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A list of active startup investors during this pandemic.

2020.03.25 09:57 alexander_sideris A list of active startup investors during this pandemic.

I went through every single funding round of February, which is when this pandemic started, and collected information for hundreds of investors.
I do this every month, so I’ll do it for March as well when this month ends, I think that will be even more interesting..
So far I didn’t see any major difference in February’s numbers compared to January’s.
The list contains ~200 investors. You can copy paste the output below and create a CSV file. Then, you can import it into Google Sheets, Airtable, whatever. It’s super easy.

Investor Name,Investor Description,Investor Type,Investor Location,Investment Activity,Last Investment Date,Last Investment Industry,Last Investment Stage,Last Investment Amount,Investor LinkedIn,Investor Twitter,Investor Email
Jaffray Woodriff,"Angel Investor located in Charlottesville, VA",Angel,United States,High,February 2020,Advertising,Pre-Seed,$0.9M,,,(Removed from this list)
Nat Goldhaber,Nat is the resident expert on mobile technology with a broad interest in areas such as mobile payments and social networking. His focus on t...,Partner,United States,Low,February 2020,eSports,Pre-Seed,$0.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Amy Morhaime,"Amy Morhaime - Sr. Global Director, Blizzard Esports @ Blizzard Entertainment",Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,eSports,Pre-Seed,$0.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Alex Poon,Alex Poon is a Co-founder and General Partner at UP2398.,Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,eSports,Pre-Seed,$0.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Chris Sang,"General Partner, Chief Technology Officer, Venture Advisor, Global Angel Investor",Angel,Australia,Moderate,February 2020,eSports,Pre-Seed,$0.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Albert Lee,"Albert Lee is co-founders of MyFitnessPal, the leading free resource helping people improve their health. Over the course of his career, Alb...",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,eSports,Pre-Seed,$0.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Jon Runyan,"Jon Runyan is Okta's General Counsel. As GC, Jon oversees all of the company's legal affairs worldwide. In addition to running the legal dep...",Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,Finance,Seed,$6M,,,(Removed from this list)
Abhinav Chhikara,Abhinav Chhikara - UI/UX Designer & Co-founder @ Lisn App,Angel,India,Low,February 2020,Education,Seed,$0.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Ellen Levy,"Ellen is Managing Director of Silicon Valley Connect, working with organizations and entrepreneurs on opportunities for “networked innovatio...",Angel,United States,High,February 2020,Artificial Intelligence,Seed,$10M,,,(Removed from this list)
Didier Elzinga,"Didier previously co-founded technical academy award winning Rising Sun Research and is non-executive director at Tourism Australia, the Atl...",Angel,Australia,Moderate,February 2020,Consumer Research,Seed,$2.7M,,,(Removed from this list)
Thomas Reardon,"Prior to joining WestView Capital Partners, Tom Reardon was a Director at CIBC Capital Partners, a private equity firm with $1.5 billion und...",Partner,United States,Low,February 2020,Artificial Intelligence,Seed,$10M,,,(Removed from this list)
Saurabh Srivastava,"Saurabh Srivastava is one of India’s leading IT entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists. He founded and chaired IIS Infotech ...",Angel,India,Moderate,February 2020,Content,Seed,$0.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Daniel Gross,"Daniel Gross is an entrepreneur and investor. Daniel was born in Israel. He founded a company called Cue, an AI-powered search engine. Cue ...",Partner,United States,High,February 2020,Analytics,Seed,$3.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Shervin Pishevar,"Shervin Pishevar is a Managing Director at Sherpa Capital, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm he co-founded with Scott Stanford in M...",Partner,United States,High,February 2020,Finance,Seed,$6M,,,(Removed from this list)
Greg Brockman,"Greg Brockman is the Co-founder and Chairman of OpenAI. He was formerly the CTO of Stripe, a leading Silicon Valley startup.",Angel,United States,High,February 2020,Analytics,Seed,$3.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Krishna Visvanathan,Krishna Visvanathan was a Partner at DFJ Esprit from October 2009 to April 2015. Krishna has been a Venture Capital investor for over 10 yea...,Partner,United Kingdom,Moderate,February 2020,Retail Technology,Seed,$0.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Mattias Danielsson,"Previously with Accenture, co-founder and CEO of Tradera (acquired by eBay), co-founder of M.Sc. in Economics and Business, Stockh...",Angel,Sweden,Moderate,February 2020,Voice,Seed,$1M,,,(Removed from this list)
