam Akers, RB, Florida State
They add a RB to be able to manage Henry`s workload.

Pick 87: Buffalo Bills select Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor
A great Catch-Radius will help out Allen.

Pick 88: Minnesota Vikings select Jordyn Brooks, LB, Texas Tech

Pick 89: Cleveland Browns select Matt Hennessy, ILB, Temple

Pick 90: Las Vegas Raiders select Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State

Pick 91: Detroit Lions select Jalen Hurts, QB, Oklahoma
Think more about an upgrade to Blough than a successor to Stafford.

Pick 92: Green Bay Packers select Hunter Bryant, TE, Washington

Pick 93: Kansas City Chiefs select Akeem Davis-Gaither, ILB, App. St.

Pick 94: New Orleans Saints select Kylin Hill, RB, Mississippi State

Pick 95: Denver Nuggets select Lucas Niang, OT, TCU

Pick 96: Baltimore Ravens select Ben Bredeson, OG, Michigan

Pick 97: New York Giants select Brandon Jones, S Texas

Pick 98: Houston Texans select Sage Surratt, WR, Wake Forest

Pick 99: Dallas Cowboys select Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame

Pick 100: New England Patriots select Rodrigo Blankenship, K, Georgia
I don`t know if this will ever happen, but the Patriots need a new Kicker.

Pick 101: Detroit Lions select Trey Smith, OG, Tennessee

Pick 102: Pittsburgh Steelers select Ross Blacklock, OG, TCU

Pick 103: Philadelphia Eagles select Ke'Shawn Vaughn, RB, Vanderbilt

Pick 104: Los Angeles Rams select A.J. Green, CB, Oklahoma State

Pick 105: Minnesota Vikings select Kyle Dugger, S, Lenoir-Rhyne

Pick 106: Houston Texans select Jack Driscoll, OT, Auburn

Hope it`s extensive enough to be worth its own post. Please feel free to discuss and suggest other players.
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2019.10.30 10:55 almarabierto Bob Lazar's financial activities between 1984 and 1989

In 1984 Lazar borrows $4,000 from his mother and according to the OMNI-Magazine (April issue 1994) in 1985 he buys a a Brothel called "the Reno Brothel" while "on vacation in Nevada" This brothel, which he owned with his wife and renamed "Honeymoon Suckle", was so profitable that he didn't have to return to full time employment for a while. In his bankruptcy papers filed in 1986 there's no mention of any aincome of this brothel, but the file says that he hadn't payed back the money he owned his mother. Instead he had bought a Chevrolet Corvette for $19,000... The year before (1985) he also borrowed a number of other sums like:
$15,000 from his father and repaid only $1,000 by the time of bankruptcy filing.
$60,000 from Los Alomos National Bank which he secured wuth his $7,9000 worth Honda. He only repaid $1,300 by the time of bankruptcy filing.
$12,000 from the same bank to build his new photo processing business. He only repaid $300 by the time of bankruptcy filing.
$5,000 via a "three minute loan" from Security Pacific Finance Corp. of Albaquerque, New Mexico.
$2,000 from John Horne of Los Alomos for downpayment on a jet car that wasn't repaid at the time of bankruptcy filing.
During this his wife buys a new residence in Las Vegas while Robert stayed remained in Los Alomos. Lazar remarried with Tracy Ann Murk, but he was appearantly still married to Carol as no divorce papers were filed. On April 21 Carol commited suicide by carbon monixide poisioning as she inhalated motor vehicle exhaust. After this Lazar moves to Carols house on Ann Greta Street and he takes over her photographic processesing-firm which he loses in the liquidation-bankruptcy which he voulentarily filed on July 21, 1986. In these files there's no mention of his employment at Los Alomos National Laboratory and he stated that his income was "unknown" and his only income was from the photgraphic process-company. He also stated that $15,000 had vanished with his accountant. He also stated that his monthly expenses was $15,510 of which he only managed to pinpoint $2,360, the rest he never specified. On October 12 he re-marries Tracy, she goes with another name (Jackie Dianne Evans) and the reason to that is still unknown. They marry at the "Chapel of Love" in Las Vegas. The certificate was send to the Ann Great adress.
On March 16, 1988, Lazar loses his house as he can't pay the bills and his wife buys a house of her own (they divorced on paper in 1989).It's about this timeperiod Robert "Bob" Lazar meets John Lear and his employment at Area-51 begins (according to him). In May 1989 he goes public at George Knapps TV-station "KLAS-TV.
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2019.08.07 03:14 manubesada22 Need Help with newegg from south america

