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white girl dating Asian guy. beat Stereotypes.

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This is a dating subreddit for Asian guys to find girls and vice-versa.

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Collection of abhorrent, disgusting, pathetic stories. exploits. The next girl you date is hiding baggage and emotional scars. Gives you more reason to cheat because these girls won't listen to avoid bad boys. Exposing toxic alt right East asian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese relationship stories. e.g white guy with japanese/korean fetish target Chinese women instead as suitable easier alternatives. Dating Baggage stories.

2020.11.25 12:13 xoxlol Dear Mom and Dad

Hey AsianParentStories ,
I'm moving out or rather sneaking out in a month.
I want to leave a letter behind and I'm looking for feedback/constructive criticism/experience on how things are since you dropped the letter -- from anyone who has left notes behind for their nParents.
Also for the sake of context: I am a guy.
Please be warned this shit do be sad doe.

Dear Mom and Dad,
This is exactly what you think it is, this is the letter I left behind when I moved out of your place. First i’d like to remind you that you did see this coming; I had told you on multiple occasions that I would be moving out soon. Please remember that I also specified that those were not instances of me “asking for permission” but rather giving a notice.
My reasons for moving out is pretty simple but I will list them here so you do not jump to conclusions.
You had said extremely hurtful things to me that you said you “did not mean” on multiple occasions and when I asked for an apology I was met with mocking and screaming.
You knew that that man had abused me and although I was uncomfortable with him being in our home and had vocalized it on multiple occasions you had still brought him in. You also forced me to say hi to him, pretend nothing was wrong and even attempted me to go to a wedding for his daughter, I have nothing against his daughter but think: what if you were that man and it was your daughters wedding? You were asking for me to show up to a guaranteed yelling match. You said this was because you did not want to lose ties with mom’s sister, well i’m glad you still have her because you had to choose between us and you chose her.
All of my educational career I was bullied at school and at home. Feel free to verify with the second oldest child, my younger brother. At school the other kids unfairly chose to make me the odd one out. I had no friends from grade 1 to 10, hell I never had a bestfriend until University. When I would come home during Elementary school I would be told how stupid I was on a daily basis and that I’m ruining my life being on my phone and playing video games. I was honest about being suicidal & depressed and you laughed at me.
I had originally wanted to go to university for Computer Science/Programming but you guys made it evident that if I didn’t go into business that I was “wasting my time” and nothing would come of me. I then switched majors multiple times, went to trade school for Electrical and finally graduated in Elevator Mechanics. I wasted so much time trying to find an alternative version of myself that you guys liked.
It was obvious what I wanted to do with my life, from setting up your printer, putting ink in it, to supervising the guy from bell and rogers because I understood the linguistics and concepts involved, even to things like teaching you how to send an email on your phone, check your banking online or file your government forms for you on the computer with you present. If you haven’t understood by the end of this paragraph I will bluntly tell you: It was technology. I was passionate about Technology.
On multiple occasions I would be put on trial against one of my siblings or either of you and after explaining myself and telling the truth, I would never be believed. I was always told that I lie and make things up. I’ve given up on trying to convince you I’m a good person.
I have a lot of people in my life that understand that I am a good, moral, responsible and dare I say it: smart human being.
I’m done being scared to say no because I didn’t want to get into a fight over some meaningless thing. I’m done pretending that it’s my fault that dad’s store is running understaffed and that i’m a terrible person for going on vacation for 4 days a year because I work 2 jobs. I am completely done being the scapegoat for whenever anyone in the house has a bad day.
Effective when you read this letter ( __insert date of drop off here__ ) I quit from the store.
This is my formal notice.
I am grateful for a lot of things, being taken care of by mom instead of a baby sitter. Being able to eat home cooked meals, having dad help me buy my first car, being able to call dad whenever I need advice with the mechanic and many more.
But we need to understand that raising me was required by the law, not only that but it was a moral obligation that you chose to uptake. You chose to have sex and produce a child. You understood the things you would need to sacrifice for it and you did it anyways. You cannot blame the child for the lack of foresight you had.
Now that i’ve listed some of the things i’m grateful for here are some that i’m ungrateful for: being forced to be extremely religious to the point of physical and emotional abuse. Being abuse during and after work (dad’s store). Being emotionally manipulated every single time I was in the right. Being made to feel like death was the only option on multiple occasions (highschool, University, my gap year). Being forcefully torn away from who I am (“why are you still playing video games are you a child?” “Why do you still watch cartoons are you a child?” “Why are you taking this so personally, are you a girl?” “ u/xoxlol be a man, go do _____”)
If you take anything away from this letter it’s this:
You did your best, i understand.
But your best still really messed me up.
I don’t live here anymore.
If you get to the end of this letter you will understand that I do not want to have a physical conversation with you at the moment, I need space and time. When I am ready I will reach out.
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2020.11.25 11:18 iamgodandashamed I drink a lot

I was born in 1968

At first it may be because of a failed relationship with a neighbour because she hooked
up with my brother. On that what sort of person does that, seriously. I wasn't ready for
that. I have decided not to swear on here. I will also not give away names or businesses.
They could possibly work it out but I won't name anyone. I just want to tell my story.
Later it became more of I just want to forget. And sleep. I can't kill myself or hurt

Some more reasons are that I was bullied throughout my life. My stepfather abused me. My
real dad was an alcoholic. My mother was controlling from my 20's. When I met the
neighbour I was 21. My Mother kicked both my brother and I out if we didn't stop seeing
the neighbour. But then again the neighbour was a waste of space. Around the late 2000's
my mum actually wrote me a letter to say stop seeing a mutual friend.

Some local kids decided to throw condoms with water inside them because I was friends
with a gay guy. I knew he was gay. So what. But local kids thought it was wrong. They
were homophobic. I could really get them into trouble now with that. But why bother. I
really just drink so I will die soon hopefully. I have lost all hope for humanity.
They threw them at my car.

Anyways, after my abuse I still didn't work out my sexuality until probably 1994/1995.
I am not sure.

My father was an alcoholic and lost the family business early on in my life. My mum and
dad separated when I was 5. I remember little about my early childhood. Mainly things at
school. One home incident really stuck out early. I have a scar above my eye because a
steel ladder hit it. 5 stitches.

I am pretty sure my dad use to abuse my mum and gave us all the belt at one point. My
oldest brother acted out a lot and left when he was 16 I think.

After my parents separated I would visit my mum on weekends and holidays and see my
stepfather and his kids. Then in 1975 my mum and stepfather moved to another state.
Starting in December, 1978, I visited my mum and stepfather in the holidays staying
about 5 weeks. This happened in 1978,79,80,81. In June 1982 my dad had the accident and
I stayed with my mum for about 3 months.

Another incident was a German Shepard ( named that way at the time) attacked me when I
was walking home and I got some bad scratches and a lifetime fear of dogs. Found out
later the dog attacked someone else and was shot dead.

I am one of three brothers. The oldest is now dead from a heart attack but was an
alcoholic. Around April he started drinking heavily and was told not to drink again.
The second oldest now has cancer but was born with brain damage. He was the
brother that the neighbour dumped me for him. ( again yea who does that?) Me. I am an
alcoholic and had been abused, bullied, cheated on, lost a son to a girl who cheated on
me. Yea so life is great hey.

I worked out my sexuality in 1994? Maybe. Well in 2000 I moved to a big city and started
driving a taxi. I left a winery because the lead hand wouldn't stop pushing his ideas on
me. One of my last conversations to him was that I would kill him and bury him. I think
I got the point across.

In 1978, I had a weird conversation with my stepsister. She asked me how I masturbated.
I didn't at that point. 2 years later after my mum and stepfather met another couple,
some of my abuse started. Yes it was sexual. I can't say I was forced. I wanted to do
it. I know that doesn't make it right. Its just what happened. With one of the sons of
the other family some things happened. We visited a nudist camp and nudist beach. The
other family had 6 children. They were a blended family. The oldest was about 16. The 2
stepsisters were a year older then me. The 2 stepbrother's were my age. There was a
younger girl. About 3 years younger. In 1982 I had extra relations with the other
brother and both stepsisters. We were all about 14 and 15 when this happened.

Actually in 1982, my father had a bad accident. He was going to buy a bottle of sherry
from a pub. Apparently he said he did a u-turn and hit a tree.
Actually he hit the tree at speed. He claimed someone ran him off the road.
He hit that tree with such force that the car, a ht panel van, had a rounded dent in the
front that it was amazing he was still alive. He had broken ribs, broken legs, and
troubles with eating and other things. He couldn't walk properly afterwards. When I saw
him in hospital I fainted. It was horrific. So I went to live with my mom. When he
recovered I went back to him. He continued to drink. We moved from one city to a town
then to a beach town. At this point I was experimenting with wearing women's clothes.
And in the beach town I continued with meeting men.