Amit Ranjan,"Amit heads the team that is building SlideShare. Amit has a previous background in product marketing, sales & consumer research. His last...",Angel,India,High,February 2020,Content,Seed,$0.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Shishir Mehrotra,"Mr. Shishir Mehrotra is a Director of Spotify Technology S.A. since June 13, 2017 and served as Strategic Advisor to the Chief Executive Off...",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Artificial Intelligence,Seed,$10M,,,(Removed from this list)
Prakash Ramamurthy,Prakash is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience leading product strategy and technology vision in startups and high growth ...,Partner,United States,Low,February 2020,Broadcasting,Seed,$1.2M,,,(Removed from this list)
Kyle Porter,"Kyle Porter is the co-founder and CEO of SalesLoft. SalesLoft generated explosive growth over the past two years, serving over 1,200 clients...",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Robotics,Seed,$0.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Scott Sage,Scott co-founded Crane,Partner,United Kingdom,Moderate,February 2020,Retail Technology,Seed,$0.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Kevin Hartz,"Kevin is the Co-Founder & Chairman of Eventbrite and an EIR & Venture Partner at Founders Fund. Prior to joining the firm, Kevin was Co-Fo...",Partner,United States,High,February 2020,Education,Seed,$3.2M,,,(Removed from this list)
Justin Alanis,Justin is the CEO of Rentlytics. He and Phil started the Company with the goal of harnessing the vast amounts of data within the multifamily...,Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,Commercial Insurance,Seed,$2.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Manan Maheshwari,"Manan is a analytical and detail-oriented team player with a focus on creative problem solving, innovation, cross functional team work, cust...",Angel,India,Low,February 2020,Content,Seed,$0.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Pei-fu Hsieh,"Pei-fu Hsieh is a venture partner at 01vc, focusing on investment opportunities in Southeast Asia. Pei-fu brings to 01VC extensive investmen...",Angel,India,Low,February 2020,Developer APIs,Seed,$1.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Kunal Shah,Kunal Shah is the founder and CEO of CRED. Kunal Shah graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Wilson College in Mumbai an...,Angel,India,High,February 2020,Developer APIs,Seed,$1.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Steli Efti,"Steli is CEO and Co-Founder of (a platform that makes calls, sends emails, and conveniently automatically tracks all activity) and ...",Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,Podcast,Seed,$2M,,,(Removed from this list)
Julia Hartz,Julia Hartz hopes to inspire people to live more by building the world's largest marketplace of live experiences. Since founding Eventbr...,Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Education,Seed,$3.2M,,,(Removed from this list)
Matt Lowe,"Mr. Lowe co-founded Swift Straw Il, LLC in October 2011, serving as Chief Executive Officer. His vision and leadership has elevated Swift St...",Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,Robotics,Seed,$0.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Louis Beryl,"3X Founder of Earnest, SolidEnergy, and now working on the next one. Formerly a16z and YC. Active angel investor and board member.",Angel,United States,High,February 2020,Insurance,Seed,$2.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Eric Ries,Eric Ries is the founder and CEO of the Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE). The LTSE is building a new national securities exchange designed to...,Angel,United States,High,February 2020,Cloud Infrastructure,Seed,$6.5M,,,(Removed from this list)
Phil Venables,Phil Venables,Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,Cyber Security,Seed,$4.1M,,,(Removed from this list)
Rafael Garrido,Rafael Garrido is a Co-Founder at eShop Ventures.,Angel,Spain,Low,February 2020,SaaS,Seed,$0.5M,,,(Removed from this list)
Christian Reber,Christian Reber​ is the founder and CEO of Pitch. The German entrepreneur previously founded the award-winning to-do app Wunderlist. After i...,Angel,Germany,Moderate,February 2020,Podcast,Seed,$2M,,,(Removed from this list)
James Beshara,"James has been pushing the group-funding envelope since 2007. Before co-founding Crowdtilt, he studied Development Economics in undergra...",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Health Care,Seed,$1M,,,(Removed from this list)
Allen Graber,"Allen has been instrumental in starting, growing, investing in and profitably exiting Internet and software companies for over a decade. ...",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Robotics,Seed,$0.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