Hello everyone.
I'm about to buy in newegg. I live in Argentina and my brother will be in the USA. I don't have an American credit card, only local international ones, so I don't know how to make my purchase.
My idea was to buy from here and have it taken to your hotel in Las Vegas (he's on bussiness, so cannot move too much before departing). Is there any way to do it? I tried the traditional method and because of a problem in the "Bill adress" (no adress in the usa that matches my card, only the hotel), I couldn't. Thank you very much to all!
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2018.03.14 15:41 OpTicModerators [MISC] Weekly Recap 3/8 - 3/13


On March 8th, OpTic Gaming announced that they had parted ways with their World Championship winning Halo team.
Announcement Thread
Not much has been publically said by either side besides this announcement, but Snakebite added the team’s side of the story with this tweet.
Later that day, several OpTic members blacked out their Twitter’s to either show their support to the old team or to show their disagreement with the decision. Furthermore Hitch added a comment saying that Hecz wasn’t aware of the decision the night before and suggesting that Hecz was not involved in the decision making process. This led to public outrage on Reddit and Twitter from OpTic fans that disagreed with the direction that the organization is heading.
Over the weekend J, responded to a fan’s tweet and said he was planning on adressing the misunderstangings and misintpretatons of the fanbase.
In response to this outcry, Hecz has temporarily stopped daily vlogging while he finds a way to fix the issues that currently exist in the organization, according to Hitch’s Behind the Bar Stream.

Call of Duty

OpTic Call of Duty competed at CWL Atlanta this past weekend, finishing in 5th/6th place. The weekend started out with a test, but ended up with a 3-1 dispatching of Eunited. Their next match, however, was a 1-3 loss to a scrappy eRa eternity team who has given OpTic trouble before. The marquee matchup of the night for many Cod fans was the OpTic vs. Faze match. This was the first time these two teams had played in WWII and OpTic handled it well winning 3-1 and ended the night at 2-1 in the pool.
Saturday, OpTic looked like a well oiled machine, defeating the open bracket upstart, Team Heritics 3-0 in a series that was closer than the score lines of the matches actually seemed. This pushed the team into their Winners Bracket round one match up with Lighting Pandas. OpTic handled the series in a quick 3-0 fashion and looked like the team everyone had expected them to be heading into a Championship Sunday matchup with Luminosity Gaming.
However, Sunday was a day of what ifs. The team fell out of the winners bracket and tournament with back to back 0-3 losses to Luminosity and Red Reserve falling out of the tournament in 5th/6th place. The team will be scrimming in preparation for CWL Birmingham at the end of the month and Stage One Playoffs, which take place the week after. OpTic will hope to find mid year stride and avoid missing the grand finals for 4 straight events.
“But it ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!” - Rocky Balboa
CWL Birmingham
Stage One Playoffs

Dota 2

Last Saturday, OpTic took on defending Major champions Virtus.Pro in the Bucharest Major quarterfinals. The team lost the best of 3 0-2, but played VP close in the early stages of the first game, before dropping Game 1 in 41 minutes and then Game 2 as well in 26 minutes. While the team received no TI qualifying points with their 8th place finish, the team is trending upwards.
Before traveling to Shanghai for the Dota 2 Asia Championship Major at the end of March, the team is competing in the StarLadder i-League Invitational #5 NA qualifier with the winner attending the 8 team minor.
StarLadder Wiki Page