In 1984 my father died. He couldn't eat properly. And still drank. I started stealing
things from 1982 and ended up spending 3 months in a detention centre in 1983 ( I think)
then had probation until age 18. When I left the centre I again run away but my children
services officer found me. Anyways. I stopped acting out and lost my father.

In 1981, I was in a school in grade 8 in a high school that I knew nearly everyone in
the school. 1982 year 9 I did it then had to continue year 9 in another school where I
was bullied. 1983 I had to repeat year 9 but when I was sentenced to 3 months prison
after stealing bicycles, a boat and tried to steel a car and succeeded in stealing my
dad's car and drove to a big city, my dad took me to the police. In the police interviews
they first tried to pin a lot of stuff on me and i played along until i got sick of the
righteous cop who thought i was some sort of crime wave. I wanted to leave school. One
of the best things I made friends with the strongest guy in that place. Funny thing I
remember when a yacht won for a small country. And a song about still standing. I made
a coffee table too.

After my father's funeral me and the second oldest brother returned to my mother's and
stepfather's place. A caravan with all of my toys and coffee table, my brother's models
and telescopes and clothes was stolen as well as school photos. The caravan was recovered
but nothing else. Who steals photos and toys?

2 incidents that happened about 8 years apart in 2 different states really affected me
badly. The day after my birthday in 1986 I picked up my car from the pub, saw some
friends, then drove home when I got to my turn I saw some police cars and an ambulance
and a car that looked like it was sideswiped. Turns out the driver who was killed was a
local popular girl and was pushing her car after running out of fuel. The drunk driver
lost his licence and not much else. I reckon he should have been locked up for murder.
Another 8 years or so in another state a local kid hopped into his classic car and headed
into town but a big 4wd driven by another drunk driver was headed towards him and
collided and killed him. The drunk driver got a slap on the hand. He, too should have
been put in jail for murder. 2 more wastes of spaces.

I want to tell my story to everyone for free. I don't want money. I am a unemployed carer
for my brother who has cancer. If anyone wants to donate, donate to a worthy cause of
your choosing.

In year 7 the teacher's kid was in his class and because of that I got the cane for
several times. Of course I would like to find that kid now and whip him but he is another
waste of space.

The principal was also a waste of space and at one time kept us all on the parade ground
where someone fainted from the heat. À girl at the school who I liked lied that she
liked me but was joking. I did see her again in 1989 maybe. The third bf of the
neighbour punched me because I started stalking her, oh yes I did stalk her but again
who the hell hooks up with my brother after dumping me.

That couple later was arrested for drugs and later left the area. A local drunk who
abused me for the following and stalking ended up getting run over and died. I thought
at least one waste of space is now dead.

A stupid idiot died. Good.

There were some great experiences from my childhood. Like a cat that was blind that I
called pinky. She was a white albino cat. She was probably blind.
She was the greatest pet I ever had. She had a litter in my dad's doctor's case. She
once followed me all the way to the local shop ( about 4 kms) and back but I had to
carry her the last few hundred yards. But as all great things it ended with tragedy. I
came home from school and couldn't find her. My dad said he found her after being
attacked by dogs, her back broken he had to put her out of her misery. I have never
since had a pet like her. I don't know what happened to the dogs, but another
reason I hate dogs.

Put it this way. If I had a gun and a dog walked up to me I would pull the trigger.

On my stepfather. Yes he abused me and another kid. His reputation could be ruined by
this. His paintings are hanging in a council office and a park is named after him. If
anyone thinks they should be changed then I will get that done. If not I will leave it.
My stepfather passed away in 2005 from a heart attack because he still smoked.

My mother was controlling. I think in the early 2000's I told my mum and stepfather
about a girl I was interested in. That didn't work out. I never told them any other
relationship again. I think I picked younger girls because I missed out on girls from
21 to 33. I met many girls from 2001 to 2019. Most were younger. Only one was older.
But they were always of legal age. I could never be an abuser. And I couldn't be with
a married woman either.

Some of the first girls were Aussie, but I soon moved to Asian ladies, even marrying a
Vietnamese girl so she could stay in Australia. It failed though cause she was too busy
making money as a hooker. She claimed she was a stripper but she would bring guys back
to the house. In 2010 I changed to mostly African girls. My last lady friend was

A "gf" in 2017 to 2018 who I had a baby with who was still born because of her not
telling me that her water had broken. She also cheated on me. I don't know when it
started. Soon after leaving a job where I was bullied and treated like rubbish a guy
came to the house and she hoped I wasn't home. After some distinctive noises I did
leave. She wanted to have a second baby but after finding out she cheated I didn't want
to have another kid with her. Soon after we left the house and I went back to living in
my car.

Living in my car. Pretty sure I did this from December 2009. Anytime I had work in big
city. At one point I joined a gym so I could shower. Other times I went to swimming
pools. Later I found a truck service station that wouldn't mind who used the showers
as long as you bought something.  Actually some great meals and people at the
place. I couldn't really afford it but at least I wasn't paying rent.

Yes I am an alcoholic. I won't stop. I want to die. I am ashamed. If anyone wants to
stop me guess you will have to lock me up. In the world we have a megalomaniac who
wants to rule the world. We have minorities who are continually dying in custody. If
even one person doesn't do anything then nothing changes.

Met a lovely person in 2011. Things ended in 2012 when I left a Job to be with her. Job
later folded. Owners were another waste of space. But I loved this person. I know it
wouldn't have worked though. I was too old. If I had met her in, oh that wouldn't work
out. Let's just say if I was 20 years younger it would have been better.

I can only think of one woman who was my perfect match but that didn't work out. Or if
we were born in different times.

Pretty sure that I will never find true love or another job.

Thanks to the federal government for forgetting unemployed people over 35. Thanks
for one state government for blaming another government for closing state boarders
then recording more infections. And thanks to a waste of space.

Pandemic. Look at the numbers. One country has the most. This country never took
proper precautions. Their leader is another waste of space.

My new catch phrase. Another waste of space.

Jobs I left. 2 times at the winery. Firstly one couple couldn't work fast enough. I
know I am slow but this couple was retarded. Second time was because of that leading
hand. Driving taxis I just moved depots when I moved houses. In 2002 I worked for a guy
to deliver junk mail. He was another waste of space. I lived with him and his gf ( being
a friend of mine) I woke up one night to his swearing, actually turning out to be a
reminder to my dad.

I worked for a depot in 2008-09, because the mechanic thought it was funny to trap me
in the window. Guess what another waste of space.

I worked for a depot where the owner was a waste of space.

A dealership I worked for where I was bullied and that. Well everyone there was a waste
of space.

Oh yea bonus material. A girl and a cop tried to frame me for hitting her car. She
actually reversed into me. Her and parents ran a shop with adult videos and drugs. The
cop was involved. Anyways later on I heard he tried to pick up another girl and got his
brains blown out.

In that place before we moved I could get anything I wanted. For instance I could buy
a gun.

So should I keep drinking.

I also ran a few businesses of my own. And even one on an app. Again probably making
less then $10 an hour. More wastes of spaces.

Talk about slave labour. Even in this country they still want people to pick fruit
and be paid for weight. Again another waste of space.

From October 2018, after I left that house I would work up to 8 days then drive up to
the little country town and buy and cook dinner for my brother. Sometime in September
2019 I noticed my brother had a lump on his neck. He said he had it for awhile. I got
him to see a doctor and when he did she referred him to a ct scan. Then he referred to
an oncologist. He was diagnosed with incurable cancer.

Mum passed away in 2013 from cancer.

I moved all my stuff up to the house to care for my brother at the end of September.
Cook and shop and stuff. Drive him to his appointments. We have visited another town
which is 100kms away 26 times. My brother has had all of his treatments and all is good
for now.

I will no longer risk my brothers life now. I won't be meeting anyone for years.

Now to this year. I have almost paid off a big debt. Started in 1994/1995 with a
bankcard. Up to $13000. Paid it off in 2012 after my ute got written off. But then
made it again after the move to be with that girl. This year I also got the remainder
of me super. ( a stupid idea. Why not have your money now). Anyways bought some gadgets,
paid off debt and may have a road bike end of this year.

My body isn't too good. I am overweight and have high blood pressure. I had also
started smoking when I was 15 then gave up when I was 23. So at a later date I may
develop cancer as well. Do I want to know. Part of me does and my doctor has suggested
I find out via an x-ray. Part of me does not. We all die. I have now reached out to
see a psychologist to talk to someone about my mental health and life. But I also want
to tell my life story to my family, some day.