JD Ross,JD is a co-founder focused on developing better experiences for home sellers and buyers. He has led the company’s growth team and product te...,Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Commercial Insurance,Seed,$2.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Abhishant Pant,Abhishant Pant is a Mumbai based Fintech expert and has more than a decade of hands-on experience of payments landscape. He has spoken ab...,Angel,India,Moderate,February 2020,Developer APIs,Seed,$1.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Hubert Thieblot,"Hubert Thieblot founded Curse, Inc. in 2005 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer.",Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,Developer Platform,Seed,$3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Marc Jalabert,Marc Jalabert,Angel,France,Moderate,February 2020,Artificial Intelligence,Seed,$10M,,,(Removed from this list)
Daniel Dines,"Daniel Dines is Co-founder and CEO of UiPath, the fastest growing and leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI software w...",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Event Management,Seed,$6.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Greg Badros,Greg is a well respected technology leader in the valley. Over the last 10 years he has held senior leadership positions at Facebook and Goo...,Angel,United States,High,February 2020,Artificial Intelligence,Seed,$10M,,,(Removed from this list)
John Bonten,"John Bonten actively invests in various startups including Calm, Atoms, HeadSpin, Outdoor Voices, and more. He is a former member of a small...",Angel,The Netherlands,Moderate,February 2020,Music,Seed,$2.9M,,,(Removed from this list)
Jonathan Benhamou,"Jonathan Benhamou Co-Founded PeopleDoc, a leading provider of cloud-based HR Service Delivery solutions, in 2007 in France. In 2014, Jonath...",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Internet,Seed,$3.5M,,,(Removed from this list)
Amrish Rau,"As the CEO of PayU India, India’s leading digital payment solution providers, B. Amrish Rau is at the forefront of driving digital transform...",Angel,India,High,February 2020,Developer APIs,Seed,$1.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Rudy Karsan,Rudy Karsan is a technology entrepreneur and investor. Nothing excites him more than a great idea and a stellar team of executors who he can...,Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,Financial Services,Seed,$10.1M,,,(Removed from this list)
Sidharth Rao,"Entrepreneur since 1998. Proud founder of a couple of really spectacular internet businesses in India. And then, at least 2x number of equal...",Angel,India,Moderate,February 2020,Content,Seed,$0.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Gokul Rajaram,"Gokul Rajaram is the product engineering lead at Square, the commerce company based in San Francisco, CA, that offers local businesses a ful...",Partner,United States,High,February 2020,Video,Seed,$2.5M,,,(Removed from this list)
Ritesh Malik,"A medical doctor, who sold his startup Alive App to The Bennett and Coleman Group (Times of India) in 2013, has been instrumental in buildin...",Angel,India,Moderate,February 2020,Content,Seed,$0.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Clément Buyse,Clément Buyse - COO & Co-Founder @ PeopleDoc,Angel,France,Moderate,February 2020,Internet,Seed,$3.5M,,,(Removed from this list)
Kevin Lin,"Lin is the COO of Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. He was instrumental in the 2011 launch of the ...",Angel,United States,High,February 2020,Developer Platform,Seed,$3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Sunil Chhaya,"Sunil is a Vice President at NextWorld Capital, an enterprise focused venture capital firm focused on investing in Series A & B companies. H...",Partner,United States,Low,February 2020,Artificial Intelligence,Seed,$10M,,,(Removed from this list)
Jesper Theil Thomsen,Jesper Theil Thomsen is the co-founder and CEO of SoundBoks.,Angel,Denmark,Low,February 2020,Music,Seed,$2.9M,,,(Removed from this list)
Paul Veugen,"Builder: Teams, product, engineering, and design. Founder of one of the first all-day activity trackers for the iPhone Human (acquired by ...",Angel,Netherlands,Low,February 2020,Fitness,Seed,$0.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Matt Clifford,Matt co-founded EF after being a consultant at McKinsey & Co. Prior to EF Matt spent his time studying at MIT fuelled by an obsession with R...,Partner,United Kingdom,Moderate,February 2020,Retail Technology,Seed,$0.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Jitendra Gupta,"Jitendra was Founder and CEO of Citrus Pay, a leading digital payments company in India. Post acquisition of Citrus Pay by Naspers, he leads...",Angel,India,High,February 2020,Developer APIs,Seed,$1.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Tim Draper,"Timothy Draper is founding partner of leading venture capital firms Draper Associates and DFJ. Tim's original suggestion to use ""viral marke...",Partner,United States,High,February 2020,Blockchain,Seed,$1M,,,(Removed from this list)
Matt MacInnis,"Matt MacInnis is the Co-Founder and CEO of Inkling Systems, the world’s first end-to-end platform for mobile learning content.",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Commercial Insurance,Seed,$2.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Niloo R. Howe,Niloo Howe is the Chief Strategy Officer at RSA. She was previously Chief Strategy Officer of Endgame. She has a quarter century of expe...,Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,Cyber Security,Seed,$4.1M,,,(Removed from this list)