Counter Strike

HLTV Rank: 41
HLTV World Rankings
At the end of last week, OpTic CS played against Rogue in the ESL Pro League. After a comfortable 16-7 victory on Mirage, the teams went to Inferno, where OpTic was unable to get anything going, falling 16-3. With the 1-1 result, that puts OpTic in 5th place with a record of 4-2.
Match Thread
ESL Pro League Standings
Last night, OpTic opened up Season 5 of the ECS League with two maps against NRG. Despite winning all 4 pistols on the night, OpTic was unable to string together enough rounds, falling 16-12 on both Mirage and Overpass. Even in the losses, Gade managed 27 kills on both maps.
Match Thread
ESL Pro League matches continue on Thursday with two maps against Ghost Gaming. ECS Standings
Insight will now air on Thursday, according to J.
Gade and K0nfig joined H3cz on the most recent podcast


Heading in to week 3 of the Overwatch League Stage 2 the Houston Outlaws were on a 2 game losing streak. The Outlaws continued their skid by losing to the Los Angeles Valiant 0-4, which brought their map loss streak to 11.
Match Thread: Houston Outlaws vs. Los Angeles Valiant
The second match for the week was against the Florida Mayhem. The map loss streak for the Outlaws continued to grow as the Mayhem jumped out to a 2-0 map lead. With their backs against the wall, the Outlaws gained some momentum and forced a game 5 on Ilios which ended in a 100%-35% and 100%-73% victory to complete the reverse sweep on the Florida Mayhem.
Match Thread: Houston Outlaws vs. Florida Mayhem
The Houston Outlaws are currently sitting at 6th with a 3-3 record in the Stage 2 standings. With no room for error to make the Stage 2 playoffs, the Outlaws will be looking to take wins off of the red hot Los Angeles Gladiators and San Francisco Shock this week.
Outlaws announce Texas Tour travelling to Houston, San Antonio and Austin
OpTic Academy kicked off their Overwatch Contenders Season 1 last night against Bye Week. The team had a very impressive showing which ended in a 4-0 sweep.
Match Thread: OpTic Academy vs. Bye Week

League of Legends

ESPN Power Rankings: 10th (+0) in NA, 49th (-1) Internationally
The second to last week, Week 8, of the Spring NA LCS and Academy Series was this past weekend. The LCS team entered the week 4-10, while the Academy team entered the week 6-8. The teams faced the corresponding teams from 100 Thieves and Cloud9.
The Academy faced 100T Academy last Thursday and fell in a tightly contested 48 minute match in which both teams ended up destroying T4 turrets. The following day they faced the top Academy team, C9 Academy, with new top laner PieCakeLord. The team lost in a very quick and decisive 22 minute game dropping them to 6-10 and eliminating them from playoff contention. Tomorrow they play Team Liquid Academy off-stream and then CLG Academy the following day at 6:00 EDT to finish off the season.
The LCS continued their losing streak with a very tough week against two Spring playoff teams. They opened the week off against Cloud9. Cloud9 built up a comfortable lead, in large part to Sneaky’s large early lead, and was able to hold off an OpTic baron to win in 44 minutes. The loss eliminated the team from playoff contention. The 100 Thieves match went even worse for OpTic. They looked completely outclassed by the fellow LCS newcomers, managing just 2 kills and 0 towers in a 27 minute stomping. The team is tied for last with Golden Guardians at 4-12, and are looking to end the split on a high note with matches against CLG Saturday at 9:00 PM EDT, and Liquid 7:00 PM EDT on Sunday. OpTic beat CLG in their first matchup of the season so this might be an opportunity for the team to end their skid.
Chapter 7 of Recall came out last Friday.

Gears of War

In the past week, OpTic Gears played in another MLG 2k series, getting first place by beating Echo Fox in the finals 2-0.
Link to the full results
Current pro points standings
OpTic is way ahead in pro points, with almost double the amount of the second placed team, Echo Fox. But this lead will dramatically reduce very soon. Recently the Gears Pro Circuit announced that there will be a 50% pro points decay after Las Vegas Open. The purpose of this Point Decay is to encourage competition, and offer relatively newer and up-and-coming teams a chance to qualify for Pool Play and/or Travel Coverage. This decision will not really impact OpTic.
The full article
For the Devastation League, OpTic lost against Echo Fox 0-2. They will play again this Thursday (3/15) at 7PM EDT.
Gears Pro Circuit Las Vegas Open


OpTic PUBG played in the PUBGOnline Showdown Series week 4 this past week. The team had a very strong showing over 3 games including a 1st place finish with 16 kills and a 2nd place finish with 11 kills. This was enough to secure first place for the night with 27 total kills and 286 total points.
PUBGOnline Showdown Series - Week 4
The next match for the team is scheduled for tonight at 7:00 PM EDT where they will be competing in the Global Loot League Week 3.