I stopped drinking the other day will now take it one day at a time. I know I have to be
here for my brother. After that I don't know.

Now my sleeping pattern is all over the place. Wake up at midnight after a few hours
sleep. Fall asleep around midday sleep til 8 pm. Then it changes again. Last night fell
asleep around 9pm and woke up at 4am. I hope it is all good now. Was thinking of drinking
again to make my sleep right but didn't.

We did have a memorial for my stillborn son and I named him after my stepfather. I don't
know why but it was the first name that came to mind. He is buried at a cemetery that I
have never visited. As far as I know there is no plaque. I will reach out to the cemetery
to find out if he has one.

I heard some wonderful news on sunday. I am drinking now. I am celebrating. I am an alcoholic.
In 2012 I stopped drinking for a few years. A few weeks ago I stopped drinking for a bit but
started again. I don't care if it kills me. A ducking dunt is still not gone from the usa
He should be removed.

Finally some good news. The ducking dunt didn't get enough votes. Now if he doesn't leave he
can be removed by the secret service. You will be able to guess who he is. I think he is
insane. My country is trying to get the country responsible for the pandemic to face some
sort of charges. That country has told my country to really think about what they are doing.
Probably a good idea not to pick on a very large country in terms of population.

Some things did happen in 1979. with that other family we did visit a nudist beach. In 1980
the other family purchased my stepfather's mothers' house after her passing. Then after
that we would visit the nudist camps. I cant remember much else that happened in 1979. At
one point some time early on i saw both my stepfather and mother naked. Probably was in
1978 now that I think of it the night I saw them was the same night my stepsister asked me
about how I masturbate.

I have found out where my son is buried. I checked some records from a council and found
out where he is and asked the council if he had a plaque. He doesn't so I am visiting the
cemetery soon and will get a plaque for him as soon as I can. He was light skin but still
be a person of colour if he lived, with all of the rascism that is still abundant in my
country. White people just don't know what it is like to be treated differently because
of the colour of your skin.

I had deleted some of these paragraphs but decided to reuse them. I dont want the world
to end. I just want my world to end.

My mum sent me a letter sometime in 1996 about my father having been abusive to her.
That's why she left him. I ran away to a big city for a year.

Going to get a gew more gadgets like a video camera to film my story to put up on
youtube using narrator to tell it. This is my life now. drinking to sleep and trying to
forget my life. I could of course stop drinking but where's the fun in that. I dont want
to live forever. I think the world will end soon. We have many countries that want to
start world war 3. Luckily the reign of a dictator has been ended. But i dont put it
past his stupid chrildren trying the same thing. I think the best solution is to kill
him and his entire family. That would save the world. But then again there is 7.8
billion people on earth. So why not end human life.

Actually I think all of the human races' problems are because of politicians. Lets
get rid of politicans if you want the human race to survive another 1000 years.

We have many websites where people scam other people, troll other people and
bascially treat other people very terribly. Why cant we stop these people. How
about get rid of the internet. It is not working. Many other things throughout
history has killed many people. Cigarettes, Alcohol, Coal, Oil and more that
without the world would be better off. There has been many wars too. Many
terriost actions and gun related crimes. One big country has a right to bear
arms. But they continue to have gun deaths and many other crimes. Get rid of
the guns. GET RID OF THE GUNS.

Remember hearing about a guy who actually shot his dad because his dad use
to beat his mother.

One last thing a stupid country voted in a complete dunt. And now there are
rumours you will vote in his daughter. What is wrong with these people??/?

In 1997 a certain popular person died in a car accident. I was making my
style of picnic tables when I heard. It was a sad day.

About 2005 I was driving to big city to do some job that was supervising
taxi ranks. I would finish at 5 am drive halfway home to the country then
sleep in my car. Wake up and drive home. Sleep a bit more then drive back
to big city.

I have sent an earlier update to my stepfather's kids and a friend. I don't
think I will see them again. I want to actually remove the paintings, the
gravestones and the sign at the park.

Actually I think a certain polictical party in a big country is to blame
because they didn't want a woman in office so they put up a candidate so
fundimentally stupid and he was voted in and now with rising deaths in
the country and now they can't get rid of him.

Tell you what let's get rid of violent games. I like violent movies but
they should be stopped too. A great movie trailer I saw was for Tom &
Jerry. Yes it is violent but it is a cartoon. Why should we watch movies
about killing then not think it in real life.

From 2000 I used a chat program on yahoo until about to 2006. Then
changed to one called tagged. where I met most of the girls. Met a
couple through facebook too.

Loved seeing movies at the drive-in or cinema. Saw a few great movies
up until 1978. The next movie I saw at a cinema was in 1989. Missed out
on a lot of great movies. Though now I have a great collection of dvd's,
CD's, records, tapes and videotapes. And Books.
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2020.11.25 07:15 ParlorThe What social activities do you find tend to have people with shorter height? Excluding activities with teenagers/younger people obviously

One time I did an experiment before covid and my only socializing pmuch was online dating with women. And when I was in California briefly, I was dating a woman with dwarfism (we were about the same height when I was on my knees, I'm a bit more than 5'6). It was an interesting experience because I totally forgot about being short when I was with her.
Most women were shorter than me on the dates and it helped me forget about my height. Except for the thought in the back of my head that I need to list my height for some dating apps and I knew that some apps have optional filters that let girls exclude men below a certain height.
What seemed to work for you when you experimented with this? As in were there any other situations you found where you could have a good time and avoid interacting with taller people?
Offhand, it seemed like average height was less in these cases:
- social events where most people were women (yoga but what other sports?)
- dating women I guess though it is just spending time with one person
- certain organizations that consisted of people from ethnic groups who are generally shorter (Asians, but what other groups tend to have shorter people?)
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2020.11.25 03:19 Sorry-Operation Should I have been Permanently Banned from /r/Racism for this comment?

I recently posted something on /racism in reply to an Asian-American girl who has a white male partner. She had mentioned that his side of the family are unaware of their white privilege, and I politely stated that maybe the Asian-American girl is unaware of her own privilege in dating a white guy. At the minimum, I wanted to show her that we all have a privilege, even me, and some of you know how much I complained in the past about being a brown man in the USA.
Anyways, from your perspective, should I have been banned from that subreddit?
Also, do you agree with what I had rebutted back over to her?
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2020.11.25 02:50 blueribbon6 Food Linked to Sexual Attraction?

For the past 5 months I found a local Chinese food spot I really love and order take out at least once a week. I’ve also noticed over the past little while I have had a huge interest in Asian woman, whom when I was younger was not as attracted to. I’m finding more and more sexy asians I swipe right on tinder and catch my eye as they walk by.
I am wondering if there is a link between the type of food culture you eat and the type of woman you are attracted to?
FYI I am a white Canadian who was raised on Kraft Dinner and Hot Dogs and have only ever dated white girls.
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2020.11.25 00:36 honey2134 Canceling a date, felt upset yet relieved? Self sabotage or Red flags? [F]

So, there were two men I met online (at different times of course) where I had cancelled meeting up just because it just didn’t feel right, and I feel like there were some red flags. I talked to my therapist and she said it’s not mean to cancel, and just not feel right about things. She said this one particular guy I’m writing about today whom I just cancelled on is just sorta showing red flags.
This new guy I have been talking to I really liked. He was super attractive, nice, very knowledgeable, aware amongst other things. But there were just certain things he would say that made me uncomfortable. Said he was highly, highly neurotic but in therapy. Says he has a tendency to attract “strays” (damaged women) pretty soon on.
He asked me what my “type” was and I just sort of talked about like personality attributes because I’m not limited to a certain look. I also hate when people fetishize certain races, and act like it’s normal when it’s not.
He considered his type SUPER specific, and asked if he could just list them off. I said sure? This list was quite specific, such as, in his words: Asian, short, pale, small hands/feet, a Specific horoscope sign, has a resting b*ch face, etc. He was essentially, as I learned, describing his past relationships. I sort of just said “uhh... no I mean what are is the type you look for?” And so then he was just a bit frazzled by that and started saying personality traits. I just found this weird, and considering the type of women he follows I can tell he is primarily into Asian woman. He also shared he’s into the specific gender roles, like traditional alpha guy and more feminine girl.
This started to make me feel weird, considering I’m not Asian and that considering his ex’s were primarily “ toxic” yet he’s looking for what they were like? Idk. I later on asked him to clarify, whether he was into Asian women specifically or just what he has experiencing in the past. (I also don’t care about types but again, if it’s a fetish that’s not right to me because it’s objectifying). He’s just a normal white guy who says he just has only really dated Asian women. But, considering he only follows these kinds of women and brings up the culture a lot, I am guessing he just doesn’t wanna make me feel weird.
He also would put me in “scenarios” where he literally asked what I would do (and that this answer I give is VERY important to him” if he insulted me in front of friends, and if I would bring it up then or after. I just thought this was sort of weird, because why even think like that and also why would there be a “right answer”.
And lastly, I had been married before and it wasn’t the best relationship. However, I’m not trying to share details super fast with anyone or paint my ex as a demon. But I accidentally said “we” in a sentence from telling a story about living my old house, and he wanted to know who “we” was. I had just said a partner. And then he goes into knowing how long I was with them, what happened, etc. I just try to keep things brief since we had been talking for maybe two days since then. He asked me like if it was abuse, cheating or whatever regarding why the relationship ended. Personally, I think those types of questions are way too soon if I hadn’t met him yet. Later on, if were serious, sure but I don’t really wanna get into ex’s when first dating.
I also know that I’m a bit younger, so maybe me getting married is a shock and one naturally wonders why. But hopefully some can see what I mean? I’m not sure.
Weirdly enough, I’m very upset I cancelled because I did enjoy talking to him and aspects of his personality. I just was so anxious about meeting, and I have difficulty meeting people from online. At times after experiencing very difficult times with my last relationship, I sometimes wonder if I’m being a bit too sensitive about red flags. I just want to be cautious, but not like sabotage myself if I’m looking too into things.
What do you guys think?
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2020.11.25 00:30 ThrowawayEngStud3nt The Ultimate Rant about this BS (RANT)(DISCUSSION)