Christian Heinrich,Christian Heinrich is the Co-Founder of Scoutbee.,Angel,Germany,Low,February 2020,Document Management,Seed,$4.6M,,,(Removed from this list)
Carlos Gonzalez- Cadenas,Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas is Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPO/CTO) at GoCardless.,Angel,United Kingdom,Moderate,February 2020,Event Management,Seed,$6.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Moritz Zimmermann,Moritz co-founded hybris in 1997 with an idea for a highly innovative packaged e-commerce application that has now evolved into a leading pl...,Angel,Germany,Low,February 2020,Document Management,Seed,$4.6M,,,(Removed from this list)
Sky Dayton,"Sky has a long history as a successful entrepreneur in the Internet industry, having founded, co-founded, and helped build companies with a ...",Partner,United States,High,February 2020,Finance,Seed,$6M,,,(Removed from this list)
Elad Gil,"Elad Gil is a serial entrepreneur, operating executive, and investor or advisor to private companies including AirBnB, Pinterest, Square, an...",Angel,United States,High,February 2020,Analytics,Seed,$3.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Fabian Heinrich,Fabian Heinrich is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Scoutbee.,Angel,Germany,Low,February 2020,Document Management,Seed,$4.6M,,,(Removed from this list)
Ilkka Paananen,"Ilkka Paananen is the CEO and co-founder of Supercell, the Helsinki-based mobile games developer behind Clash of Clans and Hay Day. In Octob...",Partner,Finland,Moderate,February 2020,Event Management,Seed,$6.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Vlad Ionescu,Full Stack Marketer and Growth Hacking at UiPath,Angel,Romania,Moderate,February 2020,Digital Marketing,Seed,$0.8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Clarke Miyasaki,"Clarke has a history of success in start-up and early-stage investment environments. Most recently, Clarke served as the Global Vice Presid...",Partner,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Consumer Electronics,Seed,$4.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Jeff Danley,"Jeff is a founder and Managing Partner of Peak Capital Partners, LLC and is responsible for managing the firm’s activities throughout the Un...",Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,Consumer Electronics,Seed,$4.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Meghna Agarwal,Meghna Agarwal - Co Founder @ IndiQube,Angel,India,Low,February 2020,Building Material,Seed,$1.5M,,,(Removed from this list)
Hemanshu Jain,Hemanshu Jain is a Founder at Preggers.,Angel,India,Low,February 2020,Content,Seed,$0.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Aakash Goel,"Aakash Goel is a Vice President with BVP India in Mumbai. He has ~8 years of experience across investing, consulting and entrepreneurship. ...",Partner,India,Low,February 2020,Building Material,Seed,$1.5M,,,(Removed from this list)
Des Traynor,"Des is the Co-Founder of Intercom, the platform for all customer interaction needs from marketing to support to product development. Previou...",Angel,Ireland,Moderate,February 2020,Event Management,Seed,$6.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Nicholas Shekerdemian,Nicholas Shekerdemian is the co-founder and executive chairman at Headstart.,Angel,United Kingdom,Low,February 2020,Music,Seed,$2.9M,,,(Removed from this list)
Scooter Braun,"Scooter Braun is one of the entertainment industry’s biggest entrepreneurs and innovators and the founder of SB Projects, a diversified ente...",Angel,United States,High,February 2020,Developer Platform,Seed,$3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Andrey Khusid,Andrey Khusid is the CEO and founder of Miro.,Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,Event Management,Seed,$6.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Shankar Narayanan,Shankar Narayanan is a Managing Director advising leading growth capital investments in India. He is based in Mumbai. Since joining Carly...,Angel,India,Moderate,February 2020,Health Care,Seed,$1.1M,,,(Removed from this list)
Mike Lee,"Mike Lee is Co-Founder of MyFitnessPal, the leading free resource helping people improve their health. Prior to founding MyFitnessPal, M...",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Fitness,Seed,$3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Renaud Visage,"Renaud Visage is the technical co-founder & CTO of Eventbrite, the largest live experience platform in the world by the number of events and...",Angel,France,Moderate,February 2020,Internet,Seed,$3.5M,,,(Removed from this list)
Vikram Chachra,Vikram Chachra - Co-Founder & COO @ Eight Capital,Angel,India,Moderate,February 2020,Developer APIs,Seed,$1.4M,,,(Removed from this list)
Anand Chandrasekaran,"Anand brings a passion for product, deep mobile ecosystem expertise, and entrepreneurial success to Storm. He currently drives mobile produc...",Angel,India,High,February 2020,Video,Seed,$2.5M,,,(Removed from this list)