Vision made it’s triumphant return to the OpTic Gaming channel with Season 4 Episode 13, detailing the last Gears event, Mexico City Open, as well as behind the scenes footage of the new CS team and the CoD team at the Pro League, and introduced former Call of Duty caster, Courage, as a new OpTic content member.


As usual we have a subreddit group on ESPN for March Madness brackets. If interested check it out here
We also announced the /OpTicGaming Hall of Fame We recieved nominations yesterday, and later this week we’ll be hosting a vote where 2 of Hecz, Nadeshot, BigTymer, Scump, and Mixwell will be the initial inductees to the Hall of Fame. With an additional member being inducted every 4 months after that.
With the removal of the Halo team, we've removed the "[HALO]" tags for posts.
Lastly, there’s a small tweak to an existing subreddit rule. The original verbage of the rule was “You may post suggestions, ideas, etc. for OpTic members, however you must address threads to the subreddit at large. This includes asking about job openings.”
Now the rule reads “You may post suggestions, ideas, etc. for OpTic members, however you must address threads to the subreddit at large. You may not tag the reddit account (username) of OpTic members in the comments as a way of circumventing this rule. This rule includes asking about job opportunities.”
Previous Weekly Recaps
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2017.10.17 17:36 mcfaudoo Breaking multiline column into separate columns but keeping information grouped

I have a column full of adresses and each address is multiline in its own cell. Some have 3 lines like
123 Main Street New York City, NY USA
and some have 4 lines like this
456 Broadway Blvd Suite 1000 Las Vegas, NV USA
I know I can split these apart using text to columns and ALT0010 as my delimiter. However is there a way to make city/state column and the USA column line up given that the suite/floor line is always the second line? In other words can I split these multiline cells into cells A,B,C,D if they have 4 lines and into cells A,C,D if they have 3?
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2017.09.25 21:05 Rin_Seven Foreigner travelling to the U.S.A., can you buy prepaid cards for your iPhone?

We are doing a road trip (1 month) on the west coast (starting in Las Vegas) so Google Maps would be very nice to have. The rate for a 1 MB download for an European foreigner is insane with our current plan.
Can you buy prepaid cards with mobile date (no subscription plan since we have no steady adress). Important factors would be: * Coverage * Amount of mobile data * Compatibility with iPhone * Call minutes/text messages * Prices
Any suggestions? Where would you be able to buy this?
Thanks a lot!
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2017.01.06 16:49 qiuChuck PROBLEM? With package

Long story short. I'm not from US (Europe). Friend traveles to Las Vegas. I buy stuff and send it to his hotel, but (not realising) I put in the adress field (for the order), street name, country, postal code. Also I put theese in their requested fields. Adress to deliver is his hotel in Las Vegas. Shop I buy from aparently sends it w/o noticing. Everything goes ok, until yesterday when I got this Friend leaves on Monday morning. Package has to get there by the 7th, as the USPS I understand does not deliver on sundays. I really need this to get to him! What does that message mean?
Can't get to speak with someone besides a robot on USPS customer service.
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2016.09.18 05:59 Whhyymeeee Parents left for 8 day vacation and I struggle to be alone