HOW ASIANS ARE TREATED IN WESTERN SOCIETY (Hella fucking people calling BTS SUGA ugly as fuck on twitter for example) and most KPOP fan girls are unattractive as shit. They arent the instagram model looking chicks FFS.
This is fucking rough... idk what the fuck im talking about anymore.
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2020.11.24 19:16 gaizaz_fi WMAF's How do you relate your dad?

I(25wm) am dating a Japanese girl(25af) for 3 years and we are seriously considering living together and having kids.
Now, i'm in love with this girl more than any other girl I've ever dated. We speak exclusively Japanese and while my Japanese is obviously not perfect I've been studying it for quite a long time for a hobby so we've not had much trouble communicating about even complex things like visas, politics, race, culture, etc. More so than I've been able to do so with girls who speak English/German/Dutch.
Here is where this post probably turns sour for a lot of people.
i'm German (I also live here) and I cant help but place a lot of importance on my heritage. Specifically, I want to relate to my children in the same way that I relate to my own family. I am very close to my parents and I take pride in the fact that I resemble them. Naturally, it has nothing to with being attractive or not, but with seeing yourself reflected in your family and vice versa.
I know it might sound weird or corny, but I love that I can look at my mothers eyes and see my own. Or that I can look at a picture of my dad in the army when he was young and immediately be able to tell i'm related to him because I carry myself the exact same way.
I am concerned, to the point of considering breaking up with my girlfriend, that my children ( especially if I have a son ) will not only not identify with me, but in fact actively want to be seen as only Asian and distance themselves from me. Like, "you can't understand me because you're white", or "you're privileged compared to me". I cant even imagine anything that would drive more of a wedge between people, let alone your own family.
This is my impression from looking at this sub for around 2 months.
Hapas at worst seem to actively hate/reject their white fathers for robbing them of their asianness which would give them a community, language, culture, etc. to which they could belong and draw confidence/ an identity from. But also for perceived racism, for being culturally ignorant about your moms country, or for yellow fever. And they hate their Asian mothers for marrying a white guy instead of an Asian guy who would be a good role model for them, for internalizing their oppression by dating a white guy and thereby emasculating Asian guys, for not teaching them her language, white worshipping, etc. But in any case, the common factor here seems to be that they are denied their Asian heritage.
I really wonder if the opposite is possible in Asia. Like lamenting that your Swedish mom didn't teach you Swedish and not being able to read the Edda's, protestant customs, or the other cultural particularities that Sweden has.
Maybe it's impossible because wasians dont look a specific white ethnicity ( like Swedish ). Are there for example, naturally blond hapas? No, right?
Looking ambiguously white only means something in America. It doesn't connect you to Ireland, England, or any other European country.
At best, they seem to be ambivalent towards their white side. Considering themselves Asian, but not despising your bumbling white father who doesn't relate to you or understand your poc specific problems.
Maybe it's the fact that most Hapas are American? American has long since stopped being a white country and accordingly probably doesn't provide a strong identity, especially racially speaking, which the mono-racial Japan, China, Korea obviously do. Is that why most wasians seem to solely identify with their Asian side?
Do you feel that European countries are culturally bankrupt?
In 50 years, Japan and Korea might look very different in terms of demographics. I wonder what kind of effect this will have on Asian and hapa identity.
So what I would like to know is this. Do you guys feel close to your white parent? Do you relate to them. Do some of you guys feel white at all? If you do, is it begrudgingly so? Like you would rather just be full Asian but accept that you don't look that way fully?
If somebody put a gun to your head and made you choose to either be fully Asian like your mom, or fully white like your dad, which would you choose?
I have sneaking suspicion its the former by a very, very wide margin.
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2020.11.24 15:54 -hexgirl 23/F/US Looking for long term female friends!

Hi there! My name is Hailey, but my friends call me Hibiki and/or Hex. I'm 23, and grew up on a small farm in the middle of nowhere. You can check out my website here!
I'm an aspiring biologist and chemist. However, after getting engaged this past December, I'm looking into nursing and computer science as a profession so I can move to Canada to be with my fiance.
I have a great love for video games, cats, memes, cute things, otome, horror, Nintendo, anime, foreign music (mainly Asian), and bad movies. Currently invested in EXO, Obey Me! Shall We Date, and Watch Dogs: Legion.
I'm really interested in making friends with other girls, but I don't mind hearing from others.
Get to know me some more!
▪︎Favorite Korean drama: Kingdom
▪︎Favorite holiday: Halloween!
▪︎I've liked kpop since 2010.
▪︎Lucky number: 7
▪︎Long term goal: collect all of EXOs albums!
▪︎I just bought a $55 book on frogs
▪︎Current jam: Hype Mode by Reol
▪︎A random fact: a group of frogs is called an army
I'm headed back to work now, so if I don't respond right away, that's why. :) Thanks for checking me out and hope to hear from you! ☆
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2020.11.24 15:00 Angel466 [Bob the hobo] A Celestial Wars Spin-Off Part 0229