Naval Ravikant,Naval Ravikant is the CEO and a co-founder of AngelList. He previously co-founded Epinions (which went public as part of and V...,Partner,United States,High,February 2020,Finance,Seed,$6M,,,(Removed from this list)
Alok Mittal,"He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and a Master's degree in Com...",Partner,India,High,February 2020,Content,Seed,$0.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Michael Pennington,One of the UK's leading tech angel investors. Active seed and pre-seed stage angel investor in UK based disruptive tech. Prefers businesses ...,Angel,United Kingdom,High,February 2020,Retail Technology,Seed,$0.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Jim Breyer,"Jim is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Breyer Capital since July 2006. Co-Chairman at IDG Capital, Jim is Founder and CEO of Brey...",Partner,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Commercial Real Estate,Series A,$8M,,,(Removed from this list)
James Tamplin,"James has founded 4 startups. His last one, Firebase, was acquired by Google, where he leads product for Firebase as a part of Google Cloud ...",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Cloud Infrastructure,Series A,$9.9M,,,(Removed from this list)
Nick Green,"Nick is the co-founder and co-CEO of Thrive Market, an online wholesale buying club on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable ...",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Manufacturing,Series A,$9M,,,(Removed from this list)
David Helgason,"David is a technologist, the founder of Unity Technologies, non-exec director to others, and a restless entrepreneur with a passion for crea...",Partner,Denmark,High,February 2020,Financial Services,Series A,$6.6M,,,(Removed from this list)
Sam Lambert,Sam Lambert is the Director of Systems at GitHub. He is an experienced engineer that focuses on growing the technical organization responsib...,Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Cloud Infrastructure,Series A,$9.9M,,,(Removed from this list)
Matt Price,"Matt is responsible for growing and supporting the Zendesk customer community in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Since starting his caree...",Angel,United States,Low,February 2020,Analytics,Series A,$8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Brian Pokorny,"Brian Pokorny is a General Partner of SV Angel. Prior to this, he was at Airbnb, where he joined via an acquisition of DailyBooth/Batch. Dai...",Partner,United States,High,February 2020,Apps,Series A,$8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Michael Mignano,Michael Mignano - Co-Founder and CEO @ Anchor,Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Advertising,Series A,$6M,,,(Removed from this list)
Felix Ruiz,"Félix Ruiz, founder of Tuenti and president of Jobandtalent. He has invested in startups Jobandtalent, Syltek, Vitcord, Fudeat, Glovo or Dep...",Angel,Spain,Moderate,February 2020,Content,Series A,$4.9M,,,(Removed from this list)
Kunal Bahl,"Kunal is the co-founder and CEO of Snapdeal Private Limited, India's largest no-frills, value focused marketplace. Previously, he has also w...",Angel,India,High,February 2020,Fleet Management,Series A,$8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Taavet Hinrikus,"Taavet Hinrikus is co-founder and CEO of TransferWise. Prior to starting TransferWise, Taavet was Skype’s director of strategy until 2008, s...",Partner,United Kingdom,High,February 2020,Fitness,Series A,$10M,,,(Removed from this list)
Eric Roza,"Eric led the transformation of Datalogix into the marketing industry’s leading big data company, culminating in its sale to Oracle in Januar...",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Developer APIs,Series A,$10.3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Ambarish Raghuvanshi,"Ambarish Raghuvanshi has studied at St Xaviers’ College, Calcutta where he pursued and received a Bachelors degree in Commerce, with Honours...",Partner,India,Moderate,February 2020,B2B,Series A,$3M,,,(Removed from this list)
Bobby Goodlatte,Angel investor in 40+ startups. Early product designer at u/Facebook & former Designer in Residence at u/Greylock Partners,Partner,United States,High,February 2020,Apps,Series A,$8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Sachin Sinha,"Engineer, Entrepreneur, passionate about data, ML and AI. Author of one of the fastest and robust NoSQL databases, BangDB and founder of IQL...",Angel,India,Low,February 2020,Payments,Series A,$8M,,,(Removed from this list)
Jen Rubio,"Jen Rubio is the co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Away, a global lifestyle brand that’s working to transform the entire travel experien...",Angel,United States,Moderate,February 2020,Manufacturing,Series A,$9M,,,(Removed from this list)
Michael Stoppelman,"Michael joined Yelp in 2007 as a software engineer to help to rebuild the search engine. Over the years, Michael was promoted to more senior...",Angel,United States,High,February 2020,Cloud Infrastructure,Series A,$9.9M,,,(Removed from this list)

I reached the character limit and couldn't add them all in this post. If want them all, you can click “Download CSV” from this airtable sheet.