So, my parents left this morning for Las Vegas on an 8 day trip. I have horrible health anxiety and find a new way to convince myself of my impending death every day. 4 months ago i had my 2nd or 3rd intense panic attack and my heart rate shot up to 185, prompting me to take a trip to the ER. They found some small heart problems there (sinus ahhyrythmia and SVT) and since then I've been convinced the reaper is breathing down my neck, having 2 to 3 signifiganct "i need to go to the hospital now" moments a day.
Two things to adress: how do I, or you guys, cope with this feeling and convice yourself it is all okay. I havent died yet so I dont know why my brain just doesnt comprehend that everything is okay. I wore a heart monitor for a week, and had several tests done, all came back normal and the trip to the ER was more of a one time thing; not to mention I was put on a beta blocker that keeps my heart right where it needs to be, and xanax.
Issue two: this morning I was taking my meds and when I took in a mouthful of water after I took them to wash it down I inhaled the entire mouthful but didnt cough it back up, needless to say I found myself on google and found "dry drowning" and have spent the whole day with my parents in Vegas petrified that im going to die with nobody here from water in my lungs. Is it an actual concern? I cant distinguish my shortness of breath from my anxiety or from there being something wrong with my lungs, and it is hell.
Any advice, comfort, feedback would be appreciated and sorry for the lengthy post.
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2015.07.05 10:57 SkyTrax89 Any pros at finding cheap airfares? I need help saving money!!

As i am saying i need help to find really cheap airfares. I am going to fly oneway from Las Vegas to Stockholm. We are two people both 25 years old, and are looking to find tickets around 3 august to 9 august. The cheapest i have found is condor at 650$ per person, and condor is not at all a recommended airline from what i found. I also found 750$ studenuniverse wich is a much better flight and i am probably gonna book that unless i can find something good that saves me money. But here is my questions have i forgot to look somwhere(tried Momondo, skyscanner, matrix, expedia, hipmunk, kayak and many more) can i find these tickets way cheaper or travel any other way that makes it cheaper? (i dont know maybe even by boat? or maybe super cheap airlines that i wouldnt find without knowing about them?) We are pretty flexiable and we want to save as much money as possible since we have to pay like 1000-1500$ in International shipping costs and need some start money in sweden to. Either way all tips are appreciated :) If someone manages to save me alot of money i promise a price being shipped if i am provided an adress :D (value 35$)
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2015.07.05 10:32 SkyTrax89 Any pros at finding awesome airfares out there? I need help saving money!!!

As i am saying i need help to find really cheap airfares. I am going to fly oneway from Las Vegas to Stockholm. We are two people both 25 years old, and are looking to find tickets around 3 august to 9 august. The cheapest i have found is condor at 650$ per person, and condor is not at all a recommended airline from what i found. I also found 750$ studenuniverse wich is a much better flight and i am probably gonna book that unless i can find something good that saves me money. But here is my questions have i forgot to look somwhere(tried Momondo, skyscanner, matrix, expedia, hipmunk, kayak and many more) can i find these tickets way cheaper or travel any other way that makes it cheaper? (i dont know maybe even by boat? or maybe super cheap airlines that i wouldnt find without knowing about them?) We are pretty flexiable and we want to save as much money as possible since we have to pay like 1000-1500$ in International shipping costs and need some start money in sweden to.
Either way all tips are appreciated :) If someone manages to save me alot of money i promise a price being shipped if i am provided an adress :D (value 35$)
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2013.06.28 07:09 djacoby495 Port forwarding problem

Hi, I'm having trouble with port forwarding and have tried everything I can think of. About a week ago I got a new ISP in a new house and when they installed their modem they gave me a "wireless gateway" (a modem/router in one device). I try to port forward like I normally would and it sadly doesn't work when I probe the port it shows up as closed. When I don't have the port forwarded it shows up as stealthed. I've tried enabling DMZ and that doens't work. I've also tried a factory reset on the router and restarting my computer none of which had an effect. I tried to use a static and dynamic IP adress neither of which changed and thing as well as checking all this on multiple computers. Screenshot of router portforwarding settings ipconfig and port test:
System Info Gateway: Netgear Residential Gateway CG3000D-RG ISP: cox communications, las vegas Network Card: Linksys WMP600N Wireless-N PCI Adapter with Dual-Band OS: Windows 7
also would like have portfowarded on friends network without a problem when I lived with him, and lastly this problem happens on every port I try.
Thanks for any help you may provide :)
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Get a virtual address in Las Vegas, NV Earth Class Mail

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