Nick smirked as Clefton rubbed his hands together. “What’s for breakfast?” the bouncer asked.
Good question. I had no idea.
I detoured to the warmer and found what I assumed was a ham and egg pie of some sort without the top crust if the smell that wafted out was anything to go by. Without a second thought, I pulled it out and turned around, seeing if they wanted this or if I should go looking for something else.
“Quiche!” Clefton squealed like he was a two-year-old getting his first candy bar. He threw himself to his feet and in three strides that involved treating the coffee table and the adjacent sectional of the lounge like sprint hurdles, he was on the other side of the kitchen counter to me, eyes fixed on the pie thing in my hands. “Oh, man! That smells fantastic!” He then looked up at me. “So what are you having?”
“Don’t challenge him to eat it all,” Nick warned, rising with much more grace to join us. “He will.”
“Stage work works up an appetite,” Clefton insisted. The second he noticed the … whatever he’d called it ... had been broken up into eighths like a pizza, he didn’t wait but lifted a slice out and took a large bite.
Then, he pretended to melt into the kitchen chair with the rest of the slice right beside his smiling mouth. Or maybe he wasn't pretending. He inhaled that piece before I could get the plates out and was reaching for a second. “This is a good quiche,” he burbled over a full mouth.
“And if Lady Col was here, the pryde would be kicking your ass for being such a slob at a designated meal,” Nick countered, kicking the tall leg of the chair Clefton was sitting on hard enough to make the whole thing shudder.
“It’s quiche, man,” Clefton insisted. He held his thumb and forefinger about an inch apart for us to see. “Like this far off pizza.”
Nick waited until I handed him the plate before helping himself to a slice. “Wow,” he said, after taking a bite.
“I know, right?” Clefton grinned. “Whoever made this could give Chef Takumi a run for his money.”
“Dad’s said that before too,” I said, remembering the strange Asian name as one he'd mentioned quite a bit at mealtimes.
Clefton finished off his second slice and licked his lips. “Just so you know, cuz, you and your dad are going to have a hell of a time hanging onto this chef because I intend to bribe the hell out of him to go on the road with me. These days, if I want anything this good, I’ve gotta get my international times lined up and realm-step home to get it.” He pulled himself back up and reached for a third piece. “Mega pain in the butt.”
“Leave some of that for the people that actually live here, Clefton,” Nick warned.
“Do you guys want a drink?” I asked, heading for the fridge.
“I’ll have a beer if you’ve got it,” Clefton answered.
“Just milk for me, thanks.”
Milk? Now that did surprise me. “What, were you the Phantom in a former life?” I asked. I may not have necessarily known my way around Marvel, but most of the engineers I worked with had a Phantom comic or two stashed somewhere on the boats. By the blank looks on their faces, they knew as much about the Phantom as I’d known about Marvel before coming to live in New York with the guys. “Never mind,” I said, waving the subject away. I grabbed out a beer and the carton of milk, pouring Nick one of the largest glasses I could find. The beer I slid across the polished counter to Clefton.
I wasn’t really in the mood for ham and egg pie, so I poked around in the fridge and found a large bowl of chopped fruit salad, with a can of whipped cream on the shelf beside it. That was more what I had in mind. I hauled it out and went back to the bench.
“That looks good too,” Nick agreed, pushing his empty plate forward for a serve.
“More quiche for me,” Clefton said, finishing off that third piece.
“If you eat half that quiche on them, I will beat you within an inch of your life.”
Ooooh. The filthy look Clefton shot Nick should’ve murdered him.
“Fine,” he grizzled, pushing the pie away.
I was trying really hard not to laugh. It was just so surreal. I mean, I wasn’t the die-hard fan Gerry was, but Clefton Nascerdios was still a known commodity to me, and to have him being such a normal person in my kitchen … words just couldn’t describe it. “You won’t be the only one beaten to death if you do,” I admitted, metaphorically speaking of my sleepy girl. When Clefton raised his eyebrow, I grinned and gestured to the hallway that led to my room. “When Gerry finds out she slept through your visit and I didn’t wake her…”
Clefton clapped his hands together and pointed both pointer fingers at me. “Deadman walking!”
“I don’t think your dad’s going to be too thrilled to know we’ve been here either. Just saying,” Nick added thoughtfully.
More my mom, I thought to myself but didn’t voice it. For some reason, Mom’s opinion didn’t seem to matter much to them, and that annoyed me. I piled as much of the fruit salad as I could onto his sandwich plate before the height would spill it onto the counter. “Cream?” I asked, holding up the can.
“No, just the fruit salad, thanks.”
“I’ll have cream,” Clefton said, pushing his as of yet untouched plate towards me.
“Anyone would think you hadn’t eaten in a year.”
“When the food’s good, I eat. The more I eat, the better the food obviously is. Give your chef my compliments, and a severance pay.”
“Robbie will be happy to know that.” I repeated the process for Clefton, adding a double swirl of cream on top. “But he doesn’t get paid, He just lives here with us.”
“What is that aftertaste?” Nick asked, twisting his lips and running his tongue between his tongue and his teeth in an effort to place the strange flavour.
I gave myself a dessert bowl of fruit with whipped cream. Since this was the only way I’d eaten some of these fruits, I had no idea what Nick was on about. “Knowing Robbie, he probably soaks it in something first.”
“Definitely poaching this guy,” Clefton said into his meal.
“You won’t get him,” I chuckled.
“I can be pretty determined when I want to be.”
“Try pig-headed,” Nick suggested.
Clefton flipped his…our cousin the middle finger.
“So how do we all tie together?”
Since Nick was taking his time with his meal, he was the one to explain. “You have the top tier of elders,” he said, waving his fork from left to right just in front of his face. “Your dad, my dad and dipshit’s dad are all cousins on that one line. Jump down to our line,” he made the motion of skipping the fork down an imaginary rung. “And on our line, Clefton’s older than you, and I’m older than him.”
“By two years man. That don’t count for shit,” Clefton argued.
“It could be two seconds, and you know damned well it does. Of the three of us, I’m the eldest.”
“I hope you don't think that means I’m going to jump up and do whatever you say,” I snapped, for that was the only thing I could gather from that kind of aged ranking system. Like heirs to a throne or something.
“Hear, hear,” Clefton agreed, lifting his beer in salute. But then he must’ve thought about it, for he looked at me and amended that to, “Well, you still gotta do what I say, kiddo…”
I remembered what Dad said about not letting the family push me around and laughed at him. “Watch that not happen.”
“I knew I liked you,” Nick grinned. “But watch yourself around the elders. Your dad’s one of the oldest, but they’ve all been around a long time and most of them are …”
“…medieval in their mentality,” Clefton ended. He swiped a strawberry piece through the cream and popped it into his mouth. “So what’s the big idea, sending us on a wild goose chase this morning?”
I frowned. “What do you mean?”
“You wrote 9A on that address. I know because I checked my memory several times.” He tapped the prongs of his fork against the bench. “This ain’t 9A.”
“That wasn’t intentional, was it?” Nick asked. Maybe it was the horrified expression on my face, but something gave me away.
I shook my head. “I-I haven’t written this new address out anywhere, and with only one number different from the old and the new…”
“Your hand went into muscle memory and wrote down your old address,” Nick concluded for me.
“Yeah. Sorry about that.”
“Meh, we got around it,” Clefton said, going back to his fruit salad. “You’ve got some nice neighbours up there who told us you were down here. I gotta say, I wasn’t looking forward to knocking on every door on the second floor … what?” he asked, as my lips cracked into a smile.
“Dad owns both the ground floor and the second floor. With the exception of old Mrs Evans down in 1F, we’re the only ones here.”
“I wonder why he didn’t just buy out the whole building?” Nick thought out loud.
“My guess, he was doing it under the radar of you guys. Buying it one apartment at a time as Llyr Arnav wouldn’t have triggered any alarms with you, the way buying a whole building outright would’ve.”
Both Nick and Clefton had to agree with that. Watching the way Nick chewed on a grape reminded me of something else I’d seen in the cupboard. “Have either of you ever tried Greek grape candy?”
Clefton wasn’t so impressed, but Nick’s eyes lit up. “You have shoushouko?”
I shrugged and went to the cupboard and pulled out the spaghetti jar filled with the knobbly brown sticks that looked like they should be used in a bonfire. “Boyd’s a big fan of natural flavours, so Robbie makes these up for him to take to work. I just know it as Greek grape candy. They also help me and Mason stay focused when we’re chewing on them during study too.”
Nick chortled and lifted a hand, holding up two fingers. He then twisted his hand at the wrist and used those same two fingers to beckon me into hurrying up. “If these are as good as he says the quiche is, I’m going to be adding my bribe to his to convince Robbie to leave town with us.”
I wasn’t concerned. I had no idea how Robbie did what he did, and nor did I care. With everything we’d been through, Robbie was our rock. I knew he wasn’t going anywhere.
After handing him two sticks from the jar, I sat back to watch his expression, knowing I’d already seen it once before on Dad.
I wasn’t disappointed.
* * *


Previous Part 228
((All comments welcome))
I made a family tree/diagram of the Mystallian family that can be found here
For more of my work including previous parts or WPs: Angel466 or indexed here
((The original Celestial Wars Saga books one and two {from which this is a spin-off} may be purchased on Amazon for $2.99 US each. Neither of these books ends in a cliff-hanger. This is an ongoing series, not a completed one.))
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2020.11.24 01:46 aStolenDream FDS Made Me Realize Why Women Gave Me Evil Looks