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2017.04.24 16:43 willllo The Rise of Uber

This is a (rather large) excerpt from an article from CNBC this morning on the rise of uber and the background of its CEO Travis Kalanick. Thought some of you may be interested.
UberCab, as it was called at the time, started its service in San Francisco in May 2010. Mr. Camp and Mr. Kalanick picked that name to emphasize the convenience of calling a car on demand from an app. Mr. Kalanick wanted a break from full-time start-up life after running Red Swoosh, so he and Mr. Camp named Ryan Graves, who responded to a call for help on Twitter, as chief executive.
A few months later, Mr. Kalanick changed his mind and took over as UberCab’s chief. He quickly positioned the start-up as an alternative to the taxi industry. At the time, taxi companies had iron grips in many towns. City-by-city regulations required procedures like base stations for cabs, safety measures and other stipulations.
Mr. Kalanick ignored those rules.
“We’re in a political campaign,” he once said at a technology conference, and the candidate is Uber. The opponent is named Taxi, he said, adding a rude descriptive. “Nobody likes him, he’s not a nice character, but he’s so woven into the political machinery and fabric that a lot of people owe him favors.”
Mr. Kalanick carried that same level of intensity into Uber’s headquarters, pacing briskly while working by doing laps around the office. His pacing is so legendary, his father once said, that he wore a hole in the carpeting.
Mr. Kalanick focused on growing UberCab quickly. The company typically sent a small strike team into a new city — say, Seattle — to aggressively recruit new drivers through Craigslist and other online listings. Then the team marketed UberCab’s app to increase ridership.
That drew attention from regulators. In October 2010, the company shortened its name to Uber after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from San Francisco officials for marketing itself as a taxi company without the proper licenses and permits.
To influence local legislators to accept Uber, Mr. Kalanick took extra steps. In 2014, Uber hired Ben Metcalfe, an engineer who described his job on LinkedIn as building “custom tools to support citizen engagement across legislative matters” to drive “social good and social change.”
In practice, Mr. Metcalfe and his team created an email-based system to aid Uber users and drivers to directly contact local legislators to lobby for allowing Uber in their cities. The system was similar to, a website that pushes social change through online petitions. City and state officials were soon deluged with emails supporting Uber.
In some places, Uber employees were also told to create computer programs known as scripts that would automatically vote for the ride-hailing service in city-administered surveys.
Such tactics were effective. In 2015 when New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, tried capping the number of Uber cars, Uber added a “de Blasio” tab in its app to show lengthy waiting times for rides if legislation against Uber was allowed to go forward. People could easily send a form email to the mayor and City Council supporting Uber by pressing a button in the app.
Mr. de Blasio capitulated, and the cap did not take place.
Taking Center Stage
As Uber gained momentum, Mr. Kalanick moved into the spotlight.
It did not come naturally. One friend recalled a night out with a group of married couples at the Gold Club, a San Francisco strip club, a few years ago. Mr. Kalanick, who was single, pulled out a laptop to work on a spreadsheet, crunching Uber’s numbers while friends watched the dancers onstage.
Another friend called Mr. Kalanick a “tech world rock star,” which means something different in Silicon Valley than in the music world.
“To work with and around one requires a different kind of mentality and skill,” said Andy Abramson, an early adviser to Mr. Kalanick. Mr. Abramson likened the chief executive to other idiosyncratic founders like Jeff Bezos of Amazon.
Mr. Kalanick was eventually coaxed more into the limelight by others. Shervin Pishevar, an Uber investor, sometimes took Mr. Kalanick to clubs in Los Angeles on the weekend, providing a car and a change of “club clothes.” Mr. Pishevar, who did not respond to a request for comment, was the Uber chief’s entryway into Los Angeles’s world of celebrity.