I’ve always been interested in learning Spanish. In high school, I was that guy in all the Spanish classes actually trying to speak and listening to Spanish music. I’d talk about Spanish food and holidays. I was basically a big nerd for Spanish.
However, whenever I talked to Latinas, I was always given dirty looks. When I tried speaking to them in Spanish, they’d glare at me. When I talked about Spanish food, they’d rant about how “they also eat regular food too, you think all we eat is Spanish food?”. When I talked about Spanish music I was made fun of.
And of course, this never made sense to me. I’d talk to these same Latina girls and they’d tell me their white boyfriends don’t like them speaking Spanish. They’d tell me they’re not allowed to speak Spanish around their families. They’d tell me their boyfriends would make fun of their cooking. So I thought to myself, “if that’s the case, why don’t they want to talk to me about Spanish culture or speak with me in Spanish?”.
Then, I visited FDS. My second day lurking there and this woman makes a post. I forget the title, but it was about dating while Latina. She made this post about how she instablocks any guy that tries to speak Spanish with her or invites her to a date at a Spanish restaurant or asks her about the culture. In the comments, every post was saying how “any guy that’s interested in Spanish is just fetishizing Latina girls”.
And it all made sense in that moment. I cannot be non-white and interested in Spanish at the same time. JBW. If you’re not white and try to talk to a Latina girl about anything related to BEING Latina, you’re fetishizing her. But at the same time, if you’re white you can have no regards for her culture and she’ll be all over you.
I was thinking back to my classes after I read that post. My Spanish teachers always talked about how their white husbands were suspicious about them speaking Spanish at home and didn’t want them speaking Spanish at home. They’d mention their husbands didn’t want them cooking any Spanish food for them and would call their cooking trash. My Latina friends would spend all day gloating when their boyfriends said one word in Spanish, but when I could have whole conversations with them in Spanish, I was looked at with disgust.
Also too, now that I’m in college, I’m majoring in Spanish culture studies. My entire class is black guys, white girls, and Spanish guys/girls. But there’s this one tall white dude. And the entire class is all over him. Complements him 24/7, touches his arms in the middle of conversations, randomly throws his name into conversations he’s not apart of.
It blows my mind and hurts at the same time. It’s the same with Asian women too. I’ll never forget talking about my Filipina babysitter and how she always made Asian food for lunch. A bunch of Asian girls glared at me and said “why are you obsessing over her food? You don’t know anything about Asian culture”. I talked to this Indian girl about wanting to go to India to try the food and she tells me “you’re not going to do that” and glares at me.
And I was thinking a few days ago. I literally will not be able to date an ethnic girl without hiding that I know anything about her culture. Like, if I ever date a Latina girl, I’m going to have to pretend I don’t speak Spanish, hide my Spanish cultural studies degree, hide my Spanish playlist, pretend I don’t go out and eat Spanish food all the time. FDS literally has said if you show ANY interest in a woman’s culture, you’re fetishizing her race and you’re not dateable(unless you’re white).
JBW, it’s over.
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2020.11.23 23:57 goodvibesonlypls 25 [M4F] East Coast, USA - Typical “looking for my person” post. Let’s binge watch Gilmore Girls together!

So I’ve posted a few times and my goal has always been to just to be part of those success stories you see every now and then on here and find someone you can be entirely yourself around. I thought I came close once but she turned out to magically have a boyfriend when it came down to taking things seriously 🙃😅
So if you have a boyfriend or happen to be someone who leads people on or ghost often, this post is not for you 😂
Basically, I’m looking for “my person.” Very basic statement but it’s true! I’m looking for someone that I can confide in about life, be vulnerable with, laugh with, and ultimately be myself with. Looking for someone who is looking for the same thing and can be themselves around me.
Random things about me:
Looks: average-mediocre face, I average one, non-spam match per month on dating apps lmao, thin but going to the gym everyday to maybe change that 😂, 5’7”
Love language according to a free quiz online 😅: words of affirmation and physical touch
Media I consume: sports here and there, anime, Schitts creek!!, podcasts, really good movies when they come out, a lot of random shit so open to suggestions! Mostly lean toward comedies
Job: healthcare
Future plans: grad/med school
Race/ethnicity: South Asian (open to anyone and everyone but would like someone who’s open to different cultures)
Favorite foods: Thai and PIZZA even though I’m slightly lactose intolerant 😂😅
What I tend to be attracted to but not limited to: girls that are independent, strong, active, and take care of themselves, employed or educated and have dreams, meme sharers, sense of humor, being able to roast and be roasted 😂, nice mask wearers that care about other people, anti racists, no trump supporters sorry 😅, ages 22-28, USA only because LDRs turn into platonic pen pals fast 😂😂
Would like to exchange pics somewhat early on so we don’t fool ourselves. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea so don’t wanna drag anything if you’re not into me 😂
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2020.11.23 22:45 ilovemacandcheese13 “I only date black guys” starter pack Asian girl edition

“I only date black guys” starter pack Asian girl edition submitted by ilovemacandcheese13 to starterpacks [link] [comments]

2020.11.23 22:44 curious3george The world's sociopathic disregard for AM well-being has gone on long enough. If woke AM can't make people care, they should make them *pay*

When some other races of men feel wronged, feel like they've been denied what they assume they rightfully deserve, say white guys for instance, they might do something extreme like beat people up in the streets or even shoot up a school. But most AM are more civilized than that no? I think AM are more than capable of thinking of some creative, even fun ways dare I say, of finding justice in the messed up system.
Listen very closely my friend: as someone once said, A harmless man is not a good man. A good man is a very dangerous man who has that under voluntary control.
The west has actually been able to convince many Asians to accept third-class status in the USA, to pretend like they're doing so fine with the bamboo ceiling, or being low on the social totem pole and almost never getting laid or dates compared to other races of men, massaging themselves with weird copes like "muh equal earning power with whites" or "I always get straight A's on my tests!"
Like someone here said, enclaves can only provide temporary relief and isn't going to shield you once you're outside the bubble. Even inside the bubble it's not that rosy.
When an AM airs his well-researched and reasoned complaints about his lot in life, the way he's been treated just cuz of his race, how often
"stop complaining dude, you have it SO good, just shut up and keep being a good worker bee" (might as well just flat out say you don't care at all whether he's discriminated at work or can't find love)
How fucking dare they. Society wants to act like they're so empathetic and social justicey, but with AM there's suddenly hardly such a thing as ethics. AM should not be forced to keep being strung along in this evil system, being told by everyone else that they're weird for thinking (correctly) that AM have it bad. Being ignored. Makes you want to smack these fuckers, but that would be illegal.
The theme for AM in these upcoming years should be "enough is fucking enough." Young Asian boys growing up deserve so. much. better. And if people around the world wish to continue pretending these young Asian boys are non-human walking stereotype robots who should grow up to be good obedient cogs in the stupid machine, taking crap from a variety of people from some white asshole cheating off his homework, or a self-hating Asian who looks down on him with contempt (talk about diversity!), the older woke AM needs to fight back and hit like a sledgehammer. It's time.
We all should have learned as kids that bad actions should have consequences. Racist society apparently forgot about it, but woke people have not lmao. If you can't make a bully stop, if you can't make bystanders care, you gotta make them pay. Consider this post a bit of a spiritual sequel to an earlier one I made.
-Two words: BRAIN DRAIN. One of the most badass stories I've ever read was about that one Chinese guy, Qian who worked on some nuclear weaponry in the USA, but was given the cold shoulder. You guys remember this? When they decided to expel Qian, not only did they strip him of any academic creditentials, they confiscated his work, basically any piece of paper in his possession as well, as to prevent his knowledge from being passed over. Unfortunately for the idiotic racists, Qian had memorized all of his work in his head down. He got his sweet, glorious revenge, by helping to give China the Bomb. The first non-European country to get it. This dude would make Chuck Norris shit in his pants. Asians are among the smartest people in the West despite being seen as foreign. If you feel that your work is not respected and valued in your sphere, consider Qian a role model. The West has no idea the big mistake they're making by shitting on these men.
I am aware that not all AM can move to an Asian country. But there are many other things you can do.
-Recently an AM on AsianMasculinity shared his wacky experience about a series of ads he was to work on: first three ads were a white, black, and latino couple both gender same race....the fourth was a WMAF ad, like AM were being excluded without even a bit of subtlety, all 3 other couples shown were with their own race. The AM chose not to run the ad cuz he's actually WOKE. Vote with your wallets and start boycotting companies that pull this crap
*-If you know of some white liberals who are acting progressive for every other group except AM, call them out no matter what. If you are excluded from anything without reason, be their worst nightmare. When that one school in Wisconsin implied Asians were honorary whites, the pouring in of complaints got them to respond. Call out bullies
*-That AM working for the ads I mentioned earlier? He highly encourages Asian men who have climbed their way up to also get other Asian men paid. It can be done at all levels of the job. Apparently Indians are pretty good at looking out for their own. Get racists fired. Some AM at work when they see a WMAF portfolio they toss it in the bin. Maybe you find it extreme, but everyone needs to find their own ways to rebel against the system.
-Given the increasing number of frustrated Asians who have seen the ugly truth revealed by 2020, I could see some strikes being done in the future. I encourage it! Make the message loud and clear that your work need to be respected, your safety in places like hospitals must be ensured.
*-If teachers in school don't have your back when you're being abused, trust me son it is OKAY to take action into your hands (I don't mean some John Wick shit lol). Other races are willing to fight it out if they must, young Asian guys must learn to be hardass too. For better or worse, there will be times for everyone when it seems that no one has your back. It's a part of life. There is a way out of the pit. If no one else in educational institutions is willing to stand up for you, the least you can do is stand up for yourself! Older AM must guide younger ones to not keep their heads down. Be like this guy
**-It's ok for at least some people to fear you. Racists are pretty afraid of black, hispanic, and arab men, they should be afraid of woke AM too.
*-Do not be afraid to spam racists with links and studies that disprove racist myths and beliefs. I know of some AM here who have done this, even in just comment sections, and it makes more a difference than you may think. If you see an important nextshark article, you CAN share it to other places that are not Asian niches. It does not have to be only seen by a few people.
Make the consequences big. I only listed a few possible examples. You all can probably think of more, even better juicier methods of revenge.
Remember, the USA was built on rebellion. Many of the most influential historical movements were forged by stalwart rebels who were not satisfied by the status quo. Consider it a running theme for America, and other similar countries. Never forget that you are part of the never-ending story no matter how much other anti-AM jerks fight to keep you on the sidelines or fringes of the pages. Raising hell when it needs to be done is a right that you are every bit entitled to.
It's your time to shine.
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2020.11.23 21:04 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update November 23, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update November 23, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Watch here:
Full Notes
(continued in stickied comment)
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2020.11.23 19:20 ShrunkGiant Ukrainian Mail Order Brides on camera by BrideCams

Yet the difference, of course, is that the company is making a massive profit from the men making fools of themselves, and while lots of ladies are earning money out of the schemes also, it is unclear that it is helpful to them in the longer term. Anastasia International, while not straight conspiring in the frauds, runs a very profitable business version that allows them to grow. While actual and long-term liaisons do sometimes form through the site, regularly it only serves to boost the concentric circles of skepticism, dissatisfaction and also heartbreak for all entailed. Anastasia urges that it weeds out scams whenever it discovers them, and also has actually banned some women from the website. It also states it will certainly reimburse customers that succumb to scams, and provides recommendations on how to prevent them.
Regardless of attempting to find out English as rapid as she could, when she first got here Wilson can not comprehend what her new other half stated to her. Her marital relationship is better now, she states, due to the fact that they can truly talk. italina Wilson had never ever planned to marry an international male whose language she did not speak. Nor did she intend to relocate 6,000 miles far from her family to a country she understood absolutely nothing regarding. She had a really good task in the audit division of a big importer in her indigenous Ukraine. She was also separated, after weding at 21 to a male whom she refers to as "not fit to domesticity". Her ex-husband had a tough time working as well as made points "tough" for her, she says softly before moving on to happier subjects.
After calling a mail-order company, most of Filipina mail-order brides met their spouses by going to "show-ups", a meeting in which a group of Filipina ladies are brought to meet a Korean man that is searching for a spouse. At the show-up the Oriental man selects a bride-to-be from among the group, and in an issue of days they are married. Asian men likewise worked through mail-order firms to discover partners as they functioned overseas in the 1800s. Trick variables establishing the partnership in between movement and also marital relationship were demographics, legal plans, cultural perceptions and modern technology.
Imbalances between the number of offered women and the number of men desiring partners produced a need for immigrant females. As a result of this inequality, a brand-new system of "picture brides" established in mainly male negotiations. In the early 20th century, the establishment of "picture brides" established because of migration constraints. The Japanese-American Key Arrangement of 1907 enabled Japan to approve passports to the spouses of immigrants to America. As migration of single Japanese ladies to America was successfully disallowed, making use of "picture brides" given a system for ready ladies to obtain a ticket to America, while Japanese employees in America can acquire a women helpmate of their own nationality.

Which country has the most Affairs?

This list prepared by the shows the countries that are most often cited as having illicit affairs. 1. Thailand 56% But it's Thailand which grabbed the top spot with 56% of the population admitting to being unfaithful. 2. Denmark 46% 3. Italy 45% 4. Germany 45% 5. France 43% 6. Norway 41% 7. Belgium 40% 8. Spain 39% More items•
Listed here are six indications you have actually obtained nice dating rules as well as are prone to make an excellent impression-- and valuables you would possibly require to consider doing in your ukraine brides next day, should you aren't already. We are the pursuers and it gets on us men to stimulate some feeling of destination in the woman we want. There have actually been a number of murders of mail-order brides in South Korea. In June 2013, The Philippine embassy in Seoul reported that it had obtained several issues from Filipinas that have married Korean males via mail-order, frequently coming to be "sufferers of grave misuses". The Philippine police rescued 29 mail-order brides on their means to marry South Korea men whom Principal Superintendent Reginald Villasanta, head of an organised criminal activity job pressure, says were "deceived into promises of an immediate well-off life through marriage with Oriental gentlemen". The ladies were advertised in online and offline "magazines" to South Oriental men.
For the women as well, although hundreds of them earn a living from the rip-offs, it is not a simple emotional burden to bear. Other females were really searching for a young and fascinating partner and wished to leave Ukraine, yet invested hours chatting with senior men in order to make money. I was able to uncover specifically how the rip-offs function because of an opportunity encounter with Alina, among the women entailed, who really felt born down by her collusion in what she called "emotional prostitution". A number of them feature absurd assumptions, obviously, but I am unsure that any person deserves this therapy. Equipped with this info, I was completely expecting to invest a week being offended by unpleasant males taking advantage of susceptible females, as well as there were absolutely a few on the journey whose misogyny got to prize-winning levels. I opted for a firm called Anastasia International, which is no dingy basement procedure, however a significant company with a projected income last year of $140m (₤ 84m). It has countless women in Ukraine and across the globe on its books, readily available for conversations as well as in-person conferences with lonely bachelors throughout the world looking for a spouse.

How much is a Ukraian bride?

An average middle-class, university-educated Thai lady deserves a dowry of 100,000- 300,000 baht. A dowry of a million baht for an uneducated lady of modest means is just ridiculous. Thai dowry prices fall drastically if your bride-to-be has been previously married, already has children, or is not a virgin anymore.
A worldwide marriage company is a service that ventures to present males and females of various nations for the objective of marriage, dating, or communication. Most of these marriage firms are based near ladies in creating nations.

Options For Systems In Ukraine Mail Order Other Halves.

Nevertheless, economic elements are not the only driving aspect for ladies in Asia to go into the mail-order sector. Filipina ladies often went into the mail-order industry in the hope of weding abroad and afterwards funding their family members for migration. Sometimes ladies were recruited based upon their physical appearance, with a focus placed on young people as well as virginity. This is discovered among store companies, the majority of which deal with well-off males from various other Oriental nations. The majority of Eastern mail-order brides originate from the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, as well as China. The Korea Times reports that annually, thousands of Oriental guys register for matches with Filipina brides with firms as well as by mail order. Based on data from the Oriental government, there are 6,191 Filipinas in South Korea who are wed to Koreans.
Because the collapse of the Soviet Union, large numbers of eastern European women have actually promoted themselves in such a way, mostly from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova. Men that list themselves in such publications are referred to as "mail-order husbands", although this is a lot less typical. As internet dating has actually gone mainstream over the previous years, Anastasia is attempting to rebrand what was when called the "mail-order bride" market as something modern and modern. This is no longer the protect of seedy and unscrupulous guys looking for vulnerable women from poor backgrounds to work as a longterm sex servant, the marketing suggests. This is "international dating", a way to locate romance without borders. As soon as you solve you are going to offer it a shot, the initial point it is a good idea to do is develop your profile.
Though lots of guys claim they desire a smart, amusing, or moral Russian female, those aren't the search terms they use. " hot Russians" as well as "Russian brides" are two of the top key words in the Russian dating sector, and also as we are an on the internet organization we naturally intend to capture that web traffic. And also, or simply doesn't have the very same ring to it.

Q: Would You Take Into Consideration An Objective For These Ladies To Come To Be A "Bride" To Be The Need To Leave Russia?

Although these marital relationships can be successful, in many cases immigrant wives are maltreated, misunderstood and separated from their Oriental spouses. One technique men use when selecting girls as spouses is "Like a court in an elegance contest, the guy interviews the females, a number of them 20 years younger than he, as well as chooses". The term "mail-order new bride" is both slammed by proprietors of international marriage firms and used by them as an easily well-known term. A mail-order bride-to-be is a female that provides herself in brochures and is chosen by a man for marriage. In the twentieth century, the pattern was mainly towards ladies residing in developing nations looking for guys in more industrialized countries. In the 21st century, the pattern is now based mainly on internet-based gathering place which do not per se certify as mail-order new bride services. The majority of the females listed in the twentieth-century as well as twenty-first-century services are from Southeast Asia, nations of the previous Eastern Bloc and also from Latin America.

You've Seen Hot Ukrainian Brides.

International dating sites supply a wide variety of on-line interaction, including instantaneous messaging, email letters, webchat, phone translation, digital gifts, live games, as well as mobile-based chat. International marriage firms are often described as "mail-order bride" companies. Nevertheless, lots of take into consideration the term "mail-order bride-to-be" negative and feel it demeans foreign females by comparing them to commodities to buy and by falsely indicating that, they exercise no judgment over the men they satisfy as well as would certainly wed anyone from a relatively rich country. Many international brides originate from establishing nations in Asia. The countries the ladies come from are confronted with joblessness, malnutrition as well as inflation.