Hollywood stars were eager to buy into Uber, which they had started using to get around. Actors like Edward Norton, Olivia Munn and Sophia Bush took small stakes in the company. Mr. Kalanick and a top lieutenant, Emil Michael, sometimes hung out with Leonardo DiCaprio, who is also an investor, and Jay Z, whose wife, Beyoncé, performed for Uber employees at a poolside party in Las Vegas in 2015.
Jay Z once wired money to Mr. Michael in an attempt to invest even more in Uber. Mr. Michael and Mr. Kalanick, giddy at rebuffing a celebrity, wired some of the money back, saying they already had too many interested investors. Representatives for Jay Z did not respond to requests for comment.
Mr. Kalanick also dreamed of luring celebrities into advisory roles at Uber. One aim was persuading Oprah Winfrey to join the board — something Uber executives believed could happen after Mr. Kalanick met Ms. Winfrey at a party on the Spanish island of Ibiza — but the idea never jelled. A spokeswoman for Ms. Winfrey declined to comment.
Mr. Kalanick began mixing with elite business executives. He developed a close relationship with Mr. Cohn, then a top-ranking executive at Goldman Sachs. At one point, the two men spoke on a near daily basis. Mr. Cohn and a White House spokeswoman did not return requests for comment.
Leadership Principles
Inside Uber, Mr. Kalanick began codifying the pillars of the company’s culture. He particularly admired Amazon, the e-commerce company that espouses 14 leadership principles including “learn and be curious” and “insist on the highest standards.” So he created 14 values for Uber, with tenets such as being “super pumped” and “always be hustlin.’”
Some employees admired Mr. Kalanick’s deep involvement in Uber. “TK was hands-on and in the product weeds,” said Chris Messina, who left Uber in January, using Mr. Kalanick’s nickname. “He cared deeply about the product and the people building it.”
Mr. Kalanick’s main mantra was “growth above all else.”
That meant Uber’s top performers were often promoted and protected. When one general manager, a title for a city-level chief, threw a coffee mug at a subordinate in a fit of rage, the incident was reported to human resources — but there was no follow up. At the time, Uber’s business in the general manager’s city was strong.
Other complaints also fell on deaf ears.
After a backlash over Uber’s use of “surge pricing” (raising ride prices when demand is high) amid an East Coast snowstorm in 2013, Mr. Kalanick’s response to upset riders was a torrent of economics and math.
“We did more trips because of our approach, not fewer,” he said in an interview withnWired at the time. “We gave people more options to get around, and that is the whole frickin’ goal.”
Friends and employees told Mr. Kalanick that he should at least pretend to care about how it looked to take such a hostile stance with Uber’s users. Several described him as “emotionally unintelligent.”
Mr. Kalanick made other missteps. In 2014, he and his then-girlfriend, Gabi Holzwarth, went to an escort bar in South Korea with Mr. Michael and other Uber employees, where they drank, sang karaoke and some members of the party picked out women as their dates for the evening. The incident, reported by The Information, resulted in a human resources complaint from an employee who attended.
That same year, Mr. Kalanick discussed how Uber had boosted his desirability with women in an interview with GQ, calling the company “boob-er.”
And just days after a former employee published a blog post in February detailing sexual harassment at Uber, Mr. Kalanick attended Vanity Fair’s Academy Awards party in Hollywood, stunning some colleagues with his perceived insensitivity.
His desire for growth also knew few limits. Uber plunged into China in 2013, and Mr. Kalanick spent billions of dollars to outgun the local incumbent Didi Chuxing — only to have to retreat last year, partly because of heavy losses. Mr. Kalanick is now spending heavily in India to win there, even offering to become an Indian citizen if it will help Uber’s prospects. The company has said that it lost $2.8 billion in 2016, excluding China.
For the Win
With Mr. Kalanick setting the tone at Uber, employees acted to ensure the ride-hailing service would win no matter what.
They spent much of their energy one-upping rivals like Lyft. Uber devoted teams to so-called competitive intelligence, purchasing data from an analytics service called Slice Intelligence. Using an email digest service it owns named, Slice collected its customers’ emailed Lyft receipts from their inboxes and sold the anonymized data to Uber. Uber used the data as a proxy for the health of Lyft’s business. (Lyft, too, operates a competitive intelligence team.)
Slice confirmed it sells anonymized data (meaning that customers’ names are not attached) based on ride receipts from Uber and Lyft, but declined to disclose who buys the information.