Q: What Kind Of Woman Usually Enroll In This Solution? Age? Are They Truly Warm?

See the next ukraine mail order brides web page to get going, as well as be shown what online dating resembles, figure out exactly how it actually works as well as obtain some valuable ideas concerning making your online dating experience risk-free and effective. In passing IMBRA, Congress was replying to claims by the Tahirih Justice Facility, a lady's campaigning for group, that mail-order brides were vulnerable to domestic abuse due to the fact that they are not familiar with the regulations, language and customizeds of their brand-new home. The TJC firmly insisted that unique legislation was needed to safeguard them.

Men who live with mail-order brides reveal what life is REALLY like - Daily Mail

Men who live with mail-order brides reveal what life is REALLY like.
Posted: Wed, 19 Oct 2016 07:00:00 GMT [source]

International Marriage Company.

Oftentimes nonetheless, sufferers were fed incorrect info regarding the history of their future partner and family members, and endured abuse southern Oriental guys, which brought about "desertion of the marriage house, splitting up and also divorce", Villasanta stated. The New York Times records, "On a monthly basis, thousands of South Korean males fly to Vietnam, the Philippines, Nepal and Uzbekistan on special journeys. An agent accompanies each guy to see many ladies in a solitary day, often all gathered in the same hall".
International marriage agencies motivate ladies to register for their solutions, and also help with interaction and also conferences with men from created areas of North America, Western Europe, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and also New Zealand. This network of smaller sized worldwide marriage agencies is frequently connected with web-based worldwide dating sites that have the ability to market their services on a bigger range, in compliance with guidelines such as the International Marriage Broker Guideline Act. Experian, a marketing research firm, reports that the top 10 international dating websites attracted 12 million visitors in March 2013, up 29% from March 2012.
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2020.11.23 17:11 putcoolusernamehere Asian women of Reddit, how do you feel about dating men who have a preference for asian women, and how do such men avoid their preference turning into something more toxic like fetishization?

I've always found myself more attracted on average to asian women (of literally all Asian backgrounds). I can't explain it, it just is. It's got nothing to do with preconceived stereotypes or fetishization, it's just way more likely I'm going to be initially physically attracted to asian women (maybe 3-4x more likely if I had to put a frequency on it).
Due to this, most of the women I've dated in my life have been of Asian descent. It's not because I won't date a woman if she's not Asian, but because I won't date a woman if I'm not attracted to her, and as I said above, for whatever reason I'm far more likely to be attracted to Asian women. I won't date a girl just because she's attractive though, if our personalities don't mesh, it's not happening.
I try my hardest to understand how this preference could seem like racism or fetishization to my partner, and I try to educate myself to rid of these things. I don't want my partners to think I'm only into them because of their race, but that's a hard sell to make when they find out I've almost exclusively dated Asian women in the past.
So Asian women of Reddit, is there anything I can do to show this is just an attraction preference? Any resources I can use to educate myself on issues like fetishization and racism in dating? Anything else I can do to ease the mind of women I date in the future? I can't change who I am and aren't attracted to, but I would like to go about my dating life in a way that wouldn't make my partners feel objectified or fetishized.
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2020.11.23 16:10 wanderingbilby Snapchat spam flood for 'ashleycutiebabe'

Noticed this while looking for other spammers. Dozens of posts to random subreddits, all with different accounts.
Example Image (SFW)
All of these posts are from a 30 minute timespan.
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2020.11.23 13:19 SailorPoon_ There's nothing wrong with white guys just dating Asian girls or Asian girls just dating white guys

There's nothing wrong with white guys just dating Asian girls or Asian girls just dating white guys. I see this claim being made often online and I think it's dumb. It's just a preference. If some guys just want to date Asian girls that's completely fine. On the other hand I've also known many Asian girls who just seem to be interested in dating white guys. That doesn't make them bad people either, it's just their preference.
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2020.11.23 12:07 States0fMind Girl met in the Amazon warehouse is the coolest I've met in awhile.

Hey guys,
So theres this girl I met at work and shes the coolest Ive met (in person) for awhile. Shes chill, gamer / nerd chick, works hard, is a good person, and shes also fucking beautiful. I've always wanted to date a foreign girl (shes asian-australian).
I got her number, and we sometimes text, but I get the vibe she doesn't really like texting very much so our conversations through text don't seem to really take off and in general she seems distant in text.
When I cross paths with her at work shes very warm and talkitive. She stands close to me as if Im someone that she can trust. She may just be really extroverted and Im reading into it too much, but thats the vibe I get it.
I'm anxious that it wont turn into anything though, not even a friendship outside of work. I would really like it to, and we have briefly spoke of going out but as it stands we're in the middle of the shutdown and don't know where we could go past curfew. We both work 3rd shift, so we wake up much later in the day. We do plan to play online games together in the future too, which was how I got her number.
Texting doesn't seem to really advance anything very much, and I caught her on my way out today and I could barely hold my composure, I was nervous. She was talking to me though, but it was very brief, and I ended it on a "have a good night".

Just would like some general advice on how to handle this. Thing is, I have this fantasy of how it will all play out built up in my head and hopes a romantic relationship will spawn from it someday, and I know its unrealistic and too early for that, but thats how I am, I can't control it.
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2020.11.23 05:43 throw373747 (COMING OUT) How do you know if your family is accepting? Or how can you change it?

TLDR at the end !! So I’m bisexual and a minor. and I want to come out to my family because I feel like it will make it less of a surprise if I ever get a gf instead of a bf. but I also don’t want to because of their reactions, or hurting their future expectations.
My mom says she has a lesbian sister(?) and when my dad says smth offensive to the community, she tells him not to say that. I know she accepts the community but I’ve never discussed it w her and I’m not sure if she’s like yk 100%. The only thing questionable she’s said is “I don’t know why they need all those labels, it’s all gay” but she also came from traditional family so I can see why it’s hard to understand but still.
My dad on the other hand is traditional; he is respectful when my gay friend is around and treats him normal. He makes some comments like ‘gay boy’ or ‘never date a boy w long haijeans tighter than yours/wears pink’ as in to say they’re gay. He also started talking “someday when you have a husband/kids” so I know he wants me to have a husband.
I will also be moving close to my both sides of extended family who I haven’t seen in almost my whole life and they are Asian and Mexican and ‘tough’ so I’m not sure if they’d accept “the weird bisexual Cali girl” you know? The extended family part I added bcuz I know my dad would like to be close w them again so it’d be bad if they didn’t like me.
TLDR; mom is like a silent supporter, dad is traditional and has said some homophobic things but treats ppl of the community normal. we will be moving close to both sides of extended family, they seem traditional.
are there any signs that you guys have noticed that show they’d accept you? Or subtle things you’ve done to try to figure it out? or if they weren’t accepting, what did you do/what changed that they did accept you?
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2020.11.23 05:39 throw373747 Are there any signs that your family is accepting?

TLDR at the end !! So I’m bisexual and a minor. and I want to come out to my family because I feel like it will make it less of a surprise if I ever get a gf instead of a bf. but I also don’t want to because of their reactions, or hurting their future expectations.
My mom says she has a lesbian sister(?) and when my dad says smth offensive to the community, she tells him not to say that. I know she accepts the community but I’ve never discussed it w her and I’m not sure if she’s like yk 100%. The only thing questionable she’s said is “I don’t know why they need all those labels, it’s all gay” but she also came from traditional family so I can see why it’s hard to understand but still.
My dad on the other hand is traditional; he is respectful when my gay friend is around and treats him normal. He makes some comments like ‘gay boy’ (when a guy fits the next dialogue) or ‘never date a boy w long haijeans tighter than yours/wears pink’ as in to say they’re gay. He also started talking “someday when you have a husband/kids” so I know he wants me to have a husband.
I will also be moving close to my both sides of extended family who I haven’t seen in almost my whole life and they are Asian and Mexican and ‘tough’ so I’m not sure if they’d accept “the weird bisexual Cali girl” you know? The extended family part I added bcuz I know my dad would like to be close w them again so it’d be bad if they didn’t like me.
TLDR; mom is like a silent supporter, dad is traditional and has said some homophobic things but treats ppl of the community normal. we will be moving close to both sides of extended family, they seem traditional.
are there any signs that you guys have noticed that show they’d accept you? Or subtle things you’ve done to try to figure it out? or if they weren’t accepting, what did you do/what changed that they did accept you?
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