Uber also tried to win over Lyft’s drivers. Uber’s “driver satisfaction rating,” an internal metric, has dropped since February 2016, and roughly a quarter of its drivers turn over on average every three months. According to an internal slide deck on driver income levels viewed by The New York Times, Uber considered Lyft and McDonald’s its main competition for attracting new drivers.
To frustrate Lyft drivers, Uber dispatched some employees to order and cancel Lyft rides en masse. Others hailed Lyfts and spent the rides persuading drivers to switch to Uber full time.
After Mr. Kalanick heard that Lyft was working on a car-pooling feature, Uber also created and started its own car-pooling option, UberPool, in 2014, two days before Lyft unveiled its project.
That same year, Uber came close to buying Lyft. At a meeting at Mr. Kalanick’s house, and over cartons of Chinese food, he and Mr. Michael hosted Lyft’s president, John Zimmer, who asked for 15 percent of Uber in exchange for selling Lyft. Over the next hour, Mr. Kalanick and Mr. Michael repeatedly laughed at Mr. Zimmer’s audacious request. No deal was reached. Lyft declined to comment.
The rivalry remains in force. In 2016, Uber held a summit meeting in Mexico City for some top managers, where it distributed a playbook of how to cut into Lyft’s business and had sessions on how to damage its competitor.
To grow its own business, Uber sidestepped the authorities. Some employees started using a tool called Greyball to deceive officials trying to shut down Uber’s service. The tool, developed to aid driver safety and to trick fraudsters, essentially showed a fake version of Uber’s app to some people to disguise the locations of cars and drivers. It soon became a way for Uber drivers to evade capture by law enforcement in places where the service was deemed illegal.
After The Times reported on Greyball in March, Uber said it would prohibit employees from using the tool against law enforcement.
The idea of fooling Apple, the main distributor of Uber’s app, began in 2014.
At the time, Uber was dealing with widespread account fraud in places like China, where tricksters bought stolen iPhones that were erased of their memory and resold. Some Uber drivers there would then create dozens of fake email addresses to sign up for new Uber rider accounts attached to each phone, and request rides from those phones, which they would then accept. Since Uber was handing out incentives to drivers to take more rides, the drivers could earn more money this way.
To halt the activity, Uber engineers assigned a persistent identity to iPhones with a small piece of code, a practice called “fingerprinting.” Uber could then identify an iPhone and prevent itself from being fooled even after the device was erased of its contents.
There was one problem: Fingerprinting iPhones broke Apple’s rules. Mr. Cook believed that wiping an iPhone should ensure customers that no trace of the owner’s identity remained on the device.
So Mr. Kalanick told his engineers to “geofence” Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., a way to digitally identify people reviewing Uber’s software in a specific location. Uber would then obfuscate its code from people within that geofenced area, essentially drawing a digital lasso around those it wanted to keep in the dark. Apple employees at its headquarters were unable to see Uber’s fingerprinting.
The ruse did not last. Apple engineers outside of Cupertino caught on to Uber’s methods, prompting Mr. Cook to call Mr. Kalanick to his office.
Mr. Kalanick was shaken by Mr. Cook’s scolding, according to a person who saw him after the meeting.
But only momentarily. After all, Mr. Kalanick had faced off against Apple, and Uber had survived. He had lived to fight another day.
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Hyperloop One, the ultra high-speed transportation system conceived by Elon Musk, is being sued by a co-founder and former employees, who claim the company's top leaders have misused funds, breached their fiduciary duties and conspired "To augment their personal brands, enhance their romantic lives, and line their pockets."
Shervin Pishevar, a Hyperloop co-founder, was an early investor in Uber and hosted President Barack Obama at his San Francisco home last year.
The lead plaintiff is Brogran BamBrogan, who co-founded Hyperloop Technologies along with Pishevar in 2014, and was forced to resign last month for reasons that to date hadn't been made clear.
Hyperloop, based in downtown Los Angeles, claims to be building the "5th mode of transportation," with hardware like levitation rigs, wind tunnels and electromagnetic test stands, according to its website.
Among BamBrogan's most explosive claims are that Pishevar started dating the company's outside public relations representative and increased her pay to $40,000 a month, from $15,000 a month, more than any employee.
Lonsdale allegedly insisted on hiring his brother's two-person firm to be Hyperloop's exclusive investment bank, despite having "No notable experience with companies building hardware and engaged in infrastructure development, and few independent contracts with international and top-tier funds."